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27-06-18-05 L-2Y (VDE 0817), Telecomminucations cable
34-05-80-10 L-Ascorbic acid, monosodium salt (Vitamin), Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
39-02-31-23 L-Menthol
27-11-06-01 L-lamp, Fluorescent lamp
27-11-06-33 L-lamp, Induction lamp
35-01-01-01 L-section (plain carbon steel), Angle beam (steel, unalloyed)
27-14-21-09 L.v.h.b.c. fuse switch-disconnector
27-14-21-08 L.v.h.b.c. load disconnect switch
19-03-05-03 LAN Adapter, Network adapter
27-06-18-03 LAN cable, Fibre optic cable
27-26-08-00 LCD (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
27-14-40-18 LCD clock, Electronics insert
27-23-02-03 LCD display (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
27-23-02-26 LCD display (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
27-14-92-00 LCD monitoring module, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
24-32-19-02 LCD projector, Data projector, video projector
24-21-05-01 LCD screen filter, Screen filter
19-08-05-01 LCD television, TV device
27-24-24-02 LCD-Display, Monitor installation device
25-07-12-01 LCL (general cargo, rail), Rail transport, packaged
25-07-06-01 LCL, less than car load (road haulage), Truck transport, packaged
27-11-06-36 LED
27-33-03-04 LED (hardware for visualization) (discontinued)
41-04-05-02 LED chain (marketing)
19-12-02-90 LED display, POS display (electronic, hardware, unclassified)
27-14-32-01 LED displays, Alphanumeric display
27-14-91-00 LED insert, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
41-05-06-03 LED shelf stopper (marketing)
27-11-06-35 LED-module
27-06-19-01 LFMGSGO, Communication ship-cable
27-06-20-01 LIFY, Single core cord
27-06-20-10 LIYCY, Control cable
19-07-04-07 LNB, Feeder system (receiver technology)
19-07-04-05 LNB converter, Multiple switches (receiver technology)
27-14-19-01 LS switch, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
24-21-01-09 LTO cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
19-03-02-08 LTO drive, Tape drive (PC)
24-21-01-14 LTO-Ultrium cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
27-37-02-00 LV draw-out unit
27-37-01-01 LV main distribution
32-01-04-01 Lab Agitator, electrical (lab)
32-03-04-90 Lab Container (unclassified)
32-01-24-10 Lab Thermometer
32-03-90-00 Lab accessories (other), Incidentals (other,lab)
32-03-24-00 Lab animal, bacteria (incl. care)
32-03-02-07 Lab dish
40-01-13-04 Lab shoes, Sandals, lab shoes
27-18-06-03 Lab trolly, Trolley (lab)
27-04-90-01 Labaratory power supply
40-20-02-02 Label (hazardous materials), Information sign (sticker)
40-20-02-01 Label (occupational safety, sticker), Mandatory sign (sticker)
24-28-90-00 Label (other)
20-35-02-00 Label (product, shipping, metal)
20-35-02-01 Label (product, shipping, metal)
20-35-03-00 Label (product, shipping, paper)
20-35-01-00 Label (product, shipping, plastic)
20-35-03-03 Label (thermo-active, paper, packing mat.)
24-32-12-06 Label for line labeller
24-28-05-01 Label for printing by machines, Printing machine label standard format
23-14-02-01 Label holder
24-30-09-05 Label holder for planer, Magnetic lable
24-32-11-01 Label maker
24-32-11-03 Label printer
24-23-03-06 Label protection film (office), Film for label covers (office)
24-32-12-03 Label roll (label printer), Thermal label for label printers
19-04-01-32 Label software, ERP, goods management software (workstation)
24-28-10-03 Label with cover film
21-04-13-01 Labeling tools
27-14-91-03 Labelling for terminal block, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
27-14-11-37 Labelling for terminal block
36-52-03-01 Labelling machine
24-32-11-02 Labelling system
27-32-06-90 Labelling system (other, unclassified)
24-32-12-01 Labelling tape, Embossing tape
36-52-03-00 Labelling, decoration, coding machine
25-10-08-03 Labor law (service)
21-10-05-02 Laboratory Stool, Office stool (workshop)
25-14-90-00 Laboratory and inspection service (other)
25-14-90-90 Laboratory and inspection service (other, unclassified)
32-01-98-00 Laboratory app. (maintenance, service)
32-01-99-00 Laboratory app. (repair)
32-01-28-01 Laboratory apparatus (other)
32-01-91-00 Laboratory apparatus (parts)
32-01-91-90 Laboratory apparatus (parts, unclassified)
32-02-02-00 Laboratory fittings (other)
32-02-02-01 Laboratory fittings (other)
32-02-01-01 Laboratory furniture
27-14-34-02 Laboratory socket, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
