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19-07-01-03 E network Auto antenna, Car antenna
27-05-04-01 E-block (IEC 290, port batt.), Portable battery
22-29-26-01 E1-board, Chipboard row
22-29-26-02 E1-board, Chipboard laminated
22-29-26-04 E1-board, Chipboard priming film coated
22-29-26-05 E1-board, Chipboard melamine faced
27-14-19-01 EB automat, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
25-26-01-03 EBusiness Strategy, Strategic business planning
25-15-13-03 EC card, Cards (ec, money, credit, financial service)
24-26-04-05 EC receipt roll, Cash roll
34-27-02-01 ECG electrode (functional diagnostics)
21-13-21-06 EDM copper (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
29-11-01-07 EDP cleaning cloth, Cloth (cleansing)
24-28-04-01 EDP label, Computer label standard format
27-14-31-09 EIB, Analogue actuator for bus system
27-14-31-23 EIB, Bus system dimming actuator
27-14-31-25 EIB, Bus system electronic actuator
27-14-31-41 EIB, Bus system access control device
27-14-31-26 EIB energy consumption meter, Bus system energy management
39-02-39-17 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-064-1, Acetylsalicylic acid
39-02-13-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-579-1, Formic acid
39-02-13-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-580-7, Acetic acid
39-09-04-03 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-677-4, Thioglycolic acid
39-16-25-25 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-771-5, Sulfathiazole
39-01-01-03 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 200-827-9, Propane
39-02-18-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 201-069-1, Citric acid
39-02-37-05 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 201-961-0, Salicylaldehyde
39-02-33-44 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 202-532-0, 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol
39-15-07-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 202-626-1, Furfuryl alcohol
39-05-05-10 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 202-710-8, Benzoyl chloride
39-21-01-10 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 202-905-8, Hexamethylenetetramine
39-03-04-06 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 203-149-1, N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine
39-02-33-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 203-632-7, Phenol
39-15-24-06 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 203-728-9, Tetrahydrothiophene
39-02-45-15 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 204-402-9, Benzyl benzoate
39-02-19-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 205-488-0, Sodium formate
39-02-19-05 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 209-173-9, Magnesium formate
39-02-43-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 209-481-3, Potassium benzoate
39-01-02-38 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 211-105-8, 1-Hexadecene
39-02-31-16 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 216-074-4, Menthol
39-02-20-05 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 216-472-8, Calcium stearate
39-02-31-23 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 218-690-9, L-Menthol
31-45-04-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 232-519-5, Gum arabic
39-17-05-03 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP 253-575-7, Melamine cyanurate
38-12-03-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1106, Aluminum
38-19-04-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1108, Iron
38-18-08-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1112, Molybdenum
38-19-07-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1113, Nickel
38-18-05-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1114, Niobium
38-18-01-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1119, Titanium
38-18-09-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1120, Tungsten
38-18-04-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1127, Vanadium
38-15-04-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1128, Zinc
38-05-02-04 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1151, Sodium chloride
38-06-01-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1156, Ammonia (gas, chemical)
38-03-01-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1166, Sulfur
38-07-01-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1176, Phosphorus
38-15-04-13 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1182, Zinc sulfate
38-18-07-17 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1202, Sodium chromate
38-03-04-10 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1205, Calcium sulfate
38-07-02-09 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1209, Monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate
38-01-01-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1212, Oxygen (gas, chemical)
38-05-02-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1213, Chlorine
38-05-02-08 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1222, Magnesium chloride
38-05-02-09 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1297, Calcium chloride
38-05-03-26 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1298, Chlorine dioxide
38-07-02-22 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1303, Calcium phosphate (undefined)
38-07-03-04 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC1385, Phosphonic acid
38-18-08-16 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC2273, Molybdenum, roasted
38-13-03-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC688, Silicon carbide
38-11-02-03 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC868, Magnesium hydroxide
38-11-03-08 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC87, Calcium carbide
38-10-03-03 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC872, Potassium hydroxide
38-10-02-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC873, Sodium hydroxide
38-18-08-07 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC876, Molybdenum(VI) oxide
38-15-04-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC879, Zinc oxide
38-02-01-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP HPVC918, Carbon black
38-15-04-19 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC1616, Zinc cyanide
38-18-06-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3422, Tantalum
38-16-04-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3426, Cerium
38-15-03-01 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3428, Gold (chemical)
