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19-08-05-03 S VHS HiFi video recorder with hard disk, Video recorder
19-10-01-02 S VHS camcorder, Video camera
19-08-06-01 S VHS cassette, Analog storage medium
27-06-18-01 S-FTP cable, Data cable
22-25-03-02 S-shaped single-lap tile, Roofing tile
19-06-92-04 S0 module, Telephone system module
19-08-02-03 SACD player, CD player, CD recorder
19-08-03-02 SACD player, Portable CD player
19-07-04-09 SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-05 SAT antenna relay, Multiple switches (receiver technology)
19-07-04-02 SAT distributor, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
19-07-04-01 SAT double installation socket, Antenna connection outlet
19-07-04-11 SAT processing, Head-end (receiver technology
19-07-04-07 SAT receiver system, Feeder system (receiver technology)
19-03-02-09 SCSI disk, Hard drive (PC)
19-03-03-04 SCSII-controller, Controller (PC)
19-03-03-14 SD card reader, Card reader (PC)
19-03-03-08 SD-RAM, Memory (PC)
27-06-20-06 SIHF, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
24-21-01-09 SLR cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
24-21-01-14 SLR cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
27-26-02-00 SMD capacitor, Capacitor
27-26-01-00 SMD resistance, Resistance
27-24-22-01 SPS analog input/output module
27-24-22-07 SPS basic equipment
27-24-22-14 SPS cable connection
27-24-22-09 SPS power pack
27-24-22-13 SPS power supply (discontinued)
27-24-22-10 SPS programming hardware
27-24-25-01 SPS programming software
19-04-02-15 SQL, Database software (server)
27-14-22-01 SRCD, Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
25-15-02-03 SVS/RVS insurance, Transport insurance
19-07-04-08 SW amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-01-01 SW antenna, Indoor antenna
19-07-01-02 SW antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-01-03 SW car antenna, Car antenna
19-03-02-01 SYJet drive, Disk drive (PC)
20-16-02-00 Sack (plastic, packing material)
21-07-01-01 Sack barrow, Hand cart (workshop)
36-15-01-03 Sack filling device (for bulk materials)
21-04-12-02 Sack twist sealing equipment, Drill
28-07-91-01 Saddle (bicycle, parts), Bicycle (parts)
25-09-02-02 Saekaphen work (contract production), Metallic coating (subcontracting)
27-14-34-06 Safe voltage, CEE coupling
27-14-34-04 Safe voltage socket, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-14-11-16 Safeguard line-up terminal, Fuse terminal block
27-21-01-00 Safety barrier, Measuring transducer
40-02-01-01 Safety belt
40-01-13-02 Safety boots
32-01-08-05 Safety burner (lab)
24-31-07-11 Safety cabinet (office equipment)
27-26-91-00 Safety case (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
25-02-04-13 Safety co-ordination (structural planning), Project management (building planning)
24-38-01-00 Safety deposit box
24-38-90-90 Safety deposit box (other, unclassified)
27-37-12-19 Safety desk, Two hand control panel
20-42-02-07 Safety dispenser, Dispenser
27-37-12-18 Safety foot switch, Foot switch
23-03-91-00 Safety fuse (parts, clutch), Coupling (parts, not electr.)
27-14-21-00 Safety fuse systems
22-10-32-01 Safety glass (glazing work), Glazing work
40-01-15-00 Safety glasses, Eye protection, face protection
40-02-01-02 Safety harness
40-01-11-01 Safety hat, Protective helmet
25-04-11-01 Safety inspections, Janitor's service
24-28-01-11 Safety label, PC security label
27-11-03-05 Safety lamp (int.)