32-02-01-03 Laboratory table
25-02-04-08 Laboratory technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
25-26-09-01 Labour market analyses, Personnel consulting
24-34-02-06 Lace paper cuff
22-17-01-04 Lacquer solvent, Process material for ground preparation
24-34-02-03 Lacquered gift bag, Gift bag
39-02-22-57 Lactic acid ethyl ester, Ethyl lactate
22-10-31-05 Ladder (metal construction work)
21-10-07-00 Ladder (workshop)
21-10-07-01 Ladder (workshop)
28-07-02-00 Ladies' bicycle, Bike
18-06-01-90 Ladle Turret (unclassified)
28-04-03-12 Ladle bogie
18-16-01-90 Ladles for metallurgical plants (unclassified)
22-29-01-08 Lagging
22-17-01-02 Laitance, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-10-03-05 Lake, pond, watercourse (landscaping construction work)
29-04-10-00 Lamb, Meat
21-04-11-03 Lambs wool roller, Paint roller
21-01-13-18 Lamella fleece disk, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
36-20-17-02 Lamella separator (for gases)
22-46-01-01 Laminate, Wood flooring
22-29-33-00 Laminate
22-10-36-01 Laminate (flooring work), Floor covering work
22-29-32-05 Laminate flooring
22-29-33-01 Laminate format
22-23-01-05 Laminate outer wall panelling, External facing (other materials)
22-21-01-01 Laminated light board, Plasterboard material
22-29-02-00 Laminated wood
22-29-02-02 Laminated wood
22-29-03-00 Laminated wood
22-29-02-90 Laminated wood (unclassified)
33-15-06-90 Laminating installation (complete, unclassified)
24-32-15-00 Laminating system
24-32-15-01 Laminating system hot, cold
29-02-90-12 Laminator (household appliance), Bag sealer (household appliance)
24-32-16-03 Laminator foil jacket (cold lamination), Pouch for cold laminators
24-32-16-02 Laminator foil jacket (hot lamination), Pouch for hot laminators
27-11-06-14 Lamp, Compact fluorescent lamp non integrated
27-11-06-15 Lamp, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
27-11-06-22 Lamp, Mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-25 Lamp, High voltage halogen lamp
27-11-06-29 Lamp, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
27-11-06-31 Lamp, Indication- and signal lamp
27-11-06-32 Lamp, Vehicle lamp
27-11-06-37 Lamp, Mixed light lamp
27-11-90-08 Lamp (accessories)
27-11-05-90 Lamp (expl. proof, unclassified)
22-10-52-04 Lamp installation
25-04-11-02 Land management (gardener service), Gardener service
25-02-17-01 Land-registry surveying
19-06-92-04 Landline connection module, Telephone system module
19-06-92-05 Landline extension, Telecommunication enhancement component
25-24-07-03 Landline network (communications service)
25-02-04-04 Landscape gardening planning
22-10-03-00 Landscaping construction work
22-10-03-90 Landscaping construction work (unclassified)
25-25-16-00 Languages (training, further training)
25-25-16-90 Languages (training, further training, unclassified)
37-07-02-04 Lap joint stub end (loose flange) (other metal), Collar, rim (other material, for flange with holes)
37-14-02-04 Lap joint stub end (thermosetting plastic, GRP), Collar (thermosetting plastic, GRP)
25-09-07-10 Lapping (subcontracting)
36-60-92-14 Lapping a. superfinishing unit (machine tool)
21-01-13-90 Lapping paste, Abrasive material, grinding tool (unclassified)
19-01-01-07 Laptop, Notebook PC
24-36-02-04 Laptop bag, Notebook bag, notebook suitcase
21-04-11-02 Large area paintbrush, Paintbrush
20-24-03-02 Large cardboard box, Rectangular container (pallet container, corrugated cardboard)
27-18-07-13 Large cooling unit (control cabinet), Recooling unit (switchgear cabinet)
23-09-01-01 Large diameter washer, Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
27-18-01-01 Large enclosure, Enclosure (empty)
24-34-07-05 Large festoon, Festoon, paper
24-26-21-01 Large format film
24-26-15-00 Large format inkjet paper
24-26-15-01 Large format paper
24-26-15-03 Large format paper self-adhesive
24-32-19-01 Large format projector, Overhead projector
24-26-14-02 Large format transparency copy paper
24-30-16-11 Large inscription plate, Door plate
24-24-08-02 Large refill for gel pen, Gel refill
24-24-08-01 Large refill for ink ballpoint pen, Ball pen refill
22-47-01-06 Large surface stoneware panel
24-32-07-04 Large volume office shredder
27-14-34-01 Large-scale distributor, CEE plug socket combination
34-24-03-04 Laryngeal tube airway
36-62-04-04 Laser a. plasma cutting centres (machine tool)
34-31-92-05 Laser apparatus (accessories)
34-31-03-10 Laser apparatus (surgical equipment)