38-02-01-02 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3505, Graphite
38-12-05-25 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3635, Potassium Aluminum sulfate
38-07-03-06 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3655, Sodium hexametaphosphate
38-12-01-32 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC3747, Calcium hexaboride
38-08-02-12 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC4095, Sodium antimonate(V)
38-18-01-34 EINECS/EILINCS/NLP LPVC4555, Titanium nitride
34-05-59-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 200-238-7, Chlorhexidine (active substance)
30-25-02-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 201-236-9, Brominated organic flame retardant
34-05-04-12 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 203-157-5, Paracetamol (active substance)
34-05-80-10 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 205-126-1, Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
30-19-62-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 209-608-2, Metanil yellow (Indikator dye)
34-07-05-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 213-997-4, Glyphosate
30-25-03-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 215-548-8, Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
30-19-28-17 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 215-609-9, Pigment black 7
34-05-31-04 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 219-451-1, Bufexamac (active substance)
30-01-06-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 231-153-3, Activated carbon
26-01-03-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 231-211-8, Potash salt (extraction product )
34-05-10-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 231-312-7, Piracetam (active substance)
26-01-03-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 231-598-3, Rock salt (extraction product )
26-04-12-10 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 231-635-3, Ammonia (industrial gas)
26-01-03-07 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-188-7, Fluor spar (extraction product )
26-02-03-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-274-4, Soybean oil (industrial use)
26-02-03-11 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-316-1, Palm oil (industrial use)
26-02-05-09 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-484-6, Tall resin 95% resinic acid (industrial use)
26-02-01-11 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-554-6, Gelatin (f. industrial use)
26-02-09-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 232-679-6, Potato starch (industrial use)
30-19-22-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 236-675-5, Pigment white 6
26-01-03-05 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 237-410-6, Cryolite (extraction product )
26-04-04-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 240-383-3, Charcoal
34-05-26-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 244-598-3, Nifedipine (active substance)
34-05-04-09 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 258-403-4, Acemetacine (active substance)
26-04-05-03 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 265-062-5, Fuel, fuel oil S (max 1% S)
26-01-01-07 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 266-010-4, Brown coal (crude)
26-04-03-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 266-010-4, Brown coal coke
26-04-05-01 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 269-822-7, Diesel oil
26-04-02-03 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 270-681-9, Liquefied petroleum gas
26-04-05-02 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 289-220-8, Gasoline
26-01-05-11 EINECS/ELINCS/NLP 308-115-0, Bentonite, calcian
27-18-07-05 EMC fan-and-filter unit (control cabinet air conditioning), Fan-and-filter unit (switchgear cabinet air conditioning)
27-18-07-06 EMC fan-and-filter unit (control cabinet air conditioning), Outlet filter (switchgear cabinet air conditioning)
27-18-07-08 EMC fan-and-filter unit (control cabinet air conditioning), Rack-mounted fan (switchgear cabinet air conditioning)
27-37-10-10 EMV protection module, Component for protective circuit
34-30-06-11 ENT forceps
27-23-02-26 EPROM (process comp.), PC , process computer
27-41-01-07 ERP Interface
19-04-01-31 ERP systems, Purchasing software (workstation)
19-04-02-14 ERP, goods management software (server)
19-04-01-32 ERP, goods management software (workstation)
27-06-20-07 ESUY, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
40-01-16-00 Ear protection, Hearing protection
40-01-16-01 Ear protection capsules, Capsule hearing protect.
40-01-16-02 Ear protection clip, Clip ear protection
40-01-16-03 Ear protection plug
25-26-06-01 Early detection system (controlling), Controlling (consulting)
19-08-92-04 Earphones, Headphones
39-14-02-00 Earth alkali organolmetallic hydrocarbon
27-14-03-02 Earth clip, Pipe earthing clamp
27-37-18-07 Earth fault monitoring system equipment, Insulation monitoring equipment
28-02-02-01 Earth mover
22-47-01-05 Earthenware tile (surface format), Stoneware tile and panel
22-47-01-04 Earthenware tile and panel
27-08-08-02 Earthing switch (>=110kV)
25-25-10-05 Earthwork, foundation engineering (training, further training)
25-02-04-11 Earthworks (structural planning), Soil mechanics, earth and foundation engineering (building planning)
24-34-10-00 Easter article
24-34-10-90 Easter seasons article (unclassified)
36-18-01-02 Ebound crusher
36-18-02-04 Ebound mill
36-41-91-90 Ecc .screw pump (canned mot., parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
37-01-03-01 Eccentric bearing flap, Hydr. valve (concentric bearings)
21-13-08-07 Eccentric bolt (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-06-01-01 Eccentric grinder (compressed air), Grinder (comp. air)
36-63-01-00 Eccentric press (machine tool)
36-63-01-90 Eccentric press (machine tool, unclassified)
36-41-03-90 Eccentric ring pump, Positive-displacement pump, rotating (unclassified)
36-41-03-01 Eccentric screw pump
27-20-05-06 Echo-sounding level indicator, Ultrasonic level indic.
19-07-04-10 Eco power home connection, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
25-26-08-09 Ecological balance sheets
25-25-12-00 Economy (training, further training), Marketing and management, national economy (training, further training)
27-11-06-14 Economy lamp, Compact fluorescent lamp non integrated
23-04-10-02 Eddy current brake
27-20-04-04 Eddy current flowmeter, Flowmeter (eddy)
22-29-05-01 Edge band
17-07-15-00 Edge banding machines (edge banding, trimming, sanding, etc.)