24-33-01-15 Safety lamp (school way safety), Reflecting article (way to school security)
25-26-01-07 Safety management, Organization (management consultation)
40-01-15-03 Safety mask (eye, face protect.), Face protective mask
22-36-01-01 Safety mixer tap, Fitting (sink)
40-03-04-01 Safety razor
27-37-04-17 Safety release, Undervoltage trip
40-01-13-00 Safety shoes, Foot protection
40-02-06-30 Safety software (industrial safety)
27-37-14-03 Safety switch, Compact circuit breaker
40-02-06-11 Safety switch (industrial safety)
27-20-11-05 Safety test panels
37-01-09-05 Safety valve (safety fitting)
27-24-28-02 Safety-related application software
27-24-28-03 Safety-related automation software
27-27-24-01 Safety-related inductive proximity switch
27-27-27-04 Safety-related light curtain
27-37-19-00 Safety-related monitoring equipment
27-27-27-91 Safety-related optical electronic sensor (parts)
27-27-27-90 Safety-related optical electronic sensor (unclassified)
27-27-26-91 Safety-related position switch (parts)
27-24-27-00 Safety-related programmable controller (sps)
27-27-24-00 Safety-related proximity switch
27-27-25-91 Safety-related rotation transducer (parts)
27-24-28-00 Safety-related software
27-24-27-07 Safety-related sps basic equipment
27-24-27-09 Safety-related sps power pack
27-27-34-90 Safety-related tactile sensor (unclassified)
27-27-24-03 Safety-related transponder switch
27-27-29-91 Safety-related ultrasonic sensor, switch (parts)
30-19-01-13 Safran
29-04-13-00 Salad, instant salad, Fish marinade, instant salad
24-27-02-10 Salary book
25-26-09-03 Salary policies, Remuneration systems (consulting)
24-29-24-03 Salary record card, File card for special application
25-26-06-02 Salary statement, Operational accounting (consulting)
24-27-01-03 Salary, accounting form
25-26-02-04 Sales design (consulting)
20-30-02-01 Sales display (cardboard)
20-30-03-01 Sales display (corrugated paperboard)
20-30-01-01 Sales display (plastic, packing material)
41-04-02-01 Sales display, plastic (marketing)
24-36-02-02 Sales folder, Conference portfolio
25-26-02-05 Sales promotion concepts, Operative marketing (consulting)
41-04-03-01 Sales stand (marketing)
41-04-04-01 Sales stand, wood (marketing)
39-02-37-05 Salicylaldehyde
41-01-07-07 Salmon (promotional article)
38-16-08-01 Samarium
25-25-15-06 Sample (training, further training), Design (training, further training)
24-22-09-06 Sample bag clip, Paper fastener
32-03-01-10 Sample beaker (lab)
32-01-28-03 Sample divider (lab)
27-38-91-90 Sample taking appl. (parts), Robotics, Assembly (parts, unclassified)
37-01-15-02 Sampling cock
37-01-15-01 Sampling valve
22-13-01-04 Sand, Gravel, sand (building material)
21-06-08-08 Sand blasting pistol (comp. air)
36-10-20-09 Sand filter (for liquids)
40-01-13-04 Sandals, lab shoes
22-17-01-04 Sandblasting mat., Process material for ground preparation
25-04-11-02 Sanding (gardener service), Gardener service
25-09-07-04 Sanding (subcontracting)
17-07-22-00 Sanding machine
21-01-13-16 Sanding toll made of sanding compound without attachment
21-01-13-18 Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
22-24-01-03 Sandwich element (metal)
23-12-03-05 Sandwich type plaster board nail
22-10-44-02 Sanitary cells (water installation), Water line installation
30-02-15-00 Sanitary cleaning agent
23-15-23-01 Sanitary fixing
24-25-20-04 Sanitary installation stencil, Template for survey, house automation
22-36-91-05 Sanitary material (parts)
40-03-01-06 Sanitary paper (discontinued)
25-02-04-08 Sanitary systems (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
22-36-05-01 Sanitation block
22-36-01-00 Sanitation fitting
22-36-01-90 Sanitation fitting (unclassified)
25-04-10-00 Sanitation service (facility)
22-36-03-00 Sanitation unit
22-36-91-90 Sanitation unit (parts, unclassified)
22-36-03-90 Sanitation unit (unclassified)
22-36-90-00 Sanitation units, sanitation (accessories, other)
22-36-90-90 Sanitation units, sanitation (accessories, other, unclassified)
20-03-02-02 Satchel bag (paper)
20-03-01-02 Satchel bag (plastic)
20-16-02-04 Satchel sack (plastic)
20-16-02-24 Satchel sack (textile)
24-33-01-03 Satchel, school back-pack
19-07-01-04 Satellite antenna
19-08-05-08 Satellite receiver
19-07-02-02 Satellite system
24-25-15-02 Satin paintbrush set, Brush set
29-08-01-01 Saucepan (commercial kitchen)
29-03-01-01 Saucepan (household)
34-44-08-05 Sauna infusion
22-37-01-02 Sauna, heat cab
24-29-20-09 Savings book pouch, Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
21-05-11-00 Saw (electr.)