34-31-91-10 Laser apparatus (surgical equipment, parts)
21-16-02-02 Laser bar, Grade stake
36-61-04-08 Laser beam source (machine tool)
24-26-10-04 Laser business card with textured structure, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-10-02 Laser business card, colour gradated, Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-10-03 Laser business card, marbled, Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
24-26-10-01 Laser business card, single colour, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
24-26-10-05 Laser calling card with motif, Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-09-00 Laser card (paper), PC card plain (paper)
36-61-04-07 Laser centre for other processing methods (machine tool)
24-26-08-06 Laser certificate design paper, Certificate paper, preprinted
36-61-04-03 Laser cutting centre (machine tool)
36-61-04-02 Laser cutting machine (machine tool)
36-62-04-01 Laser cutting press (machine tool)
24-30-16-06 Laser desk plate, Place name holder, place card
32-01-50-02 Laser diffraction instrument (lab)
36-65-01-01 Laser engraving unit (for permanent marking)
24-20-02-12 Laser fax accessories (developer), Developer (laser printer)
24-20-02-02 Laser fax accessories (drum), Imiging unit (laser printer)
24-20-02-14 Laser fax accessories (fixer), Fuser (laser printer)
24-20-02-03 Laser fax accessories (photo conductor), OPC drum (laser printer)
24-20-02-05 Laser fax accessories (remaining toner container), Waste toner bag (laser printer)
24-20-02-06 Laser fax accessories (toner filter), Toner filter (laser printer)
24-20-02-10 Laser fax accessories (transfer roll), Transfer roll (laser printer)
24-20-02-08 Laser fax accessories (transfer unit), Transfer kit (laser printer)
19-06-01-03 Laser fax machine, Fax
24-28-01-02 Laser film label, PC film label
21-16-05-04 Laser level
21-16-01-02 Laser map measure, Map measurer
24-26-08-03 Laser marbled design paper, Gradated paper marbled
36-65-01-06 Laser marking unit (for non-permanent marking)
24-26-06-04 Laser paper (multiprint), Multiprint paper
21-16-05-92 Laser plumb, Surveying instrument (accessories)
24-30-15-10 Laser pointer
19-02-02-01 Laser printer
24-32-25-02 Laser printer cover (office), Dust protection
24-29-04-04 Laser printer file label, PC spine label (self-adhesive)
24-20-02-01 Laser printer supplies, Toner for laser printers
24-26-17-03 Laser printer transparency, Film for laser printers
24-26-17-04 Laser printer transparency (universal), Multi purpose transparency film
24-26-17-07 Laser printer transparency, weatherproof, Film weatherproof
24-20-02-00 Laser printer- and laserfax-supplies
24-20-02-90 Laser printer-, laserfax-supplies (unclassified)
21-16-01-06 Laser rangefinder
24-28-01-11 Laser security label, PC security label
36-61-04-04 Laser system for lettering (machine tool)
36-61-04-05 Laser system for welding (machine tool)
21-17-05-06 Laser tracker
24-26-17-06 Laser transparency, self-adhesive, Film self-adhesive
41-01-01-03 Laserpointer (promotional article)
20-42-02-04 Lashing strap (packaging aid)
21-02-07-01 Latch clamp, Clamping element, quick change
27-14-23-06 Latching relay
37-92-02-03 Lateral compensator
27-14-41-02 Lateral-section gate drive, Garage door motor
40-21-02-01 Latex examination glove (sterile)
40-21-03-01 Latex examination glove (unsterile)
40-21-01-01 Latex surgical glove
21-01-09-00 Lathe chisel, tool
21-01-09-01 Lathe chisel, tool
21-01-09-90 Lathe chisel, tool (unclassified)
36-60-92-29 Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
25-09-07-07 Lathe work, Machining (subcontracting)
22-10-23-01 Lathing (plastering work), Plaster work
22-49-03-00 Lattice
22-49-02-02 Lattice girder (for encasement), Armoring
40-01-99-00 Laundering (work clothing), Work clothing, protective clothing (repair)
29-02-91-08 Laundry care device (parts, household device)
40-01-92-01 Laundry or waste trolley (mobile)
22-13-01-06 Lava slag, Slag (building material)
25-10-09-07 Law of communication media, telecommunications law (service)
25-10-08-09 Law on real estate (service)
22-54-02-01 Lawn aerator, Garden tools
22-54-02-02 Lawn edger, Garden equipment
23-15-23-05 Layer of air anchor
22-10-43-00 Laying high pressure pipe lines
22-10-43-01 Laying high pressure pipe lines
24-25-15-03 Layout brush, Watercolour brush
17-10-01-01 Layout design system (pre-press)
24-25-12-04 Layout marker
