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19-07-04-03 N resistor, Load resistor (receiver technology)
30-25-02-02 N,N'-Ethylene-bis(3,4,5,6-tetrabromophthalamide), Brominated organic flame retardant
39-03-04-06 N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine
27-04-98-00 N. b. power supply (maint., serv.), Power supply (maintenance, service)
27-06-20-01 N2GFA, Single core cord
27-06-20-06 N2GMH2G, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
27-06-21-02 N2X2Y, Low voltage power cable
27-06-22-05 N2XS(F)2Y, Medium voltage power cable
27-11-03-12 NAH lamp, Industrial reflector (int.)
27-24-21-00 NC (numerical control)
21-01-01-01 NC centre drill (non-removable blades), Twist drill
27-02-21-03 NEMA motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
27-02-21-08 NEMA motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, NEMA)
27-06-20-02 NGFLG-U, Flat cable
27-14-21-06 NH lower part, Low-Voltage HRC fuse base
27-06-20-05 NHMH-J, Installation cable
24-24-16-08 NLS high-tech marker, Marker for special purposes
27-06-20-10 NLSCY, Control cable
27-02-21-01 NS short-circuited rotor ASM (IEC), Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-06-23-04 NYFAD, Loudspeaker cable
27-06-20-09 NYIF, In-wall installation cable
27-06-20-07 NYLHYrd, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
23-12-03-01 Nail, Wire nail
40-03-01-07 Nail case (manicure), Manicure articles
23-14-03-00 Nail clamp, Cable clip
23-12-03-02 Nail for nailing machines
23-12-03-00 Nail, pin
24-30-16-04 Name badge
24-30-17-04 Name badge fastening
24-30-17-05 Name badge holder
24-28-07-01 Name label (sender label), Address label, sender label
24-30-09-05 Name label for planer, Magnetic lable
41-03-02-02 Name plate (conference, marketing)
24-32-16-03 Name plate foil jacket for cold lamination, Pouch for cold laminators
24-32-16-02 Name plate foil jacket for hot laminator, Pouch for hot laminators
24-22-10-02 Name stamp self-colouring, Selfinking stamp
19-04-01-32 Name tag software, ERP, goods management software (workstation)
24-33-15-03 Napking for napking techniques
24-33-15-01 Napking for napking tecniques
24-29-16-07 Narrow eyelet binder, Insertion flat file
24-25-20-08 Narrow print stencil, Font template
22-30-01-00 Narrow staircase, stairs, Stairs, stair step
23-17-02-01 Narrow v-belt, V-belt
34-24-02-04 Nasal endotracheal tube
34-29-02-08 Nasobiliary catheter or tube, Biliary endoprosthesis
34-05-80-10 Natriumascorbat (Vitamin), Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
36-06-01-05 Natural circulation boiler (with firing)
33-06-05-00 Natural draft cooling tower (compl.), Recooling plant (complete)
33-06-05-04 Natural draft cooling tower (complete)
24-33-12-05 Natural feather (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
22-22-02-02 Natural fibre cloth, Fabric (building material)
22-22-02-01 Natural fibre fleece, Felt, fleeces (building material)
20-42-01-03 Natural fibre string (office), String (natural fiber, packaging aid)
22-48-02-05 Natural fibre textile wallpaper, Textile wallpaper
26-04-02-01 Natural gas (fuel gas)
36-15-02-04 Natural gas fueling station, Refueling facility (for gases)
24-23-01-03 Natural gum glue, Rubber stick
22-18-02-02 Natural hewn stone brick, Building stone, brick
22-17-04-02 Natural resin plaster, Plaster, plaster system
25-25-01-00 Natural science (training, further training)
19-04-01-21 Natural speaking, Voice recognition software
29-11-01-10 Natural sponge, Sponge, steel wool (cleaning)
22-16-01-02 Natural stone
22-10-14-00 Natural stone and concrete work
22-10-14-01 Natural stone and concrete work
22-23-01-05 Natural stone tile, External facing (other materials)
22-10-24-01 Natural stone tile (tile work), Tile and slab work
22-18-02-03 Natural stonework facing brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
