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27-06-18-05 I-FY, Telecomminucations cable
27-06-18-03 I-V(ZN)H, Fibre optic cable
35-01-01-04 I-beam (plain carbon steel), Girder (steel, unalloyed)
24-25-20-03 I-steel stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
27-24-22-01 I/O module, SPS analog input/output module
20-24-99-01 IBC (corrective maintenance)
20-24-91-00 IBC (packaging material, parts)
20-24-01-00 IBC (plastic, packing material)
27-26-08-00 IC (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
36-44-99-00 IC engine (repair)
27-26-91-00 IC holder (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
27-14-34-06 ICEE, CEE coupling
27-14-34-01 ICEE coupler, CEE plug socket combination
27-14-34-02 ICEE coupler, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
27-14-34-04 ICEE coupler, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-14-34-09 ICEE coupler, CEE plug
24-32-16-02 ID card foil jacket for hot laminator, Pouch for hot laminators
24-26-09-06 ID card for printers, Business card with protective laminate
27-24-25-01 IEC 1131-3 (DIN EN 61131-3) conform, SPS programming software
27-02-21-01 IEC standard motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
20-35-03-03 IML label (paper, packing material), Label (thermo-active, paper, packing mat.)
27-21-09-03 IP transformer, PI/IP transformer
27-14-40-39 IR hand-held transmitter, Transmitter for cordless switch system
19-08-92-04 IR headphones, Headphones
19-08-92-05 IR remote control device, Remote control
27-24-22-15 ISA plug-in card, PC based automation (discontinued)
19-06-01-05 ISDN TK system, Telephony system
19-03-01-04 ISDN adapter, Long-distance data transmitter
19-03-05-02 ISDN adapter, Communications adapter
19-06-92-04 ISDN board, Telephone system module
27-06-18-01 ISDN cable, Data cable
19-06-01-01 ISDN comfort telephone, Telephone
19-06-01-02 ISDN system telephone, System telephone
24-25-20-08 ISO-norm type stencil, Font template
27-18-02-02 ISP rack, Server enclosure, floor-standing (empty)
34-17-40-00 IT Solutions & Consulting (discontinued)
24-26-07-01 IT paper, Fanfold paper
25-26-12-05 IT security concept, Data protection (consulting)
25-26-07-04 IT support in the project, Project consulting
27-18-05-07 ITS, Kiosk system
38-16-04-01 IUCLID 202-477-2, Cerium
38-08-02-12 IUCLID 205-861-8, Sodium antimonate(V)
38-10-01-04 IUCLID 208-754-4, Lithium oxide
38-18-08-06 IUCLID 212-791-1, Molybdenum(IV) oxide
38-16-01-01 IUCLID 213-964-4, Scandium
38-18-06-01 IUCLID 215-180-8, Tantalum
38-18-01-34 IUCLID 215-681-1, Titanium nitride
38-12-06-17 IUCLID 215-713-4, Aluminum acetylacetonate
38-10-03-03 IUCLID 226-218-8, Potassium hydroxide
38-12-01-32 IUCLID 228-601-5, Calcium hexaboride
38-05-06-03 IUCLID 231-212-3, Periodic acid
38-07-02-22 IUCLID 231-635-3, Calcium phosphate (undefined)
38-02-01-01 IUCLID 231-639-5, Carbon black
38-02-01-02 IUCLID 231-639-5, Graphite
38-02-04-02 IUCLID 231-665-7, Thiophosgene
38-03-01-01 IUCLID 231-665-7, Sulfur
38-11-02-03 IUCLID 231-768-7, Magnesium hydroxide
38-03-04-10 IUCLID 231-781-8, Calcium sulfate
38-12-05-25 IUCLID 231-904-5, Potassium Aluminum sulfate
38-11-05-04 IUCLID 231-913-4, Barium peroxide
38-12-03-01 IUCLID 232-212-6, Aluminum
38-07-01-01 IUCLID 233-109-9, Phosphorus
38-06-01-02 IUCLID 233-788-1, Ammonia (gas, chemical)
38-15-04-02 IUCLID 234-332-4, Zinc oxide
38-15-04-01 IUCLID 235-487-0, Zinc
38-15-04-19 IUCLID 237-410-6, Zinc cyanide
38-01-01-01 IUCLID 240-795-3, Oxygen (gas, chemical)
38-01-01-02 IUCLID 240-795-3, Ozone
38-18-04-01 IUCLID 241-022-2, Vanadium
38-18-07-17 IUCLID 242-159-0, Sodium chromate
38-19-07-01 IUCLID 243-815-9, Nickel
38-18-08-16 IUCLID 248-227-6, Molybdenum, roasted
38-18-09-01 IUCLID 248-227-6, Tungsten
30-01-06-01 IUCLID HPVC1122, Activated carbon
26-01-03-02 IUCLID HPVC1134, Potash salt (extraction product )
26-01-03-01 IUCLID HPVC1151, Rock salt (extraction product )
26-04-12-10 IUCLID HPVC1156, Ammonia (industrial gas)
26-01-03-07 IUCLID HPVC1229, Fluor spar (extraction product )
39-02-18-01 IUCLID HPVC124, Citric acid
26-02-03-11 IUCLID HPVC1243, Palm oil (industrial use)
26-02-05-09 IUCLID HPVC1272, Tall resin 95% resinic acid (industrial use)
26-02-01-11 IUCLID HPVC1279, Gelatin (f. industrial use)
30-19-22-01 IUCLID HPVC1383, Pigment white 6
26-01-03-05 IUCLID HPVC1392, Cryolite (extraction product )
26-04-04-01 IUCLID HPVC1428, Charcoal
34-05-26-02 IUCLID HPVC1476, Nifedipine (active substance)
30-25-02-02 IUCLID HPVC159, Brominated organic flame retardant
26-04-05-03 IUCLID HPVC1711, Fuel, fuel oil S (max 1% S)
26-01-01-07 IUCLID HPVC1816, Brown coal (crude)
26-04-03-02 IUCLID HPVC1816, Brown coal coke
26-04-05-01 IUCLID HPVC1902, Diesel oil
26-04-02-03 IUCLID HPVC1945, Liquefied petroleum gas