25-26-03-05 Layout planning (factory and sytem planning), Factory and plant planning (consulting)
24-25-02-01 Lead, Drop pen lead
27-06-20-02 Lead, Flat cable
24-24-04-01 Lead (pencil)
22-18-02-02 Lead block, Building stone, brick
24-24-22-01 Lead eraser, Eraser
22-24-01-01 Lead foil (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
24-24-20-01 Lead for textil pen
22-35-01-01 Lead glazing, Glass (building material)
34-32-92-02 Lead introducer kit (pace maker, ICD)
22-15-01-01 Lead outlet, Drain
22-14-01-07 Lead pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
22-27-92-01 Lead roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
24-24-21-03 Lead sharpener
19-07-92-03 Lead tile roof version, Antenna assembly materials
25-26-03-03 Lead time scheduling, Progressing, production planning (consulting)
21-04-03-01 Lead-sealing pliers, Pliers
24-30-16-09 Leaflet holder
41-04-02-09 Leaflet stands (marketing)
30-04-01-01 Leak detection spray
25-26-01-03 Lean management (corporate planning), Strategic business planning
24-33-03-07 Learners file
25-27-01-00 Lease
25-27-01-01 Lease
25-15-19-01 Leasing
25-15-17-01 Leasing financing
25-26-06-05 Leasing financing (consultancy), Financing concept (consulting)
25-15-19-00 Leasing, hire purchase
29-11-01-07 Leather (cleaning), Cloth (cleansing)
24-36-01-03 Leather ID holder, Identity card pocket
40-01-09-01 Leather apron (weld. apron), Welding apron
40-01-09-00 Leather apron (weld. protect.), Welding protection clothing
35-04-04-04 Leather article (semifinished product)
24-36-02-03 Leather briefcase, Attache case
24-22-01-02 Leather desk pad, Desk mat
34-20-92-07 Leather fingerstall
40-01-12-01 Leather gloves (5-finger), Five-finger gloves
40-01-12-03 Leather gloves (mitten), Mittens
41-01-02-04 Leather goods (promotional article)
24-31-20-02 Leather hanger, Clothes hanger
22-28-01-02 Ledged door, Door (interior/exterior)
19-08-06-01 Leerkassette, Analog storage medium
24-36-02-02 Left-handed folder, Conference portfolio
23-08-03-01 Leg spring, Torsional spring
25-10-90-00 Legal (service, other)
25-10-90-90 Legal (service, other, unclassified)
27-32-92-03 Legal data storage device
25-15-02-11 Legal expenses insurance
25-25-10-08 Legal questions in the building industry (training, further training)
24-35-01-05 Leisure guide, Guide book
24-35-04-02 Leisure map, Map
25-18-08-00 Leisure time (service)
25-18-08-01 Leisure time (service)
21-17-05-11 Length measurement bench, Measuring instrument for inspection equipment monitoring
21-16-01-05 Length measuring instrument (surveying)
21-17-04-03 Length pressure foot
19-10-02-04 Lens
19-10-02-02 Lens holder, Tripod
24-34-04-01 Leporello photo album, Photo-album
24-29-12-05 Letter basket foot, Rubber foot for lettertray
24-29-11-03 Letter box, Drawer box
24-26-09-01 Letter card for laser printers, plain, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
24-22-09-04 Letter clip (office)
41-09-12-01 Letter envelope (marketing)
24-31-09-01 Letter file column
24-32-09-01 Letter folding- and enveloping machine
24-29-03-01 Letter index, File index
24-26-23-01 Letter of condolence envelope, Envelope
41-01-01-09 Letter opener (promotional article), Desk-accessories (promotional article)
24-22-12-01 Letter scale, Mechanic scale
25-07-05-01 Letter service, parcel service
21-04-07-04 Letter stamp (set)
24-29-11-02 Letter tray stacking system
24-29-11-00 Letter tray, filing tray, magazine file
24-35-01-03 Letter writing guide, Companion
25-07-05-00 Letter, package transport
25-07-05-90 Letter, package transport(unclassified)
24-28-08-02 Letter-, number label
24-30-16-01 Letterboard
27-20-06-14 Level MU (flange), Measuring system (absolute pressure)
22-39-04-06 Level control valve (radiation), Flow control valve (heating)
27-20-04-91 Level indic., hydrometer (parts), Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
27-21-03-00 Level indicator, Indicator device (signal processor)
27-20-05-09 Level limit switch, meas.appl
22-36-01-17 Level regulating valve (sanitation), Flow control valve (sanitation)
27-20-04-92 Level sensor (accessories), Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-05-91 Level sensors (parts), Meas., instr. read.,sep. layer (parts)
27-27-32-00 Level switch
21-17-06-06 Leveling table
21-16-02-92 Levelling air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
22-10-81-01 Levelling grout (concrete repair work), Concrete repair work
23-25-03-12 Levelling screw
23-01-05-00 Lever (control elem.)
