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28-04-03-04 H wagon, Covered high capacity freight car with sliding sides
35-01-01-04 H-beam (plain carbon steel), Girder (steel, unalloyed)
36-63-02-02 H-frame crank press (machine tool)
36-63-01-06 H-frame eccentric press (machine tool)
36-63-05-05 H-frame punching a. forming machine (machine tool)
27-06-20-01 H00V-AD, Single core cord
27-06-20-08 H01N2-D, Welding cable
27-06-20-06 H03RN-F, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
27-06-20-07 H03V2V2-F, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-02 H03VH7H-F, Flat cable
27-06-23-08 H03VVH2H8-F, Spiral cable
27-06-23-01 H05RND3-F, Lift cable
27-06-20-03 H05RNH2-F, Illumination cable
27-06-20-10 H05VV5-F, Control cable
27-11-06-32 H1 headlamp, Vehicle lamp
27-36-04-02 HART communicator, Programming device, mobile device (industry PC)
19-08-05-08 HDD receiver, Satellite receiver
27-26-03-00 HF choke, Inductance
27-18-04-01 HF enclosure, Electronic Cabinet
19-07-04-14 HF measurement device, Antenna measuring device (receiver technology)
19-07-02-01 HF radio system, Antenna system
27-11-03-12 HGL lamp, Industrial reflector (int.)
19-07-04-07 HIT LNB, Feeder system (receiver technology)
19-07-01-02 HIT antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-02-02 HIT package, Satellite system
24-23-01-06 HR-foam glue (office, handicrafts), Glue for plastic (office, handicrafts)
23-31-02-05 HSK automatic (Motorized Spindles)
27-08-99-01 HV switchg., plant (repair)
22-10-75-00 HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems installation
22-10-75-01 HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems installation
21-06-11-01 HVLP spray gun
36-60-05-03 Hacksawing machine (machine tool)
32-16-09-03 Haematology(lab)
34-30-07-20 Haemostatic forceps (surgical)
24-25-15-01 Hair brush, School drawing brush
40-03-05-00 Hair care supplies
40-03-05-91 Hair care supplies (parts)
40-03-05-90 Hair care supplies (unclassified)
29-02-14-08 Hair cutter
29-02-91-10 Hair cutter (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
40-03-05-02 Hair cutting scissors, hair-clippers
29-02-14-03 Hair drier
29-02-14-04 Hair drier, wall-mounted
40-03-05-03 Hair shampoo
40-03-05-04 Hair tonic, hair lotion
29-14-01-04 Hairbrush or comb (baby)
25-18-04-00 Hairdresser and cosmetic service
25-18-04-01 Hairdresser and cosmetic service
36-03-91-90 Half Pipe Coil Jacket (Container), Container (parts, unclassified)
23-10-01-01 Half length reserve taper grooved dowel pin, Peg
20-26-02-05 Half pallet (plastic)
23-21-01-02 Half set
23-21-02-02 Half set (bath/toilet)
23-11-01-21 Half-countersunk screw
27-14-23-07 Half-light module, Staircase lighting timer
24-31-11-03 Hall chair, General-purpose chair
24-34-11-04 Halloween candle
24-34-11-01 Halloween decoration article
24-34-11-02 Halloween party article
24-34-08-05 Halma, Board game
27-11-06-29 Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-31 Halogen signal lamp, Indication- and signal lamp
27-06-21-01 Halogen-free cable, Isolated power cable for overhead lines
27-06-21-02 Halogen-free cable, Low voltage power cable
27-06-20-05 Halogen-free plastic-sheathed cable, Installation cable
29-04-17-00 Ham, Cold cuts, ham
41-01-07-04 Ham (promotional article)
21-04-09-00 Hammer
21-04-09-01 Hammer
36-18-01-01 Hammer crusher
21-01-01-02 Hammer drill, Percussion drill
21-05-19-90 Hammer drill (rechargeable, unclassified)
22-17-01-02 Hammer effect enamel, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
36-18-02-01 Hammer mill
21-06-04-00 Hammer, chipper (pneumatic)
