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34-17-01-05 C-Arm (X-ray Angiography)
24-30-09-05 C-profile label, Magnetic lable
30-19-64-10 C.I. 13020 (Indicator dye), Methyl Red (Indicator dye)
30-19-62-02 C.I. 13065 (Indikator dye), Metanil yellow (Indikator dye)
30-19-01-13 C.I. 75100, Safran
30-19-28-17 C.I. 77266, Pigment black 7
30-19-22-01 C.I. 77891, Pigment white 6
19-08-05-08 CA receiver, Satellite receiver
25-26-03-01 CAD (consultancy), Development and production (consulting)
25-02-14-01 CAD (supported planning/development)
24-31-21-01 CAD corner combination, Workplace configuration
24-31-01-02 CAD desk, Workbench (technical)
19-02-02-07 CAD printer, Plotter
19-04-01-02 CAD program (workstation)
25-02-14-00 CAD, CAE (supported planning/development)
25-02-14-90 CAD, CAE (supported planning/development, unclassified)
27-38-10-01 CAD-integration (robotics)
25-02-10-08 CAM/CAD (prototype construction), Prototyping, prototype construction (development activity)
39-21-01-10 CAS 100-97-0, Hexamethylenetetramine
38-01-01-02 CAS 10028-15-6, Ozone
38-12-05-25 CAS 10043-67-1, Potassium Aluminum sulfate
38-07-03-06 CAS 10124-56-8, Sodium hexametaphosphate
39-03-04-06 CAS 103-83-3, N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine
34-05-04-12 CAS 103-90-2, Paracetamol (active substance)
38-05-06-03 CAS 10450-60-9, Periodic acid
39-15-04-01 CAS 106-89-8, Epichlorhydrine
34-07-05-01 CAS 1071-83-6, Glyphosate
39-02-33-01 CAS 108-95-2, Phenol
39-15-24-06 CAS 110-01-0, Tetrahydrothiophene
39-02-45-15 CAS 120-51-4, Benzyl benzoate
38-10-01-04 CAS 12057-24-8, Lithium oxide
38-11-05-04 CAS 1304-29-6, Barium peroxide
38-11-02-03 CAS 1309-42-8, Magnesium hydroxide
38-10-03-03 CAS 1310-58-3, Potassium hydroxide
38-10-02-02 CAS 1310-73-2, Sodium hydroxide
38-18-08-07 CAS 1313-27-5, Molybdenum(VI) oxide
38-15-04-02 CAS 1314-13-2, Zinc oxide
30-25-03-01 CAS 1330-78-5, Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
34-05-80-10 CAS 134-03-2, Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
38-07-03-04 CAS 13598-36-2, Phosphonic acid
38-12-06-17 CAS 13963-57-0, Aluminum acetylacetonate
39-02-19-01 CAS 141-53-7, Sodium formate
30-25-02-02 CAS 148993-99-1, Brominated organic flame retardant
39-02-31-16 CAS 1490-04-6, Menthol
38-08-02-12 CAS 15432-85-6, Sodium antimonate(V)
38-18-08-06 CAS 18868-43-4, Molybdenum(IV) oxide
34-05-26-02 CAS 21829-25-4, Nifedipine (active substance)
39-02-31-23 CAS 2216-51-5, L-Menthol
34-05-31-04 CAS 2438-72-4, Bufexamac (active substance)
31-28-01-01 CAS 25038-59-9, Polyethyleneterephthalate
31-37-02-01 CAS 25135-51-7, Polysulfone
31-37-01-01 CAS 25212-74-2, Polyphenylen sulfide
38-18-01-34 CAS 25583-20-4, Titanium nitride
31-21-01-01 CAS 30525-89-4, Acetalpolymer
39-17-05-03 CAS 37640-57-6, Melamine cyanurate
38-13-03-01 CAS 409-21-2, Silicon carbide
30-19-59-03 CAS 4203-77-4, Vat red 13
38-02-04-02 CAS 463-71-8, Thiophosgene
39-02-39-17 CAS 50-78-2, Acetylsalicylic acid
34-07-13-01 CAS 52337-12-9, Wuxal
34-05-04-09 CAS 53164-05-9, Acemetacine (active substance)
38-15-04-19 CAS 557-21-1, Zinc cyanide
39-02-19-05 CAS 557-39-1, Magnesium formate
39-02-43-02 CAS 582-25-2, Potassium benzoate
39-01-02-38 CAS 629-73-2, 1-Hexadecene
31-39-09-05 CAS 63148-62-9, Polydimethylsiloxane trimethylsiloxy-terminated
39-02-01-02 CAS 64-17-5, Ethanol
39-02-13-01 CAS 64-18-6, Formic acid
39-02-13-02 CAS 64-19-7, Acetic acid
26-04-05-03 CAS 64741-60-2, Fuel, fuel oil S (max 1% S)
31-01-01-03 CAS 64754-90-1, Polyethylene chlorinated
26-01-01-07 CAS 65996-77-2, Brown coal (crude)
26-04-03-02 CAS 65996-77-2, Brown coal coke
39-09-04-03 CAS 68-11-1, Thioglycolic acid
26-04-05-01 CAS 68334-30-5, Diesel oil
30-24-03-01 CAS 68439-51-0, Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether (defoaming agent)
26-04-02-03 CAS 68476-40-4, Liquefied petroleum gas
31-39-06-11 CAS 68554-69-8, Methylhydrosiloxane-octylmethylsiloxane copolymer
39-16-25-25 CAS 72-14-0, Sulfathiazole
39-01-01-03 CAS 74-98-6, Propane
38-12-03-01 CAS 7429-90-5, Aluminum
38-19-04-01 CAS 7439-89-6, Iron
38-18-08-01 CAS 7439-98-7, Molybdenum
38-19-07-01 CAS 7440-02-0, Nickel
38-18-05-01 CAS 7440-03-1, Niobium
38-16-08-01 CAS 7440-19-9, Samarium
38-16-01-01 CAS 7440-20-2, Scandium
38-18-06-01 CAS 7440-25-7, Tantalum
38-18-01-01 CAS 7440-32-6, Titanium
38-18-09-01 CAS 7440-33-7, Tungsten
30-01-06-01 CAS 7440-44-0, Activated carbon
38-16-09-01 CAS 7440-53-1, Europium
38-16-10-01 CAS 7440-54-2, Gadolinium
38-15-03-01 CAS 7440-57-5, Gold (chemical)
26-04-12-07 CAS 7440-59-7, Helium (industrial gas)
38-18-04-01 CAS 7440-62-2, Vanadium
38-15-04-01 CAS 7440-66-6, Zinc
26-01-03-02 CAS 7447-40-7, Potash salt (extraction product )
34-05-10-02 CAS 7491-74-9, Piracetam (active substance)
26-01-03-01 CAS 7647-14-5, Rock salt (extraction product )
38-05-02-04 CAS 7647-14-5, Sodium chloride
26-04-12-10 CAS 7664-41-7, Ammonia (industrial gas)
38-06-01-02 CAS 7664-41-7, Ammonia (gas, chemical)
38-03-01-01 CAS 7704-34-9, Sulfur
38-07-01-01 CAS 7723-14-0, Phosphorus
38-15-04-13 CAS 7733-02-0, Zinc sulfate
38-18-07-17 CAS 7775-11-3, Sodium chromate
38-07-02-09 CAS 7778-77-0, Monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate
38-02-01-02 CAS 7782-42-5, Graphite
38-01-01-01 CAS 7782-44-7, Oxygen (gas, chemical)
38-05-02-08 CAS 7786-30-3, Magnesium chloride
26-01-03-07 CAS 7789-75-5, Fluor spar (extraction product )
26-02-03-01 CAS 8001-22-7, Soybean oil (industrial use)
26-02-04-02 CAS 8002-64-0, Neat's foot oil (industrial use)
26-02-03-11 CAS 8002-75-3, Palm oil (industrial use)
26-02-10-03 CAS 8029-43-4, Liquid glucose (industrial use)
26-02-05-09 CAS 8052-10-6, Tall resin 95% resinic acid (industrial use)
38-18-08-16 CAS 86089-09-0, Molybdenum, roasted
39-02-37-05 CAS 90-02-8, Salicylaldehyde
31-45-04-01 CAS 9000-01-5, Gum arabic
26-02-01-11 CAS 9000-70-8, Gelatin (f. industrial use)
31-02-07-01 CAS 9002-84-0, Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
31-06-01-01 CAS 9002-89-5, Poly(vinyl alcohol)
31-01-02-01 CAS 9003-07-0, Polypropylene
26-02-09-02 CAS 9005-25-8, Potato starch (industrial use)
31-42-01-01 CAS 9082-00-2, Epoxyde resin
39-02-33-44 CAS 96-76-4, 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol
39-02-22-57 CAS 97-64-3, Ethyl lactate
26-01-05-11 CAS 97862-66-3, Bentonite, calcian
39-15-07-01 CAS 98-00-0, Furfuryl alcohol
39-05-05-10 CAS 98-88-4, Benzoyl chloride
21-01-13-00 CBN grinding disk, Abrasive material
34-31-01-01 CCD camera (medicine)
41-01-06-08 CD (promotional article)
24-35-04-01 CD - Atlas, Atlas
24-35-04-02 CD - cycling & hiking map, Map
24-35-01-01 CD - dictionary, Dictionary
24-35-01-02 CD - lexicon, Enciclopedia
24-35-01-05 CD - travel guide, Guide book
19-08-03-02 CD R recorder, Portable CD player
27-23-02-04 CD ROM drive (PCS), Mass storage component (PCS)
27-23-02-27 CD ROM drive (proc. comp.), Mass storage comp. (proc. comp.)
19-08-04-02 CD Radiorekorder, Radio recorder
24-26-23-03 CD bubble-wrap mailer, Data carrier envelope
19-03-02-03 CD burner (PC)
19-03-02-02 CD drive (PC)
19-04-01-32 CD labelling set, ERP, goods management software (workstation)
24-24-16-02 CD marker
19-08-02-03 CD player, CD recorder
19-08-02-06 CD receiver, Hi-fi receiver
24-21-02-01 CD storage, DVD storage
24-28-02-03 CD-, DVD booklet label
24-28-03-02 CD-, DVD insert
41-09-14-01 CD-Rom (marketing)
24-21-01-14 CD-drive cleaner, Drive cleaner
41-14-04-08 CD/video (conc., img., prod., video, CD des.)
41-14-07-05 CD/video conceptual design (PR)
27-14-34-06 CEE coupling
27-14-34-04 CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-14-34-09 CEE plug
27-14-34-01 CEE plug socket combination
27-14-40-38 CEE-type socket combination, Switch/plug socket combination
27-14-34-02 CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
24-38-01-03 CEN safety deposit box
19-06-92-04 CLIP additional module, Telephone system module
25-24-04-02 CMS, Preliminary content provision (IT)
32-01-10-22 CO2 incubator (acc., lab)
21-04-22-01 COMPASS SAW (handheld), Hand saw (with handle)
20-26-01-01 CP-Pallet (wood)
19-03-03-05 CPU, Processor (PC)
27-23-02-26 CPU component (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
25-24-04-04 CPU time, Hardware supply (IT)
27-24-24-02 CRT-Monitor, Monitor installation device
19-02-01-01 CRT-monitor, Tube monitor
27-02-21-03 CSA motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
27-02-21-08 CSA motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, NEMA)
21-10-04-00 Cabinet / rack, Storage equip. (workshop)
27-18-01-01 Cabinet / rack, Enclosure (empty)
24-31-16-01 Cabinet connection (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
22-41-05-02 Cabinet device (climate control)
23-25-03-15 Cabinet hanger
27-18-24-01 Cabinet roof, Rain canopy (switchgear cabinet)
24-31-16-02 Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
24-31-07-00 Cabinet, shelf (office equipment)
24-31-08-00 Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories)
24-31-08-90 Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
24-31-91-01 Cabinet, shelves (office furnishings, parts)
27-18-05-01 Cabinet/case for PC, Monitor or Periphery
27-06-18-03 Cable, Fibre optic cable
27-06-18-05 Cable, Telecomminucations cable
27-06-20-05 Cable, Installation cable
27-06-20-06 Cable, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
27-06-20-07 Cable, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-08 Cable, Welding cable
27-06-21-02 Cable, Low voltage power cable
27-06-22-01 Cable, High voltage power cable
27-06-22-02 Cable, Extra high voltage power cable
27-06-22-05 Cable, Medium voltage power cable
27-06-23-01 Cable, Lift cable
27-06-23-08 Cable, Spiral cable
23-17-06-01 Cable
27-23-02-10 Cable (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
27-06-13-01 Cable (adapter cable)
28-01-91-00 Cable (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
27-06-10-00 Cable (optic. fiber), Ready-made optical fiber cable
25-13-06-01 Cable (overhead line), Transmission tower (overhead line assembly)
27-06-04-00 Cable (power), Ready-made power line
27-14-26-02 Cable Reel
27-14-91-03 Cable and line marking, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
27-40-01-01 Cable branch, Junction box
27-14-06-00 Cable carrier constr.
