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27-21-01-11 MA transmitter, Calibrator (Signal processing)
21-08-10-03 MAG wire, Welding wire
19-08-01-01 MD CD changer, Car audio
22-29-28-00 MDF
22-29-28-01 MDF raw
27-14-05-02 MI cable, Heat cond. (mineral insul., el.)
19-03-03-14 MMC card reader, Card reader (PC)
19-08-03-03 MP3 player, Portable MP3 player
19-06-92-04 MS0 module, Telephone system module
36-64-02-90 Mach. a. appliance f. nondestructive testing of materials, components (uncl.)
17-05-92-90 Mach. f. construct. a. build. materials industry (acc., add. equip., uncl.)
17-10-98-90 Mach.,device for the pre-press stage, graphic arts industry (maint.,serv.,uncl.)
17-10-99-90 Mach.,device for the pre-press stage, graphic arts industry (repair, uncl.)
36-64-02-00 Machine a. appliance f. nondestructive testing of materials a. components
17-07-33-00 Machine a. plant f. special processes (wood woorking)
17-07-34-90 Machine a. plant f. special product groups (wood working, unclassified)
17-07-30-00 Machine a. technical equipment f. assembly, packaging
17-07-30-90 Machine a. technical equipment f. assembly, packaging (unclassified)
17-07-29-00 Machine a. technical equipment f. surface finishing
17-07-29-90 Machine a. technical equipment f. surface finishing (unclassified)
25-02-01-01 Machine and apparatus planning
30-02-13-05 Machine cleaner
27-18-07-13 Machine cooling (control cabinet), Recooling unit (switchgear cabinet)
17-08-97-90 Machine f. agriculture (assembly, unclassified)
17-03-97-90 Machine f. clothing industry, leather industry (assembly, unclassified)
17-03-98-90 Machine f. clothing industry, leather industry (maintenance, service, uncl.)
17-03-90-90 Machine f. clothing industry, leather industry (other, unclassified)
17-03-91-90 Machine f. clothing industry, leather industry (parts, unclassified)
17-03-99-90 Machine f. clothing industry, leather industry (repair, unclassified)
17-03-92-90 Machine f. clothing, leather -industry (accessories, add. equipment, uncl.)
17-05-92-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (acc., add. equip.)
17-05-97-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (assembly)
17-05-97-90 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (assembly, unclassified)
17-05-98-90 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (maint., serv., uncl.)
17-05-98-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (maintenance, service)
17-05-90-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (other)
17-05-90-90 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (other, unclassified)
17-05-91-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (parts)
17-05-91-90 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (parts, unclassified)
17-05-99-00 Machine f. construction a. building materials industry (repair)
17-09-92-90 Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (accessories, add. equipment, uncl.)
17-09-92-00 Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (accessories, additional equipment)
17-09-90-90 Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (other, unclassified)
17-09-91-00 Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (parts)
36-64-01-00 Machine f. mechanical testing of materials, components a. structures
36-64-01-90 Machine f. mechanical testing of materials, components a. structures (uncl.)
17-06-92-90 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (accessories, add. equipment, uncl.)
17-06-92-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (accessories, additional equipment)
17-06-97-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (assembly)
17-06-98-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (maintenance, service)
17-06-98-90 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (maintenance, service, unclassified)
17-06-90-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (other)
17-06-90-90 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (other, unclassified)
17-06-91-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (parts)
17-06-91-90 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (parts, unclassified)
17-06-99-00 Machine f. plastic a. rubber industry (repair)
17-04-92-90 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (accessories, add. equipment, uncl.)
17-04-92-00 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (accessories, additional equipment)
17-04-97-90 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (assembly, unclassified)
17-04-98-00 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (maintenance, service)
17-04-98-90 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (maintenance, service, unclassified)
17-04-90-00 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (other)
17-04-90-90 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (other, unclassified)
17-04-91-00 Machine f. printing a. paper industry (parts)
30-02-12-08 Machine maintenance agent
23-06-01-01 Machine oil, Lubrication (fluid)
25-26-03-05 Machine planning (factory and system planning), Factory and plant planning (consulting)
21-01-16-03 Machine saw blade, Saw blade (machine)
21-01-02-10 Machine screw tap, Screw tap
36-62-92-00 Machine tool for separating (accessories, additional equipment)
36-62-99-00 Machine tool for separating (repair)
36-62-90-00 Machine tools for separating (other)
25-25-06-04 Machine tools, tooling (training, further training)
21-02-06-01 Machine vice
40-02-06-00 Machine-mounted protective gear, plant
17-07-19-00 Machines f. boring, dowel-driving a. hardware inserting
25-09-07-07 Machining (subcontracting)
17-07-26-00 Machining center (wood working)
17-07-26-90 Machining center (wood working, unclassified)
27-37-12-10 Mackle tracer, Front element for push-button actuators
19-10-02-04 Macro lens, Lens
19-10-01-02 Maera recorder, Video camera
24-29-07-02 Magazine file (folder), Add-in folder
19-06-01-03 Magic Memo fax machine, Fax
24-34-08-01 Magic cards (playing cards), Playing-card
41-12-01-11 Magician (conference staff), Conference staff
41-12-02-13 Magician (event staff), Event staff
41-12-03-11 Magician (fair staff), Fair staff
27-20-04-01 Magn.-induct. flowmeter, Flowmeter (magn.-induct.)
22-17-02-01 Magnesia cement, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-17-04-01 Magnesia screed, Wet cement
38-05-02-08 Magnesium chloride
39-02-19-05 Magnesium formate
38-11-02-03 Magnesium hydroxide
30-25-01-03 Magnesium hydroxide (flame retardant), Hydroxide (flame retardant)
22-10-25-01 Magnesium oxychloride screed (screed work), Composition floor work
36-12-92-05 Magnet (load-carrying equipment)
23-04-09-01 Magnet brake
27-37-10-12 Magnet coil, Reel for contactor
36-20-19-03 Magnet filter (for gases)
34-17-06-00 Magnetic Resonance
19-07-01-03 Magnetic adhesion antenna, Car antenna
32-01-07-13 Magnetic bar remover
24-30-03-13 Magnetic board, Presentation board
24-30-03-12 Magnetic board (perforated sheet metal), Punched metal sheet board
24-30-04-07 Magnetic board accessories
24-22-01-09 Magnetic box for paper clips, Clip holder (office)
24-30-09-03 Magnetic circle, Symbol magnet
21-02-08-00 Magnetic clamping tools
21-02-08-01 Magnetic clamping tools
24-30-14-02 Magnetic display board for presentation, Presentation movable wall
27-27-01-04 Magnetic field sensitive proximity switch
24-30-02-01 Magnetic flipchart, Flipchart paper
24-30-09-05 Magnetic lable
24-30-09-09 Magnetic paper, magnetic plate, magnetic foil
25-14-11-08 Magnetic powder (material examination), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
23-04-10-01 Magnetic powder brake
24-30-09-01 Magnetic rail (office)
36-19-09-01 Magnetic separator (solid matter)
19-08-06-01 Magnetic storage medium, Analog storage medium
27-14-91-03 Magnetic tape, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
24-21-01-09 Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
36-10-17-01 Magnetic type collector (for liquids)
27-27-07-03 Magnetostriction distance sensor
27-20-05-10 Magnetostrictive level sensor, Float measuring
27-11-03-11 Magnifier lamp, Special lamp
24-29-11-02 Mail basket rack, Letter tray stacking system
23-27-04-02 Mail box
28-04-04-15 Mail car
24-31-09-06 Mail cart
23-27-04-00 Mail slot
23-27-04-90 Mail slot (unclassified)
23-27-04-01 Mail slot flap
24-26-23-03 Mailer for diskettes, Data carrier envelope
24-26-23-07 Mailing carton (office)
24-26-23-06 Mailing envelope (office), Postal tube (office)
24-26-23-02 Mailing envelope with cardboard rear side, Dispatch envelope
24-22-13-03 Main adapter for scale (office)
24-20-02-02 Main charger (laser printer), Imiging unit (laser printer)
27-37-13-02 Main current block, Auxiliary switch block
27-14-22-01 Main fault current-circuit breaker, Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
27-18-09-00 Main subrack, Sub-rack
33-07-01-00 Main supply (compl.), Energy distribution plant (complete)
27-37-14-03 Main switch, Compact circuit breaker
28-10-98-00 Mainenance (container, vehicle), Container (vehicle, maintenance, service)
27-03-13-03 Mains app. (air core transf.)