21-06-04-01 Hammer, chipper (pneumatic)
29-11-02-03 Hand brush
29-11-02-09 Hand brush
29-11-02-04 Hand brush with dustpan
21-07-01-01 Hand cart (workshop)
21-04-03-02 Hand cutter, Cutter
21-04-08-03 Hand deburrer, Deburrer
20-42-02-07 Hand dispenser, Dispenser
29-12-01-01 Hand dispenser (cleanser), Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
21-05-01-01 Hand drill (electr.), Drill (electr., hand-operated) (discontinued)
24-26-05-02 Hand dublicate paper
40-04-03-01 Hand fire extinguisher
40-04-91-03 Hand fire extinguisher(parts), Fire extinguisher (parts)
21-04-31-02 Hand grease gun, Lubricator
27-11-90-01 Hand luminaire
36-41-91-90 Hand membrane pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
24-33-09-01 Hand motif holes, Motive punch
21-04-31-01 Hand oil can
36-63-01-01 Hand operated lever press a. spindle press (machine tool)
27-24-22-10 Hand programming device, SPS programming hardware
40-01-12-00 Hand protection
21-07-08-00 Hand pump (hydraulic) (discontinued)
21-07-08-01 Hand pump (hydraulic) (discontinued)
21-01-04-00 Hand reamer, Reamer
21-04-22-01 Hand saw (with handle)
21-01-02-10 Hand screw tap, Screw tap
29-11-90-90 Hand shovel (sweeping tool), Cleaning agent (manual, other, unclassified)
21-04-91-17 Hand stapler clip, Staple (hand, parts)
27-20-02-01 Hand thermometer
21-04-90-00 Hand tool (other)
21-04-90-90 Hand tool (other, unclassified)
21-04-98-00 Hand tools (maintenance,service)
21-04-91-00 Hand tools (parts)
21-04-91-90 Hand tools (parts, unclassified)
34-43-92-08 Hand trainer, therapy putty
27-14-40-39 Hand transmitter, Transmitter for cordless switch system
27-14-42-01 Hand transmitter, Radio transmitter (radio control, home automation)
23-01-03-02 Hand wheel, Disc handwheel
19-06-01-01 Hand-held device, Telephone
24-26-11-02 Hand-made drawing paper, Drawing paper
24-33-09-02 Hand-made paper cut shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
21-02-10-03 Hand-operated chucks (power chucks)
36-60-92-29 Hand-operated lathe chuck, Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
23-01-02-00 Handcrank (control elem.)
23-01-02-01 Handcrank (control elem.)
19-01-01-09 Handheld
21-17-03-00 Handheld measuring instrument
27-20-07-01 Handheld speed indicator (discontinued)
27-11-05-06 Handheld spotlight
24-33-06-03 Handicraft corrugated cardboard, Corrugated board for handicrafts
24-33-06-04 Handicraft felt, Felt for handicrafts
24-33-05-07 Handicraft paper, Crepe
24-33-12-00 Handicrafts accessory
24-33-12-15 Handicrafts accessory (other)
24-33-12-90 Handicrafts accessory (unclassified)
24-33-12-04 Handicrafts form
24-23-01-05 Handicrafts glue, Glue for handicrafts
24-33-12-12 Handicrafts pad
24-33-12-08 Handicrafts wire
28-07-91-01 Handle (bicycle, parts), Bicycle (parts)
23-01-01-00 Handle (control elem.)
29-02-91-04 Handle (hot-water boiler), Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
21-04-91-13 Handle (spade), Shovel handle
34-25-07-03 Handle (stone retrieval basket)
23-01-01-90 Handle (unclassified)
29-11-92-02 Handle holder (cleaning agent, accessories)
23-24-03-00 Handle/rosette window for windows and French windows
27-29-09-10 Handling modul (pneumatics)
21-04-03-01 Handling tools for connectors (specific), Pliers
36-60-92-27 Handling unit (machine tool)
24-34-03-03 Handmade notepaper, Writing paper
24-34-03-02 Handmade paper envelopes, Design envelope
30-02-14-04 Hands washing paste, Soaps and hand cleaning agent
21-01-16-02 Handsaw blade, Saw blade (hand)
19-06-92-06 Handset for cordless telephone
22-36-03-01 Handwash sink, Washstand
23-01-03-00 Handwheel (control elem.)