21-05-11-01 Saw (electr.) (discontinued)
21-05-91-11 Saw (electr., parts)
21-01-16-00 Saw blade
21-01-16-02 Saw blade (hand)
21-01-16-03 Saw blade (machine)
36-60-05-08 Sawing centre (machine tool)
17-07-10-00 Sawing mach. f. further processing of solid wood, wood-based panels a plastics
17-07-10-90 Sawing mach. f. processing of sol. wood, wood-based panels, plastics (uncl.)
36-60-05-00 Sawing machine (machine tool)
36-60-05-90 Sawing machine (machine tool, unclassified)
17-07-02-00 Sawmilling technology (sawn timber production)
22-29-01-10 Sawn timber
24-28-10-08 Saying sticker, Tattoo label
21-04-09-01 Scabbling pick, Hammer
23-15-23-03 Scaffold fastening
22-51-01-01 Scaffolding
22-10-01-00 Scaffolding work
22-51-01-00 Scaffolding, ladder
22-51-01-90 Scaffolding, ladder (unclassified)
22-51-90-00 Scaffolding, ladder, formwork, sheeting material (pra, other)
22-51-90-90 Scaffolding, ladder, formwork, sheeting material (pra, other, unclassified)
30-02-15-06 Scale remover, Descaler (sanitary cleaners)
27-32-90-00 Scales (other)
27-32-90-90 Scales (other, unclassified)
27-32-02-05 Scales control, Blending system
21-04-06-02 Scalpell, Knife
19-04-01-27 Scan software
38-16-01-01 Scandium
19-02-02-08 Scanner, Multi-functional printer
19-02-03-00 Scanner
19-02-90-03 Scanner (other)
27-38-01-02 Scara robot
24-34-01-04 Scented lamp, Candle perfumed
19-04-01-14 Schedule tracking, Project management software
24-35-04-01 School atlas, Atlas
24-26-11-01 School block (drawing), Drawing block
24-33-04-03 School book box, Booklet box
24-25-15-07 School brush (bristle), Bristle brush
24-26-02-03 School college pad, College pad
24-33-06-07 School cone blank, Card board cone
24-30-16-01 School direction guide, Letterboard
24-25-15-01 School drawing brush
24-26-12-09 School drawing cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
24-29-01-01 School file, Lever arch file
24-24-11-01 School fountain pen, Fountain pen
24-33-02-01 School fountain pen, Fountain pen for learners
24-25-10-01 School nib, Drawing nip
24-25-03-01 School pencil, Coloured pencil
24-33-90-00 School-, handycraft article (other)
24-33-90-90 School-, handycraft article (other, unclassified)
24-33-01-00 School-, preschool accessory
24-34-08-01 Schwarzer Peter (playing cards), Playing-card
19-01-01-02 Scientific computer, Cluster computer
21-04-06-01 Scissors
21-04-06-00 Scissors, knife, spatel, trowel, chisel
22-47-01-03 Scone brick
27-20-11-04 Scopemeter
23-33-02-00 Scotch tape, one-sided (technical)
26-03-05-00 Scrap (secondary raw materials)
36-62-02-04 Scrap shear (machine tool)
21-08-03-01 Scrap torch, Welding torch, cutting torch
21-04-08-00 Scraper, needle, awl, deburrer
22-17-04-01 Screed additions, Wet cement
22-33-06-02 Screen, Palisades, steles, thresholds
24-30-12-01 Screen, Wall-, ceiling projection screen
27-23-02-03 Screen (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
27-23-02-26 Screen (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
41-11-02-02 Screen (sport location advertising)
24-30-14-01 Screen board for presentation, Display board
29-11-01-07 Screen cleaning cloth, Cloth (cleansing)
35-01-02-13 Screen cloth circles (alloyed steel), Woven wire (steel, alloyed)
35-01-02-03 Screen cloth circles (plain carbon steel), Wire mesh (steel, unalloyed)
24-32-25-02 Screen cover (office), Dust protection
24-21-05-01 Screen filter