17-07-15-90 Edge banding machines (edge banding, trimming, sanding, etc., unclassified)
21-04-16-01 Edge clamp, Screw clamp
22-49-01-01 Edge profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
21-17-03-01 Edge ruler, Ruler (tool)
33-14-15-04 Edge trimming line (complete)
24-25-20-08 Edge-bar stencil, Font template
21-01-05-04 Edgewise cutter (w. shaft, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
19-08-05-07 Editing control device, Video editing device
17-10-02-00 Editorial system (pre-press)
17-10-02-90 Editorial system (pre-press, unclassified)
25-25-14-06 Education (training, further training)
24-34-08-06 Educational game, Toys, other
36-20-20-00 Eectrostatic filter (for gases)
36-20-20-90 Eectrostatic filter (for gases, unclassified)
36-20-09-04 Eectrostatic filter (ventilation technology)
24-33-12-08 Effect wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
25-26-01-02 Efficiency measurement (company analysis), Company analysis
25-26-02-02 Efficiency of sales channels (consultancy), Marketing and selling analysis (consulting)
26-03-08-01 Effluent water (non-polluted, secondary raw materials)
29-04-21-00 Egg, Fat, oil, mayo.,egg, margarine
29-02-02-18 Egg boiler (household appliance)
21-13-17-12 Ejector coupling device (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-16-00 Ejector element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-16-01 Ejector pin (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-16-04 Ejector sleeve (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-22-14-01 Elastic band (office)
19-07-92-03 Elastic roof tile, Antenna assembly materials
24-22-14-06 Elastic sealing wax, Sealing wax
24-29-15-03 Elasticated file, Sorting case
21-13-06-05 Elastomer spring(standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-11-03 Elastomer stripper (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
37-12-08-08 Elbow (air channel)(w. inliner), Flanged elbow (steel with lining)
37-07-05-01 Elbow (other matal)
37-02-05-01 Elbow (steel)
37-20-01-05 Elbow union (metal)
27-06-23-08 Elctrical spiral cable, Spiral cable
37-02-05-19 Eldolet (plain carbon steel), Branch, nozzle (steel)
27-23-02-10 Electr. PCS components (acc.)
21-04-03-01 Electr. gripping pliers, Pliers
21-08-02-01 Electr. hot gas welding mach., Welding machine (plastic)
27-21-02-03 Electr. point recorder, Point recorder (electr.)
21-05-06-01 Electr. suct. implement, Vacuum cleaner (electr., workshop)
19-08-92-03 Electret condenser microphone, Microphone
22-41-12-06 Electric air heater for ventilation systems
25-25-07-10 Electric automation technology (training, further training)
23-04-10-00 Electric brake
29-06-02-01 Electric cooker (commercial kitchen equipment), Stove (commercial kitchen equipment, electrical)
29-02-02-00 Electric cooker (household), Cooker, oven (household, electrical)
29-02-02-01 Electric cooker (household), Stove (household appliance, electrical)
27-11-06-22 Electric discharge lamp, Mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-29 Electric discharge lamp, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
21-05-01-01 Electric drill, Drill (electr., hand-operated) (discontinued)
27-02-90-00 Electric drive (other)
27-02-90-90 Electric drive (other, unclassified)
24-34-01-05 Electric grave light, Grave candle
27-14-34-06 Electric power, CEE coupling
21-05-17-00 Electric power generator
21-05-17-01 Electric power generator
28-04-01-05 Electric rail car, Motor-coach train
21-05-03-01 Electric rock drill, Rock drilling hammer (electr.)
41-11-01-04 Electric sign advertising (outdoor, marketing)
24-22-10-04 Electric stamp, Automatic numberer
24-22-06-04 Electric stapler (office)
21-05-98-00 Electric tools (maintenance, service)
21-05-98-01 Electric tools (maintenance, service) (discontinued)
21-05-91-00 Electric tools (parts)
21-05-99-00 Electric tools (repair)
21-05-99-01 Electric tools (repair) (discontinued)
25-25-04-05 Electric trade (training, further training)
25-05-06-14 Electrical and electronic scrap (disposal)
36-63-07-05 Electrical bulldozers (machine tool)
27-18-01-00 Electrical cabinet (empty)
27-14-91-03 Electrical conducting tape, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
25-02-10-04 Electrical development, electronics
36-61-01-90 Electrical discharge machine (EDM, machine tool, unclassified)
36-61-01-00 Electrical discharge machines (EDM, machine tool)
36-61-01-03 Electrical discharge machining centre (machine tool)
27-02-92-00 Electrical drive (accessories)
27-02-98-00 Electrical drive (maintenance, service)
27-02-98-01 Electrical drive (maintenance, service)
27-02-91-00 Electrical drive (parts)
27-02-91-90 Electrical drive (parts, unclassified)
27-02-99-00 Electrical drive (repair)
27-02-99-01 Electrical drive (repair)
25-02-04-08 Electrical engineering (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
25-02-16-00 Electrical engineering planning (high voltage)
25-13-04-03 Electrical engineering, low tension (installation), Assembly (electro technology, low-voltage)
24-32-17-04 Electrical guillotine, Guillotine electrical
27-14-01-00 Electrical installation
22-10-52-00 Electrical installation (construction work)
27-14-01-90 Electrical installation (unclassified)
27-14-91-00 Electrical installation system, device (parts)
27-14-98-01 Electrical installation, appliance (maintenance, service)
27-14-90-00 Electrical installation, appliance (other)
27-14-99-01 Electrical installation, appliance (repair)
27-40-90-00 Electrical insulation and connecting material (other)
27-40-90-90 Electrical insulation and connecting material (other, unclassified)
27-14-91-02 Electrical insulation tape, Insulating tape (electr. inst., parts)
27-06-20-10 Electrical line, Control cable
24-30-12-01 Electrical screen, Wall-, ceiling projection screen