23-01-91-03 Handwheel (control elem., parts)
24-36-01-05 Handy bag
24-34-06-02 Hangers for pictures, Picture frame hook
24-29-05-01 Hanging binder, Suspension binder
24-29-05-04 Hanging binder, Suspension collector
24-29-22-01 Hanging binder strip, Filing strip fastener
24-31-16-01 Hanging board (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-29-05-10 Hanging box appointment set, Follow-up file set
24-29-05-05 Hanging colour file, Suspension file
24-34-07-05 Hanging festoon, Festoon, paper
24-29-05-03 Hanging file, Suspension folder
24-29-08-01 Hanging file accessories (rail), Suspension rail
24-32-12-03 Hanging folder label (label printer), Thermal label for label printers
21-10-07-01 Hanging ladder, Ladder (workshop)
24-29-08-10 Hanging organizer accessories (organisation bar), See-throug bar
24-29-08-11 Hanging organizer accessories (organisation bar), Strip for organization
32-01-10-10 Hanging thermostat (lab)
24-29-01-02 Hard cardboard double file, Double file folder
24-29-06-06 Hard cardboard pendlaflex file, Suspension file (oscilating)
26-01-01-06 Hard coal (raw)
26-04-03-03 Hard coal coke
19-08-05-03 Hard disk S VHS HiFi video recorder, Video recorder
19-04-02-06 Hard disk copier, Storage management software (server)
27-23-02-04 Hard disk drive (PCS), Mass storage component (PCS)
27-23-02-27 Hard disk drive (proc. comp.), Mass storage comp. (proc. comp.)
19-04-02-07 Hard disk management, System management software (server)
19-03-02-09 Hard drive (PC)
24-31-14-02 Hard floor protection mat (antistatic), Anti-static mat (office equipment)
40-01-91-04 Hard hat (parts)
24-33-07-03 Hard metal stamping foil (handicraft foil), Embossing foil (for handicrafts)
21-08-10-04 Hard solder
22-17-02-01 Hardener (construction), Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
25-09-06-02 Hardening (heat treatment, contract production), Case-hardening (thermal treatment, subcontracting)
25-14-11-02 Hardness test, Destructive examination (material and component)
19-06-98-00 Hardware (communication technology, maintenance, service)
19-06-90-00 Hardware (communication technology, other)
19-06-91-00 Hardware (communication technology, parts)
19-06-91-90 Hardware (communication technology, parts, unclassified)
19-06-99-00 Hardware (communication technology, repair)
19-06-92-00 Hardware (communications technology, accessories)
19-03-03-00 Hardware components
19-03-90-03 Hardware components (other)
25-26-12-02 Hardware consultation, Infrastructure consulting (IT)
27-33-02-00 Hardware for input (display and control component) (discontinued)
27-33-03-00 Hardware for output (display and control component) (discontinued)
25-24-03-02 Hardware installation (IT)
25-24-05-02 Hardware supervision, User training (IT)
25-24-04-04 Hardware supply (IT)
22-30-01-01 Harp stairway, Stairs
24-31-08-04 Hat base for cabinet (office equipment), Clothes hanging equipment for cabinet (office equipment)
22-49-01-01 Hat profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
24-31-20-90 Hat rack for wardrobe, Reception (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
23-15-91-00 Hat rail, Fastening aids (parts)
40-01-05-05 Hat, cap
25-01-06-04 Haulage (security service), Goods, material transportation (security agency)
40-20-02-02 Hazard symbols (sticker), Information sign (sticker)
25-05-07-04 Hazardous materials in rental containers for liquid substances (waste transport)
25-11-06-04 Head Hunter, Recruitment service
40-01-11-00 Head protection
34-24-07-92 Head strap for mask, Breathing or oxygen mask (accessories)
19-07-04-11 Head-end (receiver technology
24-27-02-01 Header book, Account book
23-11-03-02 Headless pin
24-27-02-03 Headliner book, Column book, column sheets
19-08-03-01 Headphone stereo cassette player, Portable cassette player/recorder
19-08-92-04 Headphones
19-02-05-02 Headphones (PC)
19-06-92-03 Headset (telephone)
25-26-09-05 Health care (consultancy), Social welfare matters (consulting)
25-15-02-05 Health insurance
25-25-02-00 Health service (training, further training)
25-25-02-90 Health service (training, further training, unclassified)
40-01-16-00 Hearing protection
24-34-07-03 Heart - air balloon, Balloon
24-34-07-10 Heart confetti, Confetti
22-37-01-02 Heat cabin, Sauna, heat cab
27-14-05-02 Heat cond. (mineral insul., el.)