22-41-07-02 Screen for ventilation system
41-09-04-02 Screen print (advertising prints, card, box)
41-09-06-01 Screen print (advertising prints, label, crowner)
41-09-03-02 Screen print (advertising prints, poster, affiche)
41-09-07-01 Screen print (advertising prints, stickers, transparency)
17-11-07-90 Screen printing machine (unclassified)
17-10-07-90 Screen printing plates production (unclassified)
24-21-05-00 Screen protection
24-21-05-90 Screen protection (unclassified)
22-32-02-01 Screen, shade system
25-18-01-01 Screening, Medical examinitation
36-19-12-00 Screening machine (for solid matter)
36-19-12-90 Screening machine (for solid matter, unclassified)
33-10-07-01 Screening plant (complete)
23-11-01-14 Screw (dowel), Dowel screw (with head)
23-11-03-03 Screw (locking), Locking screw, screw bolt
23-11-01-17 Screw (self-tapping)
23-11-06-00 Screw (special)
23-11-01-00 Screw (with head)
23-15-21-05 Screw anchor
22-14-92-90 Screw and seal set (construction material), Pipe (building material, accessories, unclassified)
24-29-28-91 Screw attachment, Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
21-04-16-01 Screw clamp
21-04-16-00 Screw clamp,dog,Vee bending tool
28-01-91-00 Screw conn. (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
36-12-04-03 Screw conveyor
29-02-91-04 Screw cover (hot-water boiler), Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
37-01-02-03 Screw down reg. valve, Control valve
34-30-28-08 Screw driver (osteosynthesis)
21-04-15-03 Screw extractor
37-06-07-01 Screw fitting (pipe,straight)(plast.), Bolted joint (straight) (Thermoplast)
24-25-20-03 Screw head stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
21-04-07-00 Screw hole tool, Chisel, center punch, riveting tool (manual)
23-11-06-03 Screw hook, Ring bolt
23-09-03-00 Screw locking ring, Disc, ring (screw locking)
36-09-02-08 Screw mixer
23-12-03-06 Screw nail
23-06-01-02 Screw paste, Lubricant (pasty)
23-11-11-00 Screw plug
23-11-11-01 Screw plug
24-34-04-01 Screw post photo album, Photo-album
21-04-31-02 Screw press, Lubricator
23-08-01-01 Screw pressure spring
36-41-03-90 Screw pump, Positive-displacement pump, rotating (unclassified)
36-41-03-05 Screw pump
36-41-91-90 Screw pump (canned mot., parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
36-43-22-90 Screw rotor vacuum compressor, Vacuum pump (rotating, unclassified)
20-38-02-01 Screw stopper (metal, packing material)
21-01-02-10 Screw tap
21-02-03-00 Screw tap chuck
21-02-03-01 Screw tap chuck
23-08-02-01 Screw tension spring
23-11-01-13 Screw, not flatly surface-mounted, outer drive
23-11-90-00 Screw, washer (other)
27-14-21-07 Screw-in holder, Miniature fuse holder
27-14-21-08 Screw-in holder, L.v.h.b.c. load disconnect switch
27-14-21-09 Screw-in holder, L.v.h.b.c. fuse switch-disconnector
21-16-02-92 Screw-on air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
24-31-04-02 Screw-on board for swivel arm, Mounting accessories for swivel arm
32-03-05-08 Screw-top bottles (laboratory)
27-14-19-01 Screw-type circuit breaker, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
36-43-01-03 Screw-type compressor (dry-running)
36-43-02-01 Screw-type compressor (dry-running)
36-43-01-04 Screw-type compressor (oilflooded)
36-43-01-05 Screw-type compressor (water injected)
21-06-02-00 Screwdriver (comp. air), Impact screwdriver (comp. air)
21-05-08-00 Screwdriver (electr.)
