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25-26-03-01 R&D management, Development and production (consulting)
27-05-04-01 R. cell (IEC 285, port. batt.), Portable battery
19-03-03-08 RAM, Memory (PC)
27-23-02-26 RAM memory (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
27-37-10-13 RC fuse, Overvoltage limiter
27-20-04-08 RQM, Turbine flow meter
40-04-01-01 RWA system, Fire alarm and evacuation system
27-18-07-01 Rack, Climate controlled switchgear cabinet
24-31-16-01 Rack (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
21-13-17-03 Rack (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-17-01-08 Rack (toothed parts)
36-60-10-08 Rack milling machine (machine tool)
40-20-01-02 Rack sign, Sign (rescue, information)
21-07-03-01 Rack type trolley, Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
27-24-24-01 Rack-PC, Industrial PC
27-18-07-08 Rack-mounted fan (switchgear cabinet air conditioning)
29-02-02-14 Raclette grill (household appliance)
23-05-08-00 Radial ball bearing
36-43-14-03 Radial blower
36-41-01-01 Radial centrifugal pump
36-60-02-07 Radial drilling machine (machine tool)
36-43-09-90 Radial fan, Ventilator (unclassified)
27-30-11-05 Radial piston motor (hydraulics)
27-30-12-07 Radial piston pump (hydraulics)
36-41-91-90 Radial piston pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
23-05-09-00 Radial roller bearing
23-07-08-01 Radial shaft pack. ring
36-08-25-04 Radiant heater
25-15-02-04 Radiation accident insurance, General accident insurance
33-01-01-00 Radiation chem. inst (compl.), Chemical plant (complete)
25-15-02-01 Radiation liability insurance, General liability insurance
24-21-05-01 Radiation protect screen filter, Screen filter
40-01-22-04 Radiation protection vest and kilt set
22-10-31-02 Radiation shielding door (metal construction), Door, gate (metal construction work)
36-16-05-90 Radiation, electrical operating drier (unclassified)
27-20-02-11 Radiation-temperature meter
27-14-05-05 Radiator (electric), Space heating (electrical)
27-11-04-00 Radiator (exterior), Exterior lamp
22-10-40-02 Radiator (installation heating surfaces), Heating surface installation
27-11-03-00 Radiator (interior), Interior light
22-17-01-02 Radiator paint, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
21-04-11-02 Radiator paintbrush, Paintbrush
21-04-11-03 Radiator roller, Paint roller
21-04-30-08 Radiator spud wrench
22-47-01-01 Radiator tile, Tile for fireplace
22-39-04-07 Radiator valve
19-08-01-01 Radio, Car audio
19-08-04-01 Radio
19-08-04-03 Radio alarm clock, Clock radio
19-07-01-01 Radio antenna, Indoor antenna
19-07-01-02 Radio antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-01-03 Radio car antenna, Car antenna
19-08-03-01 Radio cassette player, Portable cassette player/recorder
27-14-42-00 Radio control (home automation)
19-08-92-04 Radio headphones set, Headphones
27-26-03-00 Radio interf. choke, Inductance
27-14-40-39 Radio line wireless transmitter, Transmitter for cordless switch system
19-08-92-02 Radio loudspeaker, Speaker box
19-08-92-01 Radio loudspeaker system, Speaker set
19-07-92-01 Radio mast
19-08-92-03 Radio microphone, Microphone
19-08-02-07 Radio receiver, Hi-fi tuner
19-08-04-00 Radio receiver
27-14-42-02 Radio receiver (radio control, home automation)
19-08-04-02 Radio recorder
19-06-01-08 Radio system
19-07-01-05 Radio system
27-14-42-01 Radio transmitter (radio control, home automation)
19-06-01-07 Radio unit
41-14-08-12 Radio-recording (Media service), Media service
41-14-06-07 Radio-spots (coverage costs, marketing)
23-11-06-06 Rag bolt
19-03-03-01 Raid case, Housing (PC)
25-07-21-02 Rail (factory traffic, factory transport)
35-01-01-16 Rail (steel, alloyed)
25-02-04-06 Rail (traffic systems, planning), Traffic systems (planning)
28-04-01-05 Rail car, Motor-coach train
28-04-99-00 Rail car (repair)
28-04-05-12 Rail car other, Special car (railborne)
28-04-03-12 Rail car w. x wheelsets, Ladle bogie
23-30-01-08 Rail guide with sliding coat (Sliding guide)
21-10-01-01 Rail head, Tool box, tool bag (workshop)
25-12-07-00 Rail journey (travel management)
25-12-07-01 Rail journey (travel management)
24-30-07-01 Rail set for wall rail system, Wall rail system for boards
25-07-12-00 Rail transport
25-25-09-13 Rail transport (training, further training)
25-07-12-90 Rail transport(unclassified)
25-07-12-01 Rail transport, packaged
28-04-01-00 Rail vehicle
28-04-90-90 Railborne vehicle (other, unclassified)
40-02-02-00 Railing, Barrier (Occupational safety)
22-10-31-06 Railing (metal construction work)
22-31-01-91 Railing attachment, Banister (parts)
22-31-01-01 Railing complete, Banister
28-04-05-06 Railway track machinery
28-04-90-03 Railway, aerial, Cableway
27-18-24-01 Rain canopy (switchgear cabinet)
40-01-04-02 Rain protection pants
24-34-02-07 Rainbow anniversary number, Jubilee number
24-33-06-01 Rainbow cardboard, Board for handicrafts
24-33-06-03 Rainbow corrugated cardboard, Corrugated board for handicrafts
24-33-05-05 Rainbow flower silk, Tissue paper
24-33-05-07 Rainbow handicraft crepe, Crepe
24-33-05-06 Rainbow honeycomb paper, Honeycump paper
24-33-05-03 Rainbow tone paper, Tinted paper
23-15-21-12 Rainscreen anchor
