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27-14-20-01 G fuse, Miniature fuse
27-14-21-07 G fuse, Miniature fuse holder
27-14-21-08 G fuse, L.v.h.b.c. load disconnect switch
27-14-21-09 G fuse, L.v.h.b.c. fuse switch-disconnector
27-06-18-05 G-2YY, Telecomminucations cable
27-26-08-00 GAL (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
22-35-01-02 GF-UP board, Plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-14-01-05 GF-UP pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Plastic pipe, fitting (building material)
19-07-01-03 GPS antenna, Car antenna
25-24-06-04 GUI programming, Surface design (IT)
38-16-10-01 Gadolinium
24-34-08-01 Gaigel (playing cards), Playing-card
21-17-03-10 Galiper gauges, Interior measuring instrument
21-17-03-14 Galiper gauges, Thickness measuring instrument
24-26-12-10 Gallery mount, Passepartout carton
22-10-35-01 Galvanizing (corrosion protection work), Corrosion protection work (construction work)
25-09-02-02 Galvanizing work (contract production), Metallic coating (subcontracting)
33-14-10-13 Galvannealing plant (complete)
19-08-08-01 Game (Gamingstation)
24-34-08-06 Game collection, Toys, other
24-34-08-03 Game of skill
19-02-04-06 Gamepad
19-08-08-00 Gaming Station, Gamestation
19-08-08-92 Gaming Station, Gamestation (accessories)
36-60-02-04 Gang drilling machine (machine tool)
36-12-01-03 Gantry crane
27-14-41-02 Garage door motor
21-07-10-00 Garage jack (hydr.)
21-07-10-01 Garage jack (hydr.)
27-14-42-02 Garage-door drive accessories, Radio receiver (radio control, home automation)
29-12-01-02 Garbage bag, Waste bin
22-10-86-01 Garbage disposal chute (construction equipment), Construction site equipment
22-15-04-01 Garbage disposer, Finished shaft, prefabricated shaft component
22-54-02-02 Garden equipment
41-01-08-12 Garden equipment (promotional article)
27-14-41-01 Garden gate drive, Swivel gate motor
24-34-01-10 Garden lamp stand, Torch holder
22-54-99-01 Garden tool (repair)
22-54-02-00 Garden tool, garden equipment
22-54-02-01 Garden tools
24-34-01-08 Garden torch, Table torch, garden torch
25-25-04-07 Garden, landscape gardening (training, further training)
24-33-05-07 Gardener crepe, Crepe
25-04-11-02 Gardener service
22-54-90-00 Gardening and landscaping material (other)
22-54-90-90 Gardening and landscaping material (other, unclassified)
24-35-01-03 Gardening guide, Companion
26-04-02-00 Gas
21-04-30-00 Gas Lighter, Tools (hand, various)
36-08-24-02 Gas burner
32-01-08-01 Gas burner (lab.), All-gas burner (lab)
27-15-06-01 Gas chromatography (PAT)
33-05-04-00 Gas cleaning, dedusting plant (complete)
33-05-04-90 Gas cleaning, dedusting plant (complete, unclassified)
22-18-02-02 Gas concrete brick, Building stone, brick
22-18-02-01 Gas concrete element, Masonry element (large format)
22-18-02-03 Gas concrete facing brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
22-22-01-02 Gas concrete insulating material, Insulating material
29-06-02-02 Gas cooker (commercial kitchen equipment), Stove (gas)(commercial kitchen equipment)
29-02-02-02 Gas cooker (household), Stove (household appliance, gas)
40-05-02-03 Gas detector (electronic, short-term)
40-05-91-02 Gas detector (short-term, parts)
40-05-02-02 Gas detector pump
33-07-02-00 Gas distribution plant (complete)
25-02-04-08 Gas engineering (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