26-04-05-02 IUCLID HPVC2276, Gasoline
26-01-05-11 IUCLID HPVC2553, Bentonite, calcian
39-02-33-44 IUCLID HPVC261, 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol
39-15-07-01 IUCLID HPVC273, Furfuryl alcohol
39-05-05-10 IUCLID HPVC290, Benzoyl chloride
39-21-01-10 IUCLID HPVC319, Hexamethylenetetramine
34-05-04-12 IUCLID HPVC343, Paracetamol (active substance)
39-15-04-01 IUCLID HPVC372, Epichlorhydrine
39-02-39-17 IUCLID HPVC4, Acetylsalicylic acid
39-02-33-01 IUCLID HPVC428, Phenol
39-02-01-02 IUCLID HPVC44, Ethanol
39-15-24-06 IUCLID HPVC445, Tetrahydrothiophene
39-02-13-01 IUCLID HPVC45, Formic acid
39-02-13-02 IUCLID HPVC46, Acetic acid
39-02-45-15 IUCLID HPVC547, Benzyl benzoate
39-09-04-03 IUCLID HPVC57, Thioglycolic acid
39-02-19-01 IUCLID HPVC639, Sodium formate
39-01-01-03 IUCLID HPVC76, Propane
39-01-02-38 IUCLID HPVC772, 1-Hexadecene
34-05-59-01 IUCLID HPVC8, Chlorhexidine (active substance)
34-07-05-01 IUCLID HPVC833, Glyphosate
30-19-28-17 IUCLID HPVC918, Pigment black 7
39-02-31-16 IUCLID HPVC937, Menthol
39-02-20-05 IUCLID HPVC947, Calcium stearate
39-16-25-25 IUCLID LPVC115, Sulfathiazole
34-05-80-10 IUCLID LPVC1220, Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
39-02-19-05 IUCLID LPVC1618, Magnesium formate
39-02-43-02 IUCLID LPVC1639, Potassium benzoate
30-19-62-02 IUCLID LPVC1651, Metanil yellow (Indikator dye)
30-25-03-01 IUCLID LPVC2197, Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
39-02-31-23 IUCLID LPVC2452, L-Menthol
34-05-31-04 IUCLID LPVC2517, Bufexamac (active substance)
34-05-10-02 IUCLID LPVC3442, Piracetam (active substance)
26-02-03-01 IUCLID LPVC3548, Soybean oil (industrial use)
26-02-09-02 IUCLID LPVC3609, Potato starch (industrial use)
39-02-37-05 IUCLID LPVC390, Salicylaldehyde
39-17-05-03 IUCLID LPVC4985, Melamine cyanurate
34-05-04-09 IUCLID LPVC5267, Acemetacine (active substance)
39-02-22-57 IUCLID LPVC555, Ethyl lactate
39-03-04-06 IUCLID LPVC700, N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine
34-22-06-90 IV administration set (unclassified)
34-40-02-02 Ice bag, ice pack (medicine)
29-02-01-01 Ice box, Refrigerator (household)
29-04-36-00 Ice cream
29-04-36-01 Ice cream
29-02-02-22 Ice cream maker (household appliance)
36-14-08-01 Ice machine
36-14-91-06 Ice maker (parts)
27-11-06-15 Icebox lamp, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
27-28-90-90 Identification (other, unclassified)
19-02-04-09 Identification hardware
19-04-02-16 Identification software (server)
19-04-01-34 Identification software (workstation)
27-28-07-01 Identification using microwaves
27-28-09-01 Identification using ultrasound
34-40-92-04 Identification wristband (patient care), Bracelet for adults (patient care)
27-28-04-01 Identification, RFID
24-28-08-00 Identifying-, marking label
24-28-08-90 Identifying-, marking label (unclassified)
24-30-17-05 Identity card holder, Name badge holder
24-36-01-03 Identity card pocket
24-29-20-09 Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
19-04-01-23 Idiomatic dictionary, Translation software
21-04-30-00 Igniter, Tools (hand, various)
34-37-05-02 Ileostomy catheter (ostomy care)
25-15-02-05 Illness insurance payroll deduction of premiums, Health insurance
27-11-06-01 Illuminant, Fluorescent lamp
27-11-06-14 Illuminant, Compact fluorescent lamp non integrated
27-11-06-22 Illuminant, Mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-25 Illuminant, High voltage halogen lamp
27-11-06-29 Illuminant, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-32 Illuminant, Vehicle lamp
27-11-06-37 Illuminant, Mixed light lamp
41-06-03-03 Illuminated billboard (marketing)
21-17-06-14 Illuminated magnifying glass (measuring), Lit magnifying glass (measurement tool)
27-37-12-10 Illuminated pushbutton, Front element for push-button actuators
27-06-20-03 Illumination cable
24-30-18-13 Illustrated calendar, Art calendar
24-26-12-09 Illustration cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
34-17-31-03 Image Guided Radiation Therapy
27-31-02-92 Image analysis (accessories)
27-31-90-00 Image analysis (other)
27-31-01-01 Image analysis system (all-in)
27-31-02-00 Image analysis system (component)
27-31-02-90 Image analysis system (component, unclassified)
19-04-01-07 Image processing, Graphics software (workstation)
19-02-03-01 Image scanner, Flatbed scanner
19-04-01-27 Image scanning programs, Scan software
24-20-02-02 Imiging unit (laser printer)
24-26-12-10 Imitation Bristol (mount), Passepartout carton
32-03-16-25 Immersion filter (laboratory)
27-14-05-06 Immersion heater (electric), Appliance heating (electrical)
29-02-90-08 Immersion heater (household appliance)
32-01-08-18 Immersion heater (lab)
21-06-91-02 Imp. screwd. (comp. air, parts)
23-15-21-04 Impact anchor
23-15-22-04 Impact anchor