22-15-03-01 Natural stonework gutter, Drainage channel
22-48-02-04 Natural wallpaper, Paper wallpaper
22-48-02-03 Natural wallpaper
26-04-09-10 Natural water (partly sterilized and filtered)
27-06-19-01 Naval cable, Communication ship-cable
19-08-01-05 Navigation, Car navigation
25-07-19-00 Navigation (water freight), Sea transport
26-02-04-02 Neat's foot oil (industrial use)
37-02-02-01 Neck flange (alloyed special steel), Weld-neck flange (steel)
27-20-02-13 Neck pipe, Thermowell (thermoelement)
24-31-12-01 Neck support for seating furniture, Chair equipment
37-03-05-14 Necking (non-ferrous), Reducing piece (NF metal)
37-07-05-14 Necking (oth.mat.), Reducer (other metal)
37-02-05-14 Necking (plain carbon steel), Reducer (steel)
37-06-05-14 Necking (plastic), Reducer (thermoplastic)
24-34-13-02 Necklace, Costume jewellery for children
21-04-08-00 Needle, Scraper, needle, awl, deburrer
23-05-09-05 Needle bush (needle bearing), Drawn cup needle roller bearing with open end
23-05-09-06 Needle case (needle bearing), Drawn cup needle roller bearing with closed end
34-30-09-01 Needle holder (medical instrument)
24-26-07-01 Needle printer paper, Fanfold paper
23-05-09-04 Needle roller and cage assemblie
23-05-09-07 Needle roller bearing, machined
23-05-11-02 Needle roller thrust bearing
23-05-12-03 Needle roller/cylindrical roller thrust bearing
23-05-12-02 Needle roller/thrust ball bearing
37-01-02-03 Needle valve, Control valve
24-29-20-19 Negative pouch, Photo pouch
24-35-01-03 Negotiating guide, Companion
24-23-01-05 Neon glue, Glue for handicrafts
27-06-22-04 Neon-tube cable
19-07-92-03 Neoprene sleeve, Antenna assembly materials
27-14-21-10 Neozed switch disconnector
34-25-08-04 Nephrostomy catheter
34-22-07-92 Nerve stimulator (accessories), Block anaesthesia supplies (accessories)
34-44-01-03 Nerve stimulator (physiotherapy), Stimulator (physiotherapy)
24-22-13-03 Net adaptor for scale (office), Main adapter for scale (office)
25-26-12-02 Network (consultation), Infrastructure consulting (IT)
19-03-05-03 Network adapter
19-03-01-06 Network card (LAN)
27-23-02-06 Network card (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
27-25-02-01 Network component (field bus)
19-03-01-00 Network components (components)
19-03-98-01 Network components (maintenance, inspection)
19-03-90-01 Network components (other)
27-18-02-00 Network enclosure, Server enclosure (floor-standing)
25-24-03-02 Network installation, Hardware installation (IT)
25-24-03-01 Network installation (IT)
25-24-08-02 Network layout digitisation
19-06-92-04 Network outage module, Telephone system module
24-32-19-02 Network projector, Data projector, video projector
19-03-01-18 Network repeater
27-32-05-02 Network retail scale
19-03-01-17 Network switch
25-25-03-08 Network technology, network security (training, further training)
27-14-11-39 Neutral busbar
33-05-03-90 Neutralizing plant (complete, unclassified)
24-34-03-07 New Year card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-34-01-06 New Year's Eve candle, Candle for festive occasions
24-28-08-01 New label, Reference, text label
22-30-01-01 Newel stairs, Stairs
24-30-18-14 News calendar, Celebration planner
41-14-08-12 Newspaper clipping (Media service), Media service
24-25-11-01 Nib ink, Indian ink
24-25-11-04 Nib ink (Indian ink), China indian ink
21-04-03-02 Nibbler, Cutter
38-19-07-01 Nickel
34-05-26-02 Nifedipine (active substance)
24-34-08-05 Nine men's morris, Board game
38-18-05-01 Niobium
24-22-01-07 Nip tray, Paraphernalia
21-04-03-01 Nipper pliers, Pliers
22-36-06-06 Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
23-06-10-13 Nipple (grease), Lubricating arrangement (oil)
34-40-07-03 Nipple or breastfeeding cream
38-06-01-00 Nitrogen, nitrogen-hydrogen compound, azide
25-05-07-10 No hazard. matrl. in rental containers for solid/semi-solid matrl. (wst. tprt.)