36-08-24-05 Heat conducting material (electrical)
37-02-04-01 Heat exch. Pipe (round)(alloyed special steel), Pipe (steel)
36-04-92-00 Heat exchanger (accessories, additional equipment)
36-04-92-90 Heat exchanger (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-04-97-00 Heat exchanger (assembly)
36-04-01-00 Heat exchanger (general)
36-04-01-90 Heat exchanger (general, unclassified)
36-04-98-00 Heat exchanger (maintenance, service)
36-04-90-00 Heat exchanger (other)
36-04-90-90 Heat exchanger (other, unclassified)
36-04-91-00 Heat exchanger (parts)
36-04-05-00 Heat exchanger (refrigeration technology)
36-04-05-90 Heat exchanger (refrigeration technology, unclassified)
36-04-99-00 Heat exchanger (repair)
36-04-99-90 Heat exchanger (repair, unclassified)
27-30-17-00 Heat exchanger/cooler (hydraulics)
27-30-17-90 Heat exchanger/cooler (hydraulics, unclassified)
22-10-40-01 Heat generator installation
22-10-40-00 Heat generator, heating surface installation
22-10-40-90 Heat generator, heating surface installation (unclassified)
22-22-01-01 Heat insulation composite system, Insulating system
22-10-23-03 Heat insulation composite system (facade insulation work), Facade insulation work
22-17-04-02 Heat insulation plaster system, Plaster, plaster system
36-14-07-00 Heat pump
36-14-07-90 Heat pump (unclassified)
36-52-13-00 Heat sealing machine
36-52-13-90 Heat sealing machine (unclassified)
24-23-02-05 Heat sealing pistol cartridge (office, handicrafts), Cartridge for hot-melt pistol (office, handicrafts)
19-03-03-06 Heat sink (PC)
33-06-06-00 Heat transfer plant (complete)
33-06-06-90 Heat transfer plant (complete, unclassified)
22-39-04-07 Heat valve (radiator), Radiator valve
26-04-08-00 Heat, cold
27-18-07-10 Heater (switchgear cabinet)
27-14-05-14 Heater band (accessories)
27-14-05-04 Heater band (parallel)
27-14-05-03 Heater band (self-delimiting)
21-13-19-07 Heater band (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
29-11-02-11 Heater brush
25-02-10-04 Heating (development), Electrical development, electronics
27-14-05-00 Heating (electric), Auxylary heating (electr.)
22-41-98-01 Heating (ventilation, maintenance, inspection), Air treatment (maintenance, service)
22-41-99-01 Heating (ventilation, repair), Air treatment (repair)
22-39-03-05 Heating element (building material)
24-25-20-04 Heating engineering stencil, Template for survey, house automation
32-01-08-15 Heating hood (lab)
36-08-25-01 Heating installation (electrical)
27-06-04-03 Heating line (power line)
32-01-08-19 Heating plate (lab)
27-37-10-03 Heating power protection, Power contactor
22-10-40-02 Heating surface installation
25-02-04-08 Heating systems (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
22-39-03-00 Heating technology (building material)
22-39-04-00 Heating technology (building material, accessories)
22-39-04-90 Heating technology (building material, accessories, unclassified)
22-39-03-90 Heating technology (building material, unclassified)
22-39-90-00 Heating technology, gas supply system (building material, other)
22-10-87-01 Heating winter construction protective measure, Winter construction protection measure
24-22-06-02 Heavy duty stapler, Stapler
26-04-01-02 Heavy fuel oil
25-07-01-00 Heavy transport
25-07-01-01 Heavy transport, road
21-05-09-02 Hedge trimmer (electric)
21-16-05-92 Height bolt (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
21-16-01-05 Height measurement device, Length measuring instrument (surveying)
40-02-01-03 Height safety device
27-20-04-10 Helical scan meter, Meter (water)
21-13-17-01 Helical spindel (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
28-03-02-00 Helicopter
28-03-02-01 Helicopter
26-04-12-07 Helium (industrial gas)
41-14-11-05 Help Desk (call center)
27-14-35-02 Help contact / signal contact
25-24-05-03 Help desk, Assistance (application support, IT)
24-35-01-03 Help with university entrance exams (guide book), Companion
25-25-03-06 Helpdesk, support (training, further training)
22-22-01-02 Hemp insulating material, Insulating material