36-15-91-90 Gas filling inst. (parts), Filling, loading, unloading device (parts, unclassified)
40-01-14-05 Gas filter, respiratory filter, Respiratory filter, gas filter
36-22-01-90 Gas jet pump (unclassified)
36-22-01-03 Gas jet vacuum pump, Fluid entrainment pump
22-10-44-01 Gas line installation
40-01-14-01 Gas mask, Respiratory protective mask
27-20-04-06 Gas meter, Meter (gas)
21-04-03-01 Gas pipe pliers, Pliers
21-13-06-92 Gas pressure spring (maintenance accessory), Spring element accessories (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-24-06-01 Gas refill for ballpoint pen, Refill lead
32-03-04-90 Gas seal, Lab Container (unclassified)
25-04-10-07 Gas service, Supply energy, water (facility)
36-12-91-90 Gas sluice (parts), Continuous handling equipment (parts, unclassified)
21-13-06-07 Gas spring (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-06-10 Gas spring, compound (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-06-08 Gas spring, controllable (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-06-09 Gas spring, fixing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
34-41-01-01 Gas sterilizer (medicine)
33-03-21-90 Gas storage (complete, unclassified)
22-39-02-00 Gas supply (building material)
22-39-02-01 Gas supply (building material)
25-02-04-05 Gas supply (engineering structures planning), Engineering construction (planning)
32-03-03-14 Gas syringe (laboratory)
40-05-01-02 Gas tester (explosive gases), Single-gas detector (explosive gases)
40-05-01-01 Gas tester (toxic gases), Single-gas detector (toxic gases)
36-42-02-00 Gas turbine
36-42-02-02 Gas turbine (movable on location)
36-42-02-01 Gas turbine (stationary)
36-22-04-90 Gas washer, Jet washer (unclassified)
22-10-44-00 Gas, water and sewage installation
23-07-08-00 Gasket ring (shaft), Shaft packing
26-04-05-02 Gasoline
29-06-98-00 Gastr. equip. (maint., serv.), Serving equip. (maintenance, service)
29-06-07-00 Gastronomy equipment, Serving equipment
29-06-99-00 Gastronomy equipment (repair), Canteen equip. (electrical, repair)
22-52-01-02 Gate, Turnstile, rotating barrier, gate
22-28-02-00 Gate
22-28-02-01 Gate
22-28-91-01 Gate accessories (small part), Door and gate section, door and gate panels
25-01-06-01 Gate control service, receipt service
27-14-41-03 Gate drive, Push gate motor
22-28-91-02 Gate frame, Door and gate trim
23-22-04-01 Gate hinge
23-27-01-04 Gate push bar
22-41-10-03 Gate sound insulation for ventilation system
23-27-02-06 Gate stay
37-01-01-00 Gate valve
37-01-01-01 Gate valve
21-17-02-00 Gauge
21-06-06-07 Gauge finish nailer (comp. air)
21-17-90-90 Gauge, length (other, unclassified)
34-19-01-02 Gauze bandage (elastic)
34-21-01-01 Gauze swab or sponge
23-03-10-02 Gear coupling
21-01-24-00 Gear cutter
21-01-24-90 Gear cutter (unclassified)
36-60-08-11 Gear cutting centre (machine tool)
36-60-10-00 Gear cutting machine a. testing machine (machine tool)
36-60-10-90 Gear cutting machine a. testing machine (machine tool, unclassified)
27-02-30-00 Gear motor
27-30-11-07 Gear motor (hydraulics)
27-02-30-90 Gear motor (unclassified)
27-02-30-04 Gear motor with added decentralized components
23-06-01-01 Gear oil, Lubrication (fluid)
36-41-03-02 Gear pump
36-41-91-90 Gear pump (canned mot., parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
23-30-10-01 Gear rack drive
23-03-91-00 Gear rim (clutch), Coupling (parts, not electr.)
