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27-06-18-01 J-02Y(ST)CH, Data cable
27-06-18-05 J-2Y(ST)Y, Telecomminucations cable
27-06-18-03 J-D(ZN)H, Fibre optic cable
27-06-20-09 J-FY, In-wall installation cable
19-03-02-01 JAZ drive (PC), Disk drive (PC)
27-06-20-10 JE-LIYCY, Control cable
36-12-02-07 Jack
40-01-01-01 Jacket
40-01-06-01 Jacket (acid proof), Acid proof overall
40-01-05-01 Jacket (cold weather), Cold weather jacket
40-01-10-01 Jacket (fire service), Special clothing (jacket)
40-01-09-03 Jacket (welder), Welding jacket
40-01-01-00 Jacket, pants, suit
27-14-91-03 Jaconet tape, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
29-04-08-00 Jam, Confectionary (jam, honey)
25-04-11-01 Janitor's service
24-33-05-05 Japanese silk paper, Tissue paper
21-02-91-07 Jaw (chucking element, parts), Clamping element, quick change (parts)
36-18-01-04 Jaw crusher
32-01-11-12 Jaw crusher (lab)
36-42-02-02 Jet engine, Gas turbine (movable on location)
36-18-02-05 Jet mil
36-41-90-90 Jet mixer, Pump (other, unclassified)
36-41-91-90 Jet pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
36-22-04-90 Jet washer (unclassified)
36-48-04-00 Jet, sprayer (for gasses)
36-48-04-90 Jet, sprayer (gas, unclassified)
36-16-03-90 Jet-type hot flue, Convection drier (unclassified)
24-21-02-01 Jewel case for CD, CD storage, DVD storage
41-01-04-06 Jewellery (promotional article)
24-26-23-04 Jiffy mailing envelope, Padded envelope
36-60-02-09 Jig boring machine, vertical (machine tool)
36-60-06-25 Jig grinding machine (internal, machine tool)
27-38-08-00 Jigs and fixtures, tooling (robotics)
21-01-16-00 Jigsaw blade, Saw blade
21-01-16-02 Jigsaw blade (hand), Saw blade (hand)
21-01-16-03 Jigsaw blade (machine), Saw blade (machine)
24-29-16-04 Job application file
24-29-14-02 Job application folder
19-04-01-32 Job application software, ERP, goods management software (workstation)
25-26-09-02 Job description (human resources organization), Personnel organization (consulting)
25-26-01-09 Job organization (office planning), Office planning (consulting)
22-10-27-00 Joiner work
22-10-27-90 Joiner work (unclassified)
23-02-01-04 Joint
27-14-91-14 Joint (hose, electr., parts), Threaded hose coupling (electr. inst., parts)
22-49-01-01 Joint profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
34-32-10-92 Joint replacement (hip, accessories)
24-21-04-02 Joint schooner, Wrist rest, wrist pad
22-17-03-02 Joint sealant (building material)
22-17-03-01 Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
25-26-01-04 Joint-Ventures, Company organization (consulting)
25-09-12-00 Jointing (subcontracting)
25-09-12-01 Jointing (subcontracting)
21-05-90-06 Jointing press (electric)
24-34-12-02 Joke carnival articles, Carnival joke item
24-34-01-04 Joss-stick, Candle perfumed
24-27-02-04 Journal, journalblock
41-02-04-04 Journey (prizes, promotional article)
27-37-14-04 Joystick, Control switch, joystick
19-02-04-04 Joystick
24-34-02-07 Jubilee number
29-04-03-00 Juice, Drink, fruit juice
29-03-04-02 Juicer (manual)(household), Squeezer, juicer (household, manual)
29-02-08-03 Juicer, squeezer (household appliance, electrical)
40-01-03-02 Jumper, Shirt, jumper
27-26-07-00 Jumper box (plug-in sock.), Connector
19-03-05-10 Junction box, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
19-07-04-02 Junction box, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
27-40-01-01 Junction box
22-46-05-01 Jute covering, Carpet
20-16-03-01 Jute sack

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