23-17-06-01 Hemp rope, Cable
29-10-03-05 Herb tea (paper), Coffee-, tee filter paper
34-07-05-00 Herbicide
29-04-22-01 Herbs, spices
29-04-22-90 Herbs, spices (unclassified)
29-04-22-00 Herbs, spices, salt
32-01-22-08 Hermetic beaker (centrifuge, lab)
23-11-07-01 Hex-nut
30-25-02-02 Hexabromobenzene (flame retardant), Brominated organic flame retardant
30-14-02-02 Hexafluoro-ethylene-propylene (sealant)
23-11-01-03 Hexagon socket s. (counters. s.), Countersunk screw
21-04-02-06 Hexagon socket wrench, Box wrench
24-25-03-01 Hexagonal coloured pencil, Coloured pencil
21-01-19-01 Hexagonal cutting tip, Cutting tip (cramped)
21-01-02-02 Hexagonal die stock
39-21-01-10 Hexamethylenetetramine
19-08-06-01 Hi 8 cassette, Analog storage medium
19-08-92-00 Hi-fi (accessories)
19-08-02-08 Hi-fi amplifier
19-08-02-05 Hi-fi cassette deck
19-08-02-06 Hi-fi receiver
19-08-02-07 Hi-fi tuner
19-08-07-01 Hi-fi/TV furniture
19-10-01-02 Hi8 camcorder, Video camera
19-08-02-03 HiFi CD player, CD player, CD recorder
19-08-03-02 HiFi CD player, Portable CD player
19-08-02-01 HiFi Microsystem, Complete hi-fi system
19-08-92-02 HiFi loudspeaker, Speaker box
32-03-05-01 High breast bottle (lab)
36-20-09-02 High efficiency submicron particulate airfilter (ventilation technology)
36-60-01-04 High precision lathe (machine tool)
21-04-91-07 High press. reinforced hose (grease), Lubricating device (parts)
33-14-20-06 High pressure a. die casting plant (complete)
21-05-16-00 High pressure hose
21-05-16-01 High pressure hose (electr.)
21-05-91-00 High pressure hose (parts), Electric tools (parts)
27-11-06-22 High pressure lamp, Mercury vapor lamp
37-02-04-02 High pressure pipe (steel)
27-11-06-23 High pressure sodium-vapor lamp
21-06-11-02 High pressure spray gun
37-01-02-10 High pressure valve
34-42-90-01 High protein supplement
36-60-02-20 High speed drilling centre (HSC, machine tool)
36-60-08-14 High speed machining centre (HSC, machine tool)
36-60-03-15 High speed milling centre (HSC, machine tool)
36-63-05-06 High speed press (machine tool)
36-60-01-07 High speed turning machine (HSC, machine tool)
34-29-01-01 High vacuum drainage system (medicine)
27-11-06-25 High voltage halogen lamp
27-06-22-01 High voltage power cable
27-02-22-00 High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor
27-02-22-01 High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-22-02 High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC, e
23-12-03-01 High-carbon steel hook, Wire nail
24-26-06-05 High-gloss paper for printer, Photo paper
24-26-17-02 High-gloss transparency for inkjet printers, Inkjet film
25-25-19-01 High-level personnel training (guidance, training, further training)
36-12-03-13 High-lift stacker
22-11-10-00 High-performance concrete work
24-26-06-01 High-performance paper, Copy paper
27-14-40-11 High-performance twilight switch, Twilight switch
19-07-04-10 High-power home connection amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
21-02-11-01 High-precision chuck, Collet chuck (for tools)
36-06-03-02 High-pressure steam generator
24-23-01-07 High-resistance glue (office, handicrafts), Modelling glue
24-24-16-08 High-tech marker, Marker for special purposes
27-02-21-01 High-voltage motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-21-03 High-voltage motor (pressure-resistant encapsulation), Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
24-24-09-01 Highlighter (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
24-24-18-01 Highlighter ink, Marker ink
24-24-10-01 Highlighter refill for multifunctional writing instrument, Multifunction pen lead
24-35-01-05 Hiking guide, Guide book
24-35-04-02 Hiking map, Map
23-25-03-04 Hinge
23-24-02-01 Hinge for windows and French windows
20-38-01-06 Hinged seal (plastic)
34-40-92-03 Hip protecting trousers (patient care)
29-06-02-04 Hob (commercial kitchen equipment)
29-02-02-04 Hob (household appliance)
36-60-06-45 Hob grinding machine (machine tool)
20-08-02-00 Hobbock (metal)
20-08-01-01 Hobbock (plastic)