27-37-10-03 Mains protection, Power contactor
27-11-06-25 Mains voltage halogen lamp, High voltage halogen lamp
27-05-98-00 Maint. (accum., batt.), Accumulator (maintenance, service)
21-05-98-00 Maint. (electr. tools), Electric tools (maintenance, service)
27-02-98-00 Maint. (gear, electr.), Electrical drive (maintenance, service)
27-01-98-00 Maint. (generator), Generator (maintenance, service)
21-11-98-00 Maint. (hydraulic tools), Hydraulic tools (maintenance, service)
27-11-98-00 Maint. (light inst., dev), Lighting installation, appliance (maintenance, service)
21-08-98-00 Maint. (sold., weld tech.), Soldering/welding technology (maintenance, service)
21-07-98-00 Maint. (transport, hoist), Transport (maintenance, service)
28-01-98-00 Maint. (vehicle, car, truck), Vehicle (maintenance, service)
24-32-98-01 Maintenance (Copier), Copier (maintenance, service)
25-24-05-04 Maintenance (application support, IT)
28-07-98-00 Maintenance (bicycle), Bicycle (maintenance, service)
29-06-98-00 Maintenance (canteen equip.), Serving equip. (maintenance, service)
21-02-98-00 Maintenance (clamping tools), Clamping tools (maintenance, service)
25-26-03-06 Maintenance (consulting)
40-04-98-00 Maintenance (fire protect. appl.), Fire protection (maintenance, service)
21-04-98-00 Maintenance (hand tools), Hand tools (maintenance,service)
28-02-98-00 Maintenance (hoist., lift. veh.), Hoist. vehicle (maintenance, service)
29-02-98-00 Maintenance (household appliance), Canteen equip. (maintenance, service)
32-01-98-00 Maintenance (, Laboratory app. (maintenance, service)
23-06-98-00 Maintenance (lub.), Lubricator (maintenance, service)
24-31-98-00 Maintenance (office facilities), Office facilities (maintenance, service)
27-04-98-00 Maintenance (power supply), Power supply (maintenance, service)
27-13-98-00 Maintenance (prot. inst., dev., el.), Protection installation, device(el.,maintenance,service)
40-02-98-00 Maintenance (safety system), Occupational safety (maintenance, service)
28-06-98-00 Maintenance (special vehicle), Special vehicle (maintenance, service)
21-01-98-00 Maintenance (tools metal rem.), Tools (metal removing, maintenance, service)
27-03-98-00 Maintenance (transformer), Transformer (maintenance, service)
28-05-98-00 Maintenance (water vehic.), Water vehic. (maintenance, service)
40-01-98-00 Maintenance (work clothing), Work clothing, protective clothing, (maintenance, service)
25-04-10-01 Maintenance cleaning (facility)
27-23-98-00 Maintenance control techn.), Control technique (maintenance, service)
22-41-98-01 Maintenance for ventilation system, Air treatment (maintenance, service)
27-24-25-01 Maintenance function, SPS programming software
40-04-91-03 Maintenance kit (fire extinguisher), Fire extinguisher (parts)
22-10-03-08 Maintenance of completion, development and upkeep
25-04-98-00 Maintenance, service (facility)
25-15-02-06 Major life insurance, Life insurance
25-25-04-10 Major technology (training, further training), General industry (training, further training)
22-10-86-01 Makeshift door/shift (construction site equipment), Construction site equipment
23-03-91-00 Male part (clutch), Coupling (parts, not electr.)
27-10-05-00 Malfunction rec. Equipment
22-36-06-02 Malleable iron fitting (T-piece) (installation), T-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-01 Malleable iron fitting (angle) (installation), Angled, curved fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-04 Malleable iron fitting (arc-T) (installation), Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-03 Malleable iron fitting (cross piece) (installation), Cross piece (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-06 Malleable iron fitting (double nipple) (installation), Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-05 Malleable iron fitting (reducing sleeve) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-08 Malleable iron fitting (stopper) (installation), Plug (fitting, steel, installation)
21-04-09-01 Mallet, Hammer
24-21-01-14 Mammoth cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
34-17-40-05 Managed Care
19-03-01-17 Managed switch, Network switch
25-25-19-16 Management, Presentation, presentation technology (methods, training, further training)
27-06-20-01 Management, Single core cord
27-06-20-02 Management, Flat cable
27-06-20-03 Management, Illumination cable
27-06-20-05 Management, Installation cable
27-06-20-06 Management, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
27-06-20-07 Management, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-08 Management, Welding cable
27-06-20-09 Management, In-wall installation cable
25-26-01-00 Management (consulting), Company management, organization (consulting)
25-25-19-02 Management (training, further training), Coaching (guidance, training, further training)
25-26-01-01 Management consultant
25-26-09-04 Management system (human resources management consultancy), Personnel management (consulting)
24-31-21-01 Management workplace, Workplace configuration
25-25-12-06 Management, organization (training, further training)
24-30-18-02 Manager calendar, Calendar book / calendar journal
41-10-02-02 Manager calendars (marketing)
24-36-02-02 Manager folder, Conference portfolio
40-20-01-01 Mandatory sign
40-20-02-01 Mandatory sign (sticker)
21-01-91-09 Mandrel, Abrasive product (parts)
32-14-19-01 Manganese compound (lab)
25-16-18-01 Mangle (dry cleaning), Textile cleaning
29-04-34-01 Mango venison sauce, Gravy
40-03-06-00 Manicure and pedicure supplies
40-03-06-90 Manicure and pedicure supplies (unclassified)
40-03-01-07 Manicure articles
40-03-06-01 Manicure or pedicure implement
27-20-06-10 Manometer (handheld)
27-23-02-94 Manual (PCS), Documentation (PCS)
21-05-11-05 Manual circular saw (electric)
21-05-22-02 Manual circular saw (rechargeable)
24-32-11-04 Manual price labelling tool, Price label
25-25-04-00 Manufacture (training, further training), General handicraft, industry, technology (training, further training)
25-25-05-00 Manufacture (training, further training), Production (training, further training)
25-15-02-01 Manufacturers' and occupational liability insurance, General liability insurance
24-33-03-01 Manuscript book (music), Booklet for school
24-35-04-02 Map
21-16-01-02 Map measurer
24-33-12-05 Marabou feather (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
24-33-06-01 Marble cardboard, Board for handicrafts
24-26-12-09 Marble cardboard (drawing), Drawing-, draft carton
24-30-16-06 Marble desk plate, Place name holder, place card
24-34-03-02 Marble envelope, Design envelope
24-33-06-03 Marble handicraft corrugated cardboard, Corrugated board for handicrafts
24-34-03-01 Marble writing paper pad, Writing pad
24-26-08-03 Marbled design paper for printers, Gradated paper marbled
24-25-15-08 Marbling brush, Special brush
29-04-21-00 Margerine, Fat, oil, mayo.,egg, margarine
22-16-01-01 Marginal tile, Building stone
22-16-01-02 Marginal tile, Natural stone