27-06-92-01 Cable chain
23-14-03-07 Cable clamp
27-18-92-21 Cable clamp rail (switchgear cabinet)
23-14-03-00 Cable clip
23-14-03-01 Cable clip
24-21-06-01 Cable clip (office)
27-14-06-02 Cable conduit (PVC), Installation conduit (plastic)
27-14-91-19 Cable conduit (metal, parts), Installation Cable conduit(metal,parts)
24-31-02-02 Cable conduit (table, office equipment)
27-24-22-14 Cable connection, SPS cable connection
21-04-03-01 Cable cutter, Pliers
17-13-01-03 Cable cutting machine (electric powered)
27-14-06-08 Cable design (parts)
20-20-01-02 Cable drum (wood, packing material)
27-14-06-06 Cable duct
27-14-40-31 Cable entry
27-18-92-22 Cable entry (switchgear cabinet)
23-13-01-04 Cable eye stiffener, Grommet
24-21-06-90 Cable fastener (office, unclassified)
27-26-91-00 Cable holder (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
27-40-04-00 Cable inscription
22-10-52-03 Cable installation
21-04-06-02 Cable knife, Knife
27-14-07-00 Cable laying (not earth cable)
27-14-07-90 Cable laying (not earth cable, unclassified)
27-14-07-06 Cable laying aid
21-16-01-92 Cable light plumb, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
27-18-92-24 Cable management (switchgear cabinet)
27-40-04-01 Cable marking
27-14-09-00 Cable protection pipe, Installation pipe (electr. installation)
27-14-09-15 Cable protective covering hood
27-40-03-01 Cable resin
27-40-03-00 Cable sealing compound, cable cement
27-40-01-02 Cable sealing end, End closure
27-40-01-00 Cable set
27-40-01-90 Cable set (unclassified)
21-04-06-01 Cable shears, Scissors
27-14-07-07 Cable strap (laying of cables, accessories)
22-10-51-00 Cable system construction work
22-10-51-01 Cable system construction work
27-14-07-02 Cable tie
27-06-92-00 Cable, line (accessories)
27-06-91-00 Cable, line (parts)
27-06-90-00 Cable, wire (other)
19-03-01-04 Cable-Modems, Long-distance data transmitter
28-04-90-03 Cableway
24-25-20-04 Cadastre stencil, Template for survey, house automation
24-31-05-02 Caddy (mobile container), Roller container
25-20-01-03 Cafe (service)
25-20-03-00 Cafeteria and caterer (service)
25-20-03-90 Cafeteria and caterer (service, unclassified)
24-31-11-03 Cafeteria chair, General-purpose chair
29-04-06-00 Cake, Fresh bakery goods, cake
29-04-37-01 Cake (instant, half inst.)
29-10-03-07 Cake doily
29-08-01-03 Cake pan (commercial kitchen)
29-03-01-03 Cake pan (household)
30-01-07-04 Calcium (drying agent), Alkali metal and alloy
38-11-03-08 Calcium carbide
38-05-02-09 Calcium chloride
38-12-01-32 Calcium hexaboride
38-07-02-22 Calcium phosphate (undefined)
22-21-01-01 Calcium silicate board, Plasterboard material
39-02-20-05 Calcium stearate
38-03-04-10 Calcium sulfate
25-26-03-02 Calculation documents (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
24-32-05-91 Calculator (parts)
41-01-01-02 Calculator (promotional article office)
24-32-99-03 Calculator (repair)
24-20-08-01 Calculator ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for desk calculator
24-32-06-01 Calculator power supply unit, Adapter for calculator
24-26-04-02 Calculator roll
24-30-18-00 Calendar
24-30-18-02 Calendar book / calendar journal
24-33-06-06 Calendar for handicrafts
24-30-21-01 Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
24-30-19-02 Calendar stand
21-17-01-03 Calibration mandrel
21-17-01-04 Calibration ring
27-21-01-11 Calibrator (Signal processing)
27-20-06-10 Calibrator (manometer, hand), Manometer (handheld)
21-17-01-08 Caliper
21-17-03-06 Caliper gauge
22-10-18-00 Calking work
22-10-18-01 Calking work
41-14-11-00 Call center (marketing)
19-06-92-05 Call diversion switch, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-06-92-06 Call diversion switch, Handset for cordless telephone
25-26-01-08 Call-Center (consultancy), Office organization (consulting)
24-25-05-00 Calligraphy
24-25-05-03 Calligraphy brush
24-26-12-07 Calligraphy paper (elephant skin), Elephanthide
24-25-05-01 Calligraphy pen
24-25-05-02 Calligraphy pen set
24-25-06-00 Calligraphy supplies
24-25-06-90 Calligraphy supplies (unclassified)
21-17-02-04 Calliper gauge, Diameter gauge
27-15-13-02 Calorimeter (gases, ex-monitoring, PAT)
23-01-01-00 Cam (control elem.), Handle (control elem.)
36-60-06-30 Cam grinding machine (machine tool)
23-30-02-01 Cam roller guide (complete)
21-13-09-01 Cam slide (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
27-37-14-06 Cam-operated switch, Star triangle switch
27-37-14-07 Cam-operated switch, Reversing switch
19-10-01-02 Camcorder, Video camera
19-08-06-01 Camcorder cassette, Analog storage medium
19-10-01-01 Camera, Photo camera
19-09-05-02 Camera (accessories) (discontinued)
27-31-02-01 Camera (image analysis)
19-10-02-07 Camera bag, Bag and case for photo camera and video camera
19-10-02-02 Camera holder, Tripod
25-15-02-25 Camera insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
40-02-06-20 Camera monitoring system (industrial safety), Optoelectronic monitoring (industrial safety)
41-14-05-05 Camera staff (advertising other services), Staff (advertisement, other services)
25-12-14-02 Camping site (travel management)
25-26-09-01 Campus-Recruitment, Personnel consulting
36-60-06-29 Camshaft a. cam disk grinding machine (machine tool)
20-04-02-05 Can (aluminum) up to 1000 ml
20-04-04-00 Can (cardboard / paperboard, packing material)
20-04-04-01 Can (cardboard)
29-04-13-00 Can (fish), Fish marinade, instant salad
20-04-02-00 Can (metal, packing material)
20-10-02-00 Can (metal, packing material)
20-10-02-90 Can (metal, packing material, unclassified)
20-10-90-90 Can (packing material, other, unclassified)
20-04-01-00 Can (plastic, packing material)
20-10-01-01 Can (plastic, packing material)
20-10-02-04 Can (stainless steel, packing material)
20-04-02-03 Can (tinplate) larger than 1000 ml
20-04-02-02 Can (tinplate) up to 1000 ml
20-04-03-01 Can (wrapping paper)
29-02-90-10 Can-opener (electrical) (household appliance)
22-10-09-02 Canal cleaning, clearance and inspection
22-10-09-01 Canal construction work
26-04-09-04 Canal water
22-10-09-00 Canal work
24-34-08-01 Canasta (playing cards), Playing-card
26-02-06-02 Candellila wax (industrial use)
24-33-16-00 Candle decoration
24-33-16-90 Candle decoration (unclassified)
36-20-19-02 Candle filter (for gases)
36-10-20-04 Candle filter (for liquids)
24-34-01-06 Candle for festive occasions
24-34-01-09 Candle holder
27-11-06-25 Candle lamp, High voltage halogen lamp
24-33-16-01 Candle pen
24-34-01-04 Candle perfumed
24-34-01-00 Candle, candle holder
24-34-01-90 Candle, candle holder (unclassified)
29-04-39-03 Cane sugar
20-09-90-90 Canister (packing material, other, unclassified)
20-09-01-01 Canister (plastic) up to 5 l
20-09-02-01 Canister (tinplate, packing material)
34-18-02-02 Cannula fixation tape
34-25-92-06 Cannula, needle or set (urology)
22-10-31-03 Canopy, protective roof structure (metal construction work)
29-06-99-00 Canteen equip. (electrical, repair)
29-02-98-00 Canteen equip. (maintenance, service)
25-26-09-05 Canteen service (consultancy), Social welfare matters (consulting)
22-36-08-07 Cap (fitting, plastic, installation)
32-03-15-02 Cap (flared-, lab), Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
41-01-05-08 Cap (promotional article)
32-01-26-11 Cap (shaking, lab)
37-02-05-17 Cap (steel)
23-11-01-19 Cap screw (no wrenching configuration specified)
27-20-03-02 Capacitance meter, Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
27-20-03-11 Capacitance meter
27-20-05-03 Capacitive level probe
27-27-01-02 Capacitive proximity switch
27-26-02-00 Capacitor
25-26-03-03 Capacity planning (work preparation), Progressing, production planning (consulting)
25-26-05-01 Capacity requirements planning (logistics planning), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
24-25-08-02 Capillary cartridge for ink pen, Indian ink cartridge
27-20-06-20 Capillary system (membr. press. gauge), Membrane pressure gauge
25-15-15-04 Caps (financial service)
20-11-01-01 Capsule (gelatine, packing material)
20-11-90-00 Capsule (packing material, other)
20-11-90-90 Capsule (packing material, other, unclassified)
37-01-07-07 Capsule condensate trap
40-01-16-01 Capsule hearing protect.
28-10-01-00 Car (container), Tank (vehicle)
28-01-01-00 Car (passenger car), Private car
19-07-01-03 Car antenna
41-01-02-03 Car attachements (promotional article)
19-08-01-01 Car audio
30-02-16-11 Car care material
19-08-01-00 Car hi-fi and car navigation device
19-08-90-01 Car hi-fi and car navigation device (other)
25-15-02-09 Car insurance
19-08-01-05 Car navigation
19-08-01-02 Car power amplifier
19-08-01-04 Car speakers
25-12-09-00 Car travel (travel management)
25-12-09-90 Car travel (travel management, unclassified)
19-08-01-03 Car video
21-01-05-04 Carbide pin, Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
38-02-01-00 Carbon
30-17-01-06 Carbon (filler)
38-02-01-01 Carbon black
36-08-92-90 Carbon black blower (industrial furnace), Industrial furnace, industrial heater (accessories, add. equip., uncl.)