24-22-14-05 Electrical sealing pen, Sealing unit
21-05-92-04 Electrical tools
36-46-01-00 Electrically driven elevator
36-46-01-90 Electrically driven elevator (unclassified)
24-31-15-03 Electricity duct (nested-room system), Room-in-room system
24-31-16-01 Electrification (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
32-01-15-07 Electro chemical app. (other, lab)
25-25-07-00 Electro technology (training, further training)
25-02-11-01 Electro technology planning (high and medium voltage)
25-02-08-05 Electro technology planning (low-voltage)
36-61-02-00 Electro-chemical machine (ECM, machine tool)
36-61-02-90 Electro-chemical machine (ECM, machine tool, unclassified)
25-13-11-03 Electro-engineering low-voltage (dismounting), Disassembly (electro technology, low-voltage)
23-30-25-01 Electro-mechanical actuator (accessories)
27-14-23-17 Electro-mechanical timer, Clock relay (electrical)
22-10-52-05 Electroacoustical system (electrical installation)
21-13-21-08 Electrode (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-08-10-01 Electrode (stick weld.), Stick electrode
27-11-06-33 Electrodeless fluorescent lamp, Induction lamp
33-05-04-00 Electrofiltration plant (compl.), Gas cleaning, dedusting plant (complete)
33-01-01-00 Electrolysis inst.(compl.), Chemical plant (complete)
27-26-02-00 Electrolyte capacitor, Capacitor
36-02-03-01 Electrolytic Cell
25-14-11-08 Electromagnetic (material examination), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
23-03-14-06 Electromagnetically actuated clutche
23-30-21-01 Electromechanical chain guide
23-30-19-01 Electromechanical lifting column
23-30-20-01 Electromechanical lifting element
23-30-24-01 Electromechanical swing drive
27-18-04-00 Electronic Cabinet
27-18-04-01 Electronic Cabinet
27-26-90-00 Electronic component (other)
27-26-91-00 Electronic component (parts)
27-26-91-90 Electronic component (parts, unclassified)
27-26-92-00 Electronic components (accessories)
27-14-23-06 Electronic current-surge switch, Latching relay
19-12-02-90 Electronic display, POS display (electronic, hardware, unclassified)
27-14-23-16 Electronic electricity meter
27-14-92-00 Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-14-92-90 Electronic installation system, device accessories (unclassified)
21-16-01-05 Electronic length measurement tool, Length measuring instrument (surveying)
27-14-40-90 Electronic louvre control, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
19-04-01-30 Electronic marketplaces, Industry software (workstation)
19-04-02-13 Electronic marketplaces, Purchasing software (server)
27-37-08-02 Electronic motor control
27-37-08-01 Electronic motor control and protection
24-22-12-03 Electronic parcel scale (office)
24-22-12-02 Electronic scale
27-14-40-27 Electronic shutter control, Shutter control
27-18-09-00 Electronic system, Sub-rack
27-14-40-48 Electronic timer, Timer
27-37-17-01 Electronic timer relay, Standard timed relay
24-32-03-03 Electronic typewriter
27-14-40-18 Electronics insert
34-23-04-92 Electrophysiological supplies (accessories)
36-57-05-00 Electroplating facility
36-57-05-90 Electroplating facility (unclassified)
33-15-05-00 Electroplating installation (complete)
33-15-05-90 Electroplating installation (complete, unclassified)
25-09-02-02 Electroplating work (contract production), Metallic coating (subcontracting)
36-20-91-07 Electrostatic filter (for gases, parts)
22-33-01-01 Element ceiling (concrete), Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
24-34-03-02 Elephant skin envelope, Design envelope
24-31-13-03 Elephant's foot, Mobile Step-Stool (office)
24-26-12-07 Elephanthide
36-12-02-05 Elevating platform
36-46-92-00 Elevator (accessories, additional equipment)
36-46-92-90 Elevator (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-46-97-00 Elevator (assembly)
36-46-97-90 Elevator (assembly, unclassified)
36-46-98-00 Elevator (maintenance, service)
36-46-90-00 Elevator (other)
36-46-91-00 Elevator (parts)
36-46-91-90 Elevator (parts, unclassified)
36-46-99-00 Elevator (repair)
27-06-23-01 Elevator cable, Lift cable
36-46-90-02 Elevator for handicapped (vertical)
36-08-06-00 Elevator furnace
33-03-12-00 Elevator installation (electrical, complete)
25-04-11-01 Elevator maintenance service, Janitor's service
27-02-27-01 Elevator motor
36-46-02-05 Elevator without engine room (hydraulic)
24-31-01-08 Elliptical table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
25-25-19-12 Eloquence (training, further training), Rhetoric, arguing, discussing (training, further training)
25-09-02-05 Email coating (subcontracting)
27-24-22-15 Embedded Control, PC based automation (discontinued)
24-26-06-07 Embossed finish paper for inkjet printers, Textured paper for inkjet printers
22-48-02-04 Embossed wallpaper, Paper wallpaper
24-32-11-01 Embossing device (office), Label maker
24-33-07-03 Embossing foil (for handicrafts)
21-04-13-01 Embossing pliers, Labeling tools
24-32-12-01 Embossing tape
27-37-12-10 Emergency button, Front element for push-button actuators
27-37-13-02 Emergency button, Auxiliary switch block
28-06-01-00 Emergency car, Special vehicle, fire, ambulance
37-18-92-01 Emergency gate (air channel, accessories), Revision door (air duct, accessories)
37-09-01-01 Emergency gate (airduct, all materials)
21-10-04-05 Emergency key box, Key cupboard (workshop)
19-03-04-01 Emergency power supply, UPS system (PC)
40-02-04-00 Emergency shower
27-37-12-21 Emergency switch, Complete unit hanging switch
21-01-13-18 Emery cloth, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
25-25-19-03 Emotional intelligence (guidance, training, further training)
24-30-16-04 Employee ID badge, Name badge
25-26-09-03 Employee participation (consultancy), Remuneration systems (consulting)
25-11-03-00 Employee suggestion management