27-06-19-01 Marine cable, Communication ship-cable
24-24-16-02 Marker (CD marker), CD marker
24-24-16-04 Marker (board marker), Boardmarker
24-25-12-02 Marker (deco marker), Deco marker
24-24-17-02 Marker (dry highlighter), Dry highlighter
24-24-16-03 Marker (flipchart), Flipchartmarker
24-25-12-04 Marker (layout marker), Layout marker
24-24-19-04 Marker for laundry, Textile marker
24-24-16-08 Marker for special purposes
24-24-18-01 Marker ink
21-16-05-92 Marker needle (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
24-30-11-01 Marker pin, -flag
24-26-01-05 Marker strips, self-adhesive, Tape flag
25-26-02-06 Market development for import and export, External trade consultation
25-26-02-03 Market entry strategies, Strategic marketing (consulting)
41-14-10-00 Market research
41-14-10-01 Market research agency
41-14-10-02 Market research concept/planning
41-14-10-03 Market research realization
41-14-10-04 Market research study
25-26-02-01 Market study and market analysis (consulting)
25-26-02-00 Marketing (consulting)
25-26-02-90 Marketing (consulting, unclassified)
41-14-09-00 Marketing - general service
25-25-12-00 Marketing and management, national economy (training, further training)
25-25-12-90 Marketing and management, national economy (training, further-, unclass.)
25-26-02-02 Marketing and selling analysis (consulting)
41-14-10-06 Marketing data analysis
19-04-01-29 Marketing software, Business software (workstation)
19-04-02-11 Marketing software, Business software (server)
25-25-12-05 Marketing, distributive trade (training, further training)
41-14-09-12 Marketing, general services (other)
36-65-01-90 Marking and lettering machine (unclassified)
40-02-05-03 Marking color
21-04-30-03 Marking cord roller
21-17-03-02 Marking gauge
34-41-03-06 Marking label (for labeler)
27-14-11-37 Marking material, Labelling for terminal block
40-02-05-02 Marking nail
21-04-07-00 Marking punch, Chisel, center punch, riveting tool (manual)
40-02-05-01 Marking strap
29-04-08-00 Marmalade, Confectionary (jam, honey)
40-01-14-01 Mask (respirat. protect.), Respiratory protective mask
24-23-03-09 Masking tape for painters (office)
22-10-14-01 Masonry (nat., concr. block work), Natural stone and concrete work
22-18-90-00 Masonry (other)
21-01-01-02 Masonry drill, Percussion drill
22-18-02-01 Masonry element (large format)
22-18-02-00 Masonry stone
24-31-16-01 Masonry-wall coupling (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
27-20-04-02 Mass flowmeter, Flowmeter (mass, coriolis)
19-03-02-00 Mass memory, Drive (PC)
27-15-05-90 Mass spectrometer (PAT, unclassified)
32-01-82-03 Mass spectrometer (laboratory)
27-23-02-27 Mass storage comp. (proc. comp.)
27-23-02-04 Mass storage component (PCS)
27-20-04-03 Mass-flowmeter (thermal), Flowmeter (mass, thermal)
29-02-14-01 Massage appliance
29-03-14-90 Massage appliance (household, manual, unclassified)
34-44-92-01 Massage brush
34-44-90-07 Massage chair
29-02-91-10 Massage device (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
34-44-92-02 Massage glove
34-44-08-04 Massage oil
19-07-92-01 Mast, Radio mast
19-07-92-03 Mast assembly set, Antenna assembly materials
19-07-92-02 Mast bar set, Antenna support fixture
27-11-04-04 Mast lantern, Street lighting
27-37-14-04 Master switch, Control switch, joystick
24-26-16-04 Master tracing paper for semi-damp photo print development, Diazocopy transparency paper for dampish processing
22-13-01-08 Mastic asphalt, Asphalt
22-53-01-00 Masts, signs, board (building material)
22-53-01-01 Masts, signs, board (building material)
29-11-01-09 Mat (foot cleaning), Doormat
24-33-01-04 Match sack, Sports bag for school
25-26-06-02 Material accounting, Operational accounting (consulting)
25-14-11-00 Material and component inspection
25-14-11-90 Material and component inspection(unclassified)
25-05-06-53 Material and equipment containing pcb (disposal)
22-10-27-02 Material composite door (carpentry work), Door, gate (joiner work)
22-10-27-01 Material composite window (carpentry work), Window (joiner work)
21-10-04-08 Material cupb. (workshop)
25-14-06-06 Material examination, material evaluation (waste disposal and environment)
25-26-05-03 Material flow planning and control, Goods flow (consulting)
25-02-01-05 Material flow, logistics planning
24-27-01-05 Material form, Dispatch-, delivery form
22-22-01-02 Material insulating material, Insulating material
25-26-05-01 Material management (logistics consultancy), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
24-33-11-01 Material market, T-shirt marker
21-10-06-00 Material stand (workshop)
21-10-06-01 Material stand (workshop)
25-02-04-08 Materials handling technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
25-02-01-00 Materials processing, manufacturing engineering (planning)
24-35-01-01 Mathematical dictionary, Dictionary
24-32-25-02 Matrix printer cover (office), Dust protection
24-20-04-00 Matrix printer supplies
34-39-04-00 Mattress (patient positioning)
34-39-04-92 Mattress (patient positioning, accessories)
34-39-04-90 Mattress (patient positioning, unclassified)
22-22-01-01 Mattress insulation, Insulating system
27-14-31-26 Maximum level monitor, Bus system energy management
24-27-01-12 Meal voucher, Form for catering trade
25-25-02-05 Meals (training, further training), Nutrition, housekeeping (training, further training)
23-06-05-00 Means of preservation, surface protection
32-03-18-00 Meas. flask, cylind., beaker (lab)
27-20-90-00 Meas. instr. (other)
27-20-08-00 Meas. instr. movement
27-20-08-90 Meas. instr. movement (unclassified)
27-20-04-00 Meas. instr., flow, volume
27-20-04-91 Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
27-20-04-90 Meas. instr., flow, volume (unclassified)
27-20-07-00 Meas. instruments, vibration (discontinued)
27-20-05-91 Meas., instr. read.,sep. layer (parts)
27-23-01-01 Meas.control inst. PCS (complete)
19-07-04-14 Measurement device, Antenna measuring device (receiver technology)
21-17-05-18 Measurement installation, Special measuring and testing set
21-16-05-01 Measurement instrument (construction-levelling), Building level
21-16-05-02 Measurement instrument (construction-levelling), Engineering level
21-16-05-04 Measurement instrument (laser leveller), Laser level
21-16-05-05 Measurement instrument (rotational laser), Rotation laser
21-16-05-03 Measurement instrument (theodolite), Building theodolite
27-20-17-00 Measurement of torque
27-20-17-90 Measurement of torque (unclassified)
21-17-01-00 Measurement standard
27-20-91-00 Measurement technology, process measurement technology (parts)
27-20-91-90 Measurement technology, process measurement technology (parts, unclassified)
37-06-05-90 Measuring adaptor (plast., Thermoplast.), Fiting (thermoplastic, unclassified)
25-13-04-02 Measuring and control technology (installation), Assembly (M, C)
21-17-05-14 Measuring and sorting machine
27-20-02-00 Measuring appliance, temp.