20-08-02-04 Hobbock (tinplate)
24-25-15-07 Hobby paintbrush (bristle), Bristle brush
24-25-15-06 Hobby paintbrush (retouching), Gloss over brush
24-25-15-03 Hobby paintbrush (watercolour), Watercolour brush
24-25-15-02 Hobby paintbrush set, Brush set
22-54-02-01 Hoe, Garden tools
29-04-34-01 Hoisin sauce, Gravy
21-07-98-00 Hoist (maint., service), Transport (maintenance, service)
21-07-91-00 Hoist (parts), Transport device, hoist (parts)
21-07-99-00 Hoist (repair), Transport equipment, cranes and elevators (repair)
28-02-98-00 Hoist. vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-02-99-00 Hoist. vehicle (repair)
28-02-90-00 Hoisting, lifting vehicles (other)
28-02-90-90 Hoisting, lifting vehicles (other, unclassified)
17-11-12-15 Hold-down clamp for cardboard (printing maschine)
27-37-16-03 Holder, Relay version
27-26-91-00 Holder (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
21-02-05-01 Holder (other), Clamping tools
24-30-10-90 Holder for planners (unclassified)
21-04-11-05 Hole brush (hand), Brush (technical)
23-21-06-05 Hole or pin part (fire protection fittings)
21-04-06-01 Hole shears, Scissors
24-30-03-12 Hole style board, Punched metal sheet board
24-34-04-01 Holiday album, Photo-album
24-27-01-03 Holiday application, Salary, accounting form
25-12-14-04 Holiday center (travel management)
25-12-14-05 Holiday house and vacation home (travel management)
24-34-02-07 Holiday number, Jubilee number
35-01-01-17 Hollow bar (alloyed steel), Cylindrical hollow body (steel, alloyed)
23-17-04-09 Hollow bearing pin chain
35-03-01-07 Hollow body (plastic)
35-01-06-01 Hollow cylind. (steel casting, unalloyed)
35-01-01-07 Hollow cylinder (steel, unalloyed)
22-33-01-01 Hollow filler tile, Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
22-21-02-01 Hollow floor, Flooring system (construction system component)
22-25-03-02 Hollow grooved tile, Roofing tile
35-04-01-07 Hollow piece (glass, semifinished product)
35-03-01-06 Hollow profile (plastic)
19-07-01-03 Holm antenna, Car antenna
24-34-02-01 Hologram wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
24-33-07-02 Holographic foil (for handicrafts)
19-08-02-00 Home hi-fi
24-24-13-01 Home office set (writing set), Writing set
19-06-01-02 Home telephone, System telephone
29-04-08-00 Honey, Confectionary (jam, honey)
24-33-05-06 Honeycump paper
25-09-07-09 Honing (subcontracting)
21-01-91-15 Honing tool
36-60-07-00 Honing, finishing, lapping a. polishing machine (machine tool)
36-60-07-90 Honing, finishing, lapping a. polishing machine (machine tool, unclassified)
23-12-02-01 Hook
23-33-03-02 Hook and loop flooring tape, Flooring tape (technical)
24-23-03-11 Hook and loop tape (office)
23-11-06-03 Hook bolt, Ring bolt
21-04-01-07 Hook wrench
24-29-16-07 Hook-in binder, Insertion flat file
21-10-91-02 Hook-up unit (shelf, parts), Shelf (workshop equip., parts)
20-38-02-02 Hooks, clamps (metal, packing material)
27-14-03-02 Hoop grounding clamp, Pipe earthing clamp
40-02-02-05 Hoop guard, Ramming protection guard, angles, posts
35-01-04-03 Hoop steel (steel, alloyed)
24-34-13-01 Hopper, Small toys
27-32-01-07 Hopper scale
36-60-05-04 Horizontal band sawing machine (machine tool)
36-63-07-03 Horizontal bending press (bulldozers, machine tool)
36-63-05-02 Horizontal bulldozers (machine tool)
23-14-02-00 Horizontal clamp, Pipe clamp
27-14-40-38 Horizontal combination, Switch/plug socket combination
24-30-18-03 Horizontal diary
36-13-01-00 Horizontal extruder, Extruder
36-60-03-01 Horizontal knee-type milling machine (machine tool)
36-09-02-01 Horizontal mixer
36-60-03-04 Horizontal plano milling machine (machine tool)
32-01-26-04 Horizontal shaker (lab)
36-60-04-05 Horizontal shaping machine (machine tool)
22-21-02-04 Horizontal sliding wall, Mobile partition (construction system component)
24-30-18-14 Horoscope calendar, Celebration planner
21-04-11-02 Horsehair brush, Paintbrush
28-01-91-00 Hose (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
37-11-01-04 Hose (hydr.,w/o conn.)