21-16-05-92 Impact bolt (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
21-05-01-01 Impact drilling machine (electric), Drill (electr., hand-operated) (discontinued)
21-04-31-02 Impact press, Lubricator
21-06-02-00 Impact screwdriver (comp. air)
21-04-04-03 Impact screwdriver (set)
25-02-04-12 Impact-noise insulation, Sound insulation, acoustics (building planning)
22-10-25-01 Impact-noise insulation (screed work), Composition floor work
27-20-04-10 Impeller meter, Meter (water)
27-20-04-92 Impeller-type meter (accessories), Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-04-91 Impeller-type meter (parts), Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
25-12-15-01 Implant, Planning and organization (travel management)
34-32-92-00 Implant (accessories)
34-32-95-90 Implant (introduction, training, unclassified)
27-08-10-02 Implementation (insulator, post ins.)
30-08-01-05 Impregnant (leather auxiliary)
22-17-01-02 Impregnation scrumble, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
36-52-13-01 Impulse heat sealer
21-06-12-01 Impulse screwdriver (compressed air), Drill driver (pneumatic)
27-37-17-01 Impulse shaper, Standard timed relay
25-11-01-03 In firm further training (personnelmanagement)
24-29-11-02 In tray rack, Letter tray stacking system
25-11-06-01 In-house recruitment /internal-recruitment
27-06-20-09 In-wall installation cable
41-14-11-02 Inbound (call center)
23-11-01-00 Inbus screw, Screw (with head)
23-11-01-03 Inbus screw (countersunk screw), Countersunk screw
27-14-91-00 Incandescent lamp, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
41-14-04-04 Incentive agency
32-03-90-00 Incidentals (other,lab)
21-17-03-21 Inclination measuring instrument
24-31-03-01 Inclined compartment for table strip, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
36-46-03-00 Inclined haulage
36-46-03-90 Inclined haulage (unclassified)
24-31-16-01 Inclined rack (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-27-01-07 Income form, Accounting-, cash report form
25-26-05-02 Incoming goods, Purchasing organization (consulting)
34-38-05-90 Incontinence care (for special applications, unclassified)
34-38-01-00 Incontinence liner
34-38-01-04 Incontinence liner (anatomical)
34-44-01-03 Incontinence stimulator (physiotherapy), Stimulator (physiotherapy)
27-27-05-02 Incremental shaft encoder
32-01-10-07 Incubator (lab)
24-29-03-01 Index, File index
24-22-01-18 Index adhesive strip dispenser, Page markers dispenser
24-26-01-05 Index adhesive strips, Tape flag
24-27-02-02 Index book
24-22-02-01 Index for business cards, Business card file
24-22-01-12 Index support, Bookend
36-60-92-24 Indexing table unit (machine tool)
24-33-12-05 Indian feather (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
24-25-11-01 Indian ink
24-25-08-02 Indian ink cartridge
24-25-11-02 Indian ink for calligraphy and drawing
24-25-07-01 Indian ink fountain pen
27-11-06-31 Indication- and signal lamp
27-21-03-00 Indicator device (signal processor)
32-03-51-02 Indicator paper
37-01-13-01 Indicator sight glass (fitting), Sight flow indicator
22-17-01-01 Indirect coating material, Coating material
25-15-02-04 Individual accident full insurance, General accident insurance
25-15-02-06 Individual capital life insurance, Life insurance
27-14-40-90 Individual control device, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
22-39-03-02 Individual solid fuel fireplace (building material)
19-07-01-01 Indoor antenna
27-40-01-02 Indoor sealing end, End closure
27-26-03-00 Inductance
23-03-16-00 Induction coupling
27-11-06-33 Induction lamp
27-27-08-02 Inductive distance sensor
27-28-04-00 Inductive identification
21-17-04-03 Inductive probe, Length pressure foot
21-13-19-16 Inductive proximity switch (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
36-08-24-09 Inductor
27-25-05-00 Industrial Ethernet
27-24-24-01 Industrial PC
27-23-02-26 Industrial PC (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
25-15-14-02 Industrial bonds, Pension market (financial service)
30-02-06-00 Industrial cleanser
30-02-06-90 Industrial cleanser (unclassified)
27-36-03-00 Industrial compact computer
27-36-98-90 Industrial computer (inspection, maintenance, unclassified)
27-36-99-90 Industrial computer (repair, unclassified)
22-12-01-00 Industrial construction, Building construction (skill category)
25-15-02-11 Industrial criminal legal protection insurance, Legal expenses insurance
27-06-20-10 Industrial electrical line, Control cable
25-26-03-02 Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
21-04-13-01 Industrial engraver, Labeling tools
26-04-09-16 Industrial feed-water
25-15-02-12 Industrial fire insurance, Fire insurance
36-08-92-90 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (accessories, add. equip., uncl.)
