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25-15-02-03 P&I insurance, Transport insurance
27-20-06-14 P-transducer, Measuring system (absolute pressure)
21-17-92-01 P/E converter, Meauring instrument, length (accessories)
27-24-22-07 PC, SPS basic equipment
27-36-90-00 PC (ind. PC/microcomputer, compact comp., programmer, other)
27-36-90-90 PC (ind. PC/microcomputer, compact comp., programmer, other, unclassified)
27-23-02-26 PC , process computer
19-02-04-01 PC Mouse, Mouse
24-27-01-08 PC bank form, Transaction form
27-24-22-15 PC based automation (discontinued)
24-28-10-02 PC bottle label, Bottle label
24-26-09-05 PC business card with magnetic backing, Business card magnetic
24-26-09-06 PC business card with protective laminate, Business card with protective laminate
24-26-09-01 PC business card, plain, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
27-24-22-14 PC cable, SPS cable connection
24-26-09-00 PC card plain (paper)
24-31-11-01 PC chair, Swivel office chair, swivel office armchair
19-03-03-00 PC components, Hardware components
24-27-01-07 PC court order to pay, Accounting-, cash report form
24-27-01-05 PC delivery note, Dispatch-, delivery form
24-26-10-00 PC design card preprinted (paper)
24-26-08-00 PC design paper
24-31-01-01 PC desk (desk), Desk
24-31-01-02 PC desk (desk), Workbench (technical)
19-06-92-05 PC dialler, Telecommunication enhancement component
27-18-05-01 PC enclosure, Cabinet/case for PC, Monitor or Periphery
24-28-01-02 PC film label
24-27-01-01 PC form (fax, notification), Notice, correspondence, information
24-27-01-02 PC form (order, purchase), Order, purchasing form
24-32-11-03 PC labelling, Label printer
24-26-08-05 PC motive paper
24-26-06-00 PC paper for printers and copier
27-24-22-09 PC power supply, SPS power pack
24-20-04-01 PC printer ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for matrix printer
27-24-22-10 PC programming, SPS programming hardware
24-27-01-03 PC salary form, Salary, accounting form
24-28-01-11 PC security label
24-29-04-04 PC spine label (self-adhesive)
24-26-17-08 PC transparency (backprint), Backprint film
24-26-17-02 PC transparency (inkjet), Inkjet film
24-26-17-03 PC transparency (laser), Film for laser printers
24-26-17-05 PC transparency (thermo-transfer), Foil for thermotransfer printer
24-26-17-04 PC transparency (universal), Multi purpose transparency film
24-26-17-06 PC transparency, self-adhesive, Film self-adhesive
24-26-17-07 PC transparency, weatherproof, Film weatherproof
24-33-07-04 PC window foil (handicraft foil), Window foil (for handicrafts)
25-04-09-03 PC workstation (facility), Information management (facility)
27-24-25-01 PC-Software, SPS programming software
19-03-05-10 PCB T switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
27-26-07-04 PCB connector
27-26-11-01 PCB terminal block, Not pluggable printed circuit board terminal
19-03-01-06 PCI Network board, Network card (LAN)
19-03-03-09 PCI graphics board, Graphic card
24-21-01-12 PCMCIA PC card, Memory card for terminal
27-23-02-00 PCS components (parts)
24-21-01-03 PD-Disk
19-01-01-09 PDA, Handheld
24-24-10-01 PDA lead for multifunctional writing instrument, Multifunction pen lead
24-24-09-01 PDA stylus (multifunction pen), Multifunction pen
32-01-15-05 PH meter (acc., lab)
27-15-07-00 PH, redox, conductivity (PAT)
27-15-07-02 PH-electrode (PAT)
27-21-09-03 PI/IP transformer
24-32-08-05 PIN Number for shredders, Shredder (accessory, other)
27-18-05-07 POI, Kiosk system
19-12-01-00 POS display (electronic)
19-12-02-00 POS display (electronic, hardware)
19-12-02-90 POS display (electronic, hardware, unclassified)
19-12-03-00 POS display (electronic, software)
24-27-03-00 POS display form, blank, ledger (filled)
24-23-10-00 POS display, adhesive (office, handicraft, filled)
24-29-31-00 POS display, arrangement, archiving (filled)
24-36-04-00 POS display, bag, suitcase (filled)
24-36-04-90 POS display, bag, suitcase (filled, unclassified)
24-34-14-00 POS display, gift items, private supplies, party and household items (filled)
24-34-14-90 POS display, gift items, private supplies, party and household items (unclass.)
24-26-24-00 POS display, paper, foil, shipping packaging (office, filled)
24-30-22-00 POS display, planning, training, presenting, scheduling (filled)
24-24-27-90 POS display, writing utensil, pencil sharpener, eraser, correct. fluid (uncl.)
30-24-03-01 PPG-5-Laureth-5 (defoaming agent), Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether (defoaming agent)
25-26-03-02 PPS systems (consultancy), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
27-14-22-01 PRCD, Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
27-20-02-08 PT 100 feeler (resist. thermometer), Temperature measuring electr. complete
32-01-32-05 PTFE-tube (laboratory)
27-06-20-06 PUR hose pipe, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
23-33-02-01 PVC adhesive tape
27-14-06-02 PVC cable conduit, Installation conduit (plastic)
27-06-20-02 PVC flat cable, Flat cable
27-14-40-31 PVC line inlet, Cable entry
27-06-20-09 PVC-cable, In-wall installation cable
22-29-35-02 PVC-edge, Security edgings
27-06-20-07 PVC-hose pipe, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-05 PVC-sheathed cable, Installation cable
34-32-07-01 Pace maker (implant)
34-32-95-01 Pace maker, impl. cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), introduction, training)
34-32-08-90 Pacing lead, implantable cardioverter defibrillator lead (implant, unclassified)
24-26-23-01 Pack of envelopes, Envelope
24-34-03-02 Pack of envelopes with design, Design envelope
23-07-01-01 Pack ring, Seal (top view circular)
19-07-02-02 Package, Satellite system
20-40-01-00 Package insert , paper
25-07-28-01 Packaging (logistics)
20-42-90-00 Packaging aid (other)
17-10-01-02 Packaging layout design system (pre-press)
33-14-18-00 Packaging line (Metallurgical plant a. rolling mill, complete)
36-52-92-00 Packaging machine (accessories, additional equipment)
36-52-92-90 Packaging machine (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-52-97-00 Packaging machine (assembly)
36-52-97-90 Packaging machine (assembly, unclassified)
36-52-98-00 Packaging machine (maintenance, service)
36-52-90-00 Packaging machine (other)
36-52-90-90 Packaging machine (other, unclassified)
36-52-91-00 Packaging machine (parts)
36-52-91-90 Packaging machine (parts, unclassified)
36-52-99-00 Packaging machine (repair)
36-52-99-90 Packaging machine (repair, unclassified)
21-06-06-10 Packaging nailer (comp. air)
25-07-24-01 Packaging service, External manufacturing & confectioning (logistics)
25-07-28-00 Packaging service (logistics)
25-07-28-90 Packaging service (logistics, unclassified)
23-33-02-00 Packaging tape, Scotch tape, one-sided (technical)
35-01-04-03 Packaging tape (stain. steel), Hoop steel (steel, alloyed)
34-41-02-00 Packaging, labelling material (sterilization)
36-01-01-02 Packed column
36-01-01-03 Packed tower
21-04-15-01 Packer remover (seals), Take-off device
23-07-01-03 Packing (flat, oval), Seal (top view oval)
23-07-01-02 Packing (flat, square, prof.), Seal (top view square)
23-07-08-90 Packing (shaft seals), Shaft seal (unclassified)
24-22-14-02 Packing X-band (rubber band, office), X-band (office)
24-26-11-02 Packing and drawing paper, Drawing paper
24-22-14-01 Packing band (rubber band, office), Elastic band (office)
20-17-02-01 Packing case, Folding bottom box (cardboard)
20-14-05-00 Packing case made from corrugated paperboard, Crate (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
35-01-04-01 Packing hoop iron (plain carbon steel), Steel band (steel, unalloyed)
20-03-01-06 Packing list bag, Document bag (plastic, packing material)
24-26-23-08 Packing paper roll (office), Wrapping paper (office)
33-03-33-00 Packing plant (complete)
33-03-33-90 Packing plant (complete, unclassified)
34-21-03-01 Packing strip
24-23-05-02 Packing tape PVC (office), Carton sealing tape PVC (office)
24-23-06-01 Packing tape dispenser (office), Dispenser for carton sealing tape (office)
21-04-12-00 Packing tools
21-04-12-01 Packing tools
24-26-02-01 Pad, Notepad
24-26-02-03 Pad (college), College pad
24-22-01-04 Pad clip (office), Clipboard (office)
24-34-03-01 Pad of handmade paper, Writing pad
24-26-23-04 Padded envelope
20-42-02-02 Padding (corrugated paperboard, packaging aid)
20-42-02-05 Padding (plastic, packaging aid)
34-20-03-90 Padding material (medicine, unclassified)
36-16-04-02 Paddle drier
36-09-02-06 Paddle mixer
24-26-01-05 Page marker, Tape flag
24-22-01-18 Page markers dispenser
19-04-01-26 Page processing, Web publishing software
19-06-01-09 Pager
24-22-10-03 Paginater, Stamp for paginating
24-33-06-06 Paint and handicraft calendar, Calendar for handicrafts
30-28-01-00 Paint and lacquer
30-28-01-01 Paint and lacquer
24-24-16-07 Paint marker
21-04-11-03 Paint roller
21-06-11-00 Paint spraying device
21-06-11-92 Paint spraying device (accessories)
21-06-11-91 Paint spraying device (parts)
25-25-08-12 Paint, enamel, solvent, cleaning agent (training, further training)
22-17-01-02 Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