24-27-01-01 Carbon copy book, Notice, correspondence, information
24-25-27-05 Carbon drawing fixing agent, Fixativ
30-17-03-01 Carbon fiber (filler), Fiber filler
27-11-06-15 Carbon filament lamp, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
24-20-07-01 Carbon typewriter ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for type writer
24-33-06-07 Card board cone
24-31-03-01 Card box for table strip, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
24-30-17-05 Card holder, Name badge holder
41-05-03-04 Card holder (marketing)
24-29-03-01 Card index, File index
24-29-25-01 Card index box divider, Devider for card file box, -container
24-29-23-90 Card index container (unclassified)
24-26-10-03 Card marbled for inkjet printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
24-29-20-09 Card pouch, Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
27-14-31-41 Card reader, Bus system access control device
19-03-03-14 Card reader (PC)
19-06-01-01 Card telephone, Telephone
24-26-10-04 Card textured for inkjet printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
23-02-01-00 Cardan shaft
24-29-01-02 Cardboard double file, Double file folder
24-29-01-01 Cardboard file, Lever arch file
19-10-02-06 Cardboard frame, Slide frame
24-29-05-05 Cardboard hanging file, Suspension file
24-26-23-02 Cardboard mailing envelope, Dispatch envelope
20-32-01-00 Cardboard packing (for liquids)
20-32-90-90 Cardboard packing (for liquids, other, unclassified)
24-29-06-06 Cardboard pendlaflex file, Suspension file (oscilating)
24-29-04-01 Cardboard spine label
24-26-01-02 Cards (cube), Note cube
25-15-13-03 Cards (ec, money, credit, financial service)
32-03-24-03 Care (lab animal)
25-25-02-04 Care (training, further training)
25-26-09-04 Career planning (consultancy), Personnel management (consulting)
25-07-12-01 Cargo traffic (rail), Rail transport, packaged
25-07-06-01 Cargo traffic (road haulage), Truck transport, packaged
24-34-12-00 Carnival article
24-34-12-01 Carnival cloth
24-34-12-02 Carnival joke item
24-34-12-03 Carnival make-up
24-34-12-90 Carnival seasons article (unclassified)
21-04-09-01 Carpenter hammer, Hammer
24-24-19-02 Carpenter pen
22-10-16-01 Carpenter work
22-10-16-00 Carpentry and woodwork
22-10-16-90 Carpentry and woodwork (unclassified)
22-46-05-01 Carpet
22-46-05-00 Carpet and lining
30-02-07-01 Carpet cleaning agent
24-23-07-05 Carpet gliders, felts, Anti scretch felts
24-23-07-06 Carpet gliders, plastic, Protection buffers (office)
23-33-03-02 Carpet laying tape, Flooring tape (technical)
24-31-14-02 Carpet protection mat (antistatic), Anti-static mat (office equipment)
22-46-05-02 Carpet, runner
23-07-91-21 Carrier (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
20-03-02-05 Carrier bag (paper, packing material)
20-03-01-07 Carrier bag (plastic, packing material)
41-02-02-01 Carrier bag (promotional article)
36-01-92-02 Carrier material (f. column)
20-17-02-02 Carrier package (cardboard, without inner liner), Adhesive folding box (cardboard, without inner liner)
24-34-08-05 Carrom, Board game
20-42-03-02 Carrying handle (plastic, packaging aid)
41-02-04-03 Cars (prizes, promotional article)
21-07-01-00 Cart (workshop)
24-31-09-04 Cart with drawers
24-31-09-02 Cart with filing attachments (office equipment)
24-31-09-03 Cart with hanging attachments
27-38-01-03 Cartesian robot
24-25-10-01 Cartography nib, Drawing nip
36-52-09-00 Carton erecting, carton closing a. cartoning machine
36-52-09-90 Carton erecting, carton closing a. cartoning machine (unclassified)
24-23-05-00 Carton sealing tape (office)
24-23-05-02 Carton sealing tape PVC (office)
24-21-01-09 Cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
20-12-03-01 Cartridge (aluminum)
20-12-90-90 Cartridge (packing material, other, unclassified)
20-12-01-01 Cartridge (plastic, packing material)
19-08-03-01 Cartridge Radioplayer, Portable cassette player/recorder
21-06-15-02 Cartridge clamp nailer (comp. air)
24-23-02-04 Cartridge for glue scooter
24-23-02-05 Cartridge for hot-melt pistol (office, handicrafts)
21-01-05-03 Cartridge for indexable insert, Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-06-15-01 Cartridge glazing beads nailer (comp. air)
20-12-92-01 Cartridge gun (metal), Pistole (Cartridge)
21-13-19-06 Cartridge heater (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
20-12-91-02 Cartridge nozzle (metal), Nozzle (cartridge)
21-01-20-01 Cartridge tool, cartridge f. indexable insert, blades
34-30-32-08 Carving instrument (dental)
29-03-90-01 Carving knife (household), Knife (household)
19-03-01-11 Case, Fiber optics patch panel
24-36-03-00 Case
24-36-03-90 Case (unclassified)
19-03-03-07 Case fan, Fan (PC)
27-18-08-01 Case for 19"-technology
24-22-02-01 Case for business cards, Business card file
24-36-02-10 Case for drawings, Drawing quiver
19-03-03-01 Case for external drive, Housing (PC)
25-09-06-02 Case-hardening (thermal treatment, subcontracting)
27-20-02-08 Cased resist. Thermometer, Temperature measuring electr. complete
27-18-91-01 Cases, subrack or stack (parts)
24-27-02-05 Cash book
25-26-06-02 Cash flow analysis, Operational accounting (consulting)
25-26-06-03 Cash management, Financial accounting, payments (consulting)
24-38-01-05 Cash recycler
24-20-10-00 Cash register supplies
27-32-05-03 Cash register system
24-29-33-91 Cash register system (parts)
24-27-01-07 Cash report, Accounting-, cash report form
24-26-04-05 Cash roll
41-06-02-04 Cash shelf (marketing)
24-29-33-00 Cash system
24-29-33-90 Cash system (other, unclassified)
20-35-04-02 Casing (cardboard, packing material)
28-09-01-07 Casing (tires)
19-08-02-05 Cassette deck, Hi-fi cassette deck
22-15-03-01 Cast iron gutter, Drainage channel
22-15-01-01 Cast iron outlet, Drain
22-14-01-07 Cast iron pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
22-27-03-02 Cast iron rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
22-15-04-02 Cast iron shaft cover, Shaft cover
27-40-03-02 Cast resin
35-01-12-00 Cast section (spherical graphite iron)
22-18-02-02 Cast stone block, Building stone, brick
22-18-02-03 Cast stone facing brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
23-11-07-04 Castel nut
23-25-03-19 Caster (furniture)
35-02-09-00 Casting (NF metal)
35-01-06-00 Casting (steel casting)
33-14-20-05 Casting plant (complete)
33-05-04-00 Catal. gas cleaning plant (compl.), Gas cleaning, dedusting plant (complete)
24-22-01-12 Catalog support, Bookend
30-18-01-05 Catalyst for exhaust-gas combustion
25-20-03-02 Caterer (service)
41-14-09-10 Catering (marketing)
17-01-04-00 Catering machinery
17-01-04-90 Catering machinery (unclassified)
29-06-07-00 Catering trade equipment, Serving equipment
30-23-03-00 Cationic antistatic agent
30-01-02-02 Cationic exchanger
21-06-04-01 Caulking hammer (comp. air), Hammer, chipper (pneumatic)
22-17-03-02 Caulking material (constr.), Joint sealant (building material)
22-17-01-04 Caustic solution, Process material for ground preparation
23-15-21-10 Cavity anchor (metal)
27-14-24-02 Cavity wall distributor
23-15-21-06 Ceiling anchor
22-41-09-04 Ceiling and wall fan for ventilation system
22-33-01-01 Ceiling assembly unit (concrete), Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
19-08-07-02 Ceiling bracket, TV support fixture
19-08-07-03 Ceiling bracket, Projector support fixture
21-04-11-02 Ceiling brush, Paintbrush
36-12-01-05 Ceiling crane
41-07-01-01 Ceiling display (marketing)
27-14-05-08 Ceiling heating foil
24-30-13-01 Ceiling mount for projection screen, Suspension for projection screen
19-08-04-01 Ceiling radio, Radio
22-21-02-02 Ceiling system (construction system component)
22-10-39-03 Ceiling system (dry construction work)
24-30-18-14 Celebration planner
32-16-09-01 Cell counting
32-16-08-90 Cell cultures (lab, unclassified)
32-01-14-01 Cell diagnosis app. (acc., lab)
24-36-01-05 Cell phone bag, Handy bag
22-28-03-01 Cellar window, Window
41-02-02-04 Cellophane bag (promotional article)
30-01-01-02 Cellulose (filter aids), Organic filter aids
31-43-01-05 Cellulose acetate
22-22-01-02 Cellulose insulating material, Insulating material
22-17-04-02 Cellulose plaster, Plaster, plaster system
22-17-02-01 Cement hangings, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-17-01-02 Cement paint, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-17-04-01 Cement screed, Wet cement
24-34-01-05 Cemetery candle, Grave candle
24-33-12-09 Cenille stick
36-60-92-29 Center gauge, Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
21-06-12-01 Center grip screwdriver (compressed air), Drill driver (pneumatic)
23-10-01-01 Center-grooved dowel pin, Peg
21-13-13-00 Centering flange (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
22-39-03-10 Central heating installation (building material)
27-14-40-27 Central operating station, Shutter control
24-32-07-04 Central shredder, Large volume office shredder
27-37-13-02 Central switch, Auxiliary switch block
21-01-01-01 Centre drill, Twist drill
36-60-02-12 Centre drilling machine (machine tool)
36-60-06-31 Centre hole grinding machine (machine tool)
36-60-06-19 Centreless external cylindrical grinding machine (machine tool)
36-41-91-90 Centrifug. pump (shaft seal,parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
32-01-07-05 Centrifugal agitator (lab)
36-10-01-04 Centrifugal decanter (for liquids)
36-01-03-04 Centrifugal evaporator
32-01-11-01 Centrifugal mill (lab)
36-41-01-00 Centrifugal pump
36-41-01-90 Centrifugal pump (unclassified)
36-19-10-01 Centrifugal strainer
36-10-01-00 Centrifuge (for liquids)
36-10-91-01 Centrifuge (for liquids, parts)
36-10-01-90 Centrifuge (for liquids, unclassified)
22-10-24-01 Ceramic tile/board work (tile work), Tile and slab work
22-48-02-03 Ceramic wallpaper, Natural wallpaper
24-25-15-08 Ceramics paintbrush, Special brush
17-01-09-00 Cereal processing machinery
17-01-09-90 Cereal processing machinery (unclassified)
38-16-04-01 Cerium
24-26-08-06 Certificate paper, preprinted
24-34-02-08 Certificate, voucher, voucher roll
25-14-11-00 Certification, Material and component inspection
25-10-12-01 Certification (notary services)
24-22-10-01 Certification stamp, Stamp (office)
24-22-10-02 Certification stamp self-colouring, Selfinking stamp
23-17-04-03 Chain, Standard rollerchain
23-17-91-04 Chain (parts)
40-02-02-01 Chain barrier post, barrier post
21-07-91-02 Chain block (parts), Block/pulley, traveller (parts)
36-12-04-04 Chain conveyor
23-17-04-00 Chain drive
23-30-13-00 Chain drive (Linear motion)
23-17-04-90 Chain drive (unclassified)
24-30-17-04 Chain for name badges, Name badge fastening
36-63-90-18 Chain making machine (machine tool)
22-54-02-02 Chain saw, Garden equipment
23-13-01-02 Chain shackle, Shackle
21-07-91-04 Chain sling, Stopping material (parts)
23-17-04-50 Chain wheel
23-17-91-05 Chain wheel, chain disc (parts)
36-60-04-10 Chain-type broaching machine (machine tool)
24-31-01-07 Chaining element
21-05-11-06 Chainsaw (electric)
21-01-16-05 Chainsaw chain
34-45-05-01 Chair (medicine)
24-31-12-00 Chair (office equipment, accessories)
24-31-12-90 Chair (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
24-31-11-01 Chair (office swivel chair), Swivel office chair, swivel office armchair
21-10-05-01 Chair (office), Wooden chair (workshop)
24-31-11-02 Chair (reception chair), Visitor chair, conference chair
24-31-12-01 Chair equipment
24-31-12-03 Chair transport
41-04-04-06 Chair, wood (marketing)
24-31-11-00 Chairs (office equipment)
24-25-16-08 Chalk, Blackboard chalk
24-30-03-03 Chalk board
24-25-17-01 Chalk holder