27-20-01-00 Measuring appliance, time
21-17-06-09 Measuring bar
32-03-18-03 Measuring can (lab)
21-17-04-02 Measuring computer
32-03-18-04 Measuring cylinder (lab)
34-32-92-06 Measuring device (pace maker, ICD)
27-20-03-00 Measuring instr., electr. variables
27-20-90-90 Measuring instrument (other, unclassified)
21-17-05-11 Measuring instrument for inspection equipment monitoring
27-20-04-92 Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-09-00 Measuring instrument, humidity
27-20-16-01 Measuring instrument, number of revolutions
27-20-15-01 Measuring instrument, strength
27-20-17-01 Measuring instrument, torque
21-17-05-00 Measuring machine
21-17-05-90 Measuring machine (unclassified)
27-20-14-03 Measuring microphone
21-17-05-09 Measuring microscope
27-37-18-05 Measuring relay, Frequency monitoring equipment
21-17-06-02 Measuring stand
27-20-06-14 Measuring system (absolute pressure)
27-20-03-03 Measuring system (power supply)
21-17-06-04 Measuring table
21-17-06-00 Measuring tool
21-16-01-92 Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
27-21-01-00 Measuring transducer
21-17-06-01 Measuring tripod
29-04-10-00 Meat
29-04-10-01 Meat
17-01-02-00 Meat processing
17-01-02-90 Meat processing (unclassified)
21-17-92-00 Meauring instrument, length (accessories)
21-17-92-01 Meauring instrument, length (accessories)
21-17-81-00 Meauring instrument, length (calibration)
21-17-81-01 Meauring instrument, length (calibration)
21-17-99-01 Meauring instrument, length (repair)
21-17-95-01 Meauring instrument, length (software)
21-17-97-01 Meauring instrument, length (specific service) (discontinued)
33-05-02-00 Mech. wastewater treat. (compl.), Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
24-22-12-01 Mechanic scale
36-63-05-08 Mechanical Powder Press (machine tool)
23-04-09-00 Mechanical brake
25-25-06-01 Mechanical components, tribology, lubrication (training, further training)
27-14-23-06 Mechanical current-surge switch, Latching relay
25-13-08-01 Mechanical engineering (dismounting), Disassembly equipment, machine, system
25-13-01-01 Mechanical engineering (installation), Assembly equipment, machine, system
25-25-06-00 Mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturer (training, further training)
25-25-06-90 Mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturer (training,further training,uncl.)
24-24-03-01 Mechanical pencil, Retractable-, propelling pencil
23-32-02-01 Mechanical speed variators
25-14-11-01 Mechanical technological inspection (material and component)
27-20-02-03 Mechanical thermometer, Thermometer (bimetal)
27-14-40-48 Mechanical timer, Timer
23-03-14-03 Mechanically actuated clutche
34-44-02-90 Mechanotherapy apparatus (unclassified)
25-24-06-01 Media data generation, Content creation (IT)
24-31-17-02 Media device furniture
24-31-18-00 Media device furniture, projection furniture (accessories)
24-31-17-00 Media device, projection furniture
24-26-23-01 Media envelope, Envelope
19-02-04-02 Media pad, Keyboard
41-14-06-01 Media planning, conceptual design
41-14-06-00 Media service
41-14-08-12 Media service
34-34-95-90 Medical equipment (instr. and small med. devices, introduction, training, uncl.)
34-34-95-00 Medical equipment (instruments and small med. devices, introduction, training)
34-34-92-00 Medical equipment (instruments and small medical devices, accessories)
34-34-92-90 Medical equipment (instruments and small medical devices, accessories, uncl.)