25-11-03-01 Employee suggestion system
25-11-02-00 Employees, benefits, Social- and service benefits /
24-27-01-03 Employment certificate, Salary, accounting form
19-08-06-01 Empty cassette, Analog storage medium
23-06-01-03 Emulsion (cutting means), Metal working oil (fluid)
22-17-01-02 Enamel, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-17-01-03 Enamelling (corrosion preventive), Corrosion protection material
22-10-34-00 Enamelling work, Painting, wallpapering and varnishing work
24-35-01-02 Enciclopedia
40-01-15-02 Enclosed safety glasses
22-33-06-02 Enclosure, Palisades, steles, thresholds
27-18-01-01 Enclosure (empty)
22-52-01-01 Enclosure barrier, Barrier (civil engineering)
27-18-07-01 Enclosure climate control, Climate controlled switchgear cabinet
40-02-02-00 Enclosure fence, Barrier (Occupational safety)
27-18-92-39 Enclosure frame, Swing frame (switchgear cabinet)
40-02-02-01 Enclosure posts, Chain barrier post, barrier post
27-18-01-02 Enclosures, Compact enclosure
19-04-01-19 Encryption, Security software
19-04-02-05 Encryption, Security software (server)
27-14-11-33 End and partition plate for terminal block
21-04-11-05 End brush (hand), Brush (technical)
27-40-01-04 End cap, Shrinking cap
24-30-17-07 End caps for literature rack, Literature display accessories
27-40-01-02 End closure
21-04-03-02 End cutting nippers, Cutter
21-01-05-03 End milling cutter (with shank, removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-01-09-03 End milling cutter (with shank, removable blades), Tool holder
24-31-91-01 End panel, Cabinet, shelves (office furnishings, parts)
37-02-05-17 End piece (pipe cap)(plain carbon steel), Cap (steel)
27-22-05-01 End switch (actuator), Feedback unit
36-60-01-17 End working machine (machine tool)
19-07-04-05 End-line switching matrix, Multiple switches (receiver technology)
24-28-07-01 Endless address label, Address label, sender label
24-29-21-01 Endless form binder, Continuous paper folder
24-28-07-02 Endless franking label, Franking label
24-26-07-01 Endless paper, Fanfold paper
19-08-05-03 Endless recorder, Video recorder
34-28-01-00 Endoscope (medicine) (flexible)
34-28-01-90 Endoscope (medicine) (flexible, unclassified)
34-28-95-90 Endoscopy, endotherapy, MIS (introduction, training, unclassified)
34-28-99-00 Endoscopy, endotherapy, MIS (repair)
34-28-99-90 Endoscopy, endotherapy, MIS (repair, unclassified)
27-06-21-02 Energy distribution cable, Low voltage power cable
33-07-01-00 Energy distribution plant (complete)
33-07-01-90 Energy distribution plant (complete, unclassified)
25-25-07-06 Energy engineering (training, further training)
33-04-97-00 Energy generation plant (complete, assembly)
33-04-97-90 Energy generation plant (complete, assembly, unclassified)
33-04-98-00 Energy generation plant (complete, maintenance, service)
33-04-90-00 Energy generation plant (complete, other)
33-04-90-90 Energy generation plant (complete, other, unclassified)
33-04-99-00 Energy generation plant (complete, repair)
33-04-99-90 Energy generation plant (complete, repair, unclassified)
25-26-03-07 Energy industry (consulting)
25-04-10-06 Energy management (facility)
27-11-06-01 Energy saving fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp
27-25-04-12 Energy supply (decentralized system)
24-34-01-06 Engagement candle, Candle for festive occasions
24-34-03-07 Engagement card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
25-02-10-07 Engine application (development), Component development
36-60-01-05 Engine lathe (sliding, surfacing a. screw cutting lathe, machine tool)
27-02-27-08 Engine spindle
27-02-40-02 Engine starter
27-37-14-06 Engine switch, Star triangle switch
27-37-14-07 Engine switch, Reversing switch
25-25-18-10 Engineer service (training, further training)
24-26-11-02 Engineer's drawing paper, Drawing paper
22-10-24-01 Engineering board (tile work), Tile and slab work
25-02-04-05 Engineering construction (planning)
25-09-22-00 Engineering fitter-maschinist work (subcontracting)
21-16-05-02 Engineering level
25-14-13-01 Engineering/SE, Specific measuring sevice
25-25-06-05 Engines, machines (training, further training)
27-14-40-37 England plug, Travel plug device
36-60-03-18 Engraving machine (machine tool)
25-24-06-08 Enhancement (IT)
37-03-05-14 Enlargement (non-ferrous), Reducing piece (NF metal)
37-07-05-14 Enlargement (oth.mat.), Reducer (other metal)
37-06-05-14 Enlargement (plast.), Reducer (thermoplastic)
25-24-04-00 Enterprise (IT, service)
27-41-01-10 Enterprise Asset Management (Software)
41-14-09-11 Entertainment (marketing)
25-18-06-00 Entertainment (service)
25-18-06-01 Entertainment (service)
19-08-98-00 Entertainment electronics (maintenance, service)
19-08-90-00 Entertainment electronics (other)
19-08-90-90 Entertainment electronics (other, unclassified)
19-08-91-00 Entertainment electronics (parts)
19-08-91-90 Entertainment electronics (parts, unclassified)
19-08-99-00 Entertainment electronics (repair)
19-08-07-00 Entertainment electronics furniture
22-19-01-01 Entrance mat, Mesh, mesh frame
25-26-01-01 Entrepreneur coaching (consultancy), Management consultant
20-03-01-06 Envelope, Document bag (plastic, packing material)
24-26-23-02 Envelope, Dispatch envelope
24-26-23-01 Envelope
24-26-23-05 Envelope for accompanying documents, Delivery note envelope (office)
24-26-23-03 Envelope for diskettes, Data carrier envelope
24-32-09-01 Envelope machine, Letter folding- and enveloping machine
24-22-01-21 Envelope moistener kit, Moistener (office)
24-26-23-00 Envelope, pocket envelope, wrapping paper (office)
25-15-02-01 Environment liability insurance, General liability insurance
25-14-01-12 Environment simulation (trial), Functional test (research and development)
25-25-11-90 Environment, ind. safety, quality management (training, further-, unclass.)