24-24-23-02 Chalk wiper, Paper wiper
21-10-04-09 Chamber cupb. (workshop)
36-08-01-00 Chamber furnace
36-08-91-01 Chamber furnace (parts)
36-08-01-90 Chamber furnace (unclassified)
24-26-03-04 Chamber papers
21-17-03-11 Chamfer gauges
36-63-90-02 Chamfering a. pointing machine (machine tool)
29-04-02-00 Champagne, Sparkling, dessert wine
27-30-04-02 Change over valve/shuttle valve (standard, hydraulics)
25-26-01-03 Change-Management (corporate planning), Strategic business planning
24-22-12-01 Change-over letter scale (office), Mechanic scale
27-14-40-47 Changeover contact, Toggle switch
19-07-01-02 Channel antenna, Terrestrial antenna
24-32-13-03 Channel bind
27-14-91-00 Channel frame, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
19-07-04-11 Channel processing, Head-end (receiver technology
27-14-40-21 Channel socket, Device connection box
19-04-01-28 Character recognition, OCR software
24-25-19-03 Character size ruler, Typograph (office, school)
26-04-04-00 Charcoal
26-04-04-01 Charcoal
24-24-23-01 Charcoal cleaner (soft rubber), Disperse eraser
27-20-03-08 Charge level testing device, Voltage tester
27-14-23-16 Charge meter, Electronic electricity meter
27-05-06-04 Charger, Portable battery charger
19-06-92-01 Charger cradle, Recharger for hardware communication technology
24-27-01-08 Check presentation, Transaction form
37-05-10-05 Check valve (glass)
27-29-20-01 Check valve (pneumatics)
27-30-04-00 Check valve (standard, hydraulics)
27-30-04-90 Check valve (standard, hydraulics, unclassified)
25-04-11-02 Checking that trees are safe for traffic, Gardener service
22-30-01-01 Cheek stairs, Stairs
29-04-16-00 Cheese, Milk, dairy prod., cheese, butter
25-02-04-08 Chemical cleaning technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
33-05-01-00 Chemical dosage(water treat.plant,compl), Water treatment plant (complete)
33-01-01-00 Chemical plant (complete)
33-01-01-90 Chemical plant (complete, unclassified)
25-25-08-03 Chemical process engineering (training, further training)
33-10-99-00 Chemical process plant unit (complete, repair)
40-01-12-01 Chemical protective gloves (5-finger), Five-finger gloves
40-01-12-03 Chemical protective gloves (mitten), Mittens
33-01-97-00 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, assembly)
33-01-97-90 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, assembly, unclassified)
33-01-90-00 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, other)
33-01-90-90 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, other, unclassified)
33-01-99-00 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, repair)
33-01-99-90 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, repair, unclassified)
25-05-06-54 Chemicals (disposal)
32-01-09-01 Chemicals refrigerator (lab)
24-32-16-02 Cheque card foil jacket for hot laminator, Pouch for hot laminators
34-29-01-01 Chest drainage system, High vacuum drainage system (medicine)
29-04-38-01 Chewing gum, Sweets
29-14-01-00 Child care supplies
27-14-40-28 Child protection device insert
24-34-04-01 Children's album, Photo-album
24-33-01-10 Children's case, Suitcase for children, trolly for children
24-34-08-06 Children's game, Toys, other
24-34-07-09 Children's streamer, Streamer
24-33-01-09 Children's umbrella, Umbrella for children
36-14-06-01 Chiller
27-18-07-13 Chiller (control cabinet), Recooling unit (switchgear cabinet)
29-04-34-01 Chilli sauce, Gravy
36-08-23-01 Chimney
22-20-01-01 Chimney (construction element), Exhaust system (construction component)
22-11-02-02 Chimney construction, Smokestack construction
22-20-01-02 Chimney cowl, Prefabricated part,fitting (exhaust system, chimney)
40-01-91-04 Chin strap, Hard hat (parts)
19-08-92-04 Chin-bar headphones, Headphones
24-25-11-04 China indian ink
24-25-14-05 Chinese white
27-26-08-00 Chip (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
27-28-06-01 Chip card
40-05-02-03 Chip measurement system (gas detection), Gas detector (electronic, short-term)
25-09-07-00 Chip removal (subcontracting)
25-09-07-90 Chip removal (subcontracting, unclassified)
22-29-26-00 Chipboard
22-29-31-01 Chipboard E0
22-29-26-02 Chipboard laminated
22-29-26-05 Chipboard melamine faced
22-29-26-04 Chipboard priming film coated
22-29-26-01 Chipboard row
22-13-01-07 Chippings
21-05-03-02 Chisel drill (electric)
34-30-16-01 Chisel or bone chisel
21-04-07-00 Chisel, center punch, riveting tool (manual)
34-05-59-01 Chlorhexidine (active substance)
38-05-02-01 Chlorine
38-05-03-26 Chlorine dioxide
24-34-02-03 Chocolate bag, Gift bag
27-26-03-00 Choke (inductance), Inductance
29-02-07-04 Chopper (household appliance, electrical)
24-34-03-07 Christening card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-34-09-00 Christmas article
24-34-09-08 Christmas article, other
24-34-09-07 Christmas candle
24-34-09-03 Christmas decoration, pottery
24-34-09-04 Christmas decoration, wood
24-26-08-05 Christmas motif paper, PC motive paper
24-34-09-05 Christmas tree decoration
32-01-13-00 Chromatograph. (col., acc., lab)
19-09-02-02 Chromo paper
24-26-12-09 Chromolux cardboard (drawing), Drawing-, draft carton
21-02-91-04 Chuck (parts)
21-13-08-03 Chuck (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-02-04-01 Chuck (triple jaw), Triple jaw chuck
21-02-04-90 Chuck (unclassified)
21-01-04-00 Chucking reamer, Reamer
29-04-05-00 Cigar, Tobacco goods
25-05-06-32 Cinder (disposal)
41-14-06-08 Cinema-spots (coverage costs, marketing)
24-25-19-08 Circle angle (office, school)
27-26-06-00 Circuit board (bare)
27-14-19-01 Circuit breaker, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
27-14-22-01 Circuit breaker, Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
37-18-02-05 Circular air diffuser (ventilation technology)
36-60-05-01 Circular cold sawing machine (machine tool)
21-04-16-01 Circular cutting tip, Screw clamp
24-21-05-01 Circular polarization filter, Screen filter
24-29-20-10 Circular pouch, Dictation folder
21-01-16-03 Circular saw blade (metal), Saw blade (machine)
36-60-06-41 Circular saw blade grinding machine (machine tool)
19-02-03-03 Circular scanner, Drum scanner
32-01-26-02 Circular shaker (lab)
36-62-01-03 Circular shear (machine tool)
27-14-11-03 Circular terminal, Terminal (light)
32-01-08-27 Circulating air drier (lab)
36-43-09-01 Circulating air ventilator
24-29-13-02 Circulating folder
32-01-10-08 Circulation thermostat (lab)
39-02-18-01 Citric acid
19-07-04-08 City and region amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
25-02-04-03 City planning
19-06-01-07 City radio, Radio unit
19-06-01-08 City radio, Radio system
24-34-13-01 City roller, Small toys
25-02-04-02 Civil Engineering, Property planning (building planning)
25-15-14-02 Civil bonds, Pension market (financial service)
22-12-02-01 Civil engineering, Infrastructure (construction service skill category)
25-10-08-01 Civil law (service)
25-10-08-00 Civilian and private law (service)
25-10-08-90 Civilian and private law (service, unclassified)
23-15-23-06 Cladding anchor
25-26-02-06 Claim management, External trade consultation
21-16-02-92 Clamp air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
24-29-16-07 Clamp binder (insert binder), Insertion flat file
23-03-09-02 Clamp coupling
34-30-32-05 Clamp forceps (dental)
27-14-11-37 Clamp marking, Labelling for terminal block
21-06-06-05 Clamp nailer (comp. air)
24-29-14-05 Clamping bar pouch, Report cover
21-02-07-00 Clamping element, quick change
21-02-07-01 Clamping element, quick change
21-02-91-07 Clamping element, quick change (parts)
23-01-05-01 Clamping lever
23-05-92-03 Clamping nut (roll. bear.), Precision locknuts, seal carrier assemblie (rolling bearing accessories)
21-02-06-01 Clamping plate, Machine vice
21-13-01-01 Clamping plate (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-29-14-04 Clamping rail
23-10-01-02 Clamping sleeve, Spring dowel, adapter sleeve
21-02-05-00 Clamping tools
21-02-05-01 Clamping tools
21-02-08-01 Clamping tools (magnet.), Magnetic clamping tools
21-02-98-00 Clamping tools (maintenance, service)
21-02-91-00 Clamping tools (parts)
21-02-99-00 Clamping tools (repair)
25-26-09-02 Classification (human resources organization), Personnel organization (consulting)
23-03-11-01 Claw coupling (elastic)
23-03-10-01 Claw coupling (rigid)
21-04-01-90 Claw spanner, Wrench (unclassified)
22-13-01-01 Clay, Soil (building material)
22-25-03-02 Clay flap tile, Roofing tile
22-27-92-01 Clay roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
25-02-10-02 Clay work (development performance), Design, conception and styling (development activity)
24-33-14-02 Clay-type modelling compound, Modelling material
22-11-08-01 Clean room completion
22-41-05-05 Clean room device (climate control)
21-05-16-01 Cleaner (high pressure), High pressure hose (electr.)
30-02-16-10 Cleaner for IT equipment, Office cleaner
25-04-10-01 Cleaning (building), Maintenance cleaning (facility)
25-04-11-03 Cleaning (outside installation), Street cleaning
29-11-92-00 Cleaning agent (manual, accessories)
29-11-92-90 Cleaning agent (manual, accessories, unclassified)
29-11-91-00 Cleaning agent (manual, divide)
29-11-90-00 Cleaning agent (manual, other)
29-11-90-90 Cleaning agent (manual, other, unclassified)
32-02-03-00 Cleaning and disinfection automat
32-02-03-91 Cleaning and disinfection automat (parts)
30-30-90-02 Cleaning and disinfection product for haemodialysis machines
30-30-90-05 Cleaning and disinfection product for laboratories
24-25-18-09 Cleaning broom for drawing, Drawing broom
30-30-92-03 Cleaning brush (medical instrument)
36-23-92-00 Cleaning installation (accessories, additional equipment)
36-23-01-00 Cleaning installation (compressed air)
36-23-09-00 Cleaning installation (electro-chemical)
36-23-98-90 Cleaning installation (maintenance, service, unclassified)
36-23-11-00 Cleaning installation (particles)
36-23-10-00 Cleaning installation (plasma)
36-23-10-90 Cleaning installation (plasma, unclassified)
36-23-99-00 Cleaning installation (repair)
36-23-07-00 Cleaning installation (solvent)
36-23-07-90 Cleaning installation (solvent, unclassified)
36-23-04-90 Cleaning installation (ultrasound, unclassified)
36-52-04-01 Cleaning machine (packaging machine)
33-12-02-00 Cleaning plant (complete)
33-12-02-90 Cleaning plant (complete, unclassified)
30-02-16-07 Cleaning salt
28-06-01-00 Cleaning vehicle, Special vehicle, fire, ambulance
30-02-06-90 Cleanser (industrial), Industrial cleanser (unclassified)
24-29-20-16 Clear adhesive pouch, Self-adhesive folder
24-34-02-01 Clear foil wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
24-29-20-15 Clear self-adhesive pouch, Self-adhesive pocket
21-10-04-21 Clear stock box (workshop)
24-26-17-04 Clear transparency (universal), Multi purpose transparency film
24-29-08-04 Clear view tab
25-07-04-01 Clearance, Transport coordination
27-18-07-01 Climate controlled switchgear cabinet
36-64-04-09 Climate, environment (motor vehicles, full-vehicle), Environmental simulation (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
32-01-14-02 Clin. chem. analyzer (acc., lab)
29-10-03-08 Cling film, Greaseproof paper
29-10-03-10 Cling film
29-10-03-09 Cling film (aluminium), Alufoil (other consumable material, kitchen)
25-14-09-04 Clinical chemistry (laboratory activity)
22-22-01-01 Clinker insulation composite element, Insulating system
22-23-01-03 Clinker outer wall panelling, External ceramic facing
22-47-01-02 Clinker slab
40-01-16-02 Clip ear protection
24-29-14-02 Clip folder for job application, Job application folder