21-17-02-02 Gear tooth gauge
23-32-01-90 Gear units (unclassified)
21-17-05-17 Gear wheel measuring machine
23-32-01-00 Gears for industrial applications
23-32-92-00 Gears for industrial applications (accessories, additional equipment)
23-32-97-90 Gears for industrial applications (assembly, unclassified)
23-32-91-00 Gears for industrial applications (parts)
23-32-91-90 Gears for industrial applications (parts, unclassified)
23-32-99-90 Gears for industrial applications (repair, unclassified)
24-33-05-03 Gel college writing block, Tinted paper
24-24-22-01 Gel pen eraser, Eraser
24-24-08-02 Gel refill
24-24-07-03 Gel roller, Liquid gel roller
24-24-07-02 Gel-ink-roller
24-34-01-03 Gel-wax candle
26-02-01-11 Gelatin (f. industrial use)
29-04-15-00 Gelatine, pate
29-04-15-01 Gelatine, pate
26-01-07-00 Gemstone, semiprecious stone, Precious, semiprecious stones
27-26-07-00 Gender changer (plug-in sock.), Connector
27-18-92-00 General accessories (accessories)
25-15-02-04 General accident insurance
25-25-10-01 General building industry (training, further training)
25-07-06-01 General cargo (road haulage), Truck transport, packaged
22-17-02-01 General cement types, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
25-25-03-04 General data processing (training, further training)
25-15-18-01 General financial consulting
25-25-10-11 General foundation engineering (training, further training)
25-25-04-00 General handicraft, industry, technology (training, further training)
25-25-04-90 General handicraft, industry, technology (training, further-, unclass.)
25-26-09-02 General human resources management, Personnel organization (consulting)
25-25-04-10 General industry (training, further training)
25-15-02-01 General liability insurance
25-25-12-01 General marketing and management (training, further training)
25-25-12-09 General national economy (training, further training)
25-26-03-04 General operational organization (consulting)
25-04-11-00 General service (facility)
25-04-11-90 General service (facility, unclassified)
25-25-18-04 General service (training, further training)
25-25-04-02 General technology (training, further training)
24-31-11-03 General-purpose chair
21-04-30-90 General-purpose spoon, Tool (hand, various, unclassified)
27-01-02-00 Generator (10-100MVA)
27-01-02-01 Generator (10-100MVA)
27-01-01-00 Generator (>100 MVA)
27-01-01-01 Generator (>100 MVA)
27-01-98-00 Generator (maintenance, service)
27-01-98-01 Generator (maintenance, service)
27-01-90-00 Generator (other)
27-01-90-90 Generator (other, unclassified)
27-01-91-00 Generator (parts)
27-01-91-90 Generator (parts, unclassified)
27-01-99-00 Generator (repair)
27-01-99-01 Generator (repair)
25-25-01-05 Geology, mineralogy (training, further training)
29-02-90-03 Geyser, Install. water heater
19-08-04-02 Ghetto blaster, Radio recorder
24-34-07-03 Giant air balloon, Balloon
24-34-07-09 Giant streamer, Streamer
24-34-02-03 Gift bag
24-34-02-04 Gift bag for self decorating
24-34-02-05 Gift box
24-34-02-08 Gift voucher, Certificate, voucher, voucher roll
24-34-02-00 Gift wrapping
24-34-02-90 Gift wrapping (unclassified)
24-34-02-01 Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
24-23-03-01 Giftwrap adhesive tape, Transparent tape
19-03-01-06 Gigabyte Ethernet adapter, Network card (LAN)
24-34-01-07 Gimmick candle, Special candle
35-01-01-04 Girder (steel, unalloyed)
25-25-19-12 Giving reasons (training, further training), Rhetoric, arguing, discussing (training, further training)
34-42-02-02 Giving set (enteral feeding)
39-02-13-02 Glacial acetic acid, Acetic acid