37-11-98-01 Hose (maintenance, service)
37-11-02-91 Hose (parts)
21-13-20-09 Hose (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
37-11-01-90 Hose (w/o conn., unclassified)
37-11-01-00 Hose (without connector)
23-14-91-02 Hose band clamp (parts)
27-30-21-03 Hose connector (hydraulics)
37-11-03-00 Hose coupling
37-11-03-91 Hose coupling (Parts)
32-01-32-07 Hose couplings (laboratory)
27-30-21-04 Hose fitting (hydraulics)
37-11-04-01 Hose fitting (screwed joint )
37-11-04-00 Hose fitting, hose connection
36-41-05-03 Hose membrane pump, Membrane pump
37-11-04-02 Hose nozzle (threaded joint)
21-08-91-16 Hose package (parts)
37-11-02-00 Hose piping
24-29-08-03 Hose stitching for hanging folder, Tacking-sleeve
34-45-04-00 Hospital bed
34-45-04-92 Hospital bed (accessories)
34-45-91-09 Hospital bed (parts)
34-45-04-01 Hospital bed (standard)
40-01-21-00 Hospital garment (re-usable)
19-04-01-11 Host connectivity, Terminal software
41-12-01-11 Hostess (conference staff), Conference staff
41-12-02-13 Hostess (event staff), Event staff
41-12-03-11 Hostess (fair staff), Fair staff
41-14-08-08 Hostess (press conference staff ), Press conference staff
25-24-04-01 Hosting, Application provision (IT)
21-05-15-00 Hot air ventilator, hot air gun
21-05-15-01 Hot air ventilator, hot air gun (discontinued)
24-32-15-01 Hot and cold lamination, Laminating system hot, cold
22-17-01-03 Hot dip galvanizing (corrosion preventive), Corrosion protection material
21-08-02-01 Hot gas welding mach., Welding machine (plastic)
24-32-16-02 Hot lamination foil jacket, Pouch for hot laminators
22-17-03-02 Hot material (filler) (construction), Joint sealant (building material)
23-33-01-04 Hot melt adhesive
29-02-02-05 Hot plate (household appliance)
29-02-03-02 Hot server (household appliance, electrical)
29-03-02-01 Hot server (household, manual)
29-06-03-00 Hot servers (commercial kitchen)
26-04-08-05 Hot water
24-23-01-16 Hot-melt adhesive pistol (office, handicrafts)
29-02-06-05 Hot-water boiler (household appliance)
29-14-90-01 Hot-water bottle, warming pan, hot-water bag
27-20-04-13 Hot-wire anemometer, Flowmeter (special system)
41-14-09-09 Hotel (marketing)
25-12-13-01 Hotel (travel management)
25-12-13-02 Hotel garni (travel management)
24-27-01-07 Hotel room form, Accounting-, cash report form
25-25-18-07 Hotel service, restaurant service (training, further training)
25-12-13-00 Hotel, guesthouse, pension (travel management)
25-12-13-90 Hotel, guesthouse, pension (travel management, unclassified)
29-03-02-00 Hotplate cabinet (household, manual)
29-02-03-90 Hotplate cabinet (household, unclassified)
24-34-01-05 Hour light, Grave candle
27-14-23-17 Hourly timer, Clock relay (electrical)
25-26-01-09 House and operation technology (office planning), Office planning (consulting)
25-25-04-08 House technology (training, further training), Building management, building engineering (training, further training)
29-06-01-00 Househ. refrigerators (commercial kitchen), Refrigerator, freezer (commercial kitchen, catering)
29-02-91-00 Household appliance (electrical, parts)
29-02-90-00 Household appliance (other, el.)