22-27-03-01 Rainwater drainage, Gutter
22-27-03-02 Rainwater pipe
21-04-91-13 Rake handle, Shovel handle
40-02-02-05 Ramming protection guard, angles, posts
22-10-06-03 Ramming work
38-19-07-01 Raney nickel, Nickel
19-06-92-04 Range expansion, Telephone system module
21-16-02-01 Ranging pole
21-16-02-92 Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
21-16-02-00 Ranging pole, level bar
37-11-03-02 Rapid action coupling (hose), Plug-in coupling (hose)
24-29-17-01 Rapid file accessory
25-02-10-08 Rapid prototyping, Prototyping, prototype construction (development activity)
34-30-17-02 Raspatory (with handle)
21-04-91-10 Ratchet (radiator spud wrench)
21-04-02-05 Ratchet case, Box wrench set (metal case, combi)
21-07-06-01 Ratchet hook tackle
29-04-35-00 Raw material (confectionary), Conditor raw mat., aroma, essence (Food, luxury foods)
25-14-02-00 Raw material and goods receipt inspection
29-02-91-10 Razor (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
26-04-09-17 Re-cooling water, Cooling water
24-23-01-09 Reaction glue
25-25-16-04 Reactivation course (languages, training, further training)
27-37-10-06 Reactive power, Cpacitor contactor
27-20-03-03 Reactive power measuring instrument, Measuring system (power supply)
27-14-23-16 Reactive power meter, Electronic electricity meter
36-02-01-00 Reactor
36-02-90-90 Reactor (other, unclassified)
36-02-01-90 Reactor (unclassified)
25-25-15-05 Reading (training, further training), Literature (training, further training)
21-17-06-14 Reading magnifier, Lit magnifying glass (measurement tool)
22-30-01-01 Ready made stairs, Stairs
24-28-09-04 Ready-made clothing tag, Textile label
27-06-03-00 Ready-made data cable
27-06-10-00 Ready-made optical fiber cable
27-06-10-90 Ready-made optical fiber cable (unclassified)
27-06-04-00 Ready-made power line
22-17-04-03 Ready-mixed concrete, Concrete
25-15-17-06 Real estate financing (service)
25-15-17-07 Real estate leasing
25-26-06-90 Real estate management (consultancy), Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting, unclassified)
25-27-02-04 Real estate, area rent
25-06-02-00 Real estate, building closure
25-06-02-01 Real estate, building closure
19-08-05-01 Real flat television, TV device
24-34-06-01 Real wood frame, Picture frame
21-01-04-00 Reamer
27-11-06-32 Rear lamp, Vehicle lamp
24-31-16-02 Rear panel (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
36-20-17-01 Rebound separator (for gases)
24-27-01-07 Receipt, Accounting-, cash report form
25-04-13-01 Receipt of goods, Logistics service (facility)
24-22-01-04 Receipt pad cover (office), Clipboard (office)
24-26-04-05 Receipt roll, Cash roll
24-22-01-15 Receipt spike, Spike file
19-06-92-05 Receiver, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-07-01-04 Receiver, Satellite antenna
19-08-02-06 Receiver, Hi-fi receiver
19-08-05-08 Receiver, Satellite receiver
23-07-91-21 Receiver (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
21-16-05-92 Receiver laser leveller, Surveying instrument (accessories)
19-07-02-02 Receiver package, Satellite system
19-07-04-07 Receiver system, Feeder system (receiver technology)
19-07-92-90 Receiver technology (accessories, unclassified)
19-07-90-00 Receiver technology (other)
19-07-90-90 Receiver technology (other, unclassified)
19-07-99-90 Receiver technology (repair, unclassified)
19-07-90-04 Receiver technology installation and set up materials (other)
19-07-91-04 Receiver technology installation and set up materials (parts)
27-20-01-01 Receiving clock
28-10-90-00 Receptacle, container (vehicle technology, other)
24-31-07-01 Reception (double-doors), Wing door cabinet
24-31-19-00 Reception (office equipment)
24-31-20-00 Reception (office equipment, accessories)
24-31-20-90 Reception (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
19-07-04-10 Reception amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
24-31-19-01 Reception bar
24-31-11-04 Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
25-01-06-01 Reception service (security service), Gate control service, receipt service
23-11-01-03 Recessed head (countersunk head screw), Countersunk screw
23-11-01-00 Recessed head screw, Screw (with head)
19-06-92-02 Rechargeable battery for mobile telecommunication
19-06-92-01 Recharger for hardware communication technology
24-34-04-04 Recipe book, Cookery book
24-30-18-14 Recipe calendar, Celebration planner
25-05-02-07 Recipients, barrels, containers for radioactive disposal
36-60-06-03 Reciprocating a. creep feed grinding machine (machine tool)
23-30-04-04 Recirculating roller guide (Profiled rail guide, complete)
22-17-04-02 Reconstruction plaster system, Plaster, plaster system
22-11-06-02 Reconstruction plaster system (structure drying), Building drainage
36-04-07-01 Recooling plant
33-06-05-00 Recooling plant (complete)
33-06-05-90 Recooling plant (complete, unclassified)
27-18-07-13 Recooling unit (switchgear cabinet)
36-04-07-00 Recooling unit (with air)
24-27-01-03 Record of hours, Salary, accounting form
19-08-02-10 Record player
27-21-02-02 Recorder (line), Line recorder (recording instrument)
27-21-02-03 Recorder (point,electr.), Point recorder (electr.)