34-34-91-00 Medical equipment (instruments and small medical devices, parts)
34-34-91-90 Medical equipment (instruments and small medical devices, parts, unclassified)
25-18-01-01 Medical examinitation
34-17-32-00 Medical furniture (discontinued)
34-17-32-99 Medical furniture (repair)
34-30-92-00 Medical instrument (accessories)
34-30-90-20 Medical instrument (for other implants)
34-30-26-91 Medical instrument (knee implant, parts)
34-30-90-00 Medical instrument (other)
34-30-99-90 Medical instrument (repair, unclassified)
34-30-27-91 Medical instrument (shoulder implant, parts)
34-30-30-90 Medical instrument (spine implant, unclassified)
34-30-31-90 Medical instrument (vertebroplasty, unclassified)
25-14-09-00 Medical laboratory activity
25-14-09-90 Medical laboratory activity(unclassified)
34-31-01-07 Medical monitor (documentation device)
25-18-01-00 Medical service
34-02-99-00 Medical technology (device, repair)
34-02-98-00 Medical technology (device,maintenance,service)
34-02-98-01 Medical technology (device,maintenance,service) (discontinued)
34-02-07-01 Medical technology (discontinued)
34-02-07-00 Medicinal equipment (discontinued)
34-03-01-00 Medicine (articles of consumption)
34-03-01-01 Medicine (articles of consumption) (discontinued)
25-25-02-01 Medicine (training, further training)
34-45-13-01 Medicine refrigerator
25-26-12-05 Medium data consultation, Data protection (consulting)
24-25-20-08 Medium print stencil, Font template
27-06-21-02 Medium voltage power cable, Low voltage power cable
27-06-22-05 Medium voltage power cable
27-40-01-02 Medium voltage sealing end, End closure
24-31-11-03 Meeting room chair, General-purpose chair
24-31-21-02 Meeting room configuration, conference room configuration
24-31-01-08 Meeting room table, conference table
39-17-05-03 Melamine cyanurate
22-29-35-01 Melamine edgings
33-14-02-04 Melting Reduction Plant - Coal Based (complete)
22-13-01-06 Melting chamber slag, Slag (building material)
24-23-01-16 Melting glue (glue pistol, office, handicrafts), Hot-melt adhesive pistol (office, handicrafts)
24-23-02-05 Melting glue cartridge (glue pistol, office, handicrafts), Cartridge for hot-melt pistol (office, handicrafts)
33-14-04-02 Melting plant (NF metal production plant, complete)
25-15-06-01 Membership dues, Contribution (financial services)
36-41-91-90 Membrane dosing pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
36-20-19-04 Membrane filter (for gases)
36-10-20-06 Membrane filter (for liquids)
32-03-16-02 Membrane filter (lab)
27-20-06-20 Membrane pressure gauge
36-41-05-03 Membrane pump
37-01-18-01 Membrane valve, Diaphragm valve
24-27-01-01 Memo, Notice, correspondence, information
24-30-03-07 Memo board (self-sticking), Self sticking board
19-06-01-01 Memo telephone, Telephone
19-03-03-08 Memory (PC)
27-36-02-03 Memory (industry microcomputer)
27-23-02-26 Memory (process comp.), PC , process computer
24-21-01-12 Memory card for terminal
27-24-16-05 Memory, counter, register (VPS)
28-07-02-00 Men's bicycle, Bike
39-02-31-16 Menthol
24-30-16-07 Menu display, Table place holder
24-29-14-01 Menu du jour folder, Quotation folder
19-04-01-31 Merchandise management systems, Purchasing software (workstation)
19-04-02-14 Merchandise management systems, ERP, goods management software (server)
38-15-07-00 Mercury compound
27-11-06-22 Mercury vapor lamp
25-26-01-04 Merger, Company organization (consulting)
41-04-03-02 Mesh (marketing)
27-37-01-01 Mesh net. station, LV main distribution
22-19-01-00 Mesh, mesh frame
22-19-01-01 Mesh, mesh frame
19-04-01-08 Messaging, Groupware (workstation)
19-04-02-02 Messaging, Groupware (server)
21-13-21-01 Metal adhesive (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-33-07-01 Metal adhesive foil (handicraft foil), Alu foil, metal foil (for handicrafts)
23-15-21-00 Metal anchor
24-25-20-03 Metal combination stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
22-10-31-00 Metal construction work
22-10-31-90 Metal construction work (unclassified)
23-18-01-00 Metal damper, Vibration damper
22-28-01-02 Metal door, Door (interior/exterior)
22-10-20-01 Metal element (roofing work), Roofing work
21-17-03-04 Metal etching pen, Protractor (measuring instrument, length)
22-52-02-02 Metal fence, Fence, fencing system
22-46-04-00 Metal flooring
22-46-04-01 Metal flooring
36-63-92-00 Metal forming machine tool (accessories, additional equipment)
36-63-97-00 Metal forming machine tool (assembly)
36-63-90-00 Metal forming machine tool (other)
36-63-91-00 Metal forming machine tool (parts)
21-01-23-01 Metal forming roller
21-01-23-00 Metal forming tool, pusher
24-31-20-02 Metal hanger, Clothes hanger
24-24-16-07 Metal marker (lacquer marker), Paint marker
22-14-01-07 Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
22-49-01-01 Metal plaster base, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
22-17-01-03 Metal plating (corrosion preventive), Corrosion protection material
33-14-04-00 Metal production plant (NF metal, complete)
27-14-09-03 Metal protection hose (electr. installation)
25-02-10-08 Metal prototype construction, Prototyping, prototype construction (development activity)
22-10-22-01 Metal roofing/wall lining (plumbing work), Plumbing work
26-03-05-01 Metal scrap (secondary raw materials)
24-24-21-01 Metal sharpener, Pencil sharpener
33-15-08-90 Metal spraying installation (complete, unclassified) (complete)
27-14-09-13 Metal tube (electronic installation)
27-11-06-29 Metal vapor lamp, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
24-31-15-03 Metal wall system, Room-in-room system
22-48-02-02 Metal wallpaper
23-06-01-03 Metal working oil (fluid)
21-05-01-05 Metal-core drill (electric, hand-operated)
24-26-17-02 Metal-gloss transparency for inkjet printers, Inkjet film
37-20-90-00 Metalic pipe connection (other)
37-20-90-90 Metalic pipe connection (other, unclassified)
25-09-02-02 Metallic coating (subcontracting)
24-24-04-01 Metallic lead for propelling coloured pencil, Lead (pencil)
24-34-07-09 Metallic streamer, Streamer
24-34-02-01 Metallic wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
25-14-11-06 Metallographic investigation (material and component)
18-16-92-00 Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (accessories, additional equipment)
18-16-90-00 Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (other)
18-16-91-00 Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (parts)
18-16-99-90 Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (repair, unclassified)
33-14-97-90 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., assem., uncl.)
33-14-90-90 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., other, uncl.)
33-14-99-90 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., repair, uncl.)
33-14-97-00 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (complete, assembly)
33-14-98-00 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (complete, maint., serv.)
33-14-99-00 Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (complete, repair)
25-25-04-04 Metalworking (training, further training)
30-19-62-02 Metanil yellow (Indikator dye)
27-14-23-16 Meter, Electronic electricity meter
27-20-04-09 Meter (cylinder. piston)
36-17-02-00 Meter (for fluids)
36-17-02-90 Meter (for fluids, unclassified)
36-17-03-00 Meter (for gases)
36-17-01-00 Meter (for solid matter)
36-17-91-01 Meter (for solid matter, parts)
36-17-01-90 Meter (for solid matter, unclassified)
27-20-04-06 Meter (gas)
27-20-04-07 Meter (oval disc)
27-20-04-10 Meter (water)
27-14-01-01 Meter cubicle (complete)
36-17-92-90 Metering and lock device (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-17-90-90 Metering and lock device (other, unclassified)
36-17-91-90 Metering and lock device (parts, unclassified)
36-17-01-01 Metering channel
36-17-01-02 Metering screw
39-02-13-01 Methanoic acid, Formic acid
25-02-10-01 Method analysis (development performance), Computation, simulation
25-14-08-02 Method development (laboratory, analysis)
25-14-08-00 Method development consultation, appraisal (laboratory, analysis)
25-25-04-02 Methods (training, further training), General technology (training, further training)
30-19-64-10 Methyl Red (Indicator dye)
31-39-06-11 Methylhydrosiloxane-octylmethylsiloxane copolymer
27-20-98-00 Metrology (maintenance, service)
27-20-99-00 Metrology (repair)
27-20-99-01 Metrology (repair)
27-24-22-16 Micro PC, Logic module
19-08-02-01 Micro complete system, Complete hi-fi system
27-26-08-00 Micro contr. (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
29-11-01-07 Micro fiber cloth, Cloth (cleansing)
19-08-92-04 Micro headphones, Headphones
32-03-13-03 Micro spatula (lab)
24-32-22-01 Micro-cassette for dictation machine, Dictation casette
19-11-01-01 Micro-film (material), Film stock (microfilming)
32-03-29-01 Micro-pipette filler , electrical (laboratory)
32-16-06-06 Microbiology (fast tests,lab)
32-01-22-00 Microcentrifuge (acc., lab)
32-01-22-01 Microcentrifuge, cooled (acc., lab)
24-29-28-91 Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
19-11-90-90 Microfilming (unclassified)
21-17-03-07 Micrometer
19-08-92-03 Microphone
19-02-05-04 Microphone (PC)
19-08-02-11 Microphone mixer, Audio/mixer/control panel
32-01-16-00 Microscope (lab)
21-17-06-15 Microscope (measurement tool)
25-14-11-04 Microscopy, micro analytics (material and component examination)
25-14-01-10 Microscopy, micro analytics (research and development)
34-30-01-03 Microsurgery scalpel
32-01-25-01 Microwave (acc., lab)
30-02-16-06 Microwave cleaning agent
36-16-05-03 Microwave dyer
29-02-02-06 Microwave oven (household appliance)
29-02-91-02 Microwave oven (parts)(household appliance), Cooker, oven (parts, household appliance)
19-03-03-01 Midi tower, Housing (PC)
19-07-04-10 Midi-power home connection amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
34-01-31-01 Migrane remedy
25-26-12-02 Migration, Infrastructure consulting (IT)
24-34-08-03 Mikado, Game of skill
30-02-12-02 Mild detergent
29-04-16-00 Milk, dairy prod., cheese, butter
29-04-16-01 Milk, dairy prod., cheese, butter
32-01-11-00 Mill (lab)
35-01-03-11 Mill bar (stain. steel), Flat stock (steel, alloyed)
24-26-11-04 Millimetre block (paper), Graph paper
25-09-07-06 Milling (subcontracting)
36-60-03-23 Milling a. boring centre (machine tool)
21-01-05-00 Milling cutter
21-05-05-00 Milling cutter (electr.)