27-14-91-09 Gland (cable, electr., parts), Screwed cable gland (electr., parts)
22-35-01-01 Glass (building material)
22-35-90-00 Glass (other)
22-35-90-90 Glass (other, unclassified)
41-01-08-06 Glass (promotional article)
20-01-01-00 Glass ampoule (packaging medium), Ampoule (glass, packing material)
30-02-14-03 Glass and window cleaning agent
22-49-01-01 Glass and window profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
24-33-12-04 Glass articles (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts form
22-10-12-01 Glass block (brick building), Bricklaying work
32-03-38-90 Glass burette (accessories, laboratory, unclassified)
24-31-07-07 Glass cabinet, Showcase
25-04-10-02 Glass cleaning (facility)
22-17-01-01 Glass coating, Coating material
21-04-03-03 Glass cutter
21-04-91-14 Glass cutter (parts), Pliers, cutter (tool, parts)
24-23-07-06 Glass door stopper (office), Protection buffers (office)
27-14-09-04 Glass fabric hose (electr. installation)
35-04-04-06 Glass fabric mat, Fiber mat
30-17-03-01 Glass fiber (filler), Fiber filler
33-07-04-00 Glass fiber network (compl.), Telecommunication network (complete)
21-16-02-01 Glass fiber ranging-rod, Ranging pole
22-22-02-02 Glass fibre cloth, Fabric (building material)
22-22-02-01 Glass fibre fleece, Felt, fleeces (building material)
22-21-01-01 Glass fibre light concrete slab, Plasterboard material
29-02-91-04 Glass jug, Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
24-24-16-07 Glass marker (lacquer marker), Paint marker
22-23-01-01 Glass outer wall panelling, External glass facing
22-14-01-03 Glass pipe, fitting (building material)
32-03-10-07 Glass rod (laboratory)
22-27-92-01 Glass roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
22-25-05-05 Glass roof structure (prefabricated roofing part)
32-03-10-01 Glass tube (lab)
24-31-15-03 Glass wall system, Room-in-room system
32-03-90-02 Glass wool (laboratory)
22-35-01-00 Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-35-01-90 Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material, unclassified)
24-23-03-10 Glass-fibre cloth film (office), Cloth tape (office)
40-01-15-02 Glasses (enclosed safety), Enclosed safety glasses
40-01-91-20 Glasses (eye protection, parts)
29-09-01-00 Glassware
29-09-01-01 Glassware
30-08-02-02 Glaze agent (textile auxiliary)
22-17-03-02 Glazier\'s putty, Joint sealant (building material)
24-25-15-08 Glazing brush, Special brush
22-10-32-00 Glazing work
22-10-32-01 Glazing work
23-05-01-01 Glide ring (dry sliding bearing), Dry friction bearing
24-28-10-07 Glitter label, Sticker
19-08-92-05 Global remote control device, Remote control
27-11-06-32 Globe lamp, Vehicle lamp
37-01-02-00 Globe valve
24-25-15-06 Gloss over brush
24-33-06-01 Glossy cardboard, Board for handicrafts
24-26-17-02 Glossy inkjet transparency, Inkjet film
24-26-06-05 Glossy paper for printer, Photo paper
40-21-92-00 Glove (medicine, accessories)
40-21-05-00 Glove (medicine, for special applications)
40-21-92-02 Glove dispenser (Medizin)
40-01-12-00 Gloves, Hand protection
40-01-12-01 Gloves (5-finger), Five-finger gloves
40-01-12-03 Gloves (mitten), Mittens
27-14-91-00 Glow lamp element, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
27-11-06-00 Glow light, Light medium
26-02-10-03 Glucose syrup (industrial use), Liquid glucose (industrial use)
23-33-01-02 Glue, Dispersion adhesive
23-33-01-00 Glue (technical)
24-23-09-02 Glue cleaner (office)
22-17-01-02 Glue filler, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
24-23-01-09 Glue for glass (office, handicrafts), Reaction glue
24-23-01-05 Glue for handicrafts