27-21-02-01 Recorder (recording instrument)
25-10-12-02 Recording (notary office activity)
19-08-06-01 Recording cassette, Analog storage medium
41-14-09-06 Recording studio (music realisation), Music-realisation (marketing)
25-12-14-03 Recovery and holiday home (travel management)
25-25-19-04 Recruiting (training, further training), Applicant selection (guidance, training, further training)
25-11-06-04 Recruitment service
21-02-91-04 Rectangular bar (cutter bit), Chuck (parts)
21-01-09-02 Rectangular bar (cuttter bit), Cutter bit
20-24-03-02 Rectangular container (pallet container, corrugated cardboard)
21-01-05-03 Rectangular cutting tip, Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-01-19-01 Rectangular cutting tip, Cutting tip (cramped)
27-04-03-00 Rectifier
27-04-03-01 Rectifier
21-08-06-00 Rectifier welding set
21-08-06-01 Rectifier welding set
25-05-06-00 Recycling, Waste disposal
25-05-90-00 Recycling and waste management (other)
25-26-08-12 Recycling consulting
40-02-02-01 Recycling pollard, Chain barrier post, barrier post
34-29-01-01 Redon drainage system, High vacuum drainage system (medicine)
27-15-07-03 Redox measuring transducer (PAT)
23-11-01-15 Reduced-shaft bolt (with head)
27-14-91-09 Reducer (electr., parts), Screwed cable gland (electr., parts)
23-06-10-13 Reducer (grease nipple), Lubricating arrangement (oil)
37-07-05-14 Reducer (other metal)
37-02-05-14 Reducer (steel)
37-06-05-14 Reducer (thermoplastic)
37-20-01-10 Reducer joint (metal)
36-63-12-01 Reducer rolling mill (machine tool)
37-03-02-09 Reducing flange (NF metal)
22-36-06-06 Reducing nipple (fitting with thread, malleable iron) (installation), Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
37-03-05-14 Reducing piece (NF metal)
37-01-11-01 Reducing regulator, Pressure reducer
22-36-06-05 Reducing sleeve (fitting with thread, malleable iron) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-07-04 Reducing sleeve (fitting with thread, non-ferrous metal) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, NF metal, installation)
30-18-03-01 Reduction catalyst
24-25-19-09 Reduction measuring rod (office, school)
27-23-02-06 Redundancy coupler (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
22-22-01-02 Reed insulating material, Insulating material
27-37-10-12 Reel for contactor
17-11-11-01 Reel stands (printing maschine)
21-07-04-03 Reel trolley
25-26-01-03 Reengineering (corporate planning), Strategic business planning
24-35-01-02 Reference book, Enciclopedia
24-35-01-00 Reference book, digital reference book
24-35-01-90 Reference book, digital reference book (unclassified)
24-30-18-03 Reference scheduler, Horizontal diary
24-28-08-01 Reference, text label
24-20-06-01 Refill cartridge (copier), Copier toner
24-20-02-01 Refill cartridge (laser printer), Toner for laser printers
24-25-06-02 Refill for calligraphy pen, -brush
24-24-12-01 Refill for fountain pen
24-24-08-02 Refill for gel pen, Gel refill
24-24-08-01 Refill for ink ballpoint pen, Ball pen refill
24-24-06-02 Refill for multicoloured ballpoint pen, Multicolour ballpoint pen lead
24-20-01-02 Refill ink
24-24-06-01 Refill lead
24-26-03-03 Refill sheet, Loose leaf sheet
24-30-21-01 Refill-set for time planning systems, Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
24-33-01-15 Reflecting article (way to school security)
40-01-08-01 Reflecting clothing, Signal clothing
23-33-03-03 Reflecting tape (mounting tape), Mounting tape
27-27-09-02 Reflection light barrier
19-04-01-11 Reflection software, Terminal software
24-28-10-07 Reflective label, Sticker
27-11-91-02 Reflector (lighting installation, parts)
27-11-06-01 Reflex layer fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp
37-01-08-00 Reflux fitting
37-01-08-01 Reflux valve (intermediate flange), Non return valve
27-15-04-01 Refractometer (PAT)
27-15-04-00 Refractometer, polarimeter (PAT)
22-22-03-03 Refractory ramming material, Fire protection paste
22-11-02-01 Refractory work
29-04-38-01 Refreshing drops, Sweets
27-26-05-01 Refrig. equip. (electr. comp.)