21-01-05-04 Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
21-01-05-03 Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-01-05-90 Milling cutter (unclassified)
21-01-05-08 Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
21-02-05-01 Milling cutter chuck, Clamping tools
36-60-06-36 Milling cutter grinding machine (machine tool)
36-60-03-00 Milling machine (machine tool)
36-60-03-90 Milling machine (machine tool, unclassified)
35-04-13-00 Milling part (other material)
35-04-13-01 Milling part (other material)
35-01-13-00 Milling parts (iron)
35-01-13-01 Milling parts (iron)
35-02-13-01 Milling parts (non-ferrous metal)
35-03-13-00 Milling parts (plastic)
35-03-13-01 Milling parts (plastic)
36-60-92-03 Milling spindle (machine tool)
36-60-92-11 Milling spindle unit (machine tool)
29-02-07-05 Mincer (household appliance, electrical)
19-04-01-14 Mind mapping, Project management software
30-17-01-00 Mineral and inorganic filler
22-13-01-05 Mineral blend (building material)
26-01-03-00 Mineral extraction product (salts)
30-14-04-03 Mineral fiber (sealant)
22-22-02-02 Mineral fibre cloth, Fabric (building material)
22-22-02-01 Mineral fibre fleece, Felt, fleeces (building material)
22-21-01-02 Mineral fibre wall and ceiling board, Floor slab
22-21-01-01 Mineral material board, Plasterboard material
22-10-23-01 Mineral plaster (plastering work), Plaster work
34-01-32-01 Mineral preparation
38-05-02-04 Mineral salt (chemikal), Sodium chloride
25-14-09-01 Minerals (laboratory activity)
19-08-03-02 Mini CD player, Portable CD player
19-08-05-03 Mini DV S VHS HiFi recorder, Video recorder
24-34-07-03 Mini air balloon, Balloon
19-01-01-09 Mini database, Handheld
24-34-07-05 Mini festoon, Festoon, paper
21-16-03-02 Mini prism
24-34-07-11 Mini soap bubble machine, Soap bubbles
24-26-23-09 Mini stretch film (office packaging), Wrapping foil (office)
40-20-02-02 Mini symbols, Information sign (sticker)
19-08-05-01 Mini television, TV device
19-01-01-05 Mini-Tower, Personal computer
20-03-01-05 Mini-grip bag (plastic), Compression sealed bag (plastic)
29-02-02-20 Mini-kitchen
23-05-13-01 Miniature and instrument bearings
27-14-19-01 Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
27-14-34-01 Miniature distribution unit, CEE plug socket combination
27-14-20-01 Miniature fuse
27-14-21-07 Miniature fuse holder
27-37-17-01 Miniature timer relay, Standard timed relay
22-17-01-02 Minium, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
29-03-90-01 Minute timer (household), Knife (household)
19-07-01-04 Mirror, Satellite antenna
28-01-91-00 Mirror (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
21-17-06-16 Mirror (measurement tool)
22-36-03-03 Mirror (sanitary)
22-35-01-01 Mirror glass, Glass (building material)
22-25-03-02 Mission tile, Roofing tile
27-29-30-02 Mist seperator (pneumatics)
21-04-16-01 Mitre clamp, Screw clamp
40-01-12-03 Mittens
23-33-01-00 Mixed adhesive, Glue (technical)
25-15-02-28 Mixed insurance (unclassified)
27-11-06-37 Mixed light lamp
36-09-05-90 Mixer (agitator,other), Stirring system (unclassified)
29-07-02-01 Mixer (commercial kitchen appliance)
32-01-06-00 Mixer (lab)
36-09-02-00 Mixer (mechanical)
36-09-91-05 Mixer (mechanical, parts)
36-09-02-90 Mixer (mechanical, unclassified)
36-09-07-01 Mixer (static), Static mixer
22-36-01-01 Mixer for mounting on vertical surface (washstand) (sanitation), Fitting (sink)
22-36-01-04 Mixer tap (shower), Fitting (shower)
36-09-92-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (accessories, additional equipment)
36-09-97-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (assembly)
36-09-98-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (maintenance, service)
36-09-90-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (other)
36-09-91-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (parts)
36-09-99-00 Mixer, agitator, kneader (repair)
36-09-99-90 Mixer, agitator, kneader (repair, unclassified)
29-07-02-00 Mixer, stirrer (commercial kitchen appliance)
32-01-07-00 Mixer, stirrer (parts, lab.), Stirrer, mixer (parts, lab)
32-03-18-05 Mixing cylinder (lab)
33-10-06-00 Mixing installation (complete)
33-10-06-90 Mixing installation (complete, unclassified)
36-09-05-00 Mixing tank, Stirring system
41-07-01-02 Mobile (marketing)
24-31-13-03 Mobile Step-Stool (office)
27-28-01-01 Mobile bar-code reader
28-02-05-00 Mobile crane
28-02-05-01 Mobile crane
25-07-29-00 Mobile crane activity
19-06-92-05 Mobile device, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-06-92-01 Mobile device charger cradle, Recharger for hardware communication technology
24-30-14-01 Mobile display board with castors, Display board
24-30-01-02 Mobile flipchart with dry erasable surface, Flipchart board
25-24-07-04 Mobile network (communications service)
27-24-23-03 Mobile panel (display and control component)
22-21-02-04 Mobile partition (construction system component)
19-06-92-02 Mobile phone battery, Rechargeable battery for mobile telecommunication
24-23-08-03 Mobile phone clip, removable, Clip removable
24-22-01-13 Mobile phone holder
33-07-04-00 Mobile phone instal. (compl.), Telecommunication network (complete)
41-01-06-10 Mobile phone, attachments (promotional article)
24-30-12-02 Mobile projection screen, Tripod projection screen
22-10-01-03 Mobile scaffolding, working platform (scaffolding work)
25-20-03-02 Mobile service (catering), Caterer (service)
36-06-01-04 Mobile steam boiler (with firing)
19-06-01-06 Mobile telephone
21-07-04-04 Mobile trolley
24-31-01-02 Mobile workstation, Workbench (technical)
24-31-05-02 Moby (mobile container), Roller container
25-25-15-06 Model (training, further training), Design (training, further training)
21-04-06-02 Model construction cutter, Knife
24-25-15-02 Model-making brush set, Brush set
24-23-01-07 Modelling glue
24-33-14-02 Modelling material
19-04-01-07 Modelling software, Graphics software (workstation)
19-03-01-04 Modem, Long-distance data transmitter
19-03-05-02 Modem adapter, Communications adapter
19-07-04-01 Modem socket, Antenna connection outlet
24-30-15-04 Moderation paper
24-30-15-06 Moderation paper trolly
27-24-22-07 Modular control, SPS basic equipment
27-11-01-01 Modular light (installation, int.)