21-04-91-17 Clip for hand stapler, Staple (hand, parts)
24-22-09-06 Clip for sample bag, Paper fastener
24-22-01-09 Clip holder (office)
24-23-08-03 Clip removable
27-20-03-12 Clip-on ammeter, Tong tester
24-22-01-04 Clipboard (office)
24-29-14-03 Clipfile
24-27-01-12 Cloakroom number, Form for catering trade
27-14-40-48 Clock, Timer
27-20-01-00 Clock, Measuring appliance, time
19-08-04-03 Clock radio
27-14-23-17 Clock relay (electrical)
27-37-17-01 Clock-generator relay, Standard timed relay
34-24-06-02 Closed suction system
33-14-13-90 Closed-die forging plant (general, complete, unclassified)
34-22-92-09 Closing cone (infusion accessories)
36-52-02-90 Closing machine (unclassified)
36-52-02-01 Closing machine which do not use a closure or closing material
36-52-02-02 Closing machine which use a closure
29-11-01-07 Cloth (cleansing)
24-23-03-10 Cloth tape (office)
29-11-01-00 Cloth, sponge, rag, fleece
24-36-02-09 Clothes bag, Bag for clothes, beauty bag
29-11-02-14 Clothes brush
24-31-20-02 Clothes hanger
24-31-08-04 Clothes hanging equipment for cabinet (office equipment)
24-31-20-01 Clothes hook
21-10-04-12 Clothes locker (workshop)
40-01-99-00 Clothing (cleaning, repair), Work clothing, protective clothing (repair)
40-01-07-00 Clothing (fire proof), Flame proof clothing
40-01-10-00 Clothing (nuclear area), Special clothing
40-01-91-02 Clothing (parts)
40-01-08-01 Clothing (warning), Signal clothing
40-01-09-00 Clothing (weld. protect.), Welding protection clothing
40-01-91-00 Clothing (work, parts), Work clothing, protective clothing (parts)
30-02-09-00 Clothing care agent
23-12-03-03 Clout bolt
24-26-09-06 Club card for printers, Business card with protective laminate
19-01-01-02 Cluster computer
36-60-02-08 Co-ordinate drilling machine, vertical (machine tool)
23-08-05-00 Coach spring
28-04-03-19 Coach, passenger train, Tank car
25-25-19-02 Coaching (guidance, training, further training)
33-14-01-06 Coal benefication plant (complete)
22-13-01-02 Coal fly-ash, Ash (building material)
26-04-03-00 Coal, coke, briquettes (fuel)
22-41-11-01 Coarse dust filter for ventilation system, Dust collector for ventilation system
28-05-03-00 Coaster
28-05-03-01 Coaster
24-31-19-03 Coat rack system
24-31-19-02 Coat tree, coat rack
40-01-02-01 Coat, smock
40-01-02-00 Coat, smock, apron
25-09-02-05 Coating (enameling, contract production), Email coating (subcontracting)
25-09-02-02 Coating (metallic service), Metallic coating (subcontracting)
22-10-34-02 Coating (painting and varnishing work), Painting and varnishing work
25-09-02-03 Coating (plastic service), Plastic coating (subcontracting)
22-17-01-01 Coating material
33-15-13-00 Coating plant (complete)
33-15-13-90 Coating plant (complete,unclassified)
24-20-02-10 Coating roll (laser printer), Transfer roll (laser printer)
22-17-01-00 Coating substance, paint (structural engineering)
25-09-02-00 Coating, lining, protection (subcontracting)
25-09-02-90 Coating, lining, protection (subcontracting, unclassified)
19-07-04-05 Coaxial converter, Multiple switches (receiver technology)
24-33-05-04 Coconut paper, Paper made of natural fibres
25-26-01-01 Codetermination, Management consultant
36-52-03-03 Coding machine
29-02-06-04 Coffee grinder (household appliance, electrical)
24-31-01-08 Coffee table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
29-04-29-00 Coffee, cocoa
29-04-29-01 Coffee, cocoa
29-07-04-00 Coffee, tea machine (commercial kitchen appliance)
29-07-04-01 Coffee, tea machine (commercial kitchen appliance)
29-02-06-01 Coffee, tea machine (household appliance)
29-02-06-00 Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (household appliance)
29-02-91-04 Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
29-10-03-05 Coffee-, tee filter paper
41-02-01-03 Coffee-pot (promotional article)
32-01-03-25 Coil condensor (lab, parts)
20-20-01-00 Coil, rewinding tube, cable drum (wood)
20-20-01-90 Coil, rewinding tube, cable drum (wood, unclassified)
20-20-03-90 Coil, sleeve, cable drum (metal, unclassified)
20-20-02-90 Coil, sleeve, cable drum (plastic, unclassified)
18-08-07-01 Coiler for Hot Strip Mill
24-29-30-04 Coin bag
24-29-29-01 Coin counter tray, note compartement
24-29-30-02 Coin roller
24-38-02-01 Coin system
24-29-30-03 Coin-, banknote counting supplies
36-63-03-04 Coining press (machine tool)
33-14-01-04 Coking plant (complete)
29-02-01-01 Cold bag, Refrigerator (household)
30-02-06-01 Cold cleanser
29-04-17-00 Cold cuts, ham
29-04-17-01 Cold cuts, ham
19-03-05-08 Cold device cable adapter, Power cable adapter
24-32-15-01 Cold laminating, Laminating system hot, cold
24-32-16-03 Cold lamination foil jacket, Pouch for cold laminators
33-14-07-01 Cold rolling plant f. flat products (steel, complete)
27-20-04-10 Cold water meter, Meter (water)
40-01-05-04 Cold weather coat
40-01-05-01 Cold weather jacket
40-01-05-03 Cold weather waistcoat
34-40-02-01 Cold/hot compress (medicine)
24-30-18-13 Collage calendar, Art calendar
27-40-01-03 Collar, Repair seal
37-14-02-04 Collar (thermosetting plastic, GRP)
23-11-07-09 Collar nut, captive
37-07-02-04 Collar, rim (other material, for flange with holes)
29-12-01-02 Collecting container (waste), Waste bin
41-02-03-01 Collection figures (promotional article)
34-35-04-13 Collection pouch (surgical covers and drapes)
25-15-02-04 Collective accident insurance, General accident insurance
36-20-91-05 Collector (for gases, parts)
36-10-17-00 Collector (for liquids)
36-10-91-03 Collector (for liquids, parts)
36-10-17-90 Collector (for liquids, unclassified)
27-02-23-04 Collector motor, Universal motor
27-02-25-01 Collector motor, DC engine (IEC)
27-02-26-03 Collector motor, Servo DC motor
24-33-01-03 College backpack, Satchel, school back-pack
24-33-05-03 College block (gel writer paper), Tinted paper
24-33-03-01 College exercise book, Booklet for school
24-26-02-03 College pad
21-02-11-01 Collet chuck (for tools)
27-29-42-03 Collet screw (pneumatics)
25-09-02-01 Color coating (subcontracting)
19-02-02-09 Color video printer, Video printer
19-03-02-08 Colorado drive, Tape drive (PC)
24-25-12-04 Coloration marker, Layout marker
27-15-09-01 Colorimeter (PAT)
24-26-18-02 Colour film
24-26-17-03 Colour film for laser printers, Film for laser printers
24-34-03-02 Colour gradation - envelope, Design envelope
27-23-02-03 Colour monitor (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
24-25-03-03 Colour pencil (watercolour), Watercolour pencil
24-25-27-07 Colour photo protective film, UV varnish (protection for drawings)
25-14-11-08 Colour saturation (material examination), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
24-30-16-06 Colour waved desk plate, Place name holder, place card
30-19-90-00 Colourant, pigment (other)
24-25-04-05 Coloured chalk (wax chalk), Wax crayon
27-11-06-01 Coloured fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp
24-24-04-01 Coloured lead for fine lead pencil, Lead (pencil)
24-25-02-01 Coloured lead for propelling pencil, Drop pen lead
24-25-03-01 Coloured pencil
24-25-03-05 Coloured pencil (graphite), Graphit pencil
24-25-03-04 Coloured pencil (pastel), Pastel pencil
24-24-22-01 Coloured pencil eraser, Eraser
24-24-22-02 Coloured pencil eraser (pen), Eraser pen
24-34-03-03 Colourless, loose paper, Writing paper
24-20-01-04 Colourstick
36-01-01-00 Column
36-01-01-90 Column (unclassified)
24-27-02-03 Column book, column sheets
32-01-02-03 Column head (lab)
22-21-02-03 Column lining, Interior wall system (construction system component)
24-29-24-03 Column record card, File card for special application
36-60-02-02 Column-type drilling machine (machine tool)
22-33-05-04 Columns, Prefabricated balcony, balustrade
40-03-05-01 Comb, hair brush
25-02-04-17 Combat agent testing (discontinued)
19-08-05-06 Combination TV/DVD, TV/DVD combination
19-08-05-05 Combination TV/video, TV/video combination
19-07-01-01 Combination antenna, Indoor antenna
24-27-01-02 Combination book, Order, purchasing form
24-21-07-01 Combination lock for notebook and PC, Anti-heft device set for notebook, -PC
22-36-01-04 Combination set (shower), Fitting (shower)
22-36-01-01 Combination set (washing benches), Fitting (sink)
25-15-02-03 Combination traffic third-party insurance, Transport insurance
27-21-09-00 Combination transformer, Transformer
27-24-22-09 Combinatorial circuit unit, SPS power pack
25-02-10-04 Combined appliances (development), Electrical development, electronics
17-07-25-00 Combined machine (space-induced combinations)
17-07-25-90 Combined machine (space-induced combinations, unclassified)
25-12-11-00 Combined methods of travel (travel management)
25-12-11-01 Combined methods of travel (travel management)
27-14-41-04 Combined pipe motor, Tube motor
36-62-04-00 Combined punching, nibbling, forming a. beam cutting machine (machine tool)
36-62-04-90 Combined punching, nibbling, forming a. beam cutting machine (mt., uncl.)
29-02-01-02 Combined refrigerator/freezer (household)
25-07-14-00 Combined transport methods
19-07-04-02 Combiner, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
36-43-09-90 Combustion air vent. (axial), Ventilator (unclassified)
33-05-10-00 Combustion plant (complete)
33-05-10-90 Combustion plant (complete, unclassified)
27-14-40-08 Comfort attachment, Movement alarm unit sensor
27-37-12-10 Command appliance, Front element for push-button actuators
27-18-05-05 Command panel
27-23-02-18 Command-, control-, signal appliance
41-14-09-03 Commercial agent (marketing)
29-07-90-90 Commercial kitchen appliance (electrical, other, unclassified)
29-06-98-00 Commercial kitchen equipment (maintenance, inspection), Serving equip. (maintenance, service)
29-06-90-00 Commercial kitchen equipment (other)
29-06-90-90 Commercial kitchen equipment (other, unclassified)
25-10-08-05 Commercial law (service)
25-10-10-00 Commercial legal protection (service)
25-10-10-90 Commercial legal protection (service, unclassified)
25-15-14-01 Commercial paper, Money market (financial service)
32-03-21-00 Comminution (lab)
33-10-09-00 Comminution installation (complete)
33-10-09-90 Comminution installation (complete, unclassified)
36-18-97-90 Comminution machine (assembly, unclassified)
36-18-90-00 Comminution machine (other)
36-18-90-90 Comminution machine (other, unclassified)
27-24-25-01 Commissioning function, SPS programming software
27-24-22-10 Commissioning tool, SPS programming hardware
27-14-40-37 Commonwealth travel plug, Travel plug device
27-36-02-08 Communication (industry microcomputer)
24-30-14-01 Communication board, Display board
27-06-18-00 Communication cable
27-06-19-00 Communication cable for special applications
27-25-02-03 Communication component (field bus)
25-26-02-05 Communication concepts, Operative marketing (consulting)
27-23-02-06 Communication control unit (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
24-30-14-02 Communication display board, Presentation movable wall
25-24-07-00 Communication service
25-24-07-90 Communication service (unclassified)
27-06-19-01 Communication ship-cable
34-31-02-90 Communication system (surgical equipment, unclassified)
25-26-01-09 Communication systems (office planning), Office planning (consulting)
25-25-16-05 Communication training (languages, training, further training)
19-03-05-02 Communications adapter
19-04-01-09 Communications sofware (workstation)
21-06-01-01 Comp. air angle grinder, Grinder (comp. air)
21-06-08-01 Comp. air blasting gun
40-01-91-19 Comp. air filter (breathing, parts)
21-06-08-00 Comp. air gun, Gun (comp. air)
40-01-14-09 Comp. air hose device (resp. protect.)