27-04-99-00 No-break power supp. (repair), Power supply (repair)
27-04-06-00 No-break power supply (complete)
21-17-02-04 No-go plug gauge, Diameter gauge
21-02-08-01 No-work magnet, Magnetic clamping tools
32-03-25-00 Noble metal (lab)
36-64-04-02 Noise (motor vehicles, full-vehicle), Acoustic test system (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
24-23-07-06 Noise buffers (office), Protection buffers (office)
25-02-04-12 Noise pollution insulation (structural planning), Sound insulation, acoustics (building planning)
24-32-25-01 Noise protection
22-33-06-01 Noise protection wall
37-01-08-01 Non return valve
19-03-04-01 Non-breaking current supply, UPS system (PC)
36-41-91-90 Non-clog. pump (canned motor, parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
27-37-13-02 Non-delay auxiliary switch, Auxiliary switch block
25-14-11-08 Non-destructive examination (material and component)
35-02-07-00 Non-ferrous foil, Foil (NF metal)
35-02-01-00 Non-ferrous profile, Profile (NF metal)
35-02-02-01 Non-ferrous wire, Wire (NF metal)
24-30-03-02 Non-magnetic whiteboard, Whiteboard
24-26-12-07 Non-printed document paper (elephant skin), Elephanthide
27-29-20-00 Non-return valve (pneumatics)
22-36-01-08 Non-return valve (sanitary)
22-36-01-09 Non-return valve (sanitation)
22-21-01-01 Non-transparent plastic board, Plasterboard material
34-21-02-03 Non-woven compress
41-09-14-00 Nonprint, Multimedia (marketing)
40-02-08-03 Nonslip surface
17-02-10-00 Nonwovens production, wadding, felting, hat making
17-02-10-90 Nonwovens production, wadding, felting, hat making (unclassified)
24-25-20-04 Nordpfeil stencil, Template for survey, house automation
27-11-06-15 Normal lamp, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
27-26-11-01 Not pluggable printed circuit board terminal
25-10-12-00 Notary office activity
25-10-12-90 Notary office activity(unclassified)
25-14-11-02 Notch impact bending test, Destructive examination (material and component)
36-63-05-03 Notching lines (machine tool)
24-29-30-03 Note banderol, Coin-, banknote counting supplies
24-26-02-03 Note book (ring folder), College pad
24-26-01-02 Note cube
41-01-01-09 Note holder (promotional article), Desk-accessories (promotional article)
24-26-01-03 Note paper, Removable self stic note
24-22-01-15 Note stand, Spike file
24-29-30-01 Note tester, Banknote tester
24-26-01-00 Note, note cube
19-01-01-00 Notebook, System (information technology)
24-33-03-01 Notebook, Booklet for school
27-24-24-01 Notebook, Industrial PC
27-36-01-01 Notebook (industry PC) (discontinued)
19-01-01-07 Notebook PC
24-36-02-04 Notebook bag, notebook suitcase
24-21-05-01 Notebook blinds filter, Screen filter
24-30-18-02 Notebook diary, Calendar book / calendar journal
24-26-02-01 Notepad
24-31-16-01 Notice box (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-27-01-01 Notice, correspondence, information
40-20-02-02 Noxious substances label, Information sign (sticker)
20-12-91-02 Nozzle (cartridge)
21-04-91-07 Nozzle (grease gun), Lubricating device (parts)
36-48-02-00 Nozzle, atomizer
36-48-02-90 Nozzle, atomizer (unclassified)
40-01-10-00 Nuclear area clothing, Special clothing
26-04-06-00 Nuclear fuel
25-15-02-01 Nuclear plant liability insurance, General liability insurance
25-15-02-25 Nuclear plant material insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
33-04-05-90 Nuclear power plant (complete, unclassified)
34-16-09-00 Nucleic acid
24-34-08-03 Number game, Game of skill
24-29-03-01 Number index, File index
24-28-08-02 Number label, Letter-, number label
24-27-01-12 Number pad, Form for catering trade
24-22-10-01 Number stamp (office), Stamp (office)
21-04-07-05 Number stamp (set)
24-22-10-03 Numberer, Stamp for paginating
21-04-13-01 Numbering tool, Labeling tools
25-15-02-06 Nursing pension insurance, Life insurance
23-11-12-01 Nut (complete, with bolt )
23-05-92-03 Nut (roller bearing), Precision locknuts, seal carrier assemblie (rolling bearing accessories)
23-11-07-00 Nut (round, n-edged)
23-11-08-06 Nut (special type)
21-04-15-02 Nut Splitter
24-25-20-03 Nut stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
21-04-30-90 Nut-rivet installation tool, Tool (hand, various, unclassified)
36-41-05-01 Nutating disk pump, Axial piston pump
34-42-90-03 Nutrient feed
25-25-02-05 Nutrition, housekeeping (training, further training)
24-20-08-01 Nylon calculator ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for desk calculator
24-28-09-90 Nylon cord for hanging tag (pricing), Pricing label (unclassified)
24-20-04-01 Nylon ink ribbon (printer), Ink ribbon for matrix printer
24-33-12-07 Nylon thread (handicrafts essentials), Perlon threat
24-20-07-01 Nylon typewriter ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for type writer

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