21-04-11-02 Paintbrush
24-25-15-07 Paintbrush (bristle), Bristle brush
24-25-15-06 Paintbrush (retouching), Gloss over brush
24-25-15-01 Paintbrush (school), School drawing brush
24-25-15-03 Paintbrush (watercolours), Watercolour brush
24-25-15-02 Paintbrush set, Brush set
27-06-02-01 Painted nealed wire
24-23-03-09 Painter crepe (painter crepe, office), Masking tape for painters (office)
22-10-34-02 Painting and varnishing work
24-26-11-01 Painting block, Drawing block
24-26-12-09 Painting cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
24-33-11-06 Painting crayon (textile colour), Textile colour
22-17-01-00 Painting material, Coating substance, paint (structural engineering)
25-16-01-21 Painting, graphic arts (19th century)
25-16-01-31 Painting, graphic arts (before 1800)
25-16-01-11 Painting, graphic arts (classical modernism)
25-16-01-01 Painting, graphic arts (contemporary)
22-10-34-00 Painting, wallpapering and varnishing work
22-10-34-90 Painting, wallpapering and varnishing work (unclassified)
24-25-22-02 Pair of compasses (office)
23-21-01-03 Pair of door knobs/handles
23-21-07-04 Pair of door knobs/handles (anti-panic fittings)
23-21-06-04 Pair of door knobs/handles (fire protection fittings)
22-16-01-01 Palisade, Building stone
22-16-01-02 Palisade, Natural stone
22-33-06-02 Palisades, steles, thresholds
20-26-03-02 Pallet (Skeleton container)
20-26-99-01 Pallet (corrective maintenance)
20-26-05-00 Pallet (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
20-26-03-00 Pallet (metal, packing material)
20-26-02-04 Pallet (plastic recyclate)
20-26-02-01 Pallet (plastic)
20-26-02-00 Pallet (plastic, packing material)
20-26-02-91 Pallet (plastic, parts)
20-26-01-06 Pallet (plywood)
20-26-03-01 Pallet (steel)
20-26-01-00 Pallet (wood)
20-26-01-91 Pallet (wood, parts)
20-26-01-90 Pallet (wood, unclassified)
20-24-03-02 Pallet container, Rectangular container (pallet container, corrugated cardboard)
36-52-12-02 Pallet dismantling machine (depalletizer)
41-04-01-04 Pallet display (marketing)
36-52-12-90 Pallet forming, dismantling a. securing machine (unclassified)
24-25-18-08 Pallet knife, Spatula
21-07-91-01 Pallet trolley (parts)
36-12-03-01 Pallet truck
36-52-12-01 Palletizing machine
23-01-01-02 Palm grip
26-02-03-11 Palm oil (industrial use)
24-21-04-02 Palm pad, Wrist rest, wrist pad
41-09-05-00 Pamphlet, Advertising prints, brochures, leaflets (marketing)
22-22-01-01 Pan insulation, Insulating system
36-18-02-10 Pan mill
22-35-01-00 Pane (glass), Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-35-01-01 Pane (glass), Glass (building material)
19-08-07-01 Panel, Hi-fi/TV furniture
22-29-03-01 Panel
27-18-21-00 Panel (switchgear cabinet)
27-33-02-01 Panel PC (display and control component) (discontinued)
27-36-01-02 Panel PC (industry PC) (discontinued)
27-14-11-34 Panel feed-through terminal block
22-39-03-03 Panel heating (building material)
27-24-24-01 Panel-PC, Industrial PC
24-35-04-02 Panorama map, Map
36-46-01-06 Panoramic elevator (electrical)
29-02-02-20 Pantry kitchen, Mini-kitchen
40-01-01-02 Pants
40-01-10-02 Pants (fire service), Special clothing (pants)
40-01-07-02 Pants (flame proof), Flame proof pants
40-01-04-02 Pants (rain), Rain protection pants
19-09-02-04 Paper (art print), Art paper
20-29-90-00 Paper (packing material, other)
19-09-02-05 Paper (poster)
20-29-01-00 Paper (roll, packing material)
23-33-02-04 Paper adhesive tape
29-12-01-02 Paper basket, Waste bin
40-03-02-05 Paper bib
30-09-01-01 Paper chemical
24-22-09-02 Paper clip (corner clip), Corner clip (office)
24-22-09-04 Paper clip (office), Letter clip (office)
24-22-01-09 Paper clip box, Clip holder (office)
24-32-17-00 Paper cutting machine, Cutting machine
24-32-17-04 Paper cutting machine (electrical guillotine), Guillotine electrical
24-32-17-03 Paper cutting machine (guillotine), Guillotine manuel
24-32-17-02 Paper cutting machine (trimmer), Trimmer (Cutting machine)
24-22-01-02 Paper desk mat, Desk mat
24-22-09-06 Paper fastener
19-06-01-03 Paper fax machine, Fax
24-34-07-05 Paper festoon, Festoon, paper
24-26-06-02 Paper for inkjet printers, Inkjet paper
24-26-13-00 Paper for plotters
24-26-13-01 Paper for plotters
24-26-03-01 Paper for typewriters, Typewriter paper
21-01-13-18 Paper grinding roller, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
24-22-05-01 Paper guide for punches
29-12-01-01 Paper hand towel dispenser, Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
40-01-91-04 Paper hat, Hard hat (parts)
24-29-03-01 Paper index A-Z, File index
24-33-14-02 Paper mach+, Modelling material
24-33-05-04 Paper made of natural fibres
24-24-16-03 Paper marker, Flipchartmarker
24-29-29-01 Paper money compartment, Coin counter tray, note compartement
29-10-03-04 Paper napkin motive
29-10-03-03 Paper napkin plain
24-26-04-00 Paper roll for office machines
24-26-04-90 Paper roll for office machines (unclassified)
24-32-17-01 Paper rotary trimmer, Rotary trimmer (Cutting machine)
24-22-12-01 Paper scale (office), Mechanic scale
21-04-06-01 Paper scissors, Scissors
41-02-02-02 Paper shopping bag (promotional article)
24-29-04-01 Paper spine labels, Cardboard spine label
24-29-04-03 Paper spine labels (self-adhesive)
29-10-03-02 Paper table cloth, Table cloth paper
40-03-01-06 Paper towels (discontinued), Sanitary paper (discontinued)
24-22-01-23 Paper turning hedgehog, Finger cone (office)
22-48-02-04 Paper wallpaper
24-24-23-02 Paper wiper
24-26-90-00 Paper, foil, packing materials (office, other)
24-26-90-90 Paper, foil, packing materials (office, other, unclassified)
22-48-01-00 Paper, pasteboard (building material)
22-48-01-90 Paper, pasteboard (building material, unclassified)
25-05-06-03 Paper, pasteboard, cardboard box (disposal)
24-22-09-05 Paperclip, Foldback clip (office)
19-07-01-04 Parabolic antenna, Satellite antenna
19-07-92-02 Parabolic antenna mount, Antenna support fixture
34-05-04-12 Paracetamol (active substance)
24-34-01-05 Paraffin candle for grave light, Grave candle
34-44-06-01 Paraffin pack, Thermotherapeutic healing pack
27-29-09-04 Parallel air gripper
21-17-06-10 Parallel block
23-03-10-04 Parallel crank coupling
37-01-01-01 Parallel flat slide gate valve, Gate valve
27-14-05-03 Parallel heat. band (self limit.), Heater band (self-delimiting)
27-14-05-04 Parallel heating band, Heater band (parallel)
24-32-23-01 Parallel trolley for drafting machine, Drafting machine
21-02-06-03 Parallel vice
27-36-04-05 Parameter setting software (programming device, industry PC)
24-22-01-07 Paraphernalia
24-22-12-03 Parcel scale, electronic (office), Electronic parcel scale (office)
25-07-05-01 Parcel service, Letter service, parcel service
21-01-04-00 Paring reamer, Reamer
25-25-04-07 Park (training, further training), Garden, landscape gardening (training, further training)
40-01-05-04 Parka, Cold weather coat
25-12-12-01 Parking fee, Extra travel expenses (travel management)
40-02-02-01 Parking hoop guard, Chain barrier post, barrier post
40-02-02-02 Parking lot barrier, Roadblocks, barriers
24-34-08-00 Parlour game
24-34-08-90 Parlour game (unclassified)
22-46-01-01 Parquet, Wood flooring
22-10-28-00 Parquet and wood floor work
22-10-28-90 Parquet and wood floor work (unclassified)
22-10-28-01 Parquet laying work
21-13-22-00 Part conveyor
22-12-01-03 Part turnkey building work, Turnkey, partially turnkey construction activity (skill category)
27-22-01-02 Part-turn valve actuator (electr., fitting)
27-22-02-02 Part-turn valve actuator (pneumatic, fitting)
22-41-11-02 Particle filter for ventilation system
30-21-22-00 Parting agent, Separating agent
21-01-19-01 Parting plate, Cutting tip (cramped)
21-10-12-00 Partition (plant equipment)
21-10-12-90 Partition (plant equipment, unclassified)
22-21-02-04 Partition curtains, Mobile partition (construction system component)
19-04-02-06 Partition manager, Storage management software (server)
23-27-03-02 Partition support
22-10-39-02 Partition wall system for sanitary rooms (dry lining work), Wall system (dry construction work)
27-14-11-33 Partitioning disc, End and partition plate for terminal block
25-26-01-01 Partner affairs (consultancy), Management consultant
25-20-03-02 Party and floor service (catering), Caterer (service)
24-34-07-03 Party article (air balloon), Balloon
24-34-07-10 Party article (confetti), Confetti
24-34-07-06 Party article (foil festoon), Festoon, foil
24-34-07-08 Party article (pennant), Flag chain
24-34-07-11 Party article (soap bubbles), Soap bubbles
24-34-07-09 Party article (streamer), Streamer
24-34-01-08 Party candle, Table torch, garden torch
24-34-07-00 Party essentials
24-34-07-90 Party essentials (unclassified)
28-05-04-03 Passenger boat
28-01-91-23 Passenger car (parts)
28-01-99-02 Passenger car (repair)
25-25-09-01 Passenger carriage (training, further training)
36-46-01-01 Passenger elevator (electrical)
25-14-01-12 Passenger protection (trial), Functional test (research and development)
24-26-12-10 Passepartout carton
27-37-17-01 Passing break-contact relay, Standard timed relay