36-08-92-00 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (accessories, additional equipment)
36-08-97-00 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (assembly)
36-08-97-90 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (assembly, unclassified)
36-08-98-00 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (maintenance, service)
36-08-90-00 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (other)
36-08-90-90 Industrial furnace, industrial heater (other, unclassified)
36-08-25-00 Industrial heater
36-08-25-90 Industrial heater (unclassified)
23-06-01-01 Industrial lubrication, Lubrication (fluid)
26-04-11-00 Industrial oils
25-04-12-03 Industrial plant cleaning (facility)
27-20-06-01 Industrial pressure gauge, Pressure gauge (indication, elastic)
27-11-03-12 Industrial reflector (int.)
33-06-97-00 Industrial refrigeration, heating facility (complete, complete, assembly)
33-06-98-00 Industrial refrigeration, heating facility (complete, maintenance, service)
33-06-90-00 Industrial refrigeration, heating facility (complete, other)
33-06-90-90 Industrial refrigeration, heating facility (complete, other, unclassified)
33-06-99-00 Industrial refrigeration, heating facility (complete, repair)
25-26-03-04 Industrial safety (consultancy), General operational organization (consulting)
25-26-13-00 Industrial safety (consulting)
25-26-13-01 Industrial safety (service)
25-25-11-06 Industrial safety (training, further training)
24-22-14-06 Industrial sealing wax, Sealing wax
33-13-97-00 Industrial thermoprocessing equipment (complete, assembly)
33-13-99-00 Industrial thermoprocessing equipment (complete, repair)
33-13-99-90 Industrial thermoprocessing equipment (complete, repair, unclassified)
36-12-03-00 Industrial trucks
36-12-03-90 Industrial trucks (unclassified)
21-05-06-02 Industrial vacuum cleaner
25-05-06-02 Industrial waste similar to municipal (disposal)
25-02-04-08 Industrial water heating technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
27-32-91-00 Industrial weighing technology (Parts)
27-32-91-90 Industrial weighing technology (Parts, other, unclassified)
27-32-98-00 Industrial weighing technology (maintenance, service)
27-32-96-90 Industrial weighing technology (start-up, unclassified)
27-32-04-90 Industrial weighing technology of special design (other, unclassified)
27-32-02-00 Industrial weighing technology, continuos
27-32-01-01 Industrial weighing technology, discontinuos
27-32-01-90 Industrial weighing technology, discontinuos (other, unclassified)
27-36-01-92 Industry PC (accessories) (discontinued)
27-36-01-91 Industry PC (parts) (discontinued)
27-36-05-00 Industry PC (special equipment)
27-36-05-90 Industry PC (special equipment, unclassified)
40-02-04-03 Industry Shower (Emergency shower)
27-36-98-00 Industry computer (maintenance, service)
27-36-99-00 Industry computer (repair)
27-36-02-00 Industry microcomputer
24-24-16-08 Industry paint marker, Marker for special purposes
19-04-02-12 Industry software (server)
19-04-01-30 Industry software (workstation)
41-04-02-07 Info pillar (marketing)
41-04-03-08 Info stand (marketing)
41-14-11-03 Info-line (call center)
34-17-21-02 Information Systems
25-26-12-00 Information and communication technologies (consulting)
24-30-16-01 Information board, Letterboard
24-30-16-07 Information board, Table place holder
24-30-03-12 Information board (perforated sheet metal), Punched metal sheet board
24-37-01-00 Information board and decal information (fixed)
24-37-01-90 Information board and decal information (fixed, unclassified)
24-37-90-90 Information board and decal information (general, other, unclassified)
24-37-02-90 Information board and decal information (variable, unclassified)
24-28-08-01 Information film label, Reference, text label
25-04-09-03 Information management (facility)
24-30-16-02 Information showcase, Display case
40-20-02-02 Information sign (sticker)
24-30-16-00 Information system, name badge
24-30-17-00 Information system-, name badge accessories
24-30-17-90 Information system-, name badge accessory (unclassified)
25-25-03-00 Information technology (training, further training)
25-24-90-00 Information, communication service (other)
25-24-90-90 Information, communication service (other, unclassified)
25-26-11-00 Information, information services
25-26-11-90 Information, information services (unclassified)
32-01-08-21 Infrared burner
27-14-40-08 Infrared detector, Movement alarm unit sensor
36-16-05-01 Infrared drier
36-08-24-10 Infrared radiator
36-16-07-02 Infrared-convection drier
22-12-02-00 Infrastructure (construction service skill category)
22-12-02-01 Infrastructure (construction service skill category)
25-26-12-02 Infrastructure consulting (IT)
33-05-97-00 Infrastructure installation Environment, disposal (complete, assembly)
33-12-97-00 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, assembly)
33-12-98-00 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, maintenance, service)
33-12-98-90 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, maintenance, service, uncl.)