21-06-91-06 Comp. air maintenance unit
36-41-05-03 Comp. air membrane pump, Membrane pump
21-06-06-00 Comp. air nailer
21-13-21-11 Comp. air tool (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-06-09-00 Comp. air tools (other)
21-06-99-00 Comp. air tools (repair)
27-24-22-16 Compact PC, Logic module
27-37-14-03 Compact circuit breaker
27-24-22-07 Compact control, SPS basic equipment
24-32-01-01 Compact copier, Desk copier, office copier
27-29-03-01 Compact cylinder (pneumatics)
27-18-01-02 Compact enclosure
24-21-01-12 Compact flash card, Memory card for terminal
27-11-06-14 Compact fluorescent lamp non integrated
27-02-30-04 Compact geared motor, Gear motor with added decentralized components
27-24-22-13 Compact power supply, SPS power supply (discontinued)
27-30-14-02 Compact power unit (hydraulics)
24-35-01-03 Companion
25-07-05-01 Company Mail, Letter service, parcel service
25-26-01-02 Company analysis
27-41-01-04 Company data management and -acquisition
24-30-16-01 Company direction guide, Letterboard
25-01-05-00 Company fire safety, Fire department (service)
25-11-02-03 Company health insurance fund
25-25-12-06 Company management (training, further training), Management, organization (training, further training)
25-26-01-00 Company management, organization (consulting)
25-26-01-90 Company management, organization (consulting, unclassified)
25-26-01-04 Company organization (consulting)
24-31-08-03 Compartment base for cabinet (office equipment), Shelf insert for cabinet, shelf (office equipment)
24-31-06-03 Compartment base for drawer, Drawer divider
36-16-90-01 Compartment drier
24-25-23-01 Compasses adjustable joint, -extension bar
17-12-05-02 Compensated sheeter (post press)
27-14-91-09 Compensating elements for enclosures, Screwed cable gland (electr., parts)
27-21-02-02 Compensation recorder, Line recorder (recording instrument)
37-92-02-00 Compensator (metal-,plastic piping)
37-92-02-02 Compensator, angular
37-92-02-01 Compensator, axial
25-14-05-00 Competing model and complaint inspection
25-26-02-01 Competition analysis (consultancy), Market study and market analysis (consulting)
19-04-01-13 Compilation software, Programming software
27-05-02-01 Complete battery (traction battery), Traction battery
19-08-02-01 Complete hi-fi system
34-32-23-11 Complete set (spine)
19-07-02-02 Complete system, Satellite system
27-24-06-02 Complete system (PC-based controls)
27-33-01-00 Complete system (display and operating control)
27-37-12-21 Complete unit hanging switch
25-25-05-00 Completion (training, further training), Production (training, further training)
25-14-11-11 Complex testing methods (material and component)
25-04-11-01 Compliance with house rules, Janitor's service
25-04-12-01 Component cleaning (facility)
25-02-10-07 Component development
27-37-13-00 Component for low-voltage switching technology
27-37-10-10 Component for protective circuit
27-14-11-27 Component terminal block
25-14-01-12 Component test (trial), Functional test (research and development)
36-64-08-00 Component test system for automobiles
41-14-09-05 Composer (music-composition/arrangement ), Musik-compostion/arrangement (marketing)
22-10-17-01 Composite construction (steel construction work), Steel construction work
22-35-01-01 Composite glass, Glass (building material)
22-33-05-03 Composite structure, Room framework
22-49-01-01 Composite thermal insulation system profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
25-25-15-05 Composition (training, further training), Literature (training, further training)
22-10-25-01 Composition floor work
22-10-32-01 Compound glass (glazing work), Glazing work
25-26-06-05 Comprehensive financing concept, Financing concept (consulting)
27-29-92-19 Compressed air (accessory, pneumatics)
36-53-03-00 Compressed air dehumidification device
36-48-04-01 Compressed air jet
36-12-02-06 Compressed air lift
36-48-02-13 Compressed air nozzle (discontinued)
40-01-14-07 Compressed air respirator
33-07-02-00 Compressed air supply (compl.), Gas distribution plant (complete)
36-14-05-90 Compressed-air unit (central, unclassified)
19-04-01-24 Compressing programs, Utilities and tools (workstation)
34-19-06-90 Compression bandage (for special applications, unclassified)
34-19-07-05 Compression hose, elastic stocking (knee-high)
23-12-04-03 Compression rivet
20-03-01-05 Compression sealed bag (plastic)
23-08-01-00 Compression spring
21-13-06-03 Compression spring (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
25-14-11-02 Compression test, Destructive examination (material and component)
36-43-97-01 Compressor (assembly)
36-43-03-01 Compressor (axial flow), Turbocompressor (axial flow)
21-06-07-00 Compressor (comp. air, tool)
21-06-07-01 Compressor (comp. air, tool)
36-43-98-02 Compressor (maintenance, service)
24-29-19-01 Compressor (ring binder), Wire compressor
36-43-01-90 Compressor (rotating, unclassified)
36-43-04-00 Compressor (special execution)
36-43-03-00 Compressor (turbo)
33-07-02-05 Compressor station (gas) (complete)
36-43-92-90 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (accessories, add. equip., uncl.)
36-43-92-00 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (accessories, additional equipment)
36-43-98-00 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (maintenance, service)
36-43-90-00 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (other)
36-43-91-00 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (parts)
36-43-99-00 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (repair)
25-02-10-01 Computation, simulation
41-12-02-08 Computer (event-technics), Event-technics
41-12-03-04 Computer (fair technics), Fair technics
41-14-08-04 Computer (press conference technics), Press conference technics
27-18-05-07 Computer Terminal, Kiosk system
27-06-20-02 Computer access line, Flat cable
41-01-06-11 Computer attachments (promotional article)
24-36-02-04 Computer bag, Notebook bag, notebook suitcase
24-32-25-02 Computer cover (office), Dust protection
24-31-01-01 Computer desk (desk), Desk
27-18-02-02 Computer enclosure, Server enclosure, floor-standing (empty)
24-32-25-01 Computer housing (office equipment), Noise protection
24-28-04-01 Computer label standard format
27-11-03-10 Computer lamp, Desk and stand light (int.)
24-26-07-01 Computer paper, Fanfold paper
24-20-04-02 Computer printer accessories (ink ribbon), Print cloth
24-20-04-01 Computer printer ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for matrix printer
25-24-03-03 Computer program installation, Software installation (IT)
19-03-05-10 Computer switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
21-10-01-01 Computer toolbox, Tool box, tool bag (workshop)
25-26-02-04 Computer-Aided-Selling (CAS), Sales design (consulting)
24-32-03-03 Computerized typewriter, Electronic typewriter
25-24-04-06 Computing center operation (service)
22-36-01-06 Concealed shut-off valve (sanitation), Stop valve (sanitary)
37-01-03-01 Concentric bearing flap, Hydr. valve (concentric bearings)
25-24-06-03 Concept creation and help (IT), Program creation (IT)
22-21-02-04 Concertina partition, Mobile partition (construction system component)
22-17-04-03 Concrete
22-10-13-00 Concrete and reinforced concrete work
36-63-13-01 Concrete bar bending machine (machine tool)
36-62-02-03 Concrete bar cutter (machine tool)
22-15-04-01 Concrete filter duct, Finished shaft, prefabricated shaft component
22-19-02-01 Concrete pavement light, Basement light shaft
22-14-01-01 Concrete pipe shell and fitting
35-01-07-01 Concrete reinf. steel
22-10-81-00 Concrete repair work
22-10-81-01 Concrete repair work
22-10-80-01 Concrete roadway platforms (streets, road building), Road construction work
22-49-02-02 Concrete rod steel, Armoring
22-10-12-01 Concrete stone (brick building), Bricklaying work
22-10-13-01 Concrete work
37-01-07-00 Condensate draining fitting
32-01-03-05 Condensation trap (evap., lab)
26-04-08-06 Condensation water
36-04-05-01 Condenser (refrigeration technology)
27-02-23-02 Condenser engine
36-42-01-01 Condensing turbine
29-04-35-00 Conditor raw mat., aroma, essence (Food, luxury foods)
29-04-35-01 Conditor raw mat., aroma, essence (Food, luxury foods)
34-38-03-01 Condom urinal (self-adhesive)
22-10-43-01 Conduit-type sewers (duct construction work), Laying high pressure pipe lines
21-01-01-03 Cone countersink (removable blades), Drill (removable blades)
36-16-04-10 Cone drier
36-09-02-03 Cone mixer
29-04-08-00 Confectionary (jam, honey)
29-04-08-01 Confectionary (jam, honey)
41-12-01-00 Conference (marketing)
41-03-02-00 Conference article, general (marketing)
41-03-01-00 Conference articles, desk (marketing)
41-12-01-09 Conference artwork
41-12-01-12 Conference catering
24-31-21-02 Conference configuration, Meeting room configuration, conference room configuration
41-12-01-05 Conference design
41-12-01-13 Conference logistics
24-36-02-02 Conference portfolio
24-30-07-01 Conference rail system, Wall rail system for boards
41-12-01-15 Conference service (other)
41-12-01-11 Conference staff
25-25-19-20 Conference technology (methods, training, further training)
41-12-01-06 Conference-technics
24-34-07-10 Confetti
25-25-19-11 Conflict management (communication, social competence, training, further trng.)
34-19-02-01 Conforming bandage (non-cohesive)
34-19-09-01 Conforming, fixing or compression bandage (set)
24-34-03-06 Congradulations card (neutral)
36-18-01-05 Conical crusher
21-17-02-05 Conical plug gauge, Ball gauge
20-38-01-13 Conical stopper (plastic, with collar), Transport seal (plastic)
27-22-05-01 Coninuous feedback (actuator), Feedback unit
27-24-22-15 Connect module, PC based automation (discontinued)
37-03-05-19 Connection piece (non-ferrous), Branch, nozzle (NF metal)
19-07-04-01 Connection socket, Antenna connection outlet
27-36-02-93 Connection technique (industry microcomputer)
22-10-44-01 Connections (gas installation), Gas line installation
22-10-44-03 Connections (sewage installation), Sewage line installation
22-10-44-02 Connections (water installation), Water line installation
23-03-99-00 Connections elem. (repair)
23-03-99-01 Connections elem. (repair)
27-26-07-00 Connector
27-26-07-01 Connector (discontinued)
27-14-34-23 Connector (special)
27-25-01-07 Connector cable M12, Sensor-actuator connection cable
27-26-12-00 Connector component
27-26-12-04 Connector insert
27-29-42-00 Connector/ fitting (pneumatics)
27-21-07-03 Conroller (signal processing, parts)
23-25-03-20 Console (furniture fitting)
22-51-01-01 Console scaffolding, Scaffolding
27-18-05-04 Console system
37-92-01-03 Constant effort support
27-11-04-10 Constr. site light (ext.)
25-02-10-03 Construction
22-12-01-98 Construction (maintenance)
25-25-15-01 Construction (training, further training), Architecture (training, further training)
21-16-05-03 Construction and engineering theodolite, Building theodolite
22-17-90-00 Construction chemicals (other)
22-17-90-90 Construction chemicals (other, unclassified)
25-25-10-01 Construction design (training, further training), General building industry (training, further training)
25-15-02-01 Construction industry (architects/engineers), General liability insurance
25-25-10-12 Construction machines (training, further training)
25-25-06-06 Construction machines, agricultural machinery (training, further training)
30-15-01-00 Construction material auxiliary, additive
30-15-01-01 Construction material auxiliary, additive
25-22-01-04 Construction monitoring
21-16-02-01 Construction range pole, Ranging pole
22-10-90-00 Construction service - single activity (other)
22-10-90-90 Construction service - single activity (other, unclassified)
22-12-90-00 Construction service skill category (other)
22-12-90-90 Construction service skill category (other, unclassified)
22-10-86-00 Construction site equipment
22-10-86-01 Construction site equipment
21-16-02-02 Construction site levelling bar, Grade stake
35-01-07-00 Construction steel
22-29-01-00 Construction timber
25-22-01-00 Construction, disassembly, assembly monitoring
25-22-01-01 Construction, disassembly, assembly monitoring (discontinued)
22-33-05-00 Constructional prefabricated part
22-33-05-90 Constructional prefabricated part (unclassified)
25-26-12-00 Consultation (IT), Information and communication technologies (consulting)
25-26-08-02 Consultation for licensing procedures
25-26-10-01 Consultation for personnel development
25-26-12-90 Consulting (IT, unclassified)
25-14-08-01 Consulting activity (laboratory, analysis)
25-25-18-05 Consulting service (training, further training)
25-26-90-00 Consulting, mediation (other)
25-26-90-90 Consulting, mediation (other, unclassified)
32-03-90-90 Consumable material (other, laboratory, unclassified)
25-02-08-05 Cont. and meas. planning (low-voltage), Electro technology planning (low-voltage)
24-23-01-08 Contact glue
27-20-06-02 Contact manometer
27-14-35-02 Contact module, Help contact / signal contact
27-21-01-22 Contact switch, Limit signal transm.