22-17-01-03 Passivation (corrosion preventive), Corrosion protection material
27-14-40-08 Passive infrared motion detector, Movement alarm unit sensor
24-29-20-09 Passport pouch, Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
17-01-07-00 Pasta processing machinery
17-01-07-90 Pasta processing machinery (unclassified)
23-33-01-02 Paste, Dispersion adhesive
23-06-01-02 Paste (lubricant), Lubricant (pasty)
24-34-13-02 Paste gem ring, Costume jewellery for children
36-13-05-90 Paste-mould blowing machine (unclassified)
22-48-01-02 Pasteboard (building material)
24-24-23-01 Pastel chalk cleaner (soft rubber), Disperse eraser
24-25-03-04 Pastel pencil
32-03-26-10 Pasteur-pipette (laboratory)
29-04-07-01 Pastries, salt pastries
29-04-15-00 Pastry, Gelatine, pate
29-04-06-00 Pastry (fresh), Fresh bakery goods, cake
25-15-02-20 Pasture animal insurance, Animal insurance
27-14-34-18 Patch cord (perilex)
19-03-01-11 Patch panel, Fiber optics patch panel
25-10-10-02 Patent (legal protection, service)
25-25-13-06 Patent law, copyright (training, further training)
25-10-10-04 Patented design (legal protection, service)
25-26-03-01 Patents (consultancy), Development and production (consulting)
24-34-08-03 Patience game, Game of skill
34-17-21-00 Patient Monitoring
34-17-21-01 Patient Monitoring (discontinued)
34-17-40-08 Patient Safety
34-40-90-00 Patient care supplies (other)
34-40-90-90 Patient care supplies (other, unclassified)
34-43-01-06 Patient lift
34-43-92-05 Patient lift (accessories)
34-43-91-05 Patient lift (parts)
25-01-05-03 Patrol duty (fire department), Fire protection control
25-01-01-03 Patrol duty (security)
34-30-25-04 Pattern or template (hip implant)
22-16-90-00 Pavement coating, curbstone and corner block (other)
22-16-90-90 Pavement coating, curbstone and corner block (other, unclassified)
22-10-80-01 Paving (streets, road building), Road construction work
19-06-01-01 Pay telephone, Telephone
24-26-23-02 Payday envelope, Dispatch envelope
25-26-06-03 Payment transactions (consultancy), Financial accounting, payments (consulting)
25-14-13-01 Payroll computation, Specific measuring sevice
24-35-01-02 Payroll office - lexicon, Enciclopedia
25-26-06-02 Payslip, Operational accounting (consulting)
24-33-12-05 Peacock feather (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
27-14-31-26 Peak load monitor, Bus system energy management
27-11-06-15 Pearl candle, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
24-22-14-06 Pearl wax, Sealing wax
22-22-01-02 Pearlite insulating material, Insulating material
24-30-18-14 Peasant calendar, Celebration planner
22-13-01-01 Peat, Soil (building material)
22-13-01-04 Pebbles, Gravel, sand (building material)
27-37-12-18 Pedal, Foot switch
24-30-16-01 Pedestal stand, Letterboard
36-12-03-21 Pedestrian type truck (floor conveyor)
23-10-01-01 Peg
35-01-01-04 Peiner (steel, unalloyed), Girder (steel, unalloyed)
33-14-01-07 Pellet plant (complete)
32-03-37-02 Pellet titration burette (laboratory)
36-13-20-02 Pelleting equipment
24-36-01-06 Pen case, Writing utensil case
24-26-13-03 Pen plotter paper Velin, Velinpaper for plotters
24-26-13-04 Pen plotter tracing paper, Tracing paper for plotters
24-26-19-01 Pen plotter transparency, Film for plotters
41-01-01-01 Pencil (promotional article), Writing materials (promotional article)
24-24-01-02 Pencil (shorthand), Shorthand pencil
24-24-19-02 Pencil for carpenter, Carpenter pen
24-24-04-01 Pencil lead, Lead (pencil)
24-25-02-01 Pencil lead, Drop pen lead
24-24-21-01 Pencil sharpener
24-24-21-02 Pencil sharpener (machine), Sharping machine
41-01-01-09 Pencil tray (promotional article), Desk-accessories (promotional article)
24-29-06-01 Pendaflex binder, Suspension binder (oscilating)
24-29-06-08 Pendaflex file (test card), Suspension signalization card (oscilating)
27-37-12-10 Pendant station, Front element for push-button actuators
24-29-06-05 Pendlaflex binder, Suspension collector (oscilating)
24-29-06-06 Pendlaflex file, Suspension file (oscilating)
24-29-06-04 Pendlaflex folder, Suspension folder (oscilating)
24-31-07-10 Pendulum filing shelves, Shelf, shelving system (office equipment)
21-02-03-01 Pendulum holder, Screw tap chuck
36-18-02-11 Pendulum mill
22-17-01-01 Penetrating sealer (coating), Coating material
32-03-03-13 Penicillin flask (laboratory), Culture flask (parts, laboratory)
34-38-03-01 Penile sheath (self-adhesive), Condom urinal (self-adhesive)
25-12-13-04 Pension (travel management)
25-15-14-02 Pension market (financial service)
30-25-02-02 Pentabromodiphenylether (flame retardant), Brominated organic flame retardant
24-31-01-07 Pentagonal board (linking element), Chaining element
25-15-02-04 People accident insurance, General accident insurance
21-01-01-02 Percussion drill
34-24-92-38 Percussion massage device (respiratory therapy)
21-04-31-02 Percussion press, Lubricator
35-04-04-02 Perforated board (other materials)
35-03-04-02 Perforated board (plastic)
24-29-20-01 Perforated plastic pocket
35-01-05-13 Perforated sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
41-05-03-02 Perforated wall panel hooks (marketing)
24-31-11-04 Perforated-sheet bench, Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
24-31-11-03 Perforated-sheet chair, General-purpose chair
22-21-01-02 Perforated/slot plasterboard, Floor slab
25-26-01-08 Performance test (office organization), Office organization (consulting)
24-34-01-04 Perfumed candle, Candle perfumed
22-33-08-01 Pergola, Arbor
27-14-40-37 Perilex coupler, Travel plug device
38-05-06-03 Periodic acid
34-30-17-02 Periosteal elevator (with handle), Raspatory (with handle)
19-02-98-00 Peripheral device (PC, maintenance, service)
19-02-90-00 Peripheral device (PC, other)
19-02-91-00 Peripheral device (PC, parts)
19-02-90-90 Peripheral device (PC, unclassified)
24-33-12-07 Perlon threat
27-02-24-01 Permanent magnet motor, Synchronous motor (IEC)
24-24-16-02 Permanent marker (CD marker), CD marker
24-24-18-01 Permanent marker ink, Marker ink
36-60-08-09 Perpendicular rotation center (transfer machine)
33-03-12-00 Person elev. (electr., compl), Elevator installation (electrical, complete)
33-03-12-01 Person elevator (electrical, complete)
19-01-01-00 Personal Computer, System (information technology)
29-03-14-00 Personal care appliance (household, manual)
19-01-01-05 Personal computer
29-02-91-10 Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
29-02-14-07 Personal hygiene set
24-31-05-02 Personal mobile container, Roller container
25-01-04-00 Personal protection (security agency)
25-01-04-01 Personal protection (security agency)
24-29-24-03 Personal record card, File card for special application
34-34-03-04 Personal scale (ward equipment)
25-18-90-00 Personal service (other)
25-18-90-90 Personal service (other, unclassified)
25-01-06-02 Personal transportation (security agency)
25-25-19-00 Personality development (training, further training)
25-25-19-90 Personality development (training, further training, unclassified)
25-11-09-00 Personnel administration
25-26-09-01 Personnel consulting
25-26-09-00 Personnel consulting, personnel management (consulting)
25-26-10-00 Personnel development (consulting)
25-26-10-90 Personnel development (consulting, unclassified)
25-11-06-02 Personnel leasing, Temporary manpower
25-26-09-04 Personnel management (consulting)
25-26-09-02 Personnel organization (consulting)
25-11-04-02 Personnel planing
25-11-06-00 Personnel recruitment
25-11-06-90 Personnel recruitment(unclassified)
25-11-07-00 Personnel-marketing
25-11-90-00 Personnelmanagement (other)
25-11-90-90 Personnelmanagement (other, unclassified)
25-04-10-05 Pest control, Vermin destruction
34-16-04-00 Petides and proteines
32-03-02-09 Petri dish (lab)
33-18-01-00 Petrochemical plant (complete)
33-18-01-90 Petrochemical plant (complete, unclassified)
33-18-97-90 Petrochemical plant (general, complete, assembly, unclassified)
33-18-99-90 Petrochemical plant (general, complete, repair, unclassified)
34-05-83-00 Pharmaceutical additive (active substance)
34-05-83-01 Pharmaceutical additive (active substance)
25-09-15-90 Pharmaceutical clinical samples packaged for studies (unclassified)
25-09-14-90 Pharmaceutical contract development (unclassified)
34-05-36-00 Pharmaceutical for circulation support (active substance)
33-01-03-00 Pharmaceutical plant (complete)
33-01-03-90 Pharmaceutical plant (complete, unclassified)
27-14-31-23 Phase angle dimmer actuator, Bus system dimming actuator
27-02-42-00 Phase control, AC regulator
27-02-42-01 Phase control, AC regulator
27-20-03-10 Phase sequence indicator, Cyclic measuring appl.
39-02-33-01 Phenol
30-21-01-05 Phosphate, phosphoric acid ester (plasticizer)
38-07-03-04 Phosphonic acid
30-25-03-01 Phosphoric acid tributoxyethylester (flame retardant), Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
38-07-01-01 Phosphorus
38-07-02-00 Phosphorus pentoxide, phosphorus acid, phosphate
24-23-08-01 Photo adhesive strips, Removable adhesive flag
19-10-02-07 Photo bag, Bag and case for photo camera and video camera
24-30-18-13 Photo calendar (pre-printed), Art calendar