33-12-90-00 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, other)
33-12-90-90 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, other, unclassified)
33-12-99-00 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, repair)
33-12-99-90 Infrastructure installation cleaning (complete, repair, unclassified)
33-07-97-00 Infrastructure installation distribution, supply (complete, assembly)
33-07-98-00 Infrastructure installation distribution, supply (complete, maintenance, serv.)
33-07-90-90 Infrastructure installation distribution, supply (complete, other, unclassified)
33-03-97-00 Infrastructure installation logistic (complete, assembly)
33-03-98-00 Infrastructure installation logistic (complete, maintenance, service)
33-03-90-00 Infrastructure installation logistic (complete, other)
33-03-90-90 Infrastructure installation logistic (complete, other, unclassified)
33-03-99-00 Infrastructure installation logistic (complete, repair)
33-11-97-00 Infrastructure installation safety (complete, assembly)
33-11-90-00 Infrastructure installation safety (complete, other)
33-11-99-00 Infrastructure installation safety (complete, repair)
34-22-09-01 Infusion pump (electrically powered)
33-14-04-04 Ingot casting plant (NF metal, complete)
24-26-11-02 Ingres block, Drawing paper
34-40-05-03 Inhalation aid
34-24-08-91 Inhaler, nebulizer (parts)
19-07-04-10 Inhouse amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
27-10-05-00 Initial value rec. Equipment, Malfunction rec. Equipment
27-22-05-01 Initiator box f. drive (actuator), Feedback unit
22-17-03-01 Injection hose, Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
22-17-03-02 Injection material (construction), Joint sealant (building material)
34-22-01-01 Injection syringe (disposable)
34-22-02-01 Injection system (syringe and cannula)
24-20-01-00 Injetprinter and inkjetfax-supplies
24-25-11-04 Ink (Indian ink), China indian ink
24-20-01-01 Ink and inkjetprint heads
24-24-07-02 Ink ballpoint pen (gel), Gel-ink-roller
24-24-09-01 Ink ballpoint pen (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
24-24-10-01 Ink ballpoint pen for multifunctional writing instrument, Multifunction pen lead
24-24-13-01 Ink ballpoint pen in writing set, Writing set
24-25-06-02 Ink cartridge for calligraphy brush, Refill for calligraphy pen, -brush
24-25-23-01 Ink draftsman socket piece, Compasses adjustable joint, -extension bar
24-24-22-01 Ink eraser, Eraser
24-24-23-04 Ink eraser (glass eraser), Crystal eraser
24-24-22-02 Ink eraser (pen), Eraser pen
24-24-18-01 Ink for board marker, Marker ink
24-24-12-01 Ink for fountain pen (cartridge), Refill for fountain pen
24-20-11-01 Ink for franking machines
24-25-13-01 Ink for graphic marker
24-20-01-02 Ink for inkjet cartridge, Refill ink
24-20-01-04 Ink for solid ink printer, Colourstick
24-24-11-01 Ink fountain pen, Fountain pen
24-25-08-01 Ink fountain pen cone, Drawing cone
36-65-01-07 Ink jet printer (for non-permanent marking)
24-24-14-01 Ink pen, Fineliner pen
27-21-02-01 Ink recorder, Recorder (recording instrument)
24-20-08-01 Ink ribbon for desk calculator
24-20-04-01 Ink ribbon for matrix printer
24-20-07-01 Ink ribbon for type writer
19-02-02-02 Ink-jet printer
24-20-03-02 Inking roll (thermal printer), Thermotransfer roll
24-26-06-05 Inkjet album sheet, Photo paper
24-26-06-12 Inkjet banner paper
24-28-10-02 Inkjet bottle label, Bottle label
24-26-10-04 Inkjet business card with textured structure, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-10-05 Inkjet calling card with motif, Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-06-07 Inkjet canvas, Textured paper for inkjet printers
24-26-08-06 Inkjet certificate design paper, Certificate paper, preprinted
24-30-16-06 Inkjet desk plate, Place name holder, place card
24-29-04-04 Inkjet file label, PC spine label (self-adhesive)
24-26-17-02 Inkjet film
24-28-01-02 Inkjet film label, PC film label
24-33-08-05 Inkjet foil tattoo
24-34-02-04 Inkjet gift bag, Gift bag for self decorating
24-26-09-01 Inkjet letter card, plain, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
24-26-10-01 Inkjet letter paper, single-colour, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
24-26-08-03 Inkjet marbled design paper, Gradated paper marbled
24-33-06-01 Inkjet memory, Board for handicrafts
24-26-06-02 Inkjet paper
24-26-06-04 Inkjet paper (multiprint), Multiprint paper