24-29-01-00 Lever arch file
24-29-01-01 Lever arch file
24-29-04-01 Lever arch file contents label, Cardboard spine label
24-29-03-06 Lever arch file cover sheet, Cover sheet
24-29-04-03 Lever arch file label, Paper spine labels (self-adhesive)
24-22-06-02 Lever block stapler, Stapler
21-04-16-01 Lever clamp, Screw clamp
21-17-03-08 Lever gauge, Dial gauge
24-35-01-02 Lexicon of employment law, Enciclopedia
27-06-18-01 Li-2Y(ST)CH, Data cable
25-26-03-01 Licenses (consultancy), Development and production (consulting)
25-10-10-01 Licenses (service)
20-19-90-00 Lid (packing material, other)
20-38-01-03 Lid (plastic, packing material)
23-06-10-05 Lid oiler, Oiler
32-01-03-27 Liebig condensor
25-15-02-06 Life insurance
25-15-02-04 Life-long traffic means accident insurance, General accident insurance
19-04-02-06 Lifecycle management solution, Storage management software (server)
27-06-23-01 Lift cable
22-28-02-01 Lift gate, Gate
27-02-23-01 Lift motor, Shaded pole motor
27-02-23-02 Lift motor, Condenser engine
27-02-27-01 Lift motor, Elevator motor
21-04-30-90 Lifting bar, Tool (hand, various, unclassified)
36-12-92-02 Lifting beam (load-carrying equipment)
21-13-07-02 Lifting bolt (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-11-08-01 Lifting nut, Ring nut
36-12-02-04 Lifting platform
21-13-07-04 Lifting strap (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
28-02-98-00 Lifting vehicle (maint., serv.), Hoist. vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-02-99-00 Lifting vehicle (repair), Hoist. vehicle (repair)
22-21-02-04 Lifting wall, Mobile partition (construction system component)
28-07-91-01 Light (bicycle, parts), Bicycle (parts)
27-11-05-00 Light (expl. proof), Ex-proof luminaire
27-11-04-00 Light (exterior), Exterior lamp
27-11-03-00 Light (interior), Interior light
41-07-05-02 Light box, wood (marketing)
22-21-02-03 Light building wall, Interior wall system (construction system component)
28-01-91-00 Light bulb (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
22-18-02-01 Light concrete element, Masonry element (large format)
27-14-40-11 Light control, Twilight switch
41-12-01-10 Light design/illumination (conference)
41-12-02-12 Light design/illumination (event)
41-12-03-10 Light design/illumination (fair)
24-34-01-09 Light dish, Candle holder
29-02-91-04 Light fixture (hot-water boiler), Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
22-10-11-01 Light fluid interceptor (construction work), Separator and small water treatment facility (construction activity)
26-04-01-01 Light fuel oil
34-34-91-90 Light guide for laryngoscope (ward equipment), Medical equipment (instruments and small medical devices, parts, unclassified)
27-11-91-07 Light mast (lighting installation, parts)
27-11-06-00 Light medium
27-11-06-90 Light medium (unclassified)
27-06-20-05 Light plastic-sheathed cable, Installation cable
27-14-40-32 Light signal for switch set
27-14-40-21 Light socket, Device connection box
27-14-11-03 Light terminal, Terminal (light)
22-19-02-02 Light-admitting grille, Grate, base pan
27-27-09-10 Light-grille
22-10-30-01 Light-tight system (roller blind work), Shutter work
22-10-12-01 Light-weight concrete (brick building), Bricklaying work
41-07-01-03 Light-weight display (marketing)
19-08-92-04 Light-weight headphones, Headphones
41-02-01-06 Lighter (promotional article)
19-10-02-03 Lighting
27-31-02-04 Lighting (image analysis)
24-31-16-01 Lighting element (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
27-11-01-00 Lighting installation (interior)
27-11-01-90 Lighting installation (interior, unclassified)
27-11-99-01 Lighting installation (repair)
27-11-98-00 Lighting installation, appliance (maintenance, service)
27-11-99-00 Lighting installation, appliance (repair)
27-11-91-00 Lighting installation, device (parts)
25-04-10-06 Lighting system, Energy management (facility)
27-11-02-01 Lighting system (exterior)
27-11-92-00 Lighting system/device (accessories)