19-10-01-01 Photo camera
19-10-01-00 Photo camera, video camera
19-10-02-00 Photo camera, video camera (accessories)
19-10-90-02 Photo camera, video camera (accessories, other)
19-10-91-01 Photo camera, video camera (parts)
24-20-02-03 Photo conductor (laser printer), OPC drum (laser printer)
32-03-02-03 Photo dish (lab)
19-10-03-01 Photo film, Film for photo camera
24-23-03-04 Photo film, Double-sided tape
24-26-18-04 Photo frame transparency, Doublesided self-adhesive film
24-23-01-04 Photo glue, Glue for photos
24-28-10-07 Photo label, Sticker
19-10-03-00 Photo material
19-10-90-03 Photo material (other)
41-14-05-05 Photo model (advertising other services), Staff (advertisement, other services)
24-26-06-05 Photo paper
24-26-13-05 Photo paper for plotters
24-29-20-18 Photo pocket
24-29-20-19 Photo pouch
19-04-01-27 Photo scanning programs, Scan software
24-30-09-01 Photo strip, Magnetic rail (office)
27-11-06-25 Photo studio lamp, High voltage halogen lamp
19-10-98-00 Photo technology, video technology (maintenance, service)
19-10-90-00 Photo technology, video technology (other)
19-10-90-90 Photo technology, video technology (other, unclassified)
19-10-99-00 Photo technology, video technology (repair)
19-10-99-90 Photo technology, video technology (repair, unclassified)
24-34-04-01 Photo-album
24-34-05-01 Photo-album insert sheet
19-09-05-01 Photo-camera, camera (discontinued)
24-32-01-01 Photocopier, Desk copier, office copier
24-31-01-03 Photocopier trolley, Side table
24-26-06-01 Photocopy paper, Copy paper
19-02-02-08 Photocopying apparatus, Multi-functional printer
41-14-07-07 Photographic conceptual design (PR)
41-14-04-10 Photographic conceptual design (advertisement)
19-09-04-01 Photographic mat. (Photo-camera) (discontinued)
19-09-04-00 Photographic mat., film mat. (discontinued)
25-16-01-16 Photography (classical modernism)
25-16-01-06 Photography (contemporary)
32-01-18-00 Photometer (acc., lab)
27-15-03-90 Photometer, dispersion photometer, diffraction (PAT, unclassified)
33-04-01-00 Photovoltaic plant (complete)
33-04-01-90 Photovoltaic plant (complete, unclassified)
25-26-05-03 Physical Distribution (goods flow consultancy), Goods flow (consulting)
25-26-02-04 Physical distribution (consultancy), Sales design (consulting)
32-01-17-00 Physical meas. instr. (acc., lab)
32-01-17-03 Physical meas. instr. (other, lab)
34-43-92-00 Physical rehabilitation devices (accessories)
34-43-01-90 Physical rehabilitation product (unclassified)
25-14-11-02 Physical test, Destructive examination (material and component)
36-61-97-00 Physico-chemical process machine tool (assembly)
36-61-90-00 Physico-chemical process machine tool (other)
36-61-91-00 Physico-chemical process machine tool (parts)
27-06-18-01 PiMF line, Data cable
25-07-28-02 Picking (logistics)
29-03-90-02 Picking knife (household)
29-04-27-00 Pickles, vinegar, mustard, Vinegar, mustard, pickles
36-57-92-02 Pickling bath recovery facility
25-14-11-08 Picture analysis (material examination), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
19-04-04-01 Picture archieving and communication system software (PACS)
24-35-04-01 Picture atlas, Atlas
24-35-01-01 Picture dictionary, Dictionary
24-34-06-01 Picture frame
24-34-06-02 Picture frame hook
24-34-06-00 Picture frame, frame hanger
24-34-06-90 Picture frame, frame hanger (unclassified)
24-31-16-01 Picture hook (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
19-08-05-07 Picture processing device, Video editing device
25-16-01-42 Pictures (art print)
27-20-13-04 Piezoresistive sensor
27-20-13-01 Piezoresistive sensor (abs. and rel. pressure )
37-01-12-00 Pigging systems
37-01-12-91 Pigging systems (Parts)
30-19-28-17 Pigment black 7
30-19-22-01 Pigment white 6
22-10-06-05 Piling work
36-13-20-01 Pill machine
27-18-26-01 Pillar (switchgear cabinet)
22-36-01-01 Pillar cock (sanitation), Fitting (sink)
36-60-02-03 Pillar-type drilling machine (machine tool)
29-13-02-03 Pillow (beddings)
27-24-22-16 Pilot relay, Logic module
19-08-01-05 Pilot system, Car navigation
27-21-09-00 Pilot transformer, Transformer
24-36-02-03 Pilot's case, Attache case
27-26-07-00 Pin (plug-in sock.), Connector
21-04-01-00 Pin wrench, Wrenches
23-12-90-00 Pin, nail, hook, rivet (other)
23-10-01-00 Pin, peg
23-10-01-90 Pin, peg (unclassified)
21-01-21-03 Pin-shaped broaching tool
24-30-03-08 Pinboard (cork board), Corkboard
24-30-03-07 Pinboard (self-sticking), Self sticking board
24-30-03-09 Pinboard (textile), Felt board
24-30-15-04 Pinboard paper, Moderation paper
24-30-15-06 Pinboard paper frame, Moderation paper trolly
27-38-91-90 Pinn machine (parts), Robotics, Assembly (parts, unclassified)
37-03-04-00 Pipe (NF metal)
37-03-91-00 Pipe (NF metal, parts)
22-14-92-00 Pipe (building material, accessories)
22-14-92-90 Pipe (building material, accessories, unclassified)
27-14-09-00 Pipe (cable prot.), Installation pipe (electr. installation)
25-13-09-01 Pipe (dismounting), Disassembly (pipeline)
21-04-91-07 Pipe (grease), Lubricating device (parts)
37-07-91-00 Pipe (other materials, parts)
37-07-04-00 Pipe (other metal)
37-14-08-01 Pipe (ready-to-fit) (Duroplast, GFK)
37-06-04-01 Pipe (round, thermoplastic)
37-02-04-00 Pipe (steel)
37-02-04-01 Pipe (steel)
37-02-91-00 Pipe (steel, parts)
37-02-91-90 Pipe (steel, parts, unclassified)
37-06-04-00 Pipe (thermoplastic)
37-14-04-00 Pipe (thermosetting plastic, GRP)
22-14-90-00 Pipe and pipe fitting (building material, other)
22-14-90-90 Pipe and pipe fitting (building material, other, unclassified)
36-63-13-08 Pipe bending machine (machine tool)
21-04-11-05 Pipe brush (hand), Brush (technical)
37-02-05-17 Pipe cap (plain carbon steel), Cap (steel)
20-38-01-13 Pipe cap (plastic), Transport seal (plastic)
24-29-28-91 Pipe clamp, Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
23-14-02-00 Pipe clamp
23-14-02-02 Pipe clamp
24-33-12-09 Pipe cleaner (handicrafts essentials), Cenille stick
37-03-05-19 Pipe connecting piece (non-ferrous), Branch, nozzle (NF metal)
21-04-03-02 Pipe cutter, Cutter
36-63-14-02 Pipe drawing machine (machine tool)
22-10-85-01 Pipe driving, tunneling
27-14-03-02 Pipe earthing clamp
37-07-05-01 Pipe elbow (oth.mat.), Elbow (other matal)
37-12-08-08 Pipe elbow (w. inliner), Flanged elbow (steel with lining)
37-02-05-21 Pipe fitting (plain carbon steel), Y-branch (steel)
37-01-13-01 Pipe inspection glass, Sight flow indicator
36-63-90-08 Pipe manufacturing machine (machine tool)
27-14-40-27 Pipe motor control, Shutter control
37-06-05-90 Pipe piece for fix point (plast.), Fiting (thermoplastic, unclassified)
21-01-16-03 Pipe saw blade (machine), Saw blade (machine)
37-02-05-19 Pipe socket (plain carbon steel), Branch, nozzle (steel)
22-41-10-02 Pipe sound absorber for ventilation system
37-92-01-00 Pipe support
37-10-01-00 Pipeline (distant heating, ready for installation)
37-10-01-01 Pipeline (distant heating, ready for installation)
37-08-98-00 Pipeline (maintenance, service)
37-08-98-01 Pipeline (maintenance, service)
37-08-99-01 Pipeline (repair)
37-06-91-00 Pipeline (thermoplastic, parts)
25-13-02-00 Pipeline assembly
25-13-02-01 Pipeline assembly
37-16-06-90 Pipeline components (hydraulics, unclassified)
37-15-06-00 Pipeline components (pneumatics)
37-17-06-90 Pipeline components (vacuum, unclassified)
22-10-44-01 Pipes (gas installation), Gas line installation
22-10-44-03 Pipes (sewage installation), Sewage line installation
22-10-44-02 Pipes (water installation), Water line installation
20-39-01-01 Pipette (glass, packing material)
32-03-26-90 Pipette (laboratory, unclassified)
32-03-30-90 Pipette filler (accessories, laboratory, unclassified)
32-03-27-07 Pipette tray (laboratory)
32-03-27-00 Pipette, trad. tubular shape (accessories, laboratory)
32-03-26-00 Pipette, trad. tubular shape (laboratory)
22-10-40-02 Piping (installation heating surfaces), Heating surface installation
27-29-40-00 Piping (pneumatics)
27-29-40-01 Piping (pneumatics)
37-14-08-00 Piping (ready for installation) (thermosetting plastic, GRP)
37-12-08-00 Piping (steel with lining)
27-14-92-00 Piping motor control, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
25-02-01-02 Piping planning
24-25-20-03 Piping stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
34-05-10-02 Piracetam (active substance)
20-12-92-01 Pistole (Cartridge)
20-12-91-01 Piston (Cartridge, plastic)
27-30-15-03 Piston accumulator (hydraulics)
36-43-02-02 Piston compressor (oil lubricated)
27-22-03-00 Piston drive (hydraulic), Actuating drive (hydraulic, fitting)
36-41-05-03 Piston membrane pump, Membrane pump
36-41-05-02 Piston pump
22-13-01-08 Pitch asphalt concrete, Asphalt
21-17-02-01 Pitch gauge
23-24-01-02 Pivot-tilt fitting
24-30-03-03 Pivoting chalk board, Chalk board
29-13-01-01 Place mats, Table linen
24-30-16-06 Place name holder, place card
25-11-06-03 Placement of personnel
23-05-01-00 Plain bearing
23-05-01-91 Plain bearing (parts)
24-29-13-01 Plain folder
27-28-01-04 Plain text reading
22-25-03-01 Plain tile (normal tile), Roof stone
25-26-06-01 Plan balance sheet, Controlling (consulting)
21-05-12-00 Plane (electr.)