24-26-06-08 Inkjet paper waterproof, Waterproof paper
24-26-06-06 Inkjet paper, transparent, Transparency paper
24-33-06-06 Inkjet photo calendar, Calendar for handicrafts
24-26-09-00 Inkjet printer card (paper), PC card plain (paper)
24-32-25-02 Inkjet printer cover (office), Dust protection
24-26-10-00 Inkjet printer design card (paper), PC design card preprinted (paper)
24-26-08-00 Inkjet printer design paper, PC design paper
24-26-17-08 Inkjet printer transparency (backprint), Backprint film
24-26-17-04 Inkjet printer transparency (universal), Multi purpose transparency film
24-26-17-06 Inkjet printer transparency, self-adhesive, Film self-adhesive
24-26-17-07 Inkjet printer transparency, weatherproof, Film weatherproof
24-22-10-04 Inkjet stamp, Automatic numberer
24-26-20-01 Inkjet transparency, large format, Copy film large format
24-33-07-04 Inkjet window foil (handicraft foil), Window foil (for handicrafts)
24-28-01-00 Inkjet-, laser-, copy label
24-20-01-90 Inkjetprinter and inkjetfax-supplies (unclassified)
24-24-08-01 Inkroller refill, Ball pen refill
19-09-03-01 Inks (offset consumables), Repro-chemical
25-07-18-00 Inland waterway transport
24-26-03-03 Inlay for ring binder, Loose leaf sheet
27-14-40-31 Inlet, Cable entry
20-31-90-90 Inlet (packing material, other, unclassified)
19-07-04-09 Inline amplifier, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
25-12-13-03 Inn (travel management)
21-04-15-01 Inner extractor, Take-off device
23-05-09-09 Inner ring
34-28-91-04 Inner sheath (rigid endoscope)
25-26-01-03 Innovation management, Strategic business planning
30-01-03-01 Inorganic absorbent
30-19-25-00 Inorganic pigment green
19-04-01-29 Input and output planning, Business software (workstation)
19-04-02-11 Input and output planning, Business software (server)
19-02-90-04 Input device (PC accessory, other)
24-21-06-01 Input device supplies (office), Cable clip (office)
27-21-01-20 Input/output isolating link
22-27-01-09 Insect screen (roof)
34-07-01-00 Insecticide
34-07-02-01 Insecticide formulation
29-02-90-02 Insects expel appliance (electrical)
23-07-01-01 Insert (flat packing, round, unprofiled), Seal (top view circular)
24-34-04-01 Insert album, Photo-album
24-29-14-04 Insert bar filing strip (clamping rail), Clamping rail
24-31-08-03 Insert base for cabinet (office equipment), Shelf insert for cabinet, shelf (office equipment)
24-29-08-02 Insert binding strip
24-31-16-02 Insert floor (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
24-29-13-01 Insert folder (file lid), Plain folder
27-14-40-25 Insert for louvre switch, Shutter switch
23-11-09-02 Insert nut
24-29-04-01 Insert spine strip, Cardboard spine label
21-13-12-01 Insert tool (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
20-17-02-06 Insertable folding box (cardboard)
19-07-92-01 Insertable mast, Radio mast
21-02-91-04 Insertable shaft (chuck), Chuck (parts)
21-05-04-00 Insertable tools (discontinued)
24-29-16-07 Insertion flat file
23-07-01-03 Inset (flat pack., oval), Seal (top view oval)
23-07-01-02 Inset (flat pck., square, unprof.), Seal (top view square)
25-10-08-10 Insolvency law (service)
25-26-01-01 Insolvency management, Management consultant
29-02-98-00 Inspection (household appliance), Canteen equip. (maintenance, service)
25-14-12-00 Inspection activity for official monitoring and examination
22-28-01-02 Inspection and cleaning door, Door (interior/exterior)
37-09-01-00 Inspection cover (air duct, all materials)
22-41-98-01 Inspection for ventilation system, Air treatment (maintenance, service)
22-49-01-01 Inspection frames (profiled, building material), Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
27-11-05-11 Inspection glass light (expl. proof)
27-11-90-01 Inspection lamp, Hand luminaire
36-52-06-02 Inspection machine for packages
36-52-06-01 Inspection machine for products
27-14-31-09 Instabus, Analogue actuator for bus system
27-14-31-23 Instabus, Bus system dimming actuator
27-14-31-25 Instabus, Bus system electronic actuator
27-14-31-41 Instabus, Bus system access control device
27-14-42-02 Instabus radio antenna, Radio receiver (radio control, home automation)
29-02-90-03 Install. water heater
27-14-09-13 Installatiob pipe (steel reinf.), Metal tube (electronic installation)
25-24-03-00 Installation (IT)
25-24-03-90 Installation (IT, unclassified)