21-05-08-01 Screwdriver (electr.) (discontinued)
21-05-21-00 Screwdriver (rechargeable)
21-04-04-02 Screwdriver insert
21-04-04-00 Screwdriver, Screwdriver insert
27-14-91-09 Screwed cable gland (electr., parts)
24-33-03-01 Scribbling pad (school exercise book), Booklet for school
21-17-03-04 Scribing needle, Protractor (measuring instrument, length)
19-02-04-01 Scroll Mouse, Mouse
36-20-04-00 Scrubber (for gases)
36-20-04-90 Scrubber (for gases, unclassified)
29-11-02-12 Scrubbing brush
33-11-01-00 Scrubbing plant (complete)
33-11-01-90 Scrubbing plant (complete, unclassified)
25-16-01-12 Sculpture (classical modernism)
25-16-01-02 Sculpture (contemporary)
22-17-01-02 Scumble (indoor), Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
25-07-19-00 Sea transport
25-07-19-08 Sea transport, packaged
23-07-09-21 Seal (axial face), Axial face seal (complete)
23-07-91-21 Seal (axial face, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
32-01-23-14 Seal (pump, acc., lab)
23-05-91-04 Seal (rolling bearing parts)
23-07-01-00 Seal (round or profiled section)
23-07-01-01 Seal (top view circular)
23-07-01-03 Seal (top view oval)
23-07-01-02 Seal (top view square)
35-01-02-11 Seal wire (alloyed steel), Wire (steel, alloyed)
35-01-02-01 Seal wire (plain carbon steel), Wire products (steel, unalloyed)
20-38-02-90 Seal, sealing material (metal, unclassified)
20-38-90-00 Seal, sealing material (packing material, other)
20-38-03-00 Seal, sealing material (paper)
20-38-01-00 Seal, sealing material (plastic)
20-38-05-90 Seal, sealing material (rubber, unclassified)
23-07-90-02 Sealant
22-17-03-02 Sealant (2-comp., constr.), Joint sealant (building material)
23-07-90-00 Sealant (other)
23-07-90-90 Sealant (other, unclassified)
23-07-91-00 Sealant (parts)
23-07-99-00 Sealant (repair)
23-07-99-01 Sealant (repair)
23-07-90-04 Sealant (special)
23-07-90-03 Sealant hemp
23-07-13-00 Sealant plate
23-07-13-01 Sealant plate
22-17-03-00 Sealant, adhesive (building material)
36-52-13-90 Sealer, Heat sealing machine (unclassified)
19-07-92-03 Sealer caps, Antenna assembly materials
22-10-18-01 Sealing against accumulated seepage water, Calking work
22-11-06-02 Sealing areas with ground contact, Building drainage
27-40-01-02 Sealing end, End closure
22-21-01-01 Sealing off (concrete slab), Plasterboard material
23-33-02-09 Sealing strip, Draught excluder
22-17-03-01 Sealing tape (structural engineering), Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
24-22-14-05 Sealing unit
24-22-14-06 Sealing wax
36-63-90-05 Seaming machine (machine tool)
21-04-03-01 Seaming pliers, Pliers
25-26-09-01 Search for personnel, Personnel consulting
24-34-13-00 Seasons article
24-34-13-90 Seasons article (unclassified)
24-31-12-90 Seat roller, Chair (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
24-31-12-03 Seat transporter, Chair transport
24-31-12-01 Seat upholstery for seating furniture, Chair equipment
24-31-11-04 Seating set (reception), Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
25-24-05-03 Second Level Support, Assistance (application support, IT)
27-20-02-01 Second thermometer, Hand thermometer
32-01-24-01 Second thermometer (lab)
33-14-03-03 Secondary metallurgy plant (complete)
25-09-16-01 Secondary packaging
25-26-01-08 Secretarial services (office organization), Office organization (consulting)
24-31-21-01 Secretaries' workplace, Workplace configuration
24-35-01-03 Secretary's manual, Companion
23-20-02-01 Section cylinder for locking system (mechanical)
27-14-11-33 Section partitioning plate, End and partition plate for terminal block