21-05-12-01 Plane (electr.) (discontinued)
21-05-26-90 Plane (rechargeable, non-classified)
32-03-09-17 Plane flange (flat ground, parts, laboratory)
22-33-04-03 Plane load-bearing structure, Foyer
23-32-01-05 Planetary gear units
25-09-07-05 Planing (subcontracting)
21-10-02-01 Planing bench, Workbench (system workpl., workshop)
36-60-04-00 Planing, shaping, slotting a. broaching machine (machine tool)
36-60-04-90 Planing, shaping, slotting a. broaching machine (machine tool, unclassified)
22-29-01-01 Plank
24-30-04-08 Planning accessories
25-26-02-06 Planning and control of overseas activities, External trade consultation
25-12-15-00 Planning and organization (travel management)
25-12-15-01 Planning and organization (travel management)
25-12-15-90 Planning and organization (travel management, unclassified)
25-26-03-05 Planning of the plant structure, Factory and plant planning (consulting)
24-31-21-01 Planning workplace, Workplace configuration
25-02-90-00 Planning, engineer. service (other)
25-02-90-90 Planning, engineering (unclassified)
22-54-03-01 Plant
27-41-01-01 Plant Information Management (PIM)]
27-41-01-05 Plant Maintenance Management System (PMMS)]
25-13-08-01 Plant construction (dismounting), Disassembly equipment, machine, system
25-13-01-01 Plant construction (installation), Assembly equipment, machine, system
21-10-99-90 Plant equip. (repair, unclassified)
27-11-90-06 Plant light
25-22-90-00 Plant management (other)
25-22-90-90 Plant management (other, unclassified)
26-02-03-00 Plant oil and fat (industrial use)
26-02-02-00 Plant parts, plant extracts (industrial use)
25-25-04-09 Plant safety (training, further training), Security, factory security (training, further training)
25-26-03-04 Plant security (consultancy), General operational organization (consulting)
26-02-08-00 Plant seed, shredded grain, meal (industrial use)
25-22-02-00 Plant support
25-22-02-01 Plant support (complete)
25-22-02-05 Plant support (maintenance)
25-22-02-06 Plant support (repair)
22-54-03-00 Plant, planting soil
22-54-03-90 Plant, planting soil (unclassified)
21-10-91-00 Plant/workshop equip. (parts)
21-10-91-90 Plant/workshop equip. (parts, unclassified)
21-10-90-00 Plant/workshop equipment (other)
21-10-90-90 Plant/workshop equipment (other, unclassified)
22-10-03-06 Planting of greenery on roofs and facades
22-54-03-02 Planting soil
22-10-03-07 Planting work
33-01-01-00 Plasma chem. instal. (compl.), Chemical plant (complete)
36-61-04-01 Plasma cutting machine (machine tool)
36-62-04-02 Plasma cutting press (machine tool)
36-08-24-08 Plasma generator
33-15-09-00 Plasma installation (diffusion a. coating, complete)
33-15-09-90 Plasma installation (diffusion a. coating, complete, unclassified)
19-02-01-03 Plasma monitor
33-15-15-00 Plasma surface treatment plant (complete)
33-15-15-90 Plasma surface treatment plant (complete, unclassified)
34-18-03-01 Plaster (zinc oxide rubber adhesive, sold per metre)
22-17-02-01 Plaster filler, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
34-30-19-06 Plaster saw (medical instrument, manual)
22-49-01-01 Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
22-10-23-01 Plaster work
22-17-04-02 Plaster, plaster system
22-10-23-00 Plaster, stucco, facade insulation work
22-10-23-90 Plaster, stucco, facade insulation work (unclassified)
22-10-39-00 Plasterboard (dry lining), Dry construction work
22-21-01-01 Plasterboard material
22-17-04-01 Plasterboard screed, Wet cement
22-10-36-01 Plastic (flooring work), Floor covering work
23-15-22-00 Plastic anchor
35-03-03-00 Plastic bar, Rod material (plastic)
24-33-12-04 Plastic bead (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts form
27-06-04-00 Plastic cable, Ready-made power line
25-09-02-03 Plastic coating (subcontracting)
24-32-14-01 Plastic comb for punching and binding systems
27-05-01-03 Plastic container (accum., battery), Acid bath (accum. , battery)
23-17-06-01 Plastic cord, Cable
24-29-17-01 Plastic cover, Rapid file accessory
22-10-27-02 Plastic door (carpentry work), Door, gate (joiner work)
24-29-01-02 Plastic double file, Double file folder
24-24-22-01 Plastic eraser, Eraser
22-52-02-02 Plastic fence, Fence, fencing system
35-03-02-01 Plastic fiber
24-29-01-01 Plastic file, Lever arch file
22-46-03-00 Plastic flooring
22-46-03-01 Plastic flooring
35-03-05-00 Plastic foil, Foil (plastic)
19-10-02-06 Plastic frame, Slide frame
24-23-01-06 Plastic glue (office, handicrafts), Glue for plastic (office, handicrafts)
22-15-03-01 Plastic gutter, Drainage channel
22-27-03-01 Plastic guttering, Gutter
24-29-05-05 Plastic hanging file, Suspension file
27-06-20-01 Plastic industrial line, Single core cord
35-03-01-11 Plastic injection moulding parts, Molded part (plastic)
27-06-22-04 Plastic neon-tube cable, Neon-tube cable
22-15-01-01 Plastic outlet, Drain
25-05-06-12 Plastic packaging (disposal)
22-35-01-02 Plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-19-02-01 Plastic pavement light, Basement light shaft
22-14-01-05 Plastic pipe, fitting (building material)
22-15-04-01 Plastic prefabricated shaft, Finished shaft, prefabricated shaft component
33-08-03-00 Plastic processing plant (complete)
33-08-03-90 Plastic processing plant (complete, unclassified)
22-27-03-02 Plastic rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
22-27-92-02 Plastic roof accessories, Roof waterproofing (accessories)
24-25-19-02 Plastic ruler (cutting), Cuting ruler (office, school)
22-15-04-02 Plastic shaft cover, Shaft cover
22-26-01-04 Plastic sheet (roof waterproofing)
22-25-04-01 Plastic shingle, Shingle
24-20-07-01 Plastic typewriter ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for type writer
22-48-02-01 Plastic wallpaper
21-08-02-01 Plastic welding mach., Welding machine (plastic)
22-10-27-01 Plastic windows (carpentry work), Window (joiner work)
30-21-01-00 Plasticizer
30-14-02-00 Plastics (sealant)
25-25-08-09 Plastics, polymers (training, further training)
36-01-92-01 Plate (f. column)
35-04-04-00 Plate (other materials)
23-07-13-00 Plate (packing), Sealant plate
35-03-04-00 Plate (plastic)
21-13-01-12 Plate (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
36-62-01-09 Plate a. section shear (machine tool)
36-01-01-01 Plate column
36-63-13-02 Plate edge pre-bending machine (machine tool)
21-06-01-01 Plate grinder (compressed air), Grinder (comp. air)
36-04-01-02 Plate heat exchanger
35-03-04-01 Plate material (plastic)
17-10-04-02 Plate processor (pre-press)
36-20-20-01 Plate type eletrostatic filter (for gases)
21-13-01-00 Plate, strip (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
27-32-01-02 Platform scale
21-07-03-01 Platform truck, Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
28-01-02-00 Platform truck (>=7.5t), Motor truck
32-03-25-00 Platinum (lab), Noble metal (lab)
26-01-06-03 Platinum (mineral)
24-32-21-03 Playback device, Transcriber
19-08-02-03 Player, CD player, CD recorder
24-34-08-01 Playing-card
24-22-06-01 Plier (office)
21-04-03-01 Pliers
21-04-91-14 Pliers, cutter (tool, parts)
21-04-03-00 Pliers, pipe cutter, glass cutter
19-02-02-07 Plotter
24-20-05-01 Plotter pen
21-17-03-01 Plotting ruler, Ruler (tool)
27-14-34-09 Plug, CEE plug
27-14-34-17 Plug, Ex CEE plug
22-36-06-08 Plug (fitting, steel, installation)
27-26-91-00 Plug case (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
27-14-40-28 Plug connector protective housing, Child protection device insert
27-14-23-17 Plug timer, Clock relay (electrical)
37-01-04-16 Plug valve
24-33-12-08 Plug wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
28-01-91-00 Plug, socket (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
27-14-19-01 Plug-in circuit breaker, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
27-23-02-10 Plug-in connector (process control), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
37-11-03-02 Plug-in coupling (hose)
19-07-04-02 Plug-in distributor, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
27-14-41-04 Plug-in drive, Tube motor
27-14-91-00 Plug-in glow lamp, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
27-37-16-03 Plug-in lamp-holder for timer module, Relay version
21-16-05-92 Plug-in plumb, Surveying instrument (accessories)
27-14-34-01 Plug-in power unit for construction sites, CEE plug socket combination
27-14-11-37 Plug-in strip, Labelling for terminal block
27-14-11-04 Plug-in terminal, Terminal (conn. box)
27-26-11-02 Pluggable printed circuit board terminal
21-16-04-00 Plumb bob, plumbing staff (surveying)
21-16-04-91 Plumb line
23-12-03-01 Plumber nail, Wire nail
21-16-04-02 Plumbing staff
22-10-22-00 Plumbing work
22-10-22-01 Plumbing work
23-05-17-01 Plummer block housing
27-30-02-04 Plunger cylinder (hydraulics)
37-01-02-01 Plunger valve, Shut-off valve
24-34-13-01 Plush heart key ring, Small toys
27-29-39-01 Pneumatic control systems
36-12-05-01 Pneumatic conveyor
27-29-07-10 Pneumatic motor
36-63-01-02 Pneumatic press (machine tool)
23-03-14-05 Pneumatically actuated clutche
27-29-92-00 Pneumatics (accessories)
27-29-92-90 Pneumatics (accessory, unclassified)
27-29-91-00 Pneumatics (parts)
37-15-04-90 Pneumatics clutch (unclassified)
37-15-01-00 Pneumatics fitting
37-15-02-90 Pneumatics line (unclassified)
24-34-08-05 Poch card and board game, Board game
19-03-05-03 Pocket LAN adapter, Network adapter
24-30-21-01 Pocket diary for time planning systems, Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
24-32-21-01 Pocket dictation machine, Dictaphone
27-11-05-03 Pocket flashlight
24-22-02-01 Pocket for business cards, Business card file
24-22-02-02 Pocket for business cards, Business card pocket (unpunched)
21-04-06-02 Pocket knife, Knife
41-01-03-08 Pocket knife (promotional article)
27-11-90-00 Pocket lamp, Lights (other)
24-30-16-04 Pocket name badge, Name badge
24-26-03-03 Pocket ring binder inlay, Loose leaf sheet
19-08-05-01 Pocket television, TV device
41-12-01-03 Podium (conference decoration material ), Flags, displays
41-12-02-03 Podium (event decoration-material), Event decoration-material
41-12-03-08 Podium (fair decoration-material), Fair decoration-material
25-25-15-05 Poetic art (training, further training), Literature (training, further training)
24-28-10-06 Poetry sticker, decorative sticker
27-21-02-01 Point recorder, Recorder (recording instrument)
27-21-02-03 Point recorder (electr.)
25-24-07-01 Point-to-point connection (telecommunication), Telecommunications
24-25-10-01 Pointed nib, Drawing nip
24-30-15-09 Pointer
24-34-08-04 Poker dice, Dice game
27-15-04-02 Polarimeter (PAT)
27-15-08-02 Polarograph (PAT)
25-13-06-01 Pole (overhead line), Transmission tower (overhead line assembly)
21-16-02-92 Pole stand (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
27-02-21-08 Pole-changing KL induction motor (NEMA), Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, NEMA)
27-02-21-07 Pole-changing motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, IEC,Ex)
25-09-07-08 Polishing (subcontracting)
17-07-23-00 Polishing a. buffing machine (wood working)
17-07-23-90 Polishing a. buffing machine (wood working, unclassified)
21-01-13-00 Polishing agent, Abrasive material
21-01-13-08 Polishing brush (tool) (discontinued)
29-11-01-01 Polishing cloth for metal
21-01-13-16 Polishing grinding wheel, Sanding toll made of sanding compound without attachment
29-11-01-13 Polishing wool
36-60-07-17 Polishing, grinding a. tumbling drum (machine tool)
32-03-11-04 Poly plug (lab)
30-14-02-01 Poly(tetrafluorethylene) (sealant)
31-02-07-01 Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
31-06-01-01 Poly(vinyl alcohol)
30-14-03-05 Polyamide (sealant)
31-34-01-00 Polyamide of aryl carboxylic acids
31-39-09-05 Polydimethylsiloxane trimethylsiloxy-terminated
31-27-01-00 Polyester (other)
23-33-02-02 Polyester adhesive tape
30-14-03-07 Polyether etherketone (selant)
31-37-03-00 Polyether sulfone
31-01-01-03 Polyethylene chlorinated
31-28-01-01 Polyethyleneterephthalate
31-35-02-01 Polymerblend
31-37-01-01 Polyphenylen sulfide
31-01-02-01 Polypropylene
23-33-02-06 Polypropylene adhesive tape
30-21-04-14 Polysulfide (cross-linking agent)
31-37-02-01 Polysulfone
31-36-01-01 Polyurea
31-06-09-01 Polyvinylbutyral
22-54-04-02 Pond aeration
22-54-04-01 Pond basin, pond liner
22-54-04-00 Pond system
22-54-04-90 Pond system (unclassified)
29-02-02-24 Popcorn maker (household appliance)
41-01-08-08 Porcelain (promotional article)
27-14-11-03 Porcelain terminal, Terminal (light)
29-04-10-00 Pork, Meat
29-04-02-00 Port, Sparkling, dessert wine
34-22-08-02 Port catheter system (intra-arterial)
19-06-01-06 Portable, Mobile telephone
19-08-03-02 Portable CD player
19-08-03-03 Portable MP3 player
19-08-04-02 Portable audio, Radio recorder
27-05-04-00 Portable battery
27-05-04-01 Portable battery
27-05-06-04 Portable battery charger
19-08-03-01 Portable cassette player/recorder
19-08-03-00 Portable hi-fi
24-32-19-01 Portable projector, Overhead projector
36-12-01-04 Portainer
36-60-03-13 Portal a. Gantry type milling machine (machine tool)
21-17-05-02 Portal measuring machine
25-15-13-05 Portfolio management (financial services)
27-20-04-06 Pos. displacement gas meter, Meter (gas)
27-22-04-01 Position control unit (fitting)
27-27-06-00 Position switch
27-38-15-00 Positioning devices (robotics)
21-13-17-18 Positive locking cylinder (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
36-41-05-00 Positive-displ. pump (oscillating)
36-41-03-00 Positive-displacement pump, rotary
36-41-03-90 Positive-displacement pump, rotating (unclassified)
24-28-07-03 Post note label
24-22-01-21 Post stamp moistener kit, Moistener (office)
24-31-09-06 Post transport wagon (office equipment), Mail cart
41-01-01-06 Post-It (promotional article)
25-26-01-04 Post-Merger integration (corporate organization), Company organization (consulting)
19-07-04-08 Post-amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-09 Post-amplifier, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-10 Post-amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
24-27-02-08 Postage book
24-32-09-00 Postal processing machine
24-32-09-90 Postal processing machine (unclassified)
24-22-12-02 Postal scale (office), Electronic scale
24-32-10-01 Postal scale for stamping machines
25-07-05-00 Postal service, Letter, package transport
24-26-23-06 Postal tube (office)
41-12-01-09 Poster (conference artwork), Conference artwork
41-14-06-09 Poster (coverage costs, marketing)
41-12-02-07 Poster (event artwork), Event artwork
41-12-03-03 Poster (fair artwork), Fair artwork
24-33-06-01 Poster cardboard, Board for handicrafts
17-07-17-00 Postforming machine (wood working)
17-07-17-90 Postforming machine (wood working, unclassified)
22-29-26-23 Postforming window sill chipboardbased
22-29-26-17 Postforming worktop milled/edged/drilled
21-02-08-01 Pot magnet, Magnetic clamping tools
21-01-21-02 Pot-shaped broaching tool
26-01-03-02 Potash salt (extraction product )
30-01-07-04 Potassium (drying agent), Alkali metal and alloy
38-12-05-25 Potassium Aluminum sulfate
39-02-43-02 Potassium benzoate
38-07-02-09 Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, Monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate
38-10-03-03 Potassium hydroxide
32-14-19-01 Potassium permanganate, Manganese compound (lab)
26-02-09-02 Potato starch (industrial use)
29-04-23-01 Potato, pot. product
27-26-01-00 Potentiometer, Resistance
24-29-14-05 Pouch for clamping bar, Report cover
24-32-16-03 Pouch for cold laminators
24-32-16-02 Pouch for hot laminators
24-29-20-07 Pouch with pression bar closure
29-04-14-00 Poultry, Venison, poultry
20-39-03-09 Pourer (packing material)
27-23-02-31 Pow., curr. supp. (proc. comp.)