27-11-92-90 Lighting system/device (accessories, unclassified)
27-06-22-04 Lighting tube line, Neon-tube cable
22-10-87-01 Lighting winter construction protection, Winter construction protection measure
24-26-23-04 Lightly padded envelope, Padded envelope
27-14-02-02 Lightning protection system (accessories)
27-14-02-00 Lightning protector
27-11-90-00 Lights (other)
22-17-04-03 Lightweight concrete, Concrete
22-14-01-01 Lightweight concrete and pipe fitting, Concrete pipe shell and fitting
31-44-01-00 Lignin sulfonate
26-01-01-07 Lignite (crude), Brown coal (crude)
22-17-03-03 Lime (construction material), Tape, adhesive (building material)
22-17-04-02 Lime cement plaster system, Plaster, plaster system
22-17-02-01 Lime filler, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-18-02-03 Lime frost resistant brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
27-21-01-22 Limit signal transm.
27-14-40-40 Limit switch, Cord switch/dimmer
23-10-04-01 Linch pin
27-06-21-01 Line, Isolated power cable for overhead lines
27-06-23-08 Line, Spiral cable
19-07-04-10 Line amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-06 Line equalizer, Distortion corrector (receiver technology)
27-14-40-31 Line inlet slide, Cable entry
19-03-04-01 Line interactive power supply unit, UPS system (PC)
24-20-04-01 Line printer accessories (ink ribbon), Ink ribbon for matrix printer
27-21-02-02 Line recorder (recording instrument)
19-07-04-09 Line repeater, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
25-25-19-16 Line techniques, Presentation, presentation technology (methods, training, further training)
27-14-11-33 Line-up terminal end plate, End and partition plate for terminal block
34-17-31-01 Linear Accelerators
27-22-01-00 Linear actuator (electr.), Actuating drive (electr., fitting)
23-05-07-01 Linear ball bearing
23-30-03-01 Linear ball bearing, Linear ball bearing guide
23-05-07-00 Linear elements
27-29-92-06 Linear guide (accessory, pneumatics)
27-29-09-09 Linear guide unit (pneumatics)
23-30-23-01 Linear interlocking magnet
23-30-22-01 Linear lifting magnet
21-16-01-92 Linear measuring instrument accessories, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
23-30-17-00 Linear motion module / axle
23-30-16-00 Linear motion slide
23-30-15-90 Linear motion table (unclassified)
27-02-28-00 Linear motor
27-02-28-01 Linear motor
23-30-92-06 Linear motor (linear technology, accessories)
27-38-01-06 Linear robot
36-60-08-01 Linear transfer machine, also flexible (machine tool)
24-26-07-01 Lined paper, Fanfold paper
24-34-03-02 Linen envelope, Design envelope
34-45-08-09 Linen trolley (hospital furniture)
24-34-03-01 Linen writing paper pad, Writing pad
29-10-03-01 Linigpaper
36-06-92-90 Lining (boiler), Steam generator, boiler (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
25-09-02-00 Lining (contract production), Coating, lining, protection (subcontracting)
25-09-02-05 Lining (enameling, service, no boiler lining), Email coating (subcontracting)
22-11-02-01 Lining (fire resistant), Refractory work
25-09-02-02 Lining (metallic, contract production), Metallic coating (subcontracting)
22-46-03-01 Linoleum, Plastic flooring
29-11-02-14 Lint role, Clothes brush
22-49-01-01 Lintel angle section, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
26-04-02-03 Liquefied petroleum gas
36-15-91-90 Liquid filling inst. (parts), Filling, loading, unloading device (parts, unclassified)
24-24-07-03 Liquid gel roller
26-02-10-03 Liquid glucose (industrial use)
36-22-01-90 Liquid jet, Gas jet pump (unclassified)
36-22-01-03 Liquid jet vacuum pump, Fluid entrainment pump
21-04-30-05 Liquid manure ladle
33-07-03-00 Liquid network (complete)
36-43-04-01 Liquid ring compressor
36-41-03-04 Liquid ring pump, Vane-cell pump
36-43-22-06 Liquid ring vacuum pump
36-42-04-00 Liquid turbine
25-26-06-01 Liquidity planning, Controlling (consulting)
33-06-02-00 Liquids cool. plant (compl.), Cooling facility (liquids, complete)