33-06-02-00 Refrig. plant (liquids,compl.), Cooling facility (liquids, complete)
25-15-02-25 Refrigerated goods insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
22-28-01-02 Refrigerated room door, Door (interior/exterior)
33-06-13-00 Refrigerating plant (gas, complete)
33-06-11-00 Refrigerating plant (solids, complete)
33-06-11-90 Refrigerating plant (solids, complete, unclassified)
36-14-01-90 Refrigerating unit (unclassified)
22-10-75-01 Refrigeration ceiling, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems installation
29-02-01-00 Refrigeration, equipment
29-06-01-01 Refrigerator (commercial kitchen, catering)
29-06-01-91 Refrigerator (commercial kitchen, catering, Teile)
29-02-01-01 Refrigerator (household)
32-01-09-03 Refrigerator (lab, parts)
32-01-09-01 Refrigerator (lab.), Chemicals refrigerator (lab)
36-14-91-01 Refrigerator (parts)
29-06-01-00 Refrigerator, freezer (commercial kitchen, catering)
29-06-01-90 Refrigerator, freezer (commercial kitchen, catering, unclassified)
29-02-91-01 Refrigerator, freezer (parts, household)
36-15-02-04 Refueling facility (for gases)
22-11-06-01 Refurbishment of building components containing harmful substances
29-02-91-08 Regenerant cartridge (iron), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
36-43-14-02 Regenerative blower
36-41-01-04 Regenerative pump
36-43-22-05 Regenerative vacuum pump
36-08-25-02 Regenerator
25-10-10-05 Registered design (legal protection, service)
24-28-07-03 Registered mail label, Post note label
19-04-01-24 Registry editor, Utilities and tools (workstation)
37-01-02-03 Regulating valve, Control valve
27-29-31-00 Regulator (pneumatics)
25-25-02-03 Rehabilitation (training, further training)
22-33-01-01 Reinforced concrete assembly unit, Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
22-15-03-01 Reinforced concrete gutter, Drainage channel
22-23-01-05 Reinforced concrete outer wall panelling, External facing (other materials)
22-19-02-01 Reinforced concrete pavement light, Basement light shaft
22-14-01-01 Reinforced concrete pipe and pipe fitting, Concrete pipe shell and fitting
22-15-04-02 Reinforced concrete shaft cover, Shaft cover
22-10-13-02 Reinforced concrete work
21-04-91-07 Reinforced hose (grease), Lubricating device (parts)
22-49-02-02 Reinforcement connection, Armoring
22-10-25-01 Reinforcement work (screed work), Composition floor work
24-22-04-05 Reinforcing punch
27-14-23-06 Relay, Latching relay
27-37-17-01 Relay, Standard timed relay
27-37-18-05 Relay, Frequency monitoring equipment
27-37-18-10 Relay, Temperature monitoring equipment
28-01-91-00 Relay (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
27-37-16-03 Relay version
21-04-15-01 Release device, Take-off device
23-23-05-90 Release device (door closer, unclassified)
24-22-10-01 Reliable dater, Stamp (office)
24-33-07-03 Relief foil (handicraft foil), Embossing foil (for handicrafts)
22-39-04-05 Relief valve (heating)
22-36-01-11 Relief valve (sanitation)
25-07-03-00 Relocation (logistics services)
25-07-03-01 Relocation (logistics services)
27-02-24-01 Reluctance motor, Synchronous motor (IEC)
27-02-26-04 Reluctance motor, Stepper motor
17-11-14-03 Remoistener (printing maschine)
19-04-01-17 Remote access software
19-08-92-05 Remote control
27-10-03-00 Remote control device (power system management)
25-13-10-01 Remote line (dismounting), Disassembly (high-voltage line)
27-14-35-02 Remote switch, Help contact / signal contact
27-20-02-03 Remote thermometer, Thermometer (bimetal)
27-25-02-00 Remote-I/O comp.
24-23-08-01 Removable adhesive flag
19-03-02-09 Removable harddisk, Hard drive (PC)
24-26-01-03 Removable self stic note
22-17-01-04 Remover, Process material for ground preparation
25-26-09-03 Remuneration systems (consulting)
25-26-03-02 Remuneration systems (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
22-10-81-00 Renovation (concrete), Concrete repair work
25-02-12-00 Renovation activities (planning, monitoring)
25-02-12-01 Renovation activities (planning, monitoring)
25-27-02-00 Rent
25-27-02-90 Rent (unclassified)
25-27-90-00 Rent, lease (other)
25-27-90-90 Rent, lease (other, unclassified)
25-12-09-01 Rental vehicle (travel management)
27-04-99-00 Rep. (no-break pow. Supply), Power supply (repair)
24-32-99-03 Repair (Calculator), Calculator (repair)
24-32-99-01 Repair (Copier), Copier (repair)
20-24-99-01 Repair (IBC), IBC (corrective maintenance)
27-05-99-00 Repair (accum., batt.), Accumulator (repair)
23-05-99-00 Repair (bearing), Bearing (repair)
28-07-99-00 Repair (bicycle), Bicycle (repair)
29-06-99-00 Repair (canteen appliance, electric), Canteen equip. (electrical, repair)
21-02-99-00 Repair (clamping tools), Clamping tools (repair)
25-24-07-02 Repair (communication service)
21-06-99-00 Repair (comp. air tools), Comp. air tools (repair)
23-03-99-00 Repair (conn. elem.), Connections elem. (repair)
28-10-99-00 Repair (cont.,vehic.), Container (vehicle repair)
23-01-99-00 Repair (control elem.), Control element (repair)
20-06-99-01 Repair (drum), Drum (packing material, repair)
21-05-99-00 Repair (electr. tools), Electric tools (repair)
25-04-99-00 Repair (facility)