36-57-02-00 Powder coating facility
36-57-02-90 Powder coating facility (unclassified)
33-15-02-00 Powder coating installation (complete)
33-15-02-90 Powder coating installation (complete, unclassified)
33-14-04-06 Powder metallurgy (NF metal production plant, complete)
33-04-02-00 Power Plant (fossil, complete)
27-14-34-02 Power accessories, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
27-14-34-06 Power accessories, CEE coupling
23-17-04-12 Power and free chain
27-06-21-02 Power cable, Low voltage power cable
19-03-03-02 Power cable (PC)
27-06-20-00 Power cable < 1 kv
27-06-21-00 Power cable = 1 kv
27-06-22-00 Power cable > 1 kv
19-03-05-08 Power cable adapter
27-06-23-00 Power cable for special applications
21-02-10-00 Power chucks
21-02-91-11 Power chucks (parts)
27-37-10-03 Power contactor
27-02-33-01 Power converter AC/DC for DC engine
27-14-34-04 Power coupler, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
21-05-01-01 Power drill (battery), Drill (electr., hand-operated) (discontinued)
27-26-03-00 Power filter (inductance), Inductance
24-23-01-08 Power glue (contact glue, office, handicrafts), Contact glue
24-23-01-16 Power glue (glue pistol, office, handicrafts), Hot-melt adhesive pistol (office, handicrafts)
24-23-01-09 Power glue (office, handicrafts), Reaction glue
24-23-02-05 Power glue cartridge (glue pistol, office, handicrafts), Cartridge for hot-melt pistol (office, handicrafts)
24-23-01-01 Power glue stick, All-purpose glue (office)
36-12-02-01 Power lift
33-07-01-00 Power main supply (compl.), Energy distribution plant (complete)
27-36-02-09 Power pack (industry microcomputer)
33-04-02-90 Power plant (fossile, complete, unclassified)
27-24-22-13 Power supply, SPS power supply (discontinued)
27-04-92-00 Power supply (accessories)
23-23-05-01 Power supply (door closer)
25-02-04-05 Power supply (engineering structures, planning), Engineering construction (planning)
27-04-98-00 Power supply (maintenance, service)
27-04-98-01 Power supply (maintenance, service)
27-04-06-00 Power supply (no-break), No-break power supply (complete)
27-04-90-00 Power supply (other)
27-04-90-90 Power supply (other, unclassified)
27-04-91-90 Power supply (parts, unclassified)
27-04-99-00 Power supply (repair)
19-03-04-01 Power supply bridge, UPS system (PC)
24-22-13-03 Power supply for scale (office), Main adapter for scale (office)
27-03-92-01 Power transformer (accessories)
27-03-12-90 Power transformer (unclassified)
22-54-02-02 Power trimmer, Garden equipment
27-30-14-00 Power unit (hydraulics)
27-30-14-90 Power unit (hydraulics, unclassified)
27-14-31-09 Powernet, Analogue actuator for bus system
27-14-31-25 Powernet, Bus system electronic actuator
41-09-01-00 Pre print materials (marketing)
41-09-01-01 Pre print materials design (marketing)
41-09-01-02 Pre print materials setting (marketing)
24-26-10-02 Pre-print business card with colour gradation, Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-10-04 Pre-print business card with textured structure, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-10-03 Pre-print business card, marbled, Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
24-26-10-01 Pre-print business card, single colour, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
24-26-10-05 Pre-print calling card with motif, Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-08-06 Pre-print certificate paper, Certificate paper, preprinted
24-26-08-03 Pre-print marbled paper, Gradated paper marbled
24-33-01-14 Pre-school bag, Kindergarden bag
24-34-08-06 Pre-school game, Toys, other
22-21-02-03 Precast concrete wall, Interior wall system (construction system component)
22-10-14-01 Precast stairs unit (nat., concr. block work), Natural stone and concrete work
22-10-12-01 Precast unit (brick building), Bricklaying work
25-01-01-01 Precinct duty (security)
30-02-16-01 Precious metal care agent
26-01-06-00 Precious metals
26-01-07-00 Precious, semiprecious stones
26-01-07-01 Precious, semiprecious stones
27-29-31-02 Precision air regulator (pneumatics)
21-16-03-03 Precision angle prism (measurement), Right angle prism (surveying)
32-01-29-02 Precision balance (laboratory)
21-13-01-13 Precision flat stock (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-16-02-02 Precision invar levelling bar, Grade stake
23-05-92-03 Precision locknuts, seal carrier assemblie (rolling bearing accessories)
24-25-19-09 Precision measure, Reduction measuring rod (office, school)
24-29-02-02 Precision mechanism, File mechanic for lever arch file
21-16-01-04 Precision speedo, Odometer
24-25-26-07 Precision t-square, Drawing runner
22-33-05-04 Prefabricated balcony, balustrade
22-23-01-03 Prefabricated brick panel outer wall panelling, External ceramic facing
22-33-04-04 Prefabricated building
22-33-04-00 Prefabricated building, bridge (element)
22-33-04-90 Prefabricated building, bridge (element, unclassified)
22-33-01-01 Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
22-33-01-00 Prefabricated concrete part (supporting structure, building element)
22-33-01-90 Prefabricated concrete part (supporting structure, building element, uncl.)
22-33-01-02 Prefabricated foundation
22-33-04-02 Prefabricated garage
22-18-01-01 Prefabricated masonry part
22-10-13-05 Prefabricated part - reinforced concrete work
22-18-01-00 Prefabricated part, lintel (masonry)
22-20-01-02 Prefabricated part,fitting (exhaust system, chimney)
22-25-05-02 Prefabricated roof, Roof timbering (prefabricated roofing part)
22-25-05-00 Prefabricated roofing part
22-36-05-00 Prefabricated sanitation installation
32-03-16-10 Prefilter (lab)
36-06-02-00 Preheater, superheater, waste heat boiler
36-06-02-90 Preheater, superheater, waste heat boiler (unclassified)
25-24-04-02 Preliminary content provision (IT)
19-08-05-08 Premiere receiver, Satellite receiver
25-26-04-07 Preparation for QM certification (iso)
25-26-08-16 Preparation for certification, validation of environmental management systems
25-26-01-02 Preparation for the rating (company analysis), Company analysis
22-10-03-01 Preparation landscaping construction work
32-16-06-03 Prepared nutrient (lab)
24-30-11-01 Presentation accessory (marker pin), Marker pin, -flag
24-29-14-06 Presentation album, Display book
24-29-16-04 Presentation binder for job application, Job application file
24-29-14-03 Presentation binder with spring clip, Clipfile
24-30-14-01 Presentation board, Display board
24-30-03-13 Presentation board
24-29-14-01 Presentation file, Quotation folder
24-29-16-03 Presentation file for quotation, Quotation-, presentation folder
24-29-14-00 Presentation folder
24-29-14-90 Presentation folder (unclassified)
24-29-14-02 Presentation folder for job application, Job application folder
24-29-14-07 Presentation folder with rings, Ring binder
24-30-14-02 Presentation movable wall
24-30-16-09 Presentation pocket, Leaflet holder
24-30-07-01 Presentation rail system, Wall rail system for boards
24-29-18-03 Presentation ring folder, upright, Table flipchart
19-04-01-12 Presentation software
24-30-16-10 Presentation stand (brochure holder), Literature display, presentation stand
41-04-01-07 Presentation wall (marketing)
25-25-19-16 Presentation, presentation technology (methods, training, further training)
23-06-05-00 Preservative (surface), Means of preservation, surface protection
23-06-05-01 Preservative, surface protection
29-02-02-16 Preserving machine
17-07-27-00 Press a. equipment f. gluing of solid timber components
41-14-08-14 Press agency
24-24-05-01 Press ballpoint pen, Ballpoint pen
24-24-13-01 Press ballpoint pen in writing set, Writing set
36-63-07-01 Press brakes (machine tool)
41-14-08-01 Press conference - concept/planning
41-14-08-03 Press conference artwork
41-14-08-09 Press conference catering
41-14-08-08 Press conference staff
41-14-08-04 Press conference technics
22-36-06-02 Press fitting (T-piece, stainless steel) (installation), T-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-01 Press fitting (angle, stainless steel) (installation), Angled, curved fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-04 Press fitting (arc-T, stainless steel) (installation), Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-03 Press fitting (cross piece, stainless steel) (installation), Cross piece (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-06 Press fitting (double nipple, stainless steel) (installation), Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-07-04 Press fitting (reducing sleeve, non-ferrous metal) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, NF metal, installation)
22-36-06-05 Press fitting (reducing sleeve, stainless steel) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-00 Press fitting (stainless steel) (installation), Fitting (steel, installation)
36-63-08-00 Press for special applications (machine tool)
36-63-08-90 Press for special applications (machine tool, unclassified)
36-63-09-00 Press line (machine tool)
36-63-09-90 Press line (machine tool, unclassified)
27-29-24-01 Press safty valve (pneumatics)
17-07-09-90 Press, laminating a. profile wrapping machine f. solid coating mat. (uncl.)