24-23-01-04 Glue for photos
24-23-01-06 Glue for plastic (office, handicrafts)
24-23-01-01 Glue pen, All-purpose glue (office)
24-23-02-02 Glue stick cartridge, All purpose glue cartridge (office, handicrafts)
22-29-04-01 Gluelaminated timber
21-04-16-01 Gluing clamp, Screw clamp
24-32-09-01 Gluing device, Letter folding- and enveloping machine
24-22-01-21 Glycerine finger moistener kit, Moistener (office)
23-06-06-00 Glycol (antifreeze), Antifreeze
34-07-05-01 Glyphosate
21-17-02-04 Go plug gauge, Diameter gauge
38-15-03-01 Gold (chemical)
32-03-25-00 Gold (lab), Noble metal (lab)
26-01-06-01 Gold (mineral)
38-15-03-00 Gold compound
24-28-01-02 Gold foil label, PC film label
24-34-04-01 Golden Wedding album, Photo-album
41-01-03-02 Golf goods (promotional article), Sporting goods (promotional article)
21-17-03-22 Goniometer
24-25-19-08 Goniometer (circle), Circle angle (office, school)
33-03-12-00 Goods elevator (electr., compl.), Elevator installation (electrical, complete)
36-46-01-03 Goods elevator (electrical)
25-25-18-00 Goods exchange (training, further training), Service, trade (training, further training)
25-26-05-03 Goods flow (consulting)
24-32-12-06 Goods identification label, Label for line labeller
25-15-02-25 Goods insurance in deep-freeze plant, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
24-32-11-04 Goods labelling tool, Price label
25-26-02-04 Goods management systems (consultancy), Sales design (consulting)
24-23-11-90 Goods package, adhesive (office, handicraft, unclassified)
24-29-32-00 Goods package, arrangement, archiving
24-25-29-00 Goods package, art and drawing supplies
24-25-29-90 Goods package, art and drawing supplies (unclassified)
24-36-05-00 Goods package, bag, suitcase
24-20-14-00 Goods package, expendable material for office technology
24-27-04-00 Goods package, form, blank, ledger
24-34-15-90 Goods package, gift item, private supplies, party and household item (unclass.)
24-34-15-00 Goods package, gift items, private supplies, party and household items
24-32-27-00 Goods package, office technology (filled)
24-26-25-90 Goods package, paper, foil, shipment packaging (office, unclassified)
24-26-25-00 Goods package, paper, foil, shipping packaging (office)
24-30-23-00 Goods package, planning, training, presenting, scheduling
24-33-19-00 Goods package, training supplies, handicraft supplies
24-33-19-90 Goods package, training supplies, handicraft supplies (unclassified)
24-22-16-00 Goods package, workplace accessories (office)
25-04-13-01 Goods service, Logistics service (facility)
25-01-06-04 Goods, material transportation (security agency)
24-25-14-05 Gouache opaque white, Chinese white
21-08-03-01 Gouging blowpipe, Welding torch, cutting torch
41-01-07-06 Gourmet goods (promotional article)
25-20-03-02 Gourmet service (catering), Caterer (service)
24-30-16-01 Governmental direction guide, Letterboard
36-12-92-01 Grab (load-carrying equipment)
24-26-10-02 Gradated colour business card for inkjet printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-08-03 Gradated paper marbled
21-16-02-02 Grade stake
36-18-03-00 Granulating device
33-14-01-10 Granulation plant (complete)
24-26-11-04 Graph paper
21-04-06-02 Graphic art cutter, Knife
19-03-03-09 Graphic card
27-23-02-03 Graphic card (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
27-23-02-26 Graphic card (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
24-25-12-02 Graphic marker (deco marker), Deco marker
24-25-12-04 Graphic marker (layout marker), Layout marker
24-25-13-01 Graphic marker ink, Ink for graphic marker