27-02-99-00 Repair (gear, electr.), Electrical drive (repair)
27-01-99-00 Repair (generator), Generator (repair)
28-02-99-00 Repair (hoist., lift. veh.), Hoist. vehicle (repair)
32-01-99-00 Repair (lab. app.), Laboratory app. (repair)
27-11-99-00 Repair (light inst., dev.), Lighting installation, appliance (repair)
27-20-99-00 Repair (measuring technique), Metrology (repair)
24-31-99-00 Repair (office facilities), Office facilities (repair)
23-07-99-00 Repair (packing), Sealant (repair)
20-26-99-01 Repair (pallet), Pallet (corrective maintenance)
40-02-99-00 Repair (safety system), Occupational safety (repair)
21-08-99-00 Repair (sold., weld tech.), Soldering/welding technology (repair)
28-06-99-00 Repair (spec. vehic.), Special vehicle (repair)
25-09-10-00 Repair (subcontracting)
25-09-10-01 Repair (subcontracting)
28-09-99-00 Repair (tires), Tires (repair)
21-01-99-00 Repair (tools, metal rem.), Tools (metal rem., repair)
28-08-99-00 Repair (trailer), Trailer (repair)
27-03-99-00 Repair (transf.), Ttransformer (repair)
21-07-99-00 Repair (transport, hoist), Transport equipment, cranes and elevators (repair)
28-01-99-00 Repair (vehicle, car, truck), Vehicle (repair)
28-05-99-00 Repair (water vehic.), Water vehicle (repair)
40-01-99-00 Repair (work clothing), Work clothing, protective clothing (repair)
24-23-03-10 Repair band (industrial, office), Cloth tape (office)
27-40-01-03 Repair seal
22-41-99-01 Repair ventilation system, Air treatment (repair)
19-03-01-18 Repeater, Network repeater
40-01-91-04 Replacement (hard hat), Hard hat (parts)
27-11-06-15 Replacement bulb, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
24-34-01-05 Replacement candle for grave light, Grave candle
24-25-08-01 Replacement cone for ink fountain pen, Drawing cone
29-02-91-02 Replacement hot plate (household appliance), Cooker, oven (parts, household appliance)
24-20-03-02 Replacement inking roll (thermal printer), Thermotransfer roll
24-24-26-04 Replacement insert for electrical eraser, Eraser lead for eraser machine
25-04-11-02 Replacing plants, Gardener service
24-33-03-01 Report book (school), Booklet for school
24-29-14-05 Report cover
25-24-04-06 Reporting, Computing center operation (service)
25-26-06-01 Reporting (controlling), Controlling (consulting)
19-04-01-01 Reporting software, Analysis tool (workstation)
24-36-02-02 Representative's folder, Conference portfolio
19-09-04-04 Repro (accessories) (discontinued)
19-09-01-01 Repro machine
24-26-20-01 Repro transparency, Copy film large format
19-09-03-01 Repro-chemical
19-08-03-02 Reproducer, Portable CD player
19-09-90-03 Reproduction chemical (other)
19-09-90-01 Reproduction machine, reproduction device (other)
22-10-81-01 Reprofiling (concrete repair work), Concrete repair work
19-09-02-00 Repropaper
25-26-12-01 Requirement analysis, Systems analysis (IT consulting)
25-26-05-01 Requirements planning (logistics consultancy), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
40-04-07-00 Rescue appliance
34-24-01-13 Rescue breathing apparatus
28-06-01-00 Rescue vehicle, Special vehicle, fire, ambulance
25-26-11-02 Research (information services)
25-14-01-00 Research and development inspection activity
25-15-02-18 Residential building insurance
27-14-22-01 Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
25-05-09-00 Residual pollution cleanup (waste and cycle economy)
22-23-01-06 Resin composite panel (external facing)
22-15-01-01 Resin concrete outlet, Drain
22-15-04-01 Resin concrete shaft, Finished shaft, prefabricated shaft component
22-18-02-03 Resin facing brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
19-07-04-03 Resistance, Load resistor (receiver technology)
27-26-01-00 Resistance
27-21-01-11 Resistance tansmitter, Calibrator (Signal processing)
27-20-02-08 Resistance thermometer, Temperature measuring electr. complete
27-14-11-27 Resistor series terminal, Component terminal block
35-03-04-01 Resopal plate (plastic), Plate material (plastic)
30-25-03-01 Resorcindiphosphonic acid tetraphenylester (flame retardant), Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
19-04-01-22 Resource management, System management software
19-04-02-07 Resource management, System management software (server)
34-24-01-03 Respirator, ventilator
40-01-14-05 Respiratory filter, gas filter
40-01-91-17 Respiratory mask (parts)
40-01-14-00 Respiratory protection
40-01-14-01 Respiratory protective mask
25-20-01-00 Restaurant (service)
25-20-02-00 Restaurant (service)
25-20-01-90 Restaurant (service, unclassified)
25-20-02-90 Restaurant (service, unclassified)
28-04-04-11 Restaurant car
24-27-01-12 Restaurant form, Form for catering trade
24-35-01-05 Restaurant guide, Guide book
25-20-01-01 Restaurant with conventional service (service)
25-20-01-02 Restaurant with self-service (service)
22-30-01-02 Resting place, Stair step, stair landing
24-25-15-08 Restoration brush, Special brush
25-11-05-01 Result checking
27-32-05-01 Retail scale/check- out scale
25-25-18-01 Retail trade (training, further training)
22-10-09-00 Retention basin, Canal work
27-18-10-06 Retention part
24-34-03-07 Retirement card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