25-13-06-01 Installation (antenna tower), Transmission tower (overhead line assembly)
27-14-91-19 Installation Cable conduit(metal,parts)
21-16-02-92 Installation air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
19-07-01-03 Installation antenna, Car antenna
27-14-19-01 Installation automat, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
27-14-40-29 Installation button, Cross switch
27-14-40-41 Installation button, Serial switch
27-14-40-47 Installation button, Toggle switch
27-06-20-05 Installation cable
27-14-06-02 Installation conduit (plastic)
27-14-23-08 Installation contactor
27-14-23-06 Installation device, Latching relay
27-14-23-07 Installation device, Staircase lighting timer
22-10-52-02 Installation devices (electrical installation)
33-14-20-03 Installation f. core making (complete)
33-14-01-01 Installation f. handling of ore, cole a. other raw materials (complete)
33-14-20-02 Installation f. moulding (complete)
33-14-20-04 Installation f. moulding material preparation a. reclamation (complete)
19-08-01-04 Installation loudspeaker, Car speakers
19-08-92-02 Installation loudspeaker, Speaker box
21-17-03-06 Installation measurement slide, Caliper gauge
21-17-03-07 Installation micrometer, Micrometer
27-14-09-00 Installation pipe (electr. installation)
27-14-09-90 Installation pipe (electr. installation, unclassified)
19-07-04-11 Installation plate, Head-end (receiver technology
27-37-12-07 Installation plate for command devices
27-37-10-03 Installation protection, Power contactor
25-02-08-03 Installation related software (process control)
19-07-04-01 Installation socket, Antenna connection outlet
22-11-07-03 Installation sprinkler system, Fire extnguishing system installation (special construction work)
24-25-20-04 Installation stencil (sanitary), Template for survey, house automation
27-14-40-16 Installation switch, Three step switch
27-14-40-00 Installation switch set
27-14-23-17 Installation timer, Clock relay (electrical)
27-06-20-01 Installation wird, Single core cord
29-04-30-00 Instant drink, Tea, instant drink
24-23-01-09 Instant glue (office, handicrafts), Reaction glue
29-04-11-00 Instant meal, Fast, instant food
19-10-01-01 Instant picture camera, Photo camera
19-10-03-01 Instant picture film, Film for photo camera
29-04-13-00 Instant salad, Fish marinade, instant salad
41-04-01-07 Instant wall, Presentation wall (marketing)
25-25-19-02 Instructions (training, further training), Coaching (guidance, training, further training)
34-34-04-00 Instrument (medical equipment)
34-45-06-09 Instrument cupboard (medicine)
30-30-03-00 Instrument disinfectant or cleaner (manual)
27-18-08-01 Instrument enclosure, Case for 19"-technology
25-13-01-01 Instrument engineering (installation), Assembly equipment, machine, system
37-02-02-01 Instrument flange (weld. Neck) (unalloyed steel), Weld-neck flange (steel)
34-41-92-07 Instrument guard (sterilization)
25-02-08-04 Instrumentation and control center planning
25-02-08-00 Instrumentation planning, Process control planning
34-45-92-01 Instruments-drop, refuse bucket (medicine)
27-40-02-01 Insulated connector sleeve, Core end conn.
22-35-01-01 Insulating glass, Glass (building material)
22-10-32-01 Insulating glass (glazing work), Glazing work
22-22-01-00 Insulating material
22-22-01-02 Insulating material
22-22-90-00 Insulating material, fabric (building material, other)
21-04-03-01 Insulating pliers, Pliers
22-22-01-01 Insulating system
27-14-91-02 Insulating tape (electr. inst., parts)
22-10-47-01 Insulation (pipeline)
25-02-04-09 Insulation (structural planning), Thermal building physics
27-20-03-02 Insulation detector, Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
23-15-21-09 Insulation fastener (metal)
22-35-01-00 Insulation glass, Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
27-14-09-05 Insulation hose (electr. installation)
27-37-18-07 Insulation monitoring equipment
25-26-06-90 Insurance (consultancy), Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting, unclassified)
25-15-02-25 Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
25-15-02-03 Insurance of valuables (commercial), Transport insurance
25-15-02-00 Insurance services
25-15-02-90 Insurance services(unclassified)
34-17-13-02 Integrated Operating System
23-23-01-04 Integrated door closer (single offset hung door, pend. door, fire/smoke prot.)