32-01-24-14 Contact thermometer (lab)
27-20-02-03 Contacting remote thermometer, Thermometer (bimetal)
22-33-04-05 Container, Module, container
20-24-02-02 Container (IBC, metal)
36-03-92-00 Container (accessories, additional equipment)
36-03-92-90 Container (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-03-97-90 Container (assembly, unclassified)
28-10-90-90 Container (automotive engineering, other, unclassified)
36-03-01-01 Container (closed)
25-07-14-01 Container (combined transport methods)
34-45-10-03 Container (cupboard, shelves, functional trolley), Arrangement system container
29-12-01-01 Container (dispenser) (cleaning), Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
36-03-01-00 Container (general, closed)
36-03-01-90 Container (general, closed, unclassified)
36-03-98-00 Container (maintenance, service)
36-03-98-90 Container (maintenance, service, unclassified)
24-31-05-00 Container (office equipment)
24-31-06-00 Container (office equipment, accessories)
36-03-04-00 Container (open)
36-03-04-01 Container (open)
36-03-91-02 Container (open, parts)
36-03-04-90 Container (open, unclassified)
36-03-90-00 Container (other)
36-03-91-00 Container (parts)
36-03-91-90 Container (parts, unclassified)
20-24-01-03 Container (plastic, packing material)
36-03-99-00 Container (repair)
34-41-07-00 Container (sterilization)
28-10-99-00 Container (vehicle repair)
28-10-02-00 Container (vehicle)
28-10-02-01 Container (vehicle)
28-10-98-00 Container (vehicle, maintenance, service)
28-10-91-00 Container (vehicle, parts)
36-52-07-00 Container a. component handling machine
36-52-07-90 Container a. component handling machine (unclassified)
25-04-12-02 Container cleaning (facility)
36-46-05-90 Container elevator (unclassified)
36-03-06-90 Container f. refrigeration (unclassified)
40-03-03-05 Container for dentures
24-21-08-01 Container for print- and scanhead
34-41-09-00 Container for sterilization and storage
24-31-05-01 Container for under desk
32-03-90-11 Container glass (laboratory)
34-41-03-08 Container label (with indicator)
24-24-21-01 Container sharpener, Pencil sharpener
34-41-10-01 Container table (sterilization)
34-41-91-03 Container tub (sterilization)
25-27-02-07 Containers, shops, tents rental
19-04-02-02 Content blocker, Groupware (server)
25-26-12-04 Content consulting
25-24-06-01 Content creation (IT)
25-25-16-03 Continuation course (languages, training, further training)
25-15-02-05 Continued wage payment insurance, Health insurance
27-20-11-06 Continuity checker
33-14-21-00 Continuous casting plant (complete)
36-57-10-90 Continuous coating machinery (unclassified)
17-11-08-90 Continuous forms printing press (unclassified)
36-12-92-00 Continuous handling equipment (accessories, additional equipment)
36-12-92-90 Continuous handling equipment (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-12-97-00 Continuous handling equipment (assembly)
36-12-97-90 Continuous handling equipment (assembly, unclassified)
36-12-06-00 Continuous handling equipment (hydraulic)
36-12-98-00 Continuous handling equipment (maintenance, service)
36-12-98-90 Continuous handling equipment (maintenance, service, unclassified)
36-12-04-00 Continuous handling equipment (mechanical)
36-12-04-90 Continuous handling equipment (mechanical, unclassified)
36-12-90-00 Continuous handling equipment (other)
36-12-90-90 Continuous handling equipment (other, unclassified)
36-12-91-00 Continuous handling equipment (parts)
36-12-91-90 Continuous handling equipment (parts, unclassified)
36-12-05-90 Continuous handling equipment (pneumatic, unclassified)
36-12-99-00 Continuous handling equipment (repair)
36-12-99-90 Continuous handling equipment (repair, unclassified)
24-26-07-00 Continuous paper
24-29-21-01 Continuous paper folder
33-14-10-02 Continuous pickling plant (complete)
36-12-91-06 Continuous transporter (hydraulic, parts)
24-32-08-05 Continuous-list shelf for shredder, Shredder (accessory, other)
21-17-05-13 Contour and surface measuring instrument
36-61-02-02 Contour deburring machine ECM (machine tool)
36-61-02-03 Contour processing machine ECM (machine tool)
24-33-09-02 Contour shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
25-04-14-10 Contract management (facility)
25-09-20-00 Contract manufacturing cosmetics
25-09-20-90 Contract manufacturing cosmetics (unclassified)
25-09-21-00 Contract manufacturing nutritionals
25-09-21-90 Contract manufacturing nutritionals (unclassified)
34-26-08-01 Contrast medium injector
27-27-09-06 Contrast scanner
25-15-06-00 Contribution (financial services)
25-15-06-01 Contribution (financial services)
19-02-04-08 Control (PC), Steering wheel (PC)
27-24-92-00 Control (accessories)
27-24-92-90 Control (accessories, unclassified)
27-24-98-00 Control (maintenance, service)
27-24-99-00 Control (repair)
27-37-12-07 Control and signalling device, Installation plate for command devices
19-02-04-07 Control ball, Trackball
27-18-90-00 Control box, rack, housing, sub-rack (other)
27-18-90-90 Control box, rack, housing, sub-rack (other, unclassified)
27-18-07-10 Control cabinet heater, Heater (switchgear cabinet)
27-06-20-10 Control cable
27-22-03-00 Control cylinder (hydraulic), Actuating drive (hydraulic, fitting)
27-37-12-19 Control desk, Two hand control panel
37-01-10-05 Control devise (ball valve,w. actuator), Ball valve (w. actuator)
25-25-07-04 Control electronics (training, further training)
23-01-02-00 Control elem. (hand crank), Handcrank (control elem.)
23-01-05-00 Control elem. (lever), Lever (control elem.)
23-01-03-00 Control element (hand wheel), Handwheel (control elem.)
23-01-99-00 Control element (repair)
27-21-07-01 Control equip. (signal processing)
27-14-40-32 Control light signal, Light signal for switch set
27-14-92-00 Control package, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
21-17-06-05 Control plate
27-32-01-10 Control scales, Belt checkweigher
25-02-10-05 Control software (development)
27-25-01-04 Control sub-rack for safety engineering
27-37-14-04 Control switch, joystick
27-14-30-00 Control systems for el. installation
27-23-98-00 Control technique (maintenance, service)
27-23-98-01 Control technique (maintenance, service)
27-23-99-01 Control technique (repair)
27-03-13-00 Control transformer
27-03-91-05 Control transformer (parts)
21-13-19-00 Control unit (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
29-02-91-08 Control unit (washing mach.)(househ. appl.), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
37-01-02-03 Control valve
27-14-40-90 Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
25-09-01-02 Controlled Shot Peening
19-03-03-04 Controller (PC)
27-21-07-00 Controller (signal processing)
27-21-07-02 Controller (signal processing)
27-21-07-90 Controller (signal processing, unclassified)
25-26-06-01 Controlling (consulting)
25-25-12-03 Controlling (training, further training), Financing, accounting (training, further training)
25-26-06-00 Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting)
25-26-06-90 Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting, unclassified)
36-16-03-90 Convection drier (unclassified)
24-31-07-01 Convenience cabinet, Wing door cabinet
24-31-07-03 Convenience cabinet (sliding door), Sliding door cabinet
19-07-04-07 Converter, Feeder system (receiver technology)
25-07-03-01 Conveyance (removal), Relocation (logistics services)
36-08-20-90 Conveyer Belt furnace (unclassified)
36-08-20-00 Conveyer belt furnace
36-12-04-02 Conveying belt
36-12-04-01 Conveyor
33-03-07-00 Conveyor (bulk mat.,compl.), Bulk material conveyor (complete)
33-03-08-00 Conveyor (gen. cargo, compl.), Unit load conveyor (complete)
36-12-04-07 Conveyor - Roller
36-12-04-03 Conveyor - Screw, Screw conveyor
21-13-22-02 Conveyor belt (standardized tool, die and mold making parts)
27-32-02-01 Conveyor belt scale
33-03-05-00 Conveyor belt, belt installation (complete)
33-03-05-90 Conveyor belt, belt installation (complete, unclassified)
23-17-04-30 Conveyor chain
25-02-01-04 Conveyor technology planning
29-06-05-01 Cooker hood (commercial kitchen equipment)
29-02-90-09 Cooker hood (household appliance)
29-02-91-09 Cooker hood (parts), Kitchen appliance (other, electrical, parts, household
29-06-02-00 Cooker, oven (equipment commercial kitchen)
29-06-02-90 Cooker, oven (equipment commercial kitchen, unclassified)
29-02-02-00 Cooker, oven (household, electrical)
29-02-02-90 Cooker, oven (household, electrical, unclassified)
29-03-01-00 Cooker, oven (household, manual)
29-03-01-91 Cooker, oven (household, manual, parts)
29-03-01-90 Cooker, oven (household, manual, unclassified)
29-08-01-00 Cooker, oven (manual, commercial kitchen)
29-08-01-90 Cooker, oven (manual, commercial kitchen, unclassified)
29-02-91-02 Cooker, oven (parts, household appliance)
24-34-04-04 Cookery book
23-06-04-00 Coolant
23-06-04-01 Coolant
41-01-03-07 Cooler (promotional article)
32-01-09-00 Cooling (lab)
23-06-01-03 Cooling and lubricant, Metal working oil (fluid)
36-13-04-02 Cooling conveyor
33-06-02-00 Cooling facility (liquids, complete)
33-06-02-90 Cooling facility (liquids, complete, unclassified)
33-06-01-90 Cooling facility (solids, complete, unclassified)
33-06-05-00 Cooling plant (compl.), Recooling plant (complete)
33-06-03-90 Cooling plant (gas, complete, unclassified)
22-10-75-01 Cooling system (RLT installation), HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems installation
36-04-07-02 Cooling tower
33-06-05-01 Cooling tower (complete)
26-04-09-17 Cooling water
36-52-04-04 Cooling, warming a. drying machine (packaging machine)
36-62-03-04 Coper-notcher with punch for profiled materials (machine tool)
36-62-03-02 Coper-notcher with punch for sheet metal (machine tool)
19-02-02-08 Copier, Multi-functional printer
24-32-01-00 Copier
24-32-98-01 Copier (maintenance, service)
24-32-99-01 Copier (repair)
24-32-01-90 Copier (unclassified)
24-20-06-05 Copier accessories (developer), Developer (copier)
24-20-06-03 Copier accessories (remaining toner container), Toner waste bag (copier)
24-32-02-00 Copier accessory
24-32-02-90 Copier accessory (unclassified)
24-26-10-02 Copier business card, colour gradated, Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-10-05 Copier calling card with motif, Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-09-00 Copier card (paper), PC card plain (paper)
24-31-01-03 Copier desk, Side table
24-29-04-04 Copier file label, PC spine label (self-adhesive)
24-28-01-02 Copier film label, PC film label
24-26-08-03 Copier marbled paper, Gradated paper marbled
24-26-06-04 Copier paper (multiprint), Multiprint paper
24-20-06-00 Copier supplies
24-20-06-01 Copier toner
24-26-17-06 Copier transparency, self-adhesive, Film self-adhesive
24-26-17-07 Copier transparency, weatherproof, Film weatherproof
22-33-06-02 Coping assembly unit, Palisades, steles, thresholds
35-02-16-01 Copper (semifinished product)
22-24-01-01 Copper band (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
35-02-07-01 Copper foil, Foil (NF metal)
22-27-03-01 Copper guttering, Gutter
27-14-03-08 Copper lead (grounding), Grounding wire
23-07-01-01 Copper packing (pack. ring), Seal (top view circular)
22-24-01-02 Copper profile sheet (construction material), Fitted sheet metal (building material)
25-05-06-17 Copper scrap (disposal)
22-23-01-04 Copper sheet outer wall panelling, External metal facing
22-25-04-01 Copper shingle, Shingle
35-02-02-01 Copper wire, Wire (NF metal)
24-33-12-08 Copper wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
25-04-09-02 Copy and printer service (facility)
24-20-02-01 Copy box (laser printer), Toner for laser printers
24-26-17-01 Copy film
24-26-20-01 Copy film large format
36-60-03-14 Copy milling machine, also gantry-type (machine tool)
24-23-03-01 Copy original adhesive tape, Transparent tape
24-26-06-01 Copy paper
24-26-05-02 Copy paper (manual), Hand dublicate paper
24-26-05-01 Copy paper, carbonless, Self dublicate paper
24-28-01-11 Copy security label, PC security label
24-30-05-01 Copyboard
25-10-10-03 Copyright (legal protection, service)
41-14-01-89 Copywriter activity (advertisement)
27-14-40-40 Cord switch/dimmer
19-08-92-02 Cordless loudspeaker, Speaker box
19-08-92-03 Cordless microphone, Microphone
21-01-09-03 Core drill, Tool holder
22-11-03-01 Core drilling work and cutting work
27-40-02-01 Core end conn.