36-08-08-00 Retort furnace
24-25-15-06 Retouching brush, Gloss over brush
24-24-03-01 Retractable-, propelling pencil
22-10-84-01 Retreating working, Demolition work
27-30-18-02 Return filter (hydraulics)
24-26-23-03 Reusable mailer for data carriers, Data carrier envelope
21-10-05-02 Rev. stool (office equip.), Office stool (workshop)
22-49-01-01 Reveal profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
34-17-40-06 Revenue Management
37-01-09-04 Reversible bursting disk, Bursting disc safety device (safety fitting)
21-01-19-00 Reversible cutting tip, Cutting tip
36-10-20-17 Reversible osmosis (for liquids)
21-02-01-01 Reversible steel holder, Quick change holder, steel holder
27-37-14-07 Reversing switch
37-01-02-13 Reversing valve, Multiport Globe Valve
37-18-92-01 Revision door (air duct, accessories)
22-28-02-01 Revolving door, Gate
22-28-01-01 Revolving door system, Door system
27-14-41-02 Revolving gate drive, Garage door motor
23-05-14-01 Revolving joint (bearing)
24-31-09-01 Revolving pillar for files, Letter file column
36-10-20-12 Revolving screen filter (for liquids)
21-10-05-00 Revolving stool, Office chair (workshop)
27-14-23-07 Rex staircase light timer switch, Staircase lighting timer
25-25-19-12 Rhetoric, arguing, discussing (training, further training)
24-31-01-07 Rhombus element (linking element), Chaining element
22-55-01-02 Rib plate, Shunt (railway track)
22-48-01-02 Ribbed board (building material), Pasteboard (building material)
22-26-01-04 Ribbed plastic sheeting (roof and ceiling sheets), Plastic sheet (roof waterproofing)
24-34-09-05 Ribbon (Christmas tree decorations), Christmas tree decoration
24-34-09-07 Ribbon (Christmas tree decorations), Christmas candle
24-34-09-08 Ribbon (Christmas tree decorations), Christmas article, other
29-04-20-00 Rice, Processed food
24-29-08-04 Rider for adjustable folder, Clear view tab
21-16-03-03 Right angle prism (surveying)
25-10-08-09 Right of passage, Law on real estate (service)
21-02-05-01 Right-angle gear drive, Clamping tools
24-31-01-08 Right-angled table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
36-52-05-01 Rigid container fill a. close machine
34-28-03-00 Rigid endoscope complete (medicine)
34-28-03-90 Rigid endoscope complete (medicine) (unclassified)
22-21-01-01 Rigid foam plastic building board, Plasterboard material
28-09-01-03 Rim band
23-09-01-01 Ring (flat, crowned), Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
23-09-03-00 Ring (shaft lock.), Disc, ring (screw locking)
23-09-02-00 Ring (wedge), Disc, ring (wedge)
24-29-14-07 Ring binder
24-29-18-00 Ring binder
24-29-18-90 Ring binder (unclassified)
24-22-02-01 Ring binder for business cards, Business card file
24-34-04-01 Ring binder photo album, Photo-album
24-29-01-01 Ring binders, Lever arch file
23-11-06-03 Ring bolt
24-29-19-01 Ring folder accessory (wire compressor), Wire compressor
24-26-02-03 Ring folder note book, College pad
24-28-09-05 Ring label
27-11-06-31 Ring mirror lamp, Indication- and signal lamp
23-11-08-01 Ring nut
36-63-12-02 Ring rolling mill (machine tool)
21-04-01-00 Ring wrench, Wrenches
21-04-01-05 Ring-type open-jaw wrench
21-04-01-03 Ring-type slugging wrench
21-04-01-06 Ring-type wrench (double), Double ring wrench
21-04-06-02 Ringom combi. Knife, Knife
30-30-02-04 Rinse aid (instrument disinfection, mechanical)
32-01-23-18 Riser tube (pump, acc., lab)
24-31-13-03 Rising aid, Mobile Step-Stool (office)
22-10-17-01 Rising steel structure work, Steel construction work
25-15-02-06 Risk life insurance, Life insurance
25-26-02-06 Risk management, External trade consultation
28-05-04-00 River boat
28-05-04-90 River boat (unclassified)
22-13-01-04 River sand, Gravel, sand (building material)
26-04-09-03 River water
23-12-04-00 Rivet
23-12-04-04 Riveting bolt
23-11-09-03 Riveting nut
21-04-07-06 Riveting tool (manual)
25-07-21-01 Road (factory traffic, factory transport)
22-12-02-01 Road building, Infrastructure (construction service skill category)
24-33-11-11 Road chalk, Street chalk
22-10-80-00 Road construction work
22-10-80-01 Road construction work
25-07-06-00 Road freight, Truck transport
25-07-06-01 Road freight, packed, Truck transport, packaged
30-06-01-03 Road salt
25-12-12-01 Road toll, Extra travel expenses (travel management)
25-25-09-12 Road transport, occupation motorist (training, further training)
27-32-01-03 Road weighbridge (truck scale)
22-11-04-01 Roadbed and track (railway construction), Track construction work
40-02-02-02 Roadblocks, barriers
27-38-91-02 Robot (controls, parts)
27-38-01-90 Robot (unclassified)
27-38-02-00 Robot control
27-38-02-01 Robot control
27-38-97-00 Robotics, Assembly (assembly)
27-38-97-90 Robotics, Assembly (assembly, unclassified)
27-38-98-00 Robotics, Assembly (maintenance, service)
27-38-90-00 Robotics, Assembly (other)
27-38-90-90 Robotics, Assembly (other, unclassified)
27-38-91-00 Robotics, Assembly (parts)
27-38-91-90 Robotics, Assembly (parts, unclassified)
27-38-99-00 Robotics, Assembly (repair)
25-02-13-01 Robotics, handling technology (planning)
27-38-01-00 Robots
21-05-03-01 Rock drilling hammer (electr.)