33-03-32-90 Liquids filling plant (complete, unclassified)
21-17-06-14 Lit magnifying glass (measurement tool)
25-25-15-05 Literature (training, further training)
24-30-17-07 Literature display accessories
24-30-16-10 Literature display, presentation stand
38-10-01-04 Lithium oxide
24-25-10-01 Lithography nib, Drawing nip
19-06-01-02 Living telephone, System telephone
27-32-03-02 Load cell
27-37-14-03 Load disconnection switch, Compact circuit breaker
27-37-14-06 Load interrupter switch, Star triangle switch
27-37-14-07 Load interrupter switch, Reversing switch
27-20-15-00 Load measurement
19-07-04-03 Load resistor (receiver technology)
20-42-02-00 Load securing material (packaging aid)
20-42-02-90 Load securing material (packaging aid, unclassified)
27-37-10-03 Load-shedding protection, Power contactor
36-15-01-00 Loading arm (solids), Filling, loading, unloading device (for bulk materials)
33-03-01-00 Loading plant, loading platform (complete)
33-03-01-02 Loading platform (complete)
33-03-01-90 Loading platform (complete, unclassified)
36-12-91-90 Loading platform (parts), Continuous handling equipment (parts, unclassified)
22-22-01-02 Loam insulating material, Insulating material
36-41-03-06 Lobular pump, Rotary piston pump
27-24-22-01 Local extension module, SPS analog input/output module
27-14-01-00 Local teleph. net. extension, Electrical installation
25-26-02-01 Location evaluation (consultancy), Market study and market analysis (consulting)
23-19-90-90 Lock (door and gate, other, unclassified)
29-02-91-01 Lock (refrigerator, household), Refrigerator, freezer (parts, household)
23-27-90-00 Lock and fittings for door and gate (other)
24-30-08-02 Lock for board system, Folding-, revolving board accessories
23-19-01-00 Lock for door and gate
23-11-07-00 Lock nut, Nut (round, n-edged)
22-10-29-03 Lock system (work with metal fittings)
21-10-04-12 Locker (clothes), Clothes locker (workshop)
21-10-04-10 Locker column (workshop)
23-02-04-01 Locking element (shaft-hub-connection)
23-09-03-02 Locking plate (shaft, screw)
23-09-03-04 Locking ring (circular cross section)
23-09-03-03 Locking ring (rectangular cross section)
23-11-03-03 Locking screw, screw bolt
23-20-04-00 Locking system (electro-mechanical)
23-20-06-00 Locking system (electronic)
23-09-03-00 Locking washer, ring, Disc, ring (screw locking)
23-11-07-11 Locknut
25-01-01-05 Locksmith service
28-04-99-00 Locomotive (repair), Rail car (repair)
25-12-14-90 Lodging (travel management, unclassified)
25-12-14-00 Lodging house (travel management)
22-33-04-04 Log cabin, Prefabricated building
25-24-06-03 Logic (program creation IT), Program creation (IT)
27-24-98-90 Logic Controller (maintenance, service, unclassified)
27-24-22-07 Logic module, SPS basic equipment
27-24-22-16 Logic module
25-07-04-01 Logistic coordination, Transport coordination
25-26-05-00 Logistics (consulting)
25-26-05-90 Logistics (consulting, unclassified)
25-07-22-01 Logistics (storage, external), External storage (logistics)
25-02-01-05 Logistics planning (process, production engineering), Material flow, logistics planning
25-26-05-01 Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
25-04-13-01 Logistics service (facility)
25-07-90-00 Logistics service (other)
25-07-90-90 Logistics service (other, unclassified)
24-28-08-01 Logo label, Reference, text label
35-01-11-04 Long turning parts (iron)
35-02-11-04 Long turning parts (non-ferrous metal)
19-03-01-04 Long-distance data transmitter
26-04-08-04 Long-distance energy
29-11-02-05 Long-handled scrubbing brush
21-01-05-04 Long-hole milling cutter (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
21-01-05-08 Long-hole milling cutter (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
19-08-05-03 Long-play recorder, Video recorder
25-15-02-20 Long-term animal insurance, Animal insurance
24-30-18-08 Long-term year calendar, Year overview
36-60-05-02 Longitudinal circular cold sawing machine (machine tool)
36-62-01-12 Longitudinal cutting line (machine tool)