27-11-03-08 Modular light (int.)
21-10-04-01 Modular shelf, Shelf (workshop)
22-41-05-01 Modular unit (climate control)
27-37-10-10 Module, Component for protective circuit
22-33-04-05 Module, container
24-22-01-21 Moistener (office)
32-01-10-21 Moisture analyzer (accessories, lab)
27-15-11-00 Moisture measurement (non-radiometric, PAT))
27-11-03-01 Moisture proof light
21-13-01-02 Mold plate (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-21-03 Mold release solution (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
20-33-03-00 Molded part (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
35-04-09-01 Molded part (ceramic)
20-33-04-00 Molded part (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
20-33-90-90 Molded part (packing material, other, unclassified)
35-03-01-11 Molded part (plastic)
20-33-02-02 Molded part (plastic, other, packing material)
20-33-02-00 Molded part (plastic, packing material)
30-01-07-06 Molecular sieve
25-14-01-05 Molecule simulation and spectrum calculation (R&D), Surface analysis (research and development)
38-18-08-01 Molybdenum
38-18-08-06 Molybdenum(IV) oxide
38-18-08-07 Molybdenum(VI) oxide
38-18-08-16 Molybdenum, roasted
24-29-29-01 Money count register, Coin counter tray, note compartement
24-29-29-00 Money deposit
25-15-14-01 Money market (financial service)
34-27-90-05 Monitor (functional diagnostics)
19-02-01-00 Monitor (information technology)
19-02-90-01 Monitor (other)
19-02-99-01 Monitor (repair)
19-03-05-10 Monitor T switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
24-21-05-01 Monitor filter, Screen filter
27-24-24-02 Monitor installation device
27-36-03-03 Monitor installed equipment (industry compact computer)
24-31-03-03 Monitor stand
24-31-03-02 Monitor swivel arm
27-18-05-01 Monitor working place, Cabinet/case for PC, Monitor or Periphery
25-24-04-06 Monitoring, Computing center operation (service)
25-22-01-04 Monitoring civil construction work, Construction monitoring
27-37-18-00 Monitoring equipment (low-voltage switch technology)
21-04-01-90 Monkey wrench, Wrench (unclassified)
34-25-06-02 Mono-J ureteral stent
24-20-03-02 Monochrome transfer roll for thermal sublimation printers, Thermotransfer roll
27-06-18-03 Monomode cable, Fibre optic cable
34-31-06-08 Monopolar forceps (HF surgery)
38-07-02-09 Monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate
28-04-90-02 Monorail
24-29-03-01 Month index, File index
24-30-21-01 Monthly planner for time planning systems, Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
24-30-18-12 Monthly stripe calendar
24-30-18-09 Monthly wall calendar
24-30-18-14 Moon calendar, Celebration planner
34-44-06-01 Moor pack, Thermotherapeutic healing pack
28-07-01-00 Moped, Bicycle (motor)
28-07-99-00 Moped (repair), Bicycle (repair)
27-11-06-32 Moped headlamp, Vehicle lamp
23-19-01-01 Mortise lock, pre-adjusted section cylinder
17-07-20-00 Mortising machine (wood working)
17-07-20-90 Mortising machine (wood working, unclassified)
22-47-01-08 Mosaic
25-12-13-00 Motel, Hotel, guesthouse, pension (travel management)
24-26-10-05 Motif card for printer, Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-08-05 Motif design paper for copiers, PC motive paper
24-29-01-01 Motif file, Lever arch file
24-33-15-01 Motif for handicraft napkin, Napking for napking tecniques
24-28-07-01 Motif name label (sender label), Address label, sender label
24-33-09-00 Motive design
24-33-09-03 Motive embossing tool
29-10-03-04 Motive napkin, Paper napkin motive
24-33-09-01 Motive punch
21-04-06-01 Motive scissors, Scissors
24-33-09-02 Motive scissors (discontinued)
24-33-09-04 Motive stamp
24-33-10-02 Motive stamp accessorys
27-14-41-04 Motor, Tube motor
27-02-30-04 Motor (gear), Gear motor with added decentralized components
27-02-30-90 Motor (gear), Gear motor (unclassified)
27-02-99-00 Motor (gear, electr.), Electrical drive (repair)
27-02-22-01 Motor (high-voltage, > 6 kV), High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-22-02 Motor (high-voltage, > 6 kV), High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC, e
27-30-11-00 Motor (hydraulics)
27-30-11-90 Motor (hydraulics, unclassified)
41-02-04-02 Motor bike (prizes, promotional article)
28-01-04-00 Motor bus, Bus
27-14-92-00 Motor control device, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-14-40-25 Motor control insert, Shutter switch
28-07-91-03 Motor cycle (parts)
25-15-02-09 Motor personal accident insurance, Car insurance
25-15-02-25 Motor personal luggage insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
27-37-18-10 Motor protection, Temperature monitoring equipment
27-37-14-06 Motor switch, Star triangle switch
27-37-14-07 Motor switch, Reversing switch
25-15-02-11 Motor third-party criminal protection, Legal expenses insurance
28-01-02-00 Motor truck
28-01-02-90 Motor truck, unclassified
28-01-92-00 Motor vehicle (accessories)
28-01-92-90 Motor vehicle (accessories, unclassified)
28-01-01-00 Motor vehicle (auto), Private car
28-10-02-00 Motor vehicle (container), Container (vehicle)
28-10-01-00 Motor vehicle (tank), Tank (vehicle)
27-02-23-02 Motor with operating condenser, Condenser engine
27-02-26-04 Motor with permanent magnet, Stepper motor
28-04-01-05 Motor-coach train
28-07-91-02 Motorcycle of <50cm3 capac. (parts)
23-31-02-00 Motorized Spindles
17-07-11-00 Moulding a. planing machine (wood working)
17-07-11-90 Moulding a. planing machine (wood working, unclassified)
21-01-09-01 Moulding turning tool, Lathe chisel, tool
24-26-12-10 Mount cardboard, Passepartout carton
23-05-16-00 Mounted bearing unit
27-18-92-34 Mounting accessories (switchgear cabinet)
24-31-04-02 Mounting accessories for swivel arm
40-02-02-01 Mounting base, Chain barrier post, barrier post
32-01-19-02 Mounting base for laboratory autoclave, floor model (accessories, laboratory)
27-14-09-08 Mounting clamp for installation tube
27-14-34-02 Mounting jack, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