19-03-03-08 Graphics board memory, Memory (PC)
24-26-12-09 Graphics cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
19-04-01-07 Graphics software (workstation)
24-25-03-05 Graphit pencil
38-02-01-02 Graphite
30-17-01-06 Graphite (filler), Carbon (filler)
22-48-02-03 Grass wallpaper, Natural wallpaper
29-02-91-01 Grate (refrigerator, household), Refrigerator, freezer (parts, household)
22-19-02-02 Grate, base pan
29-02-07-06 Grater (household appliance, electrical)
22-10-31-07 Grating, covering (metal construction work)
24-34-01-05 Grave candle
22-13-01-04 Gravel, sand (building material)
17-11-06-90 Gravure printing press (unclassified)
29-04-34-01 Gravy
23-06-01-02 Grease (lubricant), Lubricant (pasty)
23-06-10-13 Grease cup, Lubricating arrangement (oil)
21-04-31-00 Grease gun
21-04-31-02 Grease gun (hand-lift), Lubricator
21-04-91-07 Grease gun (parts), Lubricating device (parts)
22-10-11-01 Grease interceptor (construction work), Separator and small water treatment facility (construction activity)
23-06-01-00 Grease paste, Lubrication
23-06-90-00 Grease, coolant (other)
29-10-03-08 Greaseproof paper
24-25-20-08 Greek type stencil, Font template
22-25-03-02 Green roof system, Roofing tile
22-26-01-02 Green roof system, Roof planting (material)
41-09-11-02 Greeting card (marketing)
24-26-09-01 Greeting card for inkjet printers, plain, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
24-34-03-07 Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
25-14-01-05 Grid electron microscopy (R&D), Surface analysis (research and development)
21-04-03-02 Gridiron cutter, Cutter
35-01-09-00 Gridiron semi-fin. prod.(steel, iron)
29-06-02-09 Grill (commercial kitchen equipment)
29-02-02-09 Grill (household)
29-06-02-08 Grill oven (commercial kitchen equipment), Oven, oven-grill (commercial kitchen)
29-02-02-08 Grill-oven (household), Oven, oven-grill (household appliance)
36-18-02-00 Grinder
21-06-01-01 Grinder (comp. air)
21-05-13-00 Grinder (electr.)
21-05-13-01 Grinder (electr.) (discontinued)
21-05-13-90 Grinder (electric, unclassified)
21-05-24-01 Grinder (rechargeable)
36-18-02-90 Grinder (unclassified)
21-01-13-90 Grinding butter, Abrasive material, grinding tool (unclassified)
36-60-06-48 Grinding centre (machine tool)
21-01-13-13 Grinding disk (other) (discontinued)
21-01-13-11 Grinding disk (straight) (discontinued)
21-01-13-00 Grinding disk set, Abrasive material
36-16-03-04 Grinding drier
21-01-13-18 Grinding hand pads, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
21-06-01-00 Grinding machine (comp. air)
36-60-06-00 Grinding machine (machine tool)
36-60-06-90 Grinding machine (machine tool, unclassified)
21-01-13-19 Grinding plate, Sharpening tool with diamond or boron-nitride with bore
36-60-92-04 Grinding spindle (machine tool)
36-60-92-13 Grinding spindle unit (machine tool)
36-60-07-18 Grinding vibrator (machine tool)
21-13-21-05 Grinding wheel (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
25-09-07-04 Grinding work (service, chip removal, not manually), Sanding (subcontracting)
21-01-13-07 Grinding-sponge (discontinued)
21-01-13-02 Grindstone, grinding block (discontinued)
23-14-03-01 Grip, Cable clip
21-02-90-00 Gripping tools (other)
22-13-01-07 Grit sand, Chippings
23-13-01-04 Grommet
24-31-16-01 Groove cover profile (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
23-05-92-03 Groove nut (roll. bear.), Precision locknuts, seal carrier assemblie (rolling bearing accessories)
23-07-08-90 Groove pack. ring (pack., special), Shaft seal (unclassified)
23-07-90-04 Groove pack. ring (pack., special), Sealant (special)