22-28-02-01 Sectional gate, Gate
27-14-41-02 Sectional gate drive, Garage door motor
35-01-01-00 Sectional steel (alloyed special steel), Profile (iron, steel)
36-16-04-07 Sectional wheel drier
24-21-01-12 Secure digital card, Memory card for terminal
24-22-14-07 Secure tape
25-26-01-01 Securing assets, Management consultant
24-26-08-06 Securities paper for printer, Certificate paper, preprinted
41-14-08-08 Security (press conference staff ), Press conference staff
22-52-03-90 Security device (construction system, unclassified)
22-52-99-90 Security device (construction, repair, unclassified)
22-29-35-02 Security edgings
22-10-86-01 Security equipment (construction), Construction site equipment
22-35-01-00 Security glass, Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-35-01-01 Security glass, Glass (building material)
24-30-16-04 Security pass badge, Name badge
22-52-01-02 Security passageway, Turnstile, rotating barrier, gate
25-01-01-04 Security plan, Key service
40-02-02-01 Security post, Chain barrier post, barrier post
25-01-05-01 Security post (fire department), Fire protection, safeguard and fire department posts
20-38-02-05 Security seal (metal)
25-01-90-00 Security service (other)
25-01-90-90 Security service (other, unclassified)
19-04-01-19 Security software
19-04-02-05 Security software (server)
27-29-24-90 Security valve (pneumatics, unclassified)
25-25-04-09 Security, factory security (training, further training)
32-03-18-15 Sediment cone (laboratory)
24-29-08-10 See-throug bar
24-29-20-00 See-throug folder, protective cover
23-09-03-03 Seeger ring, Locking ring (rectangular cross section)
25-26-02-06 Selection of representatives and cooperation partners, External trade consultation
27-37-13-02 Selector button, Auxiliary switch block
24-26-05-01 Self dublicate paper
24-30-03-07 Self sticking board
24-26-17-06 Self-adhesive PC transparency, Film self-adhesive
24-29-22-01 Self-adhesive binder strip, Filing strip fastener
24-26-18-02 Self-adhesive colour transparency, Colour film
24-33-06-03 Self-adhesive corrugated cardboard, Corrugated board for handicrafts
24-30-04-08 Self-adhesive date strip for planning board, Planning accessories
24-26-23-05 Self-adhesive envelope for accompanying papers, Delivery note envelope (office)
24-23-07-05 Self-adhesive felt disc (office), Anti scretch felts
24-30-02-01 Self-adhesive flipchart paper, Flipchart paper
24-32-16-02 Self-adhesive foil jacket for hot laminator, Pouch for hot laminators
24-29-20-16 Self-adhesive folder
24-30-03-13 Self-adhesive planner, Presentation board
24-29-20-15 Self-adhesive pocket
24-21-02-01 Self-adhesive sleeve for CD, CD storage, DVD storage
20-36-03-02 Self-adhesive tape (paper, packing material)
20-36-01-02 Self-adhesive tape (plastic, packing material)
24-26-18-04 Self-adhesive transparency, double-sided, Doublesided self-adhesive film
23-05-08-06 Self-aligning ball bearing
24-26-23-07 Self-assembly folding box (office), Mailing carton (office)
21-02-04-01 Self-cocking drill chuck, Triple jaw chuck
17-14-90-00 Self-service machine (other)
17-14-90-90 Self-service machine (other, unclassified)
24-22-10-02 Selfinking stamp
19-08-02-10 Semi-automatic HiFi turntable, Record player
27-37-10-03 Semi-conductor protection, Power contactor
24-26-16-04 Semi-damp photo print transparent paper, Diazocopy transparency paper for dampish processing
29-04-31-00 Semi-instant product (vegetarian)
29-04-31-01 Semi-instant product (vegetarian)
24-25-19-08 Semicircle goniometer, Circle angle (office, school)
27-26-08-00 Semiconductor comp.
27-26-08-01 Semiconductor comp.