17-07-09-00 Press, laminating a. profile wrapping machine f. solid coating materials
17-07-28-00 Press/clamp f. corner joints
22-23-01-02 Pressed wood outer wall panelling, External wood facing
17-13-01-01 Pressing machine (electric powered), Stripping and crimping machine
27-20-13-00 Pressure absorber
24-29-02-01 Pressure bar
27-20-06-10 Pressure calibrator (mano., hand), Manometer (handheld)
27-30-05-04 Pressure compensator (standard, hydraulics)
37-01-09-05 Pressure control valve, Safety valve (safety fitting)
27-30-07-00 Pressure control valve (proportional, hydraulics)
27-27-31-01 Pressure controller
27-30-18-01 Pressure filter (hydraulics)
27-20-04-92 Pressure gauge (accessories), Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-06-01 Pressure gauge (indication, elastic)
27-20-06-20 Pressure gauge (membrane), Membrane pressure gauge
27-20-04-91 Pressure gauge (parts), Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
27-30-92-07 Pressure intensifier/multiplier (hydraulics)
27-20-06-00 Pressure measuring gauge
27-27-33-01 Pressure monitor
27-37-18-14 Pressure monitoring equipment
34-22-11-01 Pressure monitoring system (medicine)
22-10-43-01 Pressure pipe gas, water, sewage (laying), Laying high pressure pipe lines
37-01-11-00 Pressure reducer
37-01-11-01 Pressure reducer
22-39-04-04 Pressure reduction valve (heating)
22-36-01-10 Pressure reduction valve (sanitation)
27-29-21-01 Pressure regulator valve (pneumatics)
27-29-21-03 Pressure relieve valve (pneumatics)
23-07-91-21 Pressure spring (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
23-08-01-01 Pressure spring (spring steel), Screw pressure spring
37-17-03-90 Pressure tubing (unclassified)
27-29-21-00 Pressure valve (pneumatics)
36-03-01-01 Pressure vessel, Container (closed)
23-06-12-00 Pressure water, Transmission fluid
20-07-04-90 Pressurized gas bottle (metal, unclassified)
25-26-03-06 Preventive maintenance (consultancy), Maintenance (consulting)
19-07-92-03 Prewanol seal, Antenna assembly materials
24-30-16-07 Price display, Table place holder
24-32-12-06 Price label, Label for line labeller
24-32-11-04 Price label
24-28-09-05 Price label (ring label), Ring label
25-26-02-05 Pricing and conditions, Operative marketing (consulting)
24-28-09-00 Pricing label
24-28-09-90 Pricing label (unclassified)
24-28-09-04 Pricing label with eyelet, Textile label
36-16-03-01 Prilling tower, Spray drier
24-33-03-01 Primary school exercise book, Booklet for school
24-25-15-08 Primer brush, Special brush
25-16-01-13 Print (classical modernism)
25-16-01-03 Print (contemporary)
24-20-06-01 Print cartridge (copier), Copier toner
24-20-04-02 Print cloth
41-14-01-83 Print media (advertisement)
25-24-04-04 Print wrapup, Hardware supply (IT)
27-26-06-01 Printed board (bare)
27-26-11-00 Printed circuit board terminal
27-26-92-01 Printed circuit board terminal (accessories)
19-02-02-00 Printer
19-02-98-02 Printer (maintenance, inspection)
19-02-90-02 Printer (other)
19-02-99-02 Printer (repair)
19-03-05-04 Printer adapter
19-02-02-09 Printer for video, Video printer
24-21-08-01 Printhead storage, Container for print- and scanhead
25-04-09-02 Printing and copying work, Copy and printer service (facility)
24-20-02-01 Printing cartridge (laser printer), Toner for laser printers
17-11-92-00 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (accessories)
17-11-98-90 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (maint.,serv.,uncl.)
17-11-98-00 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (maintenance, service)
17-11-90-90 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (other, unclassified)
17-11-91-90 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (parts, unclassified)
17-11-99-00 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (repair)
17-11-99-90 Printing machine in the graphic arts industry (repair, unclassified)
24-28-05-90 Printing machine label (unclassified)
24-28-05-01 Printing machine label standard format
24-24-23-04 Printing plate corrector pen, Crystal eraser
24-29-21-01 Printout binder, Continuous paper folder
21-16-03-02 Prism head (measurement), Mini prism
21-16-03-01 Prismatic member
28-01-01-00 Private car
28-01-01-90 Private car, unclassified
25-12-09-02 Private driver transfer, Taxi (travel management)
24-34-03-03 Private notepaper, Writing paper
25-15-02-01 Private third-party insurance (incl. sporting boot, dog), General liability insurance
21-17-03-08 Probe, Dial gauge
34-30-13-90 Probe or sound (medical instrument, unclassified)
25-25-19-06 Problem solving, problem analysis (self management, training, further training)
24-29-13-02 Procedure folder, Circulating folder
25-25-04-02 Procedures (training, further training), General technology (training, further training)
36-53-92-00 Process air conditioning, - editing (accessories, additional equipment)
36-53-90-00 Process air conditioning, process air editing (other)
36-53-90-90 Process air conditioning, process air editing (other, unclassified)
36-53-02-00 Process air dehumidifier
36-53-02-90 Process air dehumidifier (unclassified)
36-53-01-00 Process air humidifier
25-26-01-07 Process coaching, Organization (management consultation)
25-02-08-00 Process control planning
25-02-08-02 Process control planning
27-23-90-00 Process control system (PCS, other)
27-23-90-90 Process control system (PCS, other, unclassified)
27-18-07-13 Process cooling (control cabinet), Recooling unit (switchgear cabinet)
25-26-12-01 Process counselling (IT), Systems analysis (IT consulting)
25-02-01-00 Process engineering (planning), Materials processing, manufacturing engineering (planning)
25-25-08-00 Process engineering, materials (training, further training)
18-04-11-02 Process gas colling shaft
22-17-01-04 Process material for ground preparation
18-04-01-01 Process vessel for electric arc furnace
18-04-01-00 Process vessels for steel melting and steel treatment
29-04-20-00 Processed food
29-04-20-01 Processed food
25-09-11-00 Processing (subcontracting)
25-09-11-01 Processing (subcontracting)
36-13-01-00 Processing screw, Extruder
25-25-18-09 Processing service (training)
19-07-04-11 Processing system, Head-end (receiver technology
23-25-03-03 Processing technology (machines/gauges)
19-03-03-05 Processor (PC)
19-03-03-07 Processor fan, Fan (PC)
25-28-02-00 Procurement equipment
25-04-09-01 Procurement management (facility)
25-28-01-00 Procurement material
25-28-01-90 Procurement material (other, unclassified)
25-28-03-00 Procurement service
25-28-90-00 Procurement service (other)
25-28-03-90 Procurement service (other, unclassified)
25-28-90-90 Procurement service (other, unclassified)
41-14-05-04 Product distribution, feed (promotion)
25-26-02-03 Product diversification, Strategic marketing (consulting)
23-05-19-01 Product for mounting and dismounting and for maintenance
20-35-02-00 Product label (metal, packing material), Label (product, shipping, metal)
20-35-03-00 Product label (paper, packing material), Label (product, shipping, paper)
20-35-01-00 Product label (plastic, packing material), Label (product, shipping, plastic)
25-26-12-00 Product requirement specifications for IT system, Information and communication technologies (consulting)
25-25-04-00 Production (further training), General handicraft, industry, technology (training, further training)
25-25-05-00 Production (training, further training)
17-02-01-90 Production a. treatment of filaments (unclassified)
25-14-03-00 Production inspection
36-60-01-06 Production lathe (machine tool)
17-02-04-00 Production of carbon/ceramic fibers
17-02-04-90 Production of carbon/ceramic fibers (unclassified)
17-02-02-90 Production of man-made fibers (unclassified)
17-07-07-00 Production of particle board, fiber board a. OSB
17-07-07-90 Production of particle board, fiber board a. OSB (unclassified)
17-07-05-90 Production of solid coating materials based on paper (uncl.)
17-02-03-00 Production of synthetic tapes
17-07-06-00 Production of veneer plywood a. laminated veneer lumber
17-07-06-90 Production of veneer plywood a. laminated veneer lumber (unclassified)
17-07-04-00 Production of veneers
17-07-04-90 Production of veneers (unclassified)
25-26-05-01 Production planning (logistics consultancy), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
33-14-01-05 Production plant of reducing agents (solid, gaseous, complete)
33-08-97-90 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, assem., uncl.)
33-08-97-00 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, assembly)
33-08-98-00 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, maint., serv.)
33-08-90-00 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, other)
33-08-99-00 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, repair)
33-08-99-90 Production plant, assembly plant, assembly station (complete, repair, uncl.)