24-31-06-03 Longitudinal divider for drawer, Drawer divider
25-25-04-06 Look (training, further training), Fashion, design (training, further training)
37-03-02-03 Loose flange (NF metal)
24-26-03-03 Loose leaf sheet
24-31-12-01 Lordosis support for seating furniture, Chair equipment
25-15-02-27 Loss of licence insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
25-15-02-28 Loss of rent insurance, Mixed insurance (unclassified)
27-32-02-03 Loss-in-weight feeder
24-34-01-07 Lotus candle, Special candle
19-08-01-04 Loudspeaker, Car speakers
19-08-92-02 Loudspeaker, Speaker box
27-23-02-10 Loudspeaker (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
27-06-23-04 Loudspeaker cable
19-08-92-01 Loudspeaker set, Speaker set
19-08-02-11 Loudspeaker switching suite, Audio/mixer/control panel
19-02-05-01 Loudspeakers, Speakers (PC)
24-31-07-01 Lounge (double-doors), Wing door cabinet
37-18-02-03 Louvered grill (ventilation technology)
27-14-40-25 Louvre button, Shutter switch
27-14-41-07 Louvre drive, Belt take-up reel
27-14-40-27 Louvre group control, Shutter control
23-11-07-01 Low cap nut, Hex-nut
27-20-04-05 Low flow flowmeter, Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
27-11-06-24 Low pressure sodium-vapor lamp
40-01-13-01 Low safety shoe
27-11-03-06 Low volt. lamp (int.)
27-40-02-15 Low voltage connector
27-06-21-02 Low voltage power cable
27-14-20-05 Low-Voltage HRC fuse
27-14-21-06 Low-Voltage HRC fuse base
23-32-01-07 Low-backlash gear units
24-23-01-16 Low-temperature sealing pistol (office, handicrafts), Hot-melt adhesive pistol (office, handicrafts)
27-14-34-06 Low-voltage, CEE coupling
26-04-07-04 Low-voltage current, Weak current
26-04-07-03 Low-voltage current
27-14-25-00 Low-voltage distribution system
27-14-25-06 Low-voltage distribution system (accessories)
27-14-25-05 Low-voltage distribution system (parts)
27-14-25-90 Low-voltage distribution system, unclassified
27-14-26-00 Low-voltage distribution systems, mobile
27-14-34-04 Low-voltage jack, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-37-99-01 Low-voltage switch gear, plant (repair)
27-37-91-00 Low-voltage switch technology (parts)
27-02-21-00 Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor
27-02-21-01 Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-21-03 Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
27-02-21-07 Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-sw
27-02-21-08 Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-sw
27-37-13-02 Lower part, Auxiliary switch block
22-10-08-01 Lowering the water table
23-06-01-02 Lubricant (pasty)
23-06-91-06 Lubricating arrangement (grease, parts)
23-06-10-13 Lubricating arrangement (oil)
23-06-91-05 Lubricating arrangement (oil, parts)
21-04-31-01 Lubricating can (double pump action), Hand oil can
21-04-91-07 Lubricating device (parts)
23-06-91-00 Lubricating device (parts)
36-14-09-90 Lubricating unit (central, unclassified)
23-06-01-00 Lubrication
23-06-01-01 Lubrication (fluid)
23-06-01-90 Lubrication (unclassified)
23-06-01-03 Lubrication coolant, Metal working oil (fluid)
21-04-31-02 Lubricator
23-06-98-00 Lubricator (maintenance, service)
23-06-98-01 Lubricator (maintenance, service)
23-06-99-01 Lubricator (repair)
22-25-03-02 Ludowici tile, Roofing tile
27-40-02-00 Lug, conductor sleeve, connector
21-07-03-01 Luggage cart, Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
25-15-02-25 Luggage insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
22-27-02-02 Luminaire element, Window strip, light dome
27-11-04-08 Luminaire for numbers of houses
27-27-09-08 Luminescence scanner
24-33-05-07 Luminescent coloured handicraft paper, Crepe
24-33-05-03 Luminescent tone paper, Tinted paper
24-34-03-03 Luminous notepaper, Writing paper
24-28-10-07 Luminous sticker, Sticker
25-20-01-05 Lunch counter (service)
27-20-11-02 Luxmeter
24-24-13-01 Luxury writing instruments (writing set), Writing set

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