21-01-20-01 Groove turn holder, other, Cartridge tool, cartridge f. indexable insert, blades
23-10-01-00 Grooved drive stud, Pin, peg
23-10-01-01 Grooved drive stud, Peg
23-10-01-02 Grooved taper pin, Spring dowel, adapter sleeve
32-01-24-09 Ground glass thermometer (lab)
22-10-02-02 Ground improvement, Excavation pit creation
21-16-02-92 Ground plate for levelling bar, Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
19-07-92-02 Ground spike, Antenna support fixture
22-10-34-02 Ground treatment (painting and varnishing work), Painting and varnishing work
22-48-02-04 Ground wallpaper, Paper wallpaper
25-14-06-02 Ground water monitoring, Water analytics (waste disposal and environment)
25-05-09-02 Ground water treatment (waste and cycle economy)
27-14-03-08 Grounding wire
19-07-01-05 Grounds intercom system, Radio system
25-26-06-90 Group accounting, Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting, unclassified)
25-15-02-06 Group capital insurance, Life insurance
27-14-40-27 Group control, Shutter control
25-15-02-05 Group hospital daily benefit insurance, Health insurance
36-52-11-00 Group or transit packaging machine
36-52-11-90 Group or transit packaging machine (unclassified)
25-07-20-01 Groupage freight (air freight), Air transport (collective consignment)
19-04-02-02 Groupware (server)
19-04-01-08 Groupware (workstation)
25-15-17-05 Guarantee, Warranty and endorsement (financing, service)
25-01-05-01 Guard duty (fire department), Fire protection, safeguard and fire department posts
25-01-01-02 Guard duty (security)
24-27-01-03 Guest check slip, Salary, accounting form
25-12-14-06 Guest house (travel management)
24-27-01-12 Guest registration form, Form for catering trade
24-35-01-05 Guide book
21-13-04-04 Guide bushing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-16-05-92 Guide cone (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
21-13-04-00 Guide element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-04-90 Guide element (standardized tool parts, tool and die, unclassified)
21-13-04-01 Guide pillar (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-30-04-02 Guide rail (Profiled rail guide)
21-16-01-92 Guide rail for measurement wheel, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
23-07-91-21 Guide ring (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
34-23-92-03 Guidewire (angiography, cardiology)
34-23-03-06 Guiding catheter (cardiology)
24-32-17-00 Guillotine (paper cutter), Cutting machine
24-32-17-02 Guillotine (paper trimmer), Trimmer (Cutting machine)
17-12-01-01 Guillotine (post press)
24-32-17-04 Guillotine electrical
24-32-18-02 Guillotine knife bar, Knife bar for trimmers, knife bar for guillotine
36-60-06-39 Guillotine knife grinding machine (f. circular knives, machine tool)
36-60-06-38 Guillotine knife grinding machine (f. long knives, machine tool)
24-32-17-03 Guillotine manuel
36-62-01-01 Guillotine shear (machine tool)
31-45-04-01 Gum arabic
24-23-01-03 Gum arabicum glue (gumming stick), Rubber stick
21-06-08-00 Gun (comp. air)
21-06-08-02 Gun (steam)
22-10-13-01 Gunite (concrete work), Concrete work
24-26-23-02 Gusseted wallet, Dispatch envelope
22-27-03-01 Gutter
22-10-22-01 Gutter (plumbing work), Plumbing work
22-15-03-01 Gutter accessories, Drainage channel
22-27-03-00 Gutter, rainwater pipe
22-27-03-90 Gutter, rainwater pipe (unclassified)
24-33-01-04 Gym bag, Sports bag for school
34-30-05-09 Gynecological scissors
38-03-04-10 Gypsum, Calcium sulfate
21-04-30-02 Gypsum beaker

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