27-14-34-04 Mounting jack, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-37-12-07 Mounting plate, Installation plate for command devices
23-15-91-00 Mounting rail, Fastening aids (parts)
23-15-91-01 Mounting rail (fastening aids)
23-33-03-03 Mounting tape
19-02-04-01 Mouse
27-23-02-03 Mouse (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
24-21-04-03 Mouse holder
41-01-01-04 Mousepad (promotional article)
24-31-15-01 Movable acoustic wall, Wall unit, partition (space pattern)
22-51-01-01 Movable scaffolding, Scaffolding
22-10-39-02 Moveable partition wall (dry lining work), Wall system (dry construction work)
27-14-40-08 Movement alarm unit sensor
27-20-03-02 Moving coil current meter, Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
19-03-02-01 Moving disk, Disk drive (PC)
27-23-02-10 Moving load (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
25-04-11-02 Mowing, Gardener service
34-46-02-00 Moxa article
34-46-02-90 Moxa article (unclassified)
32-01-08-23 Muffle furnace (lab)
24-33-05-04 Mulberry tree paper, Paper made of natural fibres
22-54-02-02 Mulcher (garden waste), Garden equipment
27-14-11-25 Multi level installation terminal block
24-26-17-04 Multi purpose transparency film
36-60-01-13 Multi spindle bar automatic (machine tool)
36-60-92-09 Multi spindle boring unit (machine tool)
36-60-01-14 Multi spindle chucking automatic (machine tool)
36-60-02-06 Multi spindle drilling machine (machine tool)
36-63-90-33 Multi stage press (machine tool)
27-29-09-03 Multi-axis movement, robot (pneumatics)
23-03-10-06 Multi-disc clutche
19-02-02-08 Multi-functional printer
19-01-01-04 Multi-processor, Workstation (information technology)
24-34-03-06 Multi-purpose card, Congradulations card (neutral)
24-23-01-01 Multi-purpose glue, All-purpose glue (office)
24-23-01-10 Multi-purpose glue (two-component glue, office, handicrafts), Two-component glue (office, handicrafts)
24-28-06-03 Multi-purpose label for slides, Slide label
27-11-06-15 Multi-purpose lamp, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
21-17-05-04 Multi-sensor measuring machine
36-13-01-00 Multi-shaft extruder, Extruder
36-63-01-10 Multi-stage press for solid forming (machine tool)
19-07-02-02 Multi-subscriber system, Satellite system
27-14-11-34 Multi-tier terminal, Panel feed-through terminal block
24-30-18-08 Multi-year calendar, Year overview
24-30-05-01 Multiboard flipchart, Copyboard
24-24-05-02 Multicolour ballpoint pen
24-24-06-02 Multicolour ballpoint pen lead
36-08-24-04 Multifuel burner
24-26-08-00 Multifunction design paper, PC design paper
24-31-01-03 Multifunction desk, Side table
24-24-09-01 Multifunction pen
24-24-10-01 Multifunction pen lead
24-24-10-90 Multifunction writing supplies (unclassified)
27-37-17-02 Multifunctional timed relay (discontinued)
34-17-14-04 Multifunctional, modular Lithotripters
34-17-14-02 Multifunctional, urological Workplaces
22-29-02-03 Multilayer board
19-02-05-00 Multimedia (information technology)
25-26-12-00 Multimedia application (EDP consultation), Information and communication technologies (consulting)
19-03-01-11 Multimedia case, Fiber optics patch panel
24-32-19-02 Multimedia projector, Data projector, video projector
27-20-03-01 Multimeter electr. Values
19-07-04-07 Multiple LNB, Feeder system (receiver technology)
24-29-06-01 Multiple Pendaflex binder, Suspension binder (oscilating)
19-07-04-08 Multiple amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
24-26-07-01 Multiple computer paper, Fanfold paper
27-14-91-00 Multiple cover frame, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
24-29-05-01 Multiple hanging binder, Suspension binder
24-22-04-03 Multiple hole punch, Adjustable punch
25-26-07-04 Multiple project management, Project consulting
24-22-04-04 Multiple punch, Diary punch
27-14-26-04 Multiple socket outlet
19-07-04-05 Multiple switches (receiver technology)
36-43-14-90 Multiple vane blower, Blower (unclassified)
36-63-01-08 Multiple-die wide frame drawing press (car body press, machine tool)
40-05-01-03 Multiple-gas detector
19-03-01-19 Multiplexer
27-26-07-00 Multipole conn. (plug-in sock.), Connector
37-01-04-05 Multiport Ball Valve
37-01-02-13 Multiport Globe Valve
24-26-10-02 Multiprint business card with colour gradation, Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-09-06 Multiprint business card with protective laminate, Business card with protective laminate
24-26-10-04 Multiprint business card with textured structure, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-10-03 Multiprint business card, marbled, Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
24-26-10-01 Multiprint business card, single colour, pre-printed, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
24-26-09-00 Multiprint card (paper), PC card plain (paper)
24-26-08-06 Multiprint certificate paper, Certificate paper, preprinted
24-26-10-00 Multiprint design card (paper), PC design card preprinted (paper)
24-26-06-04 Multiprint paper
19-07-04-09 Multiswitch, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
27-22-01-02 Multiturn actuator (electr.), Part-turn valve actuator (electr., fitting)
27-22-91-02 Multiturn actuator (pneu., parts), Actuator (pneumatic, parts)
25-05-06-01 Municipal waste (disposal)
34-44-01-03 Muscle stimulator (physiotherapy), Stimulator (physiotherapy)
29-04-24-00 Mushroom (fresh, frozen), Fruit, veg. (fresh, frozen)
27-37-12-21 Mushroom button, Complete unit hanging switch
23-12-04-01 Mushroom head rivet, Full rivet
29-04-26-00 Mushroom(dried), Dried fruit, dried vegetable
25-25-15-03 Music (training, further training)
24-28-02-11 Music cassette label, Audio label
19-08-04-03 Music clock, Clock radio
41-14-09-06 Music-realisation (marketing)
41-14-09-05 Musik-compostion/arrangement (marketing)
29-04-27-00 Mustard, vinegar, mustard, Vinegar, mustard, pickles

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