25-04-12-00 Production service (facility)
19-06-92-04 Professional line module, Telephone system module
25-25-15-02 Proficiency (training, further training), Art (training, further training)
35-02-01-00 Profile (NF metal)
35-02-01-90 Profile (NF metal, unclassified)
22-49-01-00 Profile (building material)
35-01-01-00 Profile (iron, steel)
35-03-01-00 Profile (plastic)
36-63-13-07 Profile bending machine (machine tool)
36-63-12-05 Profile cold rolling mill (machine tool)
21-01-01-01 Profile countersink (non-removable blades), Twist drill
21-01-05-03 Profile cutter (with shank, removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-01-05-08 Profile drill (with boring, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
21-17-02-07 Profile gauge, Special purpose gauge
21-17-05-10 Profile projector
21-10-91-02 Profile section (shelf, parts), Shelf (workshop equip., parts)
35-01-11-07 Profile turning parts (iron)
35-02-11-07 Profile turning parts (non-ferrous metal)
22-49-90-00 Profile, armoring, lattice (other)
35-04-01-05 Profile, other (other materials)
17-07-14-90 Profiling a. sizing machine (unclassified)
25-25-20-03 Profiling and potential analyses (training, further training)
25-24-06-03 Program creation (IT)
19-04-01-33 Program enhancement (workstation)
27-24-18-00 Programmable electronic control (PES)
27-24-22-00 Programmable logic control (SPS)
19-08-92-05 Programmable remote control device, Remote control
27-38-16-00 Programming (robotics)
27-38-16-01 Programming (robotics)
25-25-03-09 Programming (training, further training), Software development (training, further training)
27-36-04-00 Programming device (industry PC)
27-36-04-02 Programming device, mobile device (industry PC)
19-04-01-13 Programming software
25-26-03-03 Progressing, production planning (consulting)
21-01-01-03 Progressive drill (removable blades), Drill (removable blades)
40-20-01-04 Prohibition sign
40-20-02-02 Prohibition sticker, Information sign (sticker)
25-26-07-04 Project consulting
25-02-09-00 Project design (engineering/planning effort)
25-02-09-01 Project design (engineering/planning effort)
25-26-07-03 Project implementation
25-26-07-00 Project management (PM)
25-26-07-90 Project management (PM, unclassified)
25-02-04-13 Project management (building planning)
25-25-19-18 Project management (methods, training, further training)
27-24-25-02 Project management software, Visualization software
19-04-01-14 Project management software
25-26-07-01 Project organization
25-26-07-02 Project planning and preparation
24-31-17-01 Projection furniture
24-30-12-02 Projection screen on stand, Tripod projection screen
24-32-19-00 Projector
24-32-19-05 Projector / accessory parts (presenting equipment)
19-08-07-03 Projector support fixture
24-26-17-01 Projector transparency (copy transparency), Copy film
24-26-17-11 Projector transparency (roll), OHP film roll
24-26-17-10 Projector transparency (write-on transparency), OHP write-on film
41-01-10-00 Prom. gifts children, playing and fun
41-01-03-00 Promot. gifts for hobby and leisure time
41-14-05-03 Promotion
41-02-04-00 Promotional articles, prizes
41-04-02-06 Promotional counter (marketing)
41-14-04-01 Promotional gift agency
41-01-04-00 Promotional gifts clocks and jewellery
41-01-02-00 Promotional gifts for car and travel
41-01-01-00 Promotional gifts for desk and office
41-01-08-00 Promotional gifts home and household
41-01-11-00 Promotional gifts photography, optics
41-01-05-00 Promotional gifts textiles, accessories
41-01-06-00 Promotional gifts, electronics, data banks
41-01-07-00 Promotional gifts, food
41-02-01-00 Promotional goods give-aways
41-02-03-00 Promotional goods, onpacks, bonus goods
41-02-02-00 Promotional goods, shopping bags
39-01-01-03 Propane
23-05-07-03 Propeller bracket (linear unit), Shaft support (linear unit)
23-02-01-01 Propeller shaft with length compensation
23-02-01-02 Propeller shaft without length compensation
24-24-03-01 Propelling pencil, Retractable-, propelling pencil
32-01-07-04 Propellor agitator (lab)
25-04-14-09 Property accounting (facility)
27-14-41-01 Property gate drive, Swivel gate motor
25-02-04-02 Property planning (building planning)
25-01-01-00 Property protection
25-01-01-90 Property protection(unclassified)
27-39-90-00 Property, access monitor (other)
27-39-90-90 Property, access monitor (other, unclassified)
27-29-23-01 Proportional pressure regulater valve (pneumatics)
36-17-01-03 Proportioning belt
27-32-02-02 Proportioning weigher (belt), Belt weighfeeder
27-32-02-03 Proportioning weigher (diff.), Loss-in-weight feeder
27-37-10-06 Protection, Cpacitor contactor
25-25-02-04 Protection (training, further training), Care (training, further training)
27-37-10-13 Protection accessories, Overvoltage limiter
27-13-91-01 Protection against heat
22-10-86-01 Protection against vibration (construction site equipment), Construction site equipment
24-23-07-06 Protection buffers (office)
27-37-10-12 Protection coil, Reel for contactor
40-02-08-00 Protection equipment for dangerous goods transportation
24-23-03-06 Protection film for documents (office), Film for label covers (office)
27-30-18-07 Protection filter (hydraulics)
27-11-91-11 Protection glass (lighting installation, parts)
27-14-09-03 Protection hose (metal, electr. inst.), Metal protection hose (electr. installation)
27-13-01-01 Protection installation
27-13-98-01 Protection installation, device (el.,maintenance,service)
27-13-98-00 Protection installation, device(el.,maintenance,service)
27-37-10-10 Protection module, Component for protective circuit
27-37-19-02 Protection monitoring equipment (unclassified) (discontinued)
27-14-09-13 Protection pipe(steel reinf.elec.inst.), Metal tube (electronic installation)
32-01-10-24 Protective agent for water bath
40-02-02-05 Protective angle, Ramming protection guard, angles, posts
24-29-20-05 Protective cover for plan
24-25-27-05 Protective drawing film (fixing agent), Fixativ
24-25-27-07 Protective film for drawing (UV protective varnish), UV varnish (protection for drawings)
24-25-27-09 Protective film for drawings (ink jet fixing spray), Fixing spray for inkjet prints
23-21-04-92 Protective fittings (accessories)
40-21-05-05 Protective glove (sterilization, medicine)
40-01-12-01 Protective gloves (5-finger), Five-finger gloves
40-01-12-03 Protective gloves (mitten), Mittens
22-49-03-02 Protective grid
40-01-11-01 Protective helmet
27-14-09-15 Protective hood, Cable protective covering hood
22-11-06-02 Protective layers (structural waterproofing), Building drainage
34-26-92-07 Protective lead shield (radiology)
40-01-14-00 Protective mask, Respiratory protection
40-01-14-01 Protective mask (respiratory), Respiratory protective mask
22-10-01-00 Protective scaffolding, Scaffolding work
27-20-02-13 Protective sheathing, Thermowell (thermoelement)
34-39-01-90 Protective sheet (medicine, unclassified)
37-01-14-01 Protective strainer (fitting)
25-04-11-02 Protective winter measures (garden services), Gardener service
27-14-40-21 Protective-contact socket, Device connection box
27-14-02-00 Protector (lightning), Lightning protector
34-42-08-03 Protein energy malnutrition diet (PEM)
24-22-04-02 Protocol sheet punch, Four hole punch (office)
25-09-13-00 Prototypes (subcontracting)
25-09-13-01 Prototypes (subcontracting)
25-02-10-08 Prototyping, prototype construction (development activity)
21-17-03-04 Protractor (measuring instrument, length)
27-18-02-02 Provider rack, Server enclosure, floor-standing (empty)
27-27-01-00 Proximity switch
22-18-02-03 Psammitic limestone face brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
25-25-14-03 Psychology (training, further training)
34-01-39-01 Psychopharmalogic
25-10-09-10 Public international law
25-10-09-00 Public law (service)
25-10-09-90 Public law (service, unclassified)
41-14-08-15 Public relation service (other services)
41-14-07-00 Public relations - creative services
41-14-08-00 Public relations - other services
41-14-07-01 Public relations agency
41-14-07-03 Public relations concept
41-14-07-09 Public relations service (other) (creative services)
25-12-09-03 Public transportation (travel management)
25-26-06-05 Publicly subsidized financing (consultancy), Financing concept (consulting)
41-09-13-00 Publishing print (marketing)
41-09-13-01 Publishing print offprint (marketing)
17-10-01-05 Publishing software (pre-press)
24-30-13-01 Pull rail for projection screen, Suspension for projection screen
27-14-40-40 Pull switch, Cord switch/dimmer
20-37-02-03 Pull-back pallet (plastic, packing material), Slip Sheet (plastic, packing material)
21-02-91-07 Pull-down jaw, Clamping element, quick change (parts)
24-31-08-90 Pull-out lock for cabinet (office equipment), Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
28-08-91-00 Pull-out rope, Trailer (parts)
21-10-04-22 Pull-out shelf, Cupb. (hydrant, workshop)
36-12-02-02 Pulley block
41-01-05-03 Pullover (promotional article)
27-20-04-14 Pulse counter, Counter (pulse)
27-14-42-01 Pulse generator, Radio transmitter (radio control, home automation)
21-06-02-02 Pulse hammer screwdriver (comp. air)
27-14-23-06 Pulse switch, Latching relay
29-04-19-01 Pulses
22-13-01-03 Pumice stone (building material)
36-41-92-00 Pump (accessories, additional equipment)
36-41-92-90 Pump (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-41-97-00 Pump (assembly)
22-10-40-01 Pump (installation heat generating device), Heat generator installation
32-01-23-00 Pump (lab)
36-41-98-00 Pump (maintenance,service)
36-41-90-00 Pump (other)
36-41-90-90 Pump (other, unclassified)
36-41-91-00 Pump (parts)
36-41-91-90 Pump (parts, unclassified)
36-41-99-00 Pump (repair)
36-41-03-05 Pump (screw), Screw pump
23-18-01-00 Pump base, Vibration damper
27-30-92-21 Pump mounting bracket (hydraulics)
27-30-14-01 Pump power unit (hydraulics)
32-01-10-09 Pumparound cooler (lab)
24-22-04-04 Punch for organizers, Diary punch
34-30-32-07 Punch forceps (dental)
21-13-05-05 Punch guide bushing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-22-04-05 Punch hole reinforcement punch, Reinforcing punch
24-33-05-05 Punch straw silk, Tissue paper
20-14-05-07 Punched box (corrugated paperboard)
20-14-05-08 Punched box blank (corrugated paperboard)
20-17-02-08 Punched box blank (folding box, cardboard)
24-30-03-12 Punched metal sheet board
35-02-05-03 Punched plate (NF metal)
35-01-05-03 Punched plate (steel, unalloyed)
24-29-20-04 Punched pocket with closing flap, Document pocket
24-32-13-01 Punching and binding system
24-35-01-03 Punctuation guide, Companion
25-25-19-19 Purchase negotiation methods, sales (methods, training, further training)
25-26-05-02 Purchasing organization (consulting)
19-04-02-13 Purchasing software (server)
19-04-01-31 Purchasing software (workstation)
25-25-12-04 Purchasing, stock management (training, further training)
33-05-02-00 Purification inst.(wastewater,biol.,com), Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
33-05-01-00 Purification plant (water, compl.), Water treatment plant (complete)
22-18-02-02 Purpose made brick, Building stone, brick
41-01-02-08 Purse (promotional article), Small leather goods (promotional article)
24-36-01-00 Purse, small bag
27-27-33-00 Push button switch
21-07-01-01 Push cart, Hand cart (workshop)
27-14-41-03 Push gate motor
23-21-05-01 Push handle
41-04-01-09 Push out (marketing)
27-25-01-07 Push switch cable, Sensor-actuator connection cable
37-03-02-03 Push-in flange (NF metal), Loose flange (NF metal)
27-40-02-01 Push-on receptacle, Core end conn.
21-02-11-01 Push-out collet chuck, Collet chuck (for tools)
27-37-13-02 Pushbutton, Auxiliary switch block
36-10-01-03 Pusher centrifuge (for liquids)
36-08-14-00 Pusher/draw furnace
22-17-03-02 Putty (glazing material), Joint sealant (building material)
24-34-08-02 Puzzle
24-23-01-05 Puzzle glue, Glue for handicrafts
32-03-20-01 Pycnometer (lab)
41-11-01-03 Pylon (outdoor advertising, marketing)

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