25-25-11-00 Environment, industrial safety, quality management (training, further training)
25-26-08-14 Environmental assessment report
25-26-08-07 Environmental audit
25-26-08-04 Environmental impact assessment
25-26-08-00 Environmental management
25-26-08-06 Environmental management systems
36-64-04-09 Environmental simulation (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
25-25-11-01 Environmental technology, environmental management (training, further training)
25-26-08-15 Environmental training
34-05-38-01 Enzyme inhibitors, preparations f. lack of enzymes a. transportation proteins (a
25-14-09-03 Enzymes (laboratory activity)
34-16-05-00 Enzymes and coenzymes
39-15-04-01 Epichlorhydrine
29-02-14-12 Epilator
29-02-91-10 Epilator (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
23-33-01-00 Epoxy resin glue, Glue (technical)
31-42-01-00 Epoxyde resin
31-42-01-01 Epoxyde resin
32-02-02-00 Eqipment (other,lab), Laboratory fittings (other)
19-07-04-06 Equalizer, Distortion corrector (receiver technology)
19-08-02-09 Equalizer
18-01-92-90 Equip. f. raw a. charge material pretreatment (acces., add. equip., uncl.)
18-01-92-00 Equip. f. raw a. charge material pretreatment (accessories, add. equipment)
25-02-01-01 Equipment Engineering, Machine and apparatus planning
27-05-92-01 Equipment battery storage box, Battery box
18-03-97-90 Equipment f. NF metal production (assembly, unclassified)
18-03-98-90 Equipment f. NF metal production (maintenance, service, unclassified)
18-03-90-90 Equipment f. NF metal production (other, unclassified)
18-03-99-90 Equipment f. NF metal production (repair, unclassified)
18-07-92-00 Equipment f. casting NF metal (accessories, additional equipment)
18-07-92-90 Equipment f. casting NF metal (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
18-07-97-00 Equipment f. casting NF metal (assembly)
18-07-90-00 Equipment f. casting NF metal (other)
18-07-91-00 Equipment f. casting NF metal (parts)
18-07-99-90 Equipment f. casting NF metal (repair, unclassified)
18-06-92-00 Equipment f. casting steel (accessories, additional equipment)
18-06-92-90 Equipment f. casting steel (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
18-06-90-90 Equipment f. casting steel (other, unclassified)
18-15-92-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
18-15-97-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, assembly, unclassified)
18-15-98-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, maintenance, service, unclassified)
18-15-90-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, other, unclassified)
18-15-91-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, parts, unclassified)
18-15-99-90 Equipment f. extruding (metal, repair, unclassified)
18-14-92-00 Equipment f. forging (accessories, additional equipment)
18-14-92-90 Equipment f. forging (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
18-14-97-00 Equipment f. forging (assembly)
18-14-90-90 Equipment f. forging (other, unclassified)
18-14-91-90 Equipment f. forging (parts, unclassified)
18-14-99-90 Equipment f. forging (repair, unclassified)
18-05-92-00 Equipment f. melting NF metal (accessories, additional equipment)
18-05-97-00 Equipment f. melting NF metal (assembly)
18-05-98-00 Equipment f. melting NF metal (maintenance, service)
18-05-90-00 Equipment f. melting NF metal (other)
18-05-91-00 Equipment f. melting NF metal (parts)
18-10-90-90 Equipment f. production of rolled profiles (other, unclassified)
18-11-92-00 Equipment f. production of tubes (accessories, add. Equipm.)
18-11-97-00 Equipment f. production of tubes (assembly)
18-11-97-90 Equipment f. production of tubes (assembly, unclassified)
18-11-90-00 Equipment f. production of tubes (other)
18-11-91-00 Equipment f. production of tubes (parts)
18-11-91-90 Equipment f. production of tubes (parts, unclassified)
18-11-99-90 Equipment f. production of tubes (repair, unclassified)
18-12-92-90 Equipment f. production of wire/steel bars (accessories, add. equip., uncl.)