19-04-01-10 Integrated systems, Office program
25-24-06-07 Integration test (IT), System test (IT)
27-20-04-14 Integrator, Counter (pulse)
27-24-22-16 Intelligent time relay, Logic module
28-10-01-00 Interchangeable cont. (vehic.), Tank (vehicle)
19-06-01-10 Intercom system
25-25-19-21 Intercultural training (training, further training)
25-15-15-00 Interest management (financial service)
25-15-15-02 Interest swaps (financial service)
19-06-92-05 Interface, Telecommunication enhancement component
21-16-01-92 Interface for digital length measurement device, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
27-37-10-10 Interference suppressor module, Component for protective circuit
27-37-10-13 Interference suppressor module, Overvoltage limiter
25-11-06-05 Interimsmanagement
23-25-03-17 Interior furniture fittings and waste system
27-11-03-00 Interior light
27-11-03-90 Interior light (unclassified)
21-17-03-10 Interior measuring instrument
23-24-05-09 Interior opener
22-22-03-03 Interior panelling (ceramic), Fire protection paste
25-02-10-07 Interior trim (development), Component development
22-21-02-03 Interior wall system (construction system component)
22-25-03-02 Interlocking clay roofing tile, Roofing tile
22-25-03-01 Interlocking roofing tile (normal tile), Roof stone
27-14-40-40 Intermediate footswitch, Cord switch/dimmer
24-20-02-03 Intermediate image carrier (laser printer), OPC drum (laser printer)
27-14-11-33 Intermediate piece, End and partition plate for terminal block
36-60-92-29 Internal chuck, Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
36-44-98-00 Internal comb. engine (maintenance, service)
36-44-92-00 Internal combustion engine (accessories, additional equipment)
36-44-92-90 Internal combustion engine (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-44-97-00 Internal combustion engine (assembly)
36-44-97-90 Internal combustion engine (assembly, unclassified)
36-44-90-00 Internal combustion engine (other)
36-44-91-00 Internal combustion engine (parts)
36-44-91-90 Internal combustion engine (parts, unclassified)
36-44-99-90 Internal combustion engine (repair, unclassified)
36-60-06-21 Internal cylindrical grinding machine (machine tool)
21-17-03-11 Internal edge probe, Chamfer gauges
27-30-12-06 Internal gear pump (hydraulics)
24-26-23-02 Internal mail envelope, Dispatch envelope
24-27-01-01 Internal memo, Notice, correspondence, information
25-26-02-04 Internal service (control), Sales design (consulting)
36-60-06-24 Internal thread grinding machine (machine tool)
25-10-08-06 International private law (service)
25-25-18-03 International trade (training, further training)
25-26-02-03 Internationalization (marketing consultancy), Strategic marketing (consulting)
27-41-01-03 Internet Connectivity
19-02-04-01 Internet Mouse, Mouse
25-24-07-01 Internet access provider, Telecommunications
25-25-03-07 Internet, e-business, e-commerce (training, further training)
41-14-04-07 Internet/intranet (concept, web site design, portal solution)
41-14-07-04 Internet/intranet conceptual design (PR)
27-11-01-00 Interor lighting inst., Lighting installation (interior)
25-16-15-03 Interpreter (service)
22-18-01-01 Intrados frame, Prefabricated masonry part
19-04-02-04 Intranet solution (server)
34-32-05-91 Intraocular implant (parts)
24-27-01-05 Intrastat form, Dispatch-, delivery form
25-26-07-01 Introduction of PM in the company, Project organization
27-39-02-00 Intrusion protection technology
27-39-02-90 Intrusion protection technology (unclassified)
21-16-02-02 Invar levelling bar, Grade stake
25-26-05-01 Inventory (logistics consultancy), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
24-27-02-12 Inventory book
25-26-06-02 Inventory management, Operational accounting (consulting)
21-01-05-04 Inverse dovetail cutter (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
21-01-05-08 Inverse dovetail cutter (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
27-02-43-01 Inverter (DC/AC)
36-10-01-11 Inverting filter centrifuge (for liquids)
25-01-03-00 Investigation service (security agency)
25-01-03-01 Investigation service (security agency)
25-26-06-01 Investment (controlling), Controlling (consulting)
25-26-01-04 Investment (corporate organization), Company organization (consulting)
25-15-18-00 Investment banking (financial service)
25-15-18-90 Investment banking (financial service, unclassified)
25-15-17-08 Investment financing (service)
25-26-03-05 Investment planning (factory and system planning), Factory and plant planning (consulting)
25-26-06-05 Investors relations (consultancy), Financing concept (consulting)
24-34-03-07 Invitation card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-26-08-05 Invitation paper, PC motive paper
41-09-10-03 Invoice (marketing)
25-26-06-03 Invoicing, Financial accounting, payments (consulting)
32-03-03-08 Iodine flask (laboratory)
36-01-05-00 Ion exchanger
36-01-05-90 Ion exchanger (unclassified)
38-19-04-01 Iron
32-14-19-05 Iron compound (organic) (lab)
25-05-06-16 Iron scrap (disposal)
29-02-11-04 Ironer (household appliance)
29-02-91-08 Ironer (parts)(household appliance), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
22-29-35-01 Ironig edge, Melamine edgings
25-16-18-01 Ironing (dry cleaning), Textile cleaning
30-02-12-06 Ironing aid, Washing additive
25-04-11-02 Irrigating (garden services), Gardener service
22-54-01-02 Irrigation system
27-06-21-01 Isolated power cable for overhead lines
27-21-01-21 Isolating switch transf.
24-35-01-01 Italian dictionary, Dictionary

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