21-05-91-03 Rock drilling hammer (electr., parts)
38-05-02-04 Rock salt (chemical), Sodium chloride
26-01-03-01 Rock salt (extraction product )
23-01-05-01 Rocker clamping lever, Clamping lever
32-01-26-05 Rocker shaker (lab)
27-14-40-41 Rocker switch insert, Serial switch
23-05-01-05 Rod end (spherical plain bearing)
19-06-92-03 Rod headset, Headset (telephone)
35-01-03-00 Rod material (iron, steel)
35-03-03-00 Rod material (plastic)
21-17-03-07 Rod micrometer, Micrometer
32-01-24-12 Rod thermometer (lab)
22-29-35-01 Roll, Melamine edgings
22-29-35-02 Roll, Security edgings
24-30-14-02 Roll board for presentation, Presentation movable wall
21-17-02-04 Roll calliper gauge, Diameter gauge
24-31-10-02 Roll for file pillar, Filing column (accessories)
36-60-06-20 Roll grinding machine (machine tool)
29-12-01-91 Roll holder (roll, parts), Dispenser, waste bin (parts)
32-01-06-03 Roll mixer
24-22-01-21 Roll moistener kit (office), Moistener (office)
24-34-02-01 Roll of wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
41-09-08-02 Roll offset (advertising prints, block)
41-09-05-03 Roll offset (advertising prints, brochure, leaflet)
21-13-09-02 Roll slide (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-26-17-11 Roll transparency for OHP projector, OHP film roll
24-31-09-00 Roll wagon (office equipment), Universal filing, sorting equipment
29-12-01-01 Roll, dispenser (cleaning agent), Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
23-11-01-17 Roll-threading screw, Screw (self-tapping)
24-30-12-01 Roll-up mechanism projection screen, Wall-, ceiling projection screen
34-43-01-08 Rollator
32-03-05-15 Rolled flange bottles (laboratory)
23-34-01-90 Roller (shaping technology, unclassified)
23-34-02-90 Roller (shaping technology, unclassified)
21-07-91-00 Roller (transport, hoist), Transport device, hoist (parts)
22-32-02-05 Roller blind
22-10-30-01 Roller blinds, grids, door (roller blind work), Shutter work
24-31-05-02 Roller container
36-63-12-06 Roller finishing a. deep rolling machine (machine tool)
36-41-03-90 Roller pump, Positive-displacement pump, rotating (unclassified)
23-30-09-00 Roller screw drive
22-32-02-04 Roller shutter
22-18-01-02 Roller shutter cover plate and cabinet
36-08-16-00 Roller-hearth furnace
36-08-16-90 Roller-hearth furnace (unclassified)
24-24-07-02 Rollerball (gel), Gel-ink-roller
24-24-09-01 Rollerball (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
24-24-13-01 Rollerball in writing set, Writing set
41-01-01-01 Rollerball pen (promotional article), Writing materials (promotional article)
23-17-04-06 Rollerchains with attachment
24-31-12-90 Rollers, Chair (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
23-05-90-00 Rolling bearing, glide bearing, rocker bearing (other)
36-20-19-16 Rolling belt filter (for gases)
36-10-20-02 Rolling belt filter (for liquids)
36-18-01-03 Rolling crusher
36-16-04-04 Rolling drier, Drum drier
22-19-02-02 Rolling grid, Grate, base pan
22-49-03-02 Rolling lattice, Protective grid
36-18-02-07 Rolling mill
36-63-12-00 Rolling mill (machine tool)
36-63-12-90 Rolling mill (machine tool, unclassified)
24-29-30-03 Rolling paper, Coin-, banknote counting supplies
22-21-02-04 Rolling wall, Mobile partition (construction system component)
27-14-41-07 Rollotron, Belt take-up reel
19-07-92-03 Roof cover sheeting, Antenna assembly materials
22-27-01-00 Roof extension element
22-41-09-01 Roof fan for ventilation system
27-14-09-15 Roof hood, Cable protective covering hood
22-10-22-01 Roof ladders (plumbing work), Plumbing work
22-29-01-03 Roof lath
22-28-03-01 Roof light, Window
22-27-02-01 Roof light and other house windows
19-07-92-02 Roof mast assembly set, Antenna support fixture
22-26-01-02 Roof planting (material)
22-51-01-01 Roof safety scaffolding, Scaffolding
22-10-21-00 Roof sealing work
22-10-21-01 Roof sealing work
22-25-01-00 Roof slab (fiber cement)
22-25-02-00 Roof slate
22-25-02-01 Roof slate (assortment)
22-25-03-01 Roof stone
22-25-03-00 Roof stone, roofing tile
22-10-16-01 Roof structure (timbering), Carpenter work
22-25-05-02 Roof timbering (prefabricated roofing part)
22-10-16-00 Roof truss work, Carpentry and woodwork
22-27-92-02 Roof waterproofing (accessories)
22-26-90-00 Roof waterproofing (other)
22-27-92-01 Roofing (accessories)
22-25-90-00 Roofing (other)
22-25-90-90 Roofing (other, unclassified)
22-27-90-00 Roofing accessories (other)
22-27-90-90 Roofing accessories (other, unclassified)
22-26-01-00 Roofing and sealing sheet
22-17-02-01 Roofing mortar, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-25-03-02 Roofing tile
22-10-20-00 Roofing work
22-10-20-01 Roofing work
22-33-07-00 Roofing, canopy
22-33-07-01 Roofing, canopy
22-27-92-00 Roofing, roof waterproofing (accessories)
22-27-92-90 Roofing, roof waterproofing (accessories, unclassified)
22-10-87-01 Roofs winter construction, Winter construction protection measure
41-01-08-13 Room accessories (promotional article)
22-33-04-05 Room cell, Module, container
22-41-05-03 Room climate control device
24-31-15-00 Room dividers, workplace development
24-31-16-00 Room dividers, workplace development (accessories)
22-33-05-03 Room framework
24-30-16-11 Room inscription, Door plate
27-14-40-08 Room monitoring device, Movement alarm unit sensor
24-25-20-04 Room-air engineering stencil, Template for survey, house automation
24-31-15-03 Room-in-room system
22-52-02-01 Root protection chamber, Tree protection
36-43-01-07 Roots compressor, Sliding vane rotary compressor
27-20-04-06 Roots gas meter, Meter (gas)
36-43-22-04 Roots vacuum pump
23-13-01-03 Rope clamp
36-18-03-04 Rope granulator
17-02-09-90 Rope making, braiding, lace braiding (unclassified)
23-17-91-06 Rope, string (parts)
21-04-06-01 Rose shears, Scissors
21-01-01-01 Rose-head countersink, Twist drill
27-20-04-05 Rota meter (flowmeter), Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
36-04-02-03 Rotary cooler (ventilation technology)
24-33-09-01 Rotary depth holes, Motive punch
24-22-02-05 Rotary file
36-52-13-02 Rotary heat sealer
21-01-05-04 Rotary milling cutter, Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
36-43-01-08 Rotary multi-vane compressor
36-43-14-01 Rotary piston blower
36-41-03-06 Rotary piston pump
36-43-14-90 Rotary piston ventilator, Blower (unclassified)
36-43-22-07 Rotary plunger vacuum pump
36-20-04-02 Rotary scrubber (for gases)
36-62-01-02 Rotary shear (machine tool)
27-14-40-25 Rotary switch / button, Shutter switch
36-60-06-10 Rotary table surface grinding machine, horizontal grinding spindle (mt.)