18-12-90-90 Equipment f. production of wire/steel bars (other, unclassified)
18-12-91-90 Equipment f. production of wire/steel bars (parts, unclassified)
18-01-91-00 Equipment f. raw a. charge material pretreatment (parts)
18-18-92-00 Equipment for Foundry Plants (accessories, additional equipment)
18-18-98-00 Equipment for Foundry Plants (maintenance, service)
18-18-91-00 Equipment for Foundry Plants (parts)
18-01-90-00 Equipment for raw material and charging (other)
18-01-01-90 Equipment for sinter plant (unclassified)
18-04-90-90 Equipment for steel production and treatment (other, unclassified)
25-26-03-02 Equipment planning (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
24-31-17-02 Equipment rack, Media device furniture
19-08-02-11 Equipment switching suite, Audio/mixer/control panel
27-15-96-02 Equipment test (PAT)
32-02-01-00 Equipment, fittings (lab)
25-27-02-05 Equipment, machine, plant rent
25-06-01-00 Equipment, machine, system shutdown
25-04-09-02 Equipping of copy shops and printers, Copy and printer service (facility)
25-15-18-04 Equity capital markets (financial service)
25-15-17-02 Equity financing (service)
24-24-22-01 Eraser
24-24-26-04 Eraser lead for eraser machine
24-24-24-01 Eraser machine
24-24-22-02 Eraser pen
24-24-23-04 Eraser pen (glass eraser), Crystal eraser
34-27-01-03 Ergometer
32-03-03-04 Erlenmeyer flask (lab)
21-08-10-08 Erosion wire
36-46-04-02 Escalator
36-46-04-00 Escalator, passenger conveyor
36-46-04-90 Escalator, passenger conveyor (unclassified)
40-04-07-02 Escape rope
34-42-01-01 Esophagogastric tamponade tube
29-02-06-01 Espresso machine (household appliance), Coffee, tea machine (household appliance)
29-04-35-00 Essence, aroma, condit. raw mat., Conditor raw mat., aroma, essence (Food, luxury foods)
24-34-01-04 Essential oil, Candle perfumed
34-44-08-03 Essential oil (physiotherapy)
24-24-23-02 Estompes, Paper wiper
22-17-02-01 Etcher (constr.), Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
24-25-20-07 Etching stencil, Rubber template
39-02-01-02 Ethanol
19-03-01-06 Ethernet PC board, Network card (LAN)
19-03-01-18 Ethernet local repeater, Network repeater
19-03-01-17 Ethernet switch, Network switch
30-24-03-01 Ethoxylated propoxylated alcohols C12-14 (defoaming agent), Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether (defoaming agent)
39-02-22-57 Ethyl lactate
19-06-01-05 Euro ISDN telephone system, Telephony system
20-26-01-03 Euro pallet (wood)
21-10-04-21 Euro-fix box, Clear stock box (workshop)
27-26-06-00 Euro. standard board, Circuit board (bare)
25-10-09-05 European law (service)
38-16-09-01 Europium
27-24-25-01 Evaluation function, SPS programming software
27-20-05-09 Evaluation instr. (level), Level limit switch, meas.appl
32-03-02-01 Evaporating vessel (lab)
36-04-05-02 Evaporation condenser (refrigeration technology)
22-41-03-01 Evaporation humidifier (climate control)
36-01-03-00 Evaporator
36-01-03-90 Evaporator (unclassified)
32-01-01-03 Evaporator flask (vacuum evaporator, lab)
41-12-02-00 Event
41-12-02-07 Event artwork
24-30-18-14 Event calendar, Celebration planner
41-12-02-14 Event catering
41-12-02-01 Event conception/planning
41-12-02-03 Event decoration-material
41-12-02-06 Event design
41-12-02-15 Event logistics
25-01-07-00 Event security service (security agency)
25-01-07-01 Event security service (security agency)
41-12-02-13 Event staff
41-12-02-08 Event-technics
27-14-34-17 Ex CEE plug
27-14-40-52 Ex on-off switch
27-02-21-01 Ex-motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-22-01 Ex-motor, High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-22-02 Ex-motor, High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC, e
27-11-05-00 Ex-proof luminaire
27-11-05-92 Ex-proof luminaire (accessories)
25-18-01-01 Examination (medical), Medical examinitation
34-45-11-02 Examination light (medicine)
25-14-11-10 Examination of fatigue patterns and permanent use properties, Functional test (material and component)
25-04-13-01 Examination of goods received, Logistics service (facility)
34-45-02-01 Examination or treatment chair
34-45-03-03 Examination or treatment coach
35-01-16-03 Examination tray (steel, applied), Tray (steel, applied)
25-14-06-01 Examination within the context of residual pollution detection
22-10-02-02 Excavation pit creation
22-10-02-00 Excavation work
22-10-02-90 Excavation work (unclassified)
28-02-01-00 Excavator, loader
28-02-01-01 Excavator, loader
22-22-01-02 Excelsior insulating material, Insulating material
25-15-02-05 Excess dental treatment costs insurance, Health insurance
33-11-12-00 Excess gas burner plant (complete)
33-11-12-90 Excess gas burner plant (complete, unclassified)
25-25-18-00 Exchange of goods (training, further training), Service, trade (training, further training)
24-30-16-02 Exchangeable board, Display case
27-01-06-00 Exciter facilities
27-01-06-01 Exciter facilities
24-35-04-02 Excursion map, Map
25-02-04-02 Execution planning (structural planning), Property planning (building planning)
25-25-19-16 Executive training (management), Presentation, presentation technology (methods, training, further training)
34-17-40-02 Executives (discontinued)
34-44-90-02 Exercise ball or plastic ball (Physiotherapy)
24-33-03-01 Exercise book, Booklet for school
24-33-04-01 Exercise book cover, Book-, booklet envelope