27-20-04-02 Coriolis flowmeter, Flowmeter (mass, coriolis)
22-48-01-02 Cork fibre board (building material), Pasteboard (building material)
22-46-01-01 Cork floor covering, Wood flooring
24-30-16-02 Cork-pinboard showcase, Display case
24-30-03-08 Corkboard
41-01-07-06 Corkscrew (promotional article), Gourmet goods (promotional article)
24-22-09-02 Corner clip (office)
24-29-15-03 Corner strap file, Sorting case
22-36-01-00 Corner valve (sanitation), Sanitation fitting
25-26-01-05 Corporate identity (consulting)
25-10-08-08 Corporate law (service)
24-24-25-02 Correction roller
20-24-99-01 Corrective maintenance (IBC), IBC (corrective maintenance)
20-06-99-01 Corrective maintenance (drum), Drum (packing material, repair)
20-26-99-01 Corrective maintenance (pallet), Pallet (corrective maintenance)
24-26-09-01 Correspondence card for printers, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
23-06-05-00 Corrosion prevention (not paint), Means of preservation, surface protection
22-17-01-03 Corrosion protection material
22-10-35-00 Corrosion protection work (construction work)
22-10-35-01 Corrosion protection work (construction work)
25-25-08-11 Corrosion, wear, surface technology (training, further training)
36-41-05-02 Corrug. bellows pump, Piston pump
37-92-02-04 Corrugated bellow (enameled piping)
22-25-04-02 Corrugated board
24-33-06-03 Corrugated board for handicrafts
20-14-05-07 Corrugated paperboard punched box, Punched box (corrugated paperboard)
35-04-04-03 Corrugated sheet (other materials)
35-01-05-04 Corrugated steel (steel, unalloyed)
22-49-03-02 Corrugated weave, Protective grid
25-02-04-13 Cost control (structural planning), Project management (building planning)
24-34-13-02 Costume jewellery for children
34-21-92-05 Cotton applicator
24-33-12-04 Cotton ball (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts form
41-02-02-03 Cotton shopping bag (promotional article)
28-04-04-10 Couchette, Sleeper
34-07-10-01 Coumatetralyl
25-15-02-27 Counsel insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
41-06-01-01 Counte dispenser (marketing)
27-20-04-14 Counter (pulse)
24-30-16-07 Counter display, Table place holder
41-06-01-00 Counter display paper, cardboard (marketing)
41-06-03-00 Counter display, metal (marketing)
41-06-02-00 Counter display, plastic (marketing)
41-06-05-02 Counter lights (marketing)
41-06-02-01 Counter stand, plastic (marketing)
41-06-03-01 Counter stands (marketing)
21-16-05-92 Counter table needle (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
36-63-11-03 Counterblow die-forging hammer (machine tool)
23-12-04-01 Countersunk rivet, Full rivet
23-11-01-03 Countersunk screw
36-12-03-11 Counterweight stacker
24-22-01-23 Counting finger, Finger cone (office)
27-14-34-17 Coupler, Ex CEE plug
23-03-15-00 Coupling (Permanent-magnetic, non-engaging)
23-03-14-07 Coupling (centrifugal, frictionally engaged)
23-03-11-00 Coupling (elastic)
40-04-04-00 Coupling (fire exting. hose ), Fire extinguishing fitting
23-03-11-05 Coupling (high elasticity)
23-03-90-00 Coupling (other, non-electric)
23-03-91-07 Coupling (overload, parts)
23-03-91-00 Coupling (parts, not electr.)
23-03-09-00 Coupling (rigid)
23-03-10-00 Coupling (rigid)
27-37-10-03 Coupling protection, Power contactor
23-03-18-01 Coupling with measuring sensor
21-13-20-02 Coupling, with blocking valve (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
25-07-05-02 Courier service (letter, package transport)
27-14-41-01 Courtyard gate driv, Swivel gate motor
27-14-41-03 Courtyard gate drive, Push gate motor
19-07-92-03 Cover, Antenna assembly materials
22-16-01-02 Cover, Natural stone
27-14-11-33 Cover, End and partition plate for terminal block
23-21-01-05 Cover
24-23-03-09 Cover band (painter crepe, office), Masking tape for painters (office)
23-24-92-03 Cover cap (window fitting)
24-28-10-03 Cover film label, Label with cover film
24-34-02-06 Cover for dried bouquet, Lace paper cuff
32-01-16-06 Cover glass (lab)
24-29-03-06 Cover sheet
35-03-05-01 Cover sheet (plastic), Tarpaulin (plastic)
22-11-06-01 Cover/separate pollutant carrying component, Refurbishment of building components containing harmful substances
20-06-03-02 Covered drum (metal)
28-04-03-04 Covered high capacity freight car with sliding sides
22-10-14-01 Covering (nat., concr. block work), Natural stone and concrete work
24-31-10-02 Covering plate for file pillar, Filing column (accessories)
27-37-10-06 Cpacitor contactor
36-12-01-00 Crane
36-12-91-01 Crane (parts)
36-12-01-90 Crane (unclassified)
22-28-91-01 Crane gantry apron, Door and gate section, door and gate panels
22-28-02-01 Crane gantry gate, Gate
33-03-15-00 Crane installation (complete)
33-03-15-90 Crane installation (complete, unclassified)
27-02-23-01 Crane motor, Shaded pole motor
27-02-27-01 Crane motor, Elevator motor
23-01-02-01 Crank (hand), Handcrank (control elem.)
36-63-02-00 Crank press (machine tool)
36-60-06-28 Crankshaft grinding machine (machine tool)
20-14-03-01 Crate (aluminum, packing material)
20-14-04-00 Crate (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
20-14-04-90 Crate (cardboard/paperboard, packing material, unclassified)
20-14-05-00 Crate (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
20-14-05-90 Crate (corrugated paperboard, packing material, unclassified)
20-14-02-00 Crate (plastic, packing material)
20-14-04-02 Crate (solid-fiber board)
20-14-01-00 Crate (wood, packing material)
20-14-01-01 Crate (wood, packing material)
24-33-11-06 Crayon (textile colour), Textile colour
22-10-02-02 Creating level ground, Excavation pit creation
24-25-12-02 Creative marker, Deco marker
41-14-04-12 Creative service (unclassified, advertisement)
25-25-19-05 Creativity (self management, training, further training)
25-15-13-02 Credit (financial service)
24-33-05-07 Crepe
24-34-07-05 Crepe festoon, Festoon, paper
25-10-11-00 Criminal law (service)
25-10-11-01 Criminal law (service)
17-13-01-01 Crimping machine, Stripping and crimping machine
29-09-90-00 Crockery, cutlery, glassware (other)
29-09-90-90 Crockery, cutlery, glassware (other, unclassified)
20-03-02-04 Cross bottom bag (paper)
20-03-01-04 Cross bottom bag (plastic)
20-16-02-25 Cross bottom sack (textile)
36-43-14-90 Cross flow blower, Blower (unclassified)
22-36-06-03 Cross piece (fitting, steel, installation)
23-02-01-10 Cross serrated flange
21-16-03-03 Cross sight (measurement), Right angle prism (surveying)
32-03-22-04 Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
36-60-92-20 Cross slide unit (machine tool)
27-14-40-29 Cross switch
24-31-11-04 Cross-member bench, Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
23-05-12-05 Crossed roller bearing
23-30-05-03 Crossed roller guide (Cage rail guide)
21-04-30-90 Crowbar, Tool (hand, various, unclassified)
23-09-03-01 Crown gear, Tooth lock, flat, conical spring washer
27-20-04-05 Crown meter (flowmeter), Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
20-22-03-00 Crucible (plastic, packing material)
26-01-01-01 Crude oil
26-01-02-00 Crude oil distillation cuts
26-01-02-01 Crude oil distillation cuts
36-18-01-00 Crusher
36-18-01-90 Crusher (unclassified)
29-04-12-00 Crustacean, Fish, seafood, crustacean
32-01-12-06 Cryogenic (acc., lab)
36-43-25-01 Cryogenic vacuum pump
26-01-03-05 Cryolite (extraction product )
19-04-01-19 Cryptography, Security software
19-04-02-05 Cryptography, Security software (server)
24-24-23-04 Crystal eraser
24-23-01-03 Crystal-gum glue, Rubber stick
32-03-02-05 Crystalizing dish (lab)
33-10-08-90 Crystallization plant (complete, unclassified)
36-47-90-00 Crystallizing device (other)
36-47-90-90 Crystallizing device (other, unclassified)
25-25-17-01 Cultivation (training, further training), Agriculture (training, further training)
25-18-05-00 Culture (service)
25-18-05-01 Culture (service)
32-03-03-13 Culture flask (parts, laboratory)
32-03-06-03 Culture tube (lab)
23-07-08-90 Cup leather, Shaft seal (unclassified)
23-08-04-00 Cup spring
23-08-91-04 Cup spring (parts)
21-10-04-22 Cupb. (hydrant, workshop)
21-10-04-13 Cupb. with drawers (storage equip., workshop)
34-46-03-00 Cupping glass
34-46-03-01 Cupping glass with suction ball
22-16-01-01 Curb, Building stone
22-27-02-02 Curb, Window strip, light dome
30-02-14-04 Curd soap, Soaps and hand cleaning agent
29-02-14-11 Curler set
29-02-91-10 Curler set (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
36-63-90-07 Curling machine (machine tool)
26-04-07-00 Current
27-04-02-01 Current inverter
27-37-04-16 Current limiter
27-20-03-03 Current meter, Measuring system (power supply)
27-23-02-22 Current monitor
19-03-04-01 Current supply, UPS system (PC)
27-36-02-09 Current supply, Power pack (industry microcomputer)
19-03-03-02 Current transformer, Power cable (PC)
27-21-09-04 Current transformer, Frequency transformer
27-21-09-02 Current transformer
27-14-23-06 Current-surge relay, Latching relay
30-02-12-04 Curtain detergent, Special detergent
23-19-01-10 Curtain lock
23-20-03-06 Curtain lock cylinder - standard (electro-mechanical)
23-20-01-06 Curtain lock cylinder - standard (mechanical)
22-36-06-04 Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-22-03-01 Cushion (fire protection), Fire protection cushion
22-22-03-03 Cushion (fire protection), Fire protection paste
25-26-02-02 Customer analysis, Marketing and selling analysis (consulting)
25-25-19-13 Customer orientation (communication, social authority, training, furth. trng.)
27-30-20-02 Customized hose assembly (hydraulics)
27-30-19-02 Customized piping (hydraulics)
25-24-06-05 Customizing
18-16-07-07 Cut off grinder for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
33-14-15-02 Cut to length line (complete)
41-04-01-01 Cut-out (marketing)
24-25-19-02 Cuting ruler (office, school)
29-09-02-00 Cutlery
29-09-02-01 Cutlery
21-04-03-02 Cutter
21-04-91-14 Cutter (parts), Pliers, cutter (tool, parts)
21-05-18-00 Cutter (rechargeable)
21-01-09-02 Cutter bit
21-01-19-02 Cutter head (parting and threading)
29-02-07-90 Cutter, Peeler (household, elec., unclassified)
25-09-07-11 Cutting (subcontracting)
21-13-05-03 Cutting bushing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-01-09-01 Cutting chisel, Lathe chisel, tool
21-13-05-00 Cutting element, mold element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-05-90 Cutting element, mold element (standardized tool parts, tool and die, uncl.)
29-02-90-11 Cutting grinder (electrical, household appliance)
24-32-18-01 Cutting head for rotary trimmer
24-32-08-03 Cutting head for shredders
24-32-08-02 Cutting head oil, Special oil for shredders
29-07-01-02 Cutting mach. (commercial kitchen appliance)
24-32-17-00 Cutting machine
24-32-18-05 Cutting machine (accessory, other)
36-60-92-00 Cutting machine tool (accessories, additional equipment)
36-60-92-90 Cutting machine tool (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-60-98-00 Cutting machine tool (maintenance, service)
36-60-91-00 Cutting machine tool (parts)
36-60-91-90 Cutting machine tool (parts, unclassified)
36-60-99-00 Cutting machine tool (repair)
17-02-14-00 Cutting machines (textiles)
17-02-14-90 Cutting machines (textiles, unclassified)
24-22-01-06 Cutting mat (office)
32-01-11-06 Cutting mill (laboratory)
21-13-05-01 Cutting punch (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-01-19-00 Cutting tip
21-01-19-01 Cutting tip (cramped)
21-01-19-03 Cutting tip (soldered)
29-08-10-01 Cutting tool (commercial kitchen)
21-08-03-01 Cutting torch, Welding torch, cutting torch
21-08-10-08 Cutting wire, Erosion wire
36-60-01-18 Cutting-off machine (machine tool)
36-62-01-13 Cutting-to-length line (machine tool)
23-33-01-05 Cyanacrylate adhesive
27-20-03-10 Cyclic measuring appl.
36-20-03-00 Cyclone (for gases)
36-20-03-90 Cyclone (for gases, unclassified)
36-10-03-90 Cyclone separator (for liquids, unclassified)
27-30-02-00 Cylinder (hydraulics)
27-30-02-90 Cylinder (hydraulics, unclassified)
23-20-04-92 Cylinder for locking system (electro-mechanical, accessories)
27-20-04-09 Cylinder piston meter, Meter (cylinder. piston)
24-25-20-03 Cylinder screws stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
37-01-13-01 Cylinder viewing glass (fitting), Sight flow indicator
27-29-11-01 Cylinder-valve-combination (pneumatics)
23-31-02-03 Cylindrical Tool Holding (Motorized Spindles)
21-01-05-08 Cylindrical cutter (with boring, removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
23-17-01-01 Cylindrical gear (toothed parts)
36-60-10-01 Cylindrical gear hobbing machine, workpiece axis horizontal (machine tool)
36-60-10-02 Cylindrical gear hobbing machine, workpiece axis vertical (machine tool)
36-60-10-03 Cylindrical gear shaping machine (machine tool)
35-01-01-17 Cylindrical hollow body (steel, alloyed)
23-10-01-00 Cylindrical pin, Pin, peg
21-13-08-04 Cylindrical pin bushing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-05-09-01 Cylindrical roller bearing
23-05-11-01 Cylindrical roller thrust bearing
34-25-04-01 Cystometry catheter, Urodynamics

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