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Machines for the particleboard and fibreboard industry17072500
Machines, plants for forming, trimming of metal parts36620108
Machines, plants, accessories for deburring, brushing, grinding, polishing36600600
Machines, plants, accessories for welding, brazing21080601
Maintenance, servicing of vacuum pumps, vacuum meter, sensor36439804
Market research for forestry41141000
Market research international, market research Germany, research institute, automotive research41141000
Market-Q, Concept-Q, Production-Q, Business-Q, Customer-Q, Automotive market research41141004
Material mixing, Material transport, single component, multi component, Foaming36170100
Mechanical engineering, machine construction, machine building36600600
Mechanical, manufacturing services, metal part, plastic part, steel, outsourcing China25090501
Medium Duty Racks, Medium Duty Rackings, Medium Duty Shelves22101703
Metal components for furniture, consoles, legs, makeweigths, cast aluminium details23250320
Metal frames for tables, regulated frames, non-regulated frames35011000
Metal parts, metal work, drawing parts, brass, alloy, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, casting35020900
Metal working bi-metal band saw blades, wood working band saw blades21011601
Metal working hand hack saw blades also HSS21011602
Metal working saw blades also HSS21011600
Metalwork construction welding, active gas welding, inert gas welding22101700
Milling on wage basis25090706
Mixing and dispensing machine, Dispensing, Evacuation, homogenous, bonding36170200
Mixing granulator, second hand machines for pharmaceutical industry, Ploughshare mixer36099000
Mobile application Development25240500
Mobile drill on site, drill, screw holes, drill screws studs25090702
Mobile drilling, turning and milling on site, mobile spindles and grinding, machining mobile on site25090700
Mobile grind flat surfaces, sealing surfaces, Flanges, valve seats grind on site25090704
Mobile mechanical machining of construction equipment, cranes, containers, vessels and equipment on site25130100
Mobile mill bearing surfaces, sealing surfaces, foundations, grooves on site25090706
Mobile movable walls24311601
Mobiles work of sealing faces on fittings, valve seats, flanges, propeller shafts, rudder trunk25090800
Movable walls soundproof24311501
manufacture lines margarine17019000
marine diesel engine, spare parts for marine diesel engine36440490
marine diesel engine, spare parts for marine diesel engine36440300
marine diesel engine, spare parts for marine diesel engine36440390
marine diesel engine, spare parts for marine diesel engine36440400
marketing consulting, customer acquisition by phone41140702

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