34-44-90-09 Exercise machine (physiotherapy)
22-41-01-01 Exhaust air system, Ventilation system without heat recovery
36-42-02-02 Exhaust gas turbocharger, Gas turbine (movable on location)
36-08-23-90 Exhaust pipe (unclassified)
22-20-01-01 Exhaust system (construction component)
22-20-01-00 Exhaust system, prefabricated part (construction component)
41-12-01-09 Exhibit (conference artwork), Conference artwork
41-12-03-03 Exhibit (fair artwork), Fair artwork
41-14-08-03 Exhibit (press conference artwork), Press conference artwork
41-12-03-09 Exhibit/3-D-mould (fair)
25-15-02-03 Exhibition insurance, Transport insurance
25-15-02-25 Exhibition insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
25-11-07-02 Exhibitions
21-10-04-01 Expandable shelf, Shelf (workshop)
23-10-06-01 Expandable sleeve, Spacer sleeve
22-18-02-03 Expanded cinder frost-resistant brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
22-21-01-01 Expanded glass granulate slab, Plasterboard material
22-19-02-02 Expanded metal, Grate, base pan
37-02-05-14 Expansion (plain carbon steel), Reducer (steel)
36-42-03-90 Expansion gas turbine, Flash turbine (unclassified)
23-11-01-10 Expansion screw, Special screw
22-10-40-01 Expansion vessel (installation heat generating device), Heat generator installation
24-27-01-07 Expenditure/income document, Accounting-, cash report form
27-20-04-06 Experiment gas meter, Meter (gas)
33-16-90-90 Experimental plant, pilot plant (complete, other, unclassified)
27-14-91-13 Expl .proof cable entry (electr., parts), Trumpet plug (expl .proof, electr. inst., parts)
27-11-05-03 Expl. proof flash light, Pocket flashlight
27-11-05-01 Expl. proof flashlight, Flashlight (expl. proof)
27-11-05-06 Expl. proof hand. spotl., Handheld spotlight
27-11-05-11 Expl. proof inspection glass light, Inspection glass light (expl. proof)
27-11-05-90 Expl. proof light (other), Lamp (expl. proof, unclassified)
27-11-05-09 Expl. proof signal light, Signal light (expl. proof)
27-11-05-10 Expl. proof spotlight, Spotlight (expl. proof)
40-05-91-05 Explosion pressure relief (parts)
40-05-06-00 Explosion pressure venting
40-05-99-01 Explosion prevention device (repair)
40-05-91-00 Explosion protection (appl., parts)
40-05-04-01 Explosion protection for dust
27-18-05-02 Explosion-proof enclosure
22-41-09-07 Explosion-proof fan (ventilation system)
25-07-05-01 Express service, Letter service, parcel service
27-23-02-06 Extender (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
19-06-92-04 Extension, Telephone system module
27-14-91-09 Extension (electr., parts), Screwed cable gland (electr., parts)
24-31-01-07 Extension board (linking element), Chaining element
19-06-92-05 Extension expansion, Telecommunication enhancement component
27-24-22-01 Extension module, SPS analog input/output module
19-07-04-11 Extension unit, Head-end (receiver technology
41-11-01-01 Exterior banner (outdoor advertising, marketing)
27-11-04-00 Exterior lamp
27-11-04-07 Exterior radiator
19-07-02-02 Exterior unit, Satellite system
25-04-10-05 Exterminator, Vermin destruction
21-17-02-04 External calliper gauge, Diameter gauge
22-23-01-03 External ceramic facing
36-60-06-16 External cylindrical grinding machine, also with internal grinding device (mt.)
21-17-03-11 External edge probe, Chamfer gauges
22-23-01-00 External facing
22-23-90-00 External facing (front, other)
22-23-90-90 External facing (front, other, unclassified)
22-23-01-05 External facing (other materials)
25-07-23-00 External filling (logistics)
27-14-41-01 External gate drive, Swivel gate motor
27-14-41-03 External gate drive, Push gate motor
27-30-12-01 External gear pump (hydraulics)
22-23-01-01 External glass facing
25-07-24-00 External manufacturing & confectioning (logistics)
25-07-24-01 External manufacturing & confectioning (logistics)
21-17-03-06 External measurement slide, Caliper gauge
22-23-01-04 External metal facing
21-17-03-14 External probe, Thickness measuring instrument
25-26-02-04 External sales force control, Sales design (consulting)
25-07-22-00 External storage (logistics)
25-07-22-01 External storage (logistics)
36-60-06-23 External thread a. worm grinding machine (machine tool)
25-26-02-06 External trade consultation
25-26-05-03 External transport, car pool (goods flow consultancy), Goods flow (consulting)
22-33-05-01 External wall construction
22-23-01-02 External wood facing
40-04-03-01 Extinguisher (hand, fire), Hand fire extinguisher
40-04-03-05 Extinguishing blanket, Fire extinguishing blanket
40-04-05-01 Extinguishing powder
27-06-22-02 Extra high voltage power cable
25-12-12-01 Extra travel expenses (travel management)
36-01-04-00 Extractor
32-02-01-02 Extractor (lab)
36-01-04-90 Extractor (unclassified)
24-27-01-01 Extremely urgent, Notice, correspondence, information
22-25-03-02 Extruded interlocking clay roofing tile, Roofing tile
36-13-01-00 Extruder
36-13-01-90 Extruder (unclassified)
40-02-04-01 Eye Shower
23-11-06-03 Eye bolt, Ring bolt
24-34-08-04 Eye dice (dice game), Dice game
40-01-91-21 Eye glass (weld. protec.), Spectacle glas
40-01-15-00 Eye protection, face protection
22-33-06-03 Eye-protecting item, Visibility barrier
24-29-16-07 Eyelet files, Insertion flat file
24-28-09-04 Eyelet label for textiles, Textile label

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