24-32-17-01 Rotary trimmer (Cutting machine)
24-32-18-01 Rotary trimmer-cutting head, Cutting head for rotary trimmer
36-08-11-90 Rotary tube furnace (unclassified)
36-62-01-05 Rotary type gang slitting shear (machine tool)
36-62-01-06 Rotary type trimming shear (machine tool)
36-17-01-04 Rotary vane feeder
24-24-04-01 Rotating Pencil lead, Lead (pencil)
24-24-05-01 Rotating ballpoint pen, Ballpoint pen
24-29-27-01 Rotating column viewing board, Display panel
27-14-32-04 Rotating mirror
21-02-11-04 Rotating tool holder
36-08-13-90 Rotating-hearth furnace (unclassified)
21-16-05-05 Rotation laser
32-01-10-12 Rotation thermostat (lab)
27-29-06-01 Rotatory actuator van style (pneumatics)
27-29-09-01 Rotatory indexing table (pneumatics)
32-01-11-08 Rotor Beater Mill (laboratory)
21-01-13-18 Rough cleaning grinding wheel, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
22-16-01-02 Rough stone, Natural stone
21-17-01-12 Roughness standard
22-32-02-02 Rouleau in insulating glass, Blinds
24-34-08-05 Roulette, Board game
35-01-08-00 Round bottom (alloyed special steel), Tank bottom (steel, iron)
20-31-01-01 Round bottom sack (plastic)
21-04-11-05 Round brush (hand), Brush (technical)
22-17-03-01 Round cord (sealing material) (construction material), Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
27-29-03-04 Round cylinder (pneumatics)
23-20-05-02 Round cylinder - standard (electronic)
24-34-08-04 Round dice, Dice game
32-03-03-05 Round flask (lab)
24-32-19-04 Round magazine for slide projector, Slide projector
35-02-03-02 Round material (NF metal)
35-01-03-02 Round material (steel, unalloyed)
21-04-03-01 Round nose pliers, Pliers
23-11-07-07 Round nut
20-26-01-07 Round pallet (plywood)
21-07-91-04 Round sling, Stopping material (parts)
23-17-04-03 Round steel chain, Standard rollerchain
35-01-03-12 Round stock (steel, alloyed)
23-17-06-01 Round strand rope, Cable
27-14-03-08 Round wire (grounding), Grounding wire
24-22-09-06 Round-head clip, Paper fastener
21-01-09-01 Round-nosed tool, Lathe chisel, tool
24-25-20-03 Rounding and nut stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
17-07-01-00 Roundwood yard
19-04-01-18 Route planning software
19-03-01-01 Router
21-05-18-01 Router (rechargeable)
32-03-03-13 Roux bottle (laboratory), Culture flask (parts, laboratory)
27-20-16-00 Rpm measurement
22-10-36-01 Rubber (flooring work), Floor covering work
30-14-01-01 Rubber (sealeant)
24-34-13-01 Rubber ball, Small toys
24-22-14-02 Rubber band (X-band, office), X-band (office)
24-22-14-01 Rubber band (office), Elastic band (office)
24-22-14-90 Rubber band, twine, ducument seal (unclassified)
40-01-13-03 Rubber boots
23-03-91-00 Rubber buffer (clutch), Coupling (parts, not electr.)
23-18-01-00 Rubber buffer (vibr. damper), Vibration damper
27-06-20-08 Rubber cable, Welding cable
27-14-34-01 Rubber combination, CEE plug socket combination
24-24-22-01 Rubber eraser, Eraser
24-22-01-23 Rubber finger, Finger cone (office)
27-06-20-02 Rubber flat line, Flat cable
22-46-02-00 Rubber flooring
22-46-02-01 Rubber flooring
24-29-12-05 Rubber foot for lettertray
40-01-12-00 Rubber gloves, Hand protection
40-01-12-01 Rubber gloves (5-finger), Five-finger gloves
40-01-12-03 Rubber gloves (mitten), Mittens
21-04-09-01 Rubber hammer, Hammer
27-06-20-06 Rubber hose pipe, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
32-03-11-02 Rubber plug (lab)
24-23-01-03 Rubber stick
22-26-01-03 Rubber strip (roof and sealing sheet)
24-25-20-07 Rubber template
32-01-32-04 Rubber tube (laboratory)
25-05-06-25 Rubber waste (disposal)
23-18-91-01 Rubber-metal parabolic spring (damping, parts), Vibration damper (parts)
30-14-01-00 Rubberlike material (sealant)
29-12-01-02 Rubbish sack, Waste bin
22-13-01-01 Rubble, Soil (building material)
24-36-02-07 Rucksack, Travelling bag, backpack
24-36-02-04 Rucksack for notebook, Notebook bag, notebook suitcase
24-25-19-02 Ruler (cutting), Cuting ruler (office, school)
21-17-03-01 Ruler (tool)
19-02-04-06 Rumble Pad, Gamepad
24-34-08-01 Rummy (playing cards), Playing-card
22-46-05-02 Runner (carpet), Carpet, runner
23-30-02-03 Runner block (Cam roller guide)
24-25-21-01 Runner for template
41-04-05-04 Running light (marketing)
28-07-91-01 Running wheel (bicycle, parts), Bicycle (parts)
27-24-25-02 Runtime software, Visualization software
24-24-23-04 Rust eraser, Crystal eraser
23-06-05-00 Rust prot. (not paint), Means of preservation, surface protection

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