29-03-90-00 Household appliance (other, manual )
29-03-90-90 Household appliance (other, manual, unclassified )
30-02-14-00 Household cleaning agent
41-01-08-01 Household goods (promotional article)
25-15-02-17 Household insurance
29-03-90-01 Household knife, Knife (household)
25-26-06-02 Household management, Operational accounting (consulting)
29-10-03-00 Household paper and -film
29-13-01-00 Household wash textil
29-13-90-00 Household wash textil (other)
29-13-90-90 Household wash textil (other, unclassified)
24-28-10-90 Household- and decorative sticker (unclassified)
19-03-03-01 Housing (PC)
27-18-05-01 Housing for drawers / printers, Cabinet/case for PC, Monitor or Periphery
27-14-40-90 Housing for installation device, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
23-10-05-00 Hub coupling, Feather key, wedge, woodruff key
25-11-05-00 Human resources development
25-26-10-01 Human resources development (requirements analysis), Consultation for personnel development
25-26-09-01 Human resources marketing, Personnel consulting
25-11-04-00 Human resources planing
25-26-09-04 Human resources requirements planning, Personnel management (consulting)
22-13-01-01 Humus, Soil (building material)
25-15-02-25 Hunting and sporting weapons insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
27-02-26-04 Hybrid motor, Stepper motor
37-01-03-01 Hydr. valve (concentric bearings)
37-01-02-65 Hydrant
21-10-04-22 Hydrant cupb., Cupb. (hydrant, workshop)
22-10-43-01 Hydrants (laying), Laying high pressure pipe lines
36-63-06-05 Hydraulic H-frame drawing press (machine tool)
36-63-06-03 Hydraulic H-frame press (machine tool)
24-25-20-03 Hydraulic and pneumatic stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
21-07-10-01 Hydraulic autolifter, Garage jack (hydr.)
37-16-04-00 Hydraulic clutch
36-63-06-08 Hydraulic column press (machine tool)
36-63-06-11 Hydraulic die-spotting a. try-out press (machine tool)
25-25-10-07 Hydraulic engineering, water management (training, further training)
36-63-06-13 Hydraulic fine blanking press (machine tool)
37-16-01-00 Hydraulic fitting
37-16-01-90 Hydraulic fitting (unclassified)
36-63-06-12 Hydraulic flanging press (machine tool)
23-06-12-01 Hydraulic fluid
36-63-06-16 Hydraulic forging press (machine tool)
37-16-03-00 Hydraulic hose
37-16-03-90 Hydraulic hose (unclassified)
37-11-02-03 Hydraulic hose pipeline
37-16-02-90 Hydraulic line (unclassified)
36-63-06-02 Hydraulic open gap press (machine tool)
36-63-06-00 Hydraulic press (machine tool)
27-30-12-00 Hydraulic pump
27-30-12-90 Hydraulic pump (unclassified)
36-63-06-15 Hydraulic solid forming press (machine tool)
21-11-01-00 Hydraulic tools
21-11-01-01 Hydraulic tools
21-11-98-00 Hydraulic tools (maintenance, service)
21-11-98-01 Hydraulic tools (maintenance, service)
21-11-91-00 Hydraulic tools (parts)
21-11-91-90 Hydraulic tools (parts, unclassified)
36-46-02-00 Hydraulically driven elevator
36-46-02-90 Hydraulically driven elevator (unclassified)
27-30-90-00 Hydraulics (other)
27-30-91-00 Hydraulics (parts)
26-04-02-03 Hydrocarbons, C3-C4 mixture, Liquefied petroleum gas
23-03-16-01 Hydrodynamic coupling
23-32-02-02 Hydrodynamic speed variators
33-04-03-00 Hydroelectric power plant (complete)
33-04-03-90 Hydroelectric power plant (complete, unclassified)
27-20-05-16 Hydrostatic level measurement
34-44-03-90 Hydrotherapy apparatus (unclassified)
30-25-01-03 Hydroxide (flame retardant)
32-16-06-07 Hygiene control (lab)
22-41-05-03 Hygiene filter set (airconditioner), Room climate control device
27-20-09-01 Hygrometer
32-01-24-19 Hygrometer (acc., lab)
34-05-47-01 Hypophysis, hypothalamus hormones, oth. regulatory peptides a. restrictors (acti
23-04-10-03 Hysteresis brake
27-02-23-01 Hysteresis motor, Shaded pole motor

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