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22-17-01-02 KD-facade filler, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-29-26-05 KF, FPY, FPO, Chipboard melamine faced
22-29-26-02 KF,FPY,FPO, Chipboard laminated
27-26-01-00 KKA resistance, Resistance
27-06-20-01 KLD, Single core cord
19-03-02-01 Kangaroo disk, Disk drive (PC)
36-42-04-03 Kaplan turbine
29-04-34-01 Ketchup, Gravy
19-06-92-05 Key blocker, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-06-92-06 Key blocker, Handset for cordless telephone
24-36-01-04 Key case
41-02-01-02 Key chain (promotional article)
21-10-04-05 Key cupboard (workshop)
21-02-91-04 Key drill shaft (chuck), Chuck (parts)
25-26-06-01 Key figures system, Controlling (consulting)
24-31-08-90 Key for cabinet (office equipment), Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
23-20-06-08 Key for locking system (electronic)
41-01-02-08 Key ring (promotional article), Small leather goods (promotional article)
24-34-13-01 Key rings for children, Small toys
25-01-01-04 Key service
21-02-04-01 Key type drill chuck, Triple jaw chuck
27-23-02-10 Key-operated switch, Electr. PCS components (acc.)
27-23-02-26 Keyb. display adaptor (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
19-02-04-02 Keyboard
27-23-02-03 Keyboard (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
19-03-05-10 Keyboard changeover switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
24-32-25-02 Keyboard cover (office), Dust protection
21-05-06-01 Keyboard deaf Auger, Vacuum cleaner (electr., workshop)
36-60-04-07 Keyseating machine (machine tool)
24-33-01-14 Kindergarden bag
27-18-05-07 Kiosk system
27-37-12-19 Kit, two-hand desk, Two hand control panel
29-02-08-01 Kitchen appliance (household appliance, electrical)
29-03-04-00 Kitchen appliance (household, manual)
29-03-04-90 Kitchen appliance (household, manual, unclassified)
29-02-92-09 Kitchen appliance (other, electrical, accessories, household)
29-02-91-09 Kitchen appliance (other, electrical, parts, household
19-08-04-03 Kitchen radio, Clock radio
29-10-03-06 Kitchen roll
25-02-04-08 Kitchen technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
36-09-06-00 Kneader
36-09-06-90 Kneader (unclassified)
24-33-12-12 Kneading base, Handicrafts pad
29-07-02-01 Kneading machine (commercial kitchen appliance), Mixer (commercial kitchen appliance)
36-13-01-00 Kneading plant, Extruder
37-07-05-01 Knee (oth.mat.), Elbow (other matal)
37-12-08-08 Knee (w. inliner), Flanged elbow (steel with lining)
40-01-91-13 Knee protection
21-04-06-02 Knife
29-08-10-01 Knife (commercial kitchen), Cutting tool (commercial kitchen)
29-03-90-01 Knife (household)
24-32-18-02 Knife bar for trimmers, knife bar for guillotine
24-32-18-05 Knife changing tool for guillotine, Cutting machine (accessory, other)
37-01-01-01 Knife gate valve, Gate valve
21-17-03-01 Knife-edge straight-edge, Ruler (tool)
17-02-12-90 Knitting a. hosiery machinery (unclassified)
27-26-91-00 Knob (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
23-17-04-00 Knot chain, Chain drive
36-63-03-05 Knuckle joint press (1 - 3 columns, machine tool)
23-11-07-08 Knurled nut
23-11-01-16 Knurled thumb screw
21-01-11-00 Knurling tools
21-01-11-01 Knurling tools
32-03-03-13 Kolle flask (laboratory), Culture flask (parts, laboratory)
19-08-06-01 Kompakt cartridge, Analog storage medium
20-29-01-01 Kraft paper roll (packing material)

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