35-02-90-00 Semifinished product (NF metal, other)
35-02-90-90 Semifinished product (NF metal, other, unclassified)
35-01-90-00 Semifinished product (iron, steel, other)
35-04-09-00 Semifinished product, other (other materials)
35-04-90-00 Semifinished products (other material) (other)
35-04-90-90 Semifinished products (other material) (other, unclassified)
35-01-09-00 Semifinshed gridiron (alloyed special steel), Gridiron semi-fin. prod.(steel, iron)
19-04-01-12 Seminar presentation, Presentation software
24-31-11-03 Seminar room chair, General-purpose chair
28-08-02-00 Semitrailer (truck), Trailer (truck,>7.5t)
24-28-07-01 Sender label, Address label, sender label
27-14-40-08 Sensor, Movement alarm unit sensor
34-27-92-06 Sensor (functional diagnostics)
27-27-08-00 Sensor f. distance, thickness
27-27-07-00 Sensor f. length, distance
27-27-08-91 Sensor for interval, distance, thickness (parts)
27-27-08-90 Sensor for interval, distance, thickness (unclassified)
27-11-04-02 Sensor lamp
27-27-92-00 Sensor technology (accessories)
27-27-90-00 Sensor technology (other)
27-27-91-00 Sensor technology (parts)
21-17-04-00 Sensor, plotting device
27-25-01-07 Sensor-actuator connection cable
27-20-06-14 Separ. memb. transd. (flange), Measuring system (absolute pressure)
30-21-22-00 Separating agent
36-20-92-90 Separating device (f. gases, accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-20-97-00 Separating device (for gases, assembly)
36-20-98-90 Separating device (for gases, maintenance, service, unclassified)
36-20-90-00 Separating device (for gases, other)
36-19-99-90 Separating device (for solid matter, repair, unclassified)
36-19-09-90 Separating device (solid matter, unclassified)
32-03-17-12 Separating funnel (lab)
34-45-10-02 Separating grill, wall (basket for sterilized goods)
27-20-06-20 Separating membrane tank, Membrane pressure gauge
24-31-06-03 Separating sheet metal for drawer, Drawer divider
24-29-03-08 Separating strip
22-10-21-01 Separating/equalizing layers, Roof sealing work
33-10-07-00 Separation installation (complete)
33-10-07-90 Separation installation (complete, unclassified)
36-20-17-00 Separator (for gases)
36-20-17-90 Separator (for gases, unclassified)
22-10-11-01 Separator and small water treatment facility (construction activity)
24-29-25-01 Separator for index box, Devider for card file box, -container
24-26-07-01 Separator set, Fanfold paper
24-29-03-07 Separator sheet
27-27-06-03 Sequential circuit
36-12-02-00 Serial lifting equipment
36-12-02-90 Serial lifting equipment (unclassified)
27-14-40-41 Serial switch
24-31-19-03 Serial wardrobe, Coat rack system
27-14-23-06 Series installation device, Latching relay
36-12-02-08 Series lifting system
27-14-11-27 Series terminal, Component terminal block
27-14-11-34 Series terminal, Panel feed-through terminal block
27-14-11-37 Series terminal, Labelling for terminal block
27-14-11-39 Series terminal, Neutral busbar
27-02-23-04 Series-wound motor, Universal motor
23-09-03-01 Serrated lock washer, Tooth lock, flat, conical spring washer
19-01-01-03 Server
27-18-02-02 Server enclosure, floor-standing (empty)
27-18-25-03 Server integration
24-32-99-03 Service (Calculator), Calculator (repair)
24-32-98-01 Service (Copier), Copier (maintenance, service)
24-32-99-01 Service (Copier), Copier (repair)
27-20-98-00 Service (Metrology), Metrology (maintenance, service)
27-05-98-00 Service (accun., batt.), Accumulator (maintenance, service)
28-01-98-00 Service (auto, truck), Vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-07-98-00 Service (bicycle), Bicycle (maintenance, service)
21-02-98-00 Service (clamping tools), Clamping tools (maintenance, service)
28-10-98-00 Service (cont., vehic.), Container (vehicle, maintenance, service)
25-16-18-01 Service (dry cleaning), Textile cleaning
21-05-98-00 Service (electr. tools), Electric tools (maintenance, service)
40-04-98-00 Service (fire protect. appl.), Fire protection (maintenance, service)
27-02-98-00 Service (gear, electr.), Electrical drive (maintenance, service)
27-01-98-00 Service (generator), Generator (maintenance, service)
21-04-98-00 Service (hand tools), Hand tools (maintenance,service)
28-02-98-00 Service (hoist., lift. veh.), Hoist. vehicle (maintenance, service)
21-11-98-00 Service (hydraulic tools), Hydraulic tools (maintenance, service)
32-01-98-00 Service (lab. app.), Laboratory app. (maintenance, service)
27-11-98-00 Service (light. inst., dev.), Lighting installation, appliance (maintenance, service)
23-06-98-00 Service (lub.), Lubricator (maintenance, service)
34-02-98-01 Service (medical technology, device) (discontinued), Medical technology (device,maintenance,service) (discontinued)
24-31-98-00 Service (office facilities), Office facilities (maintenance, service)
25-16-90-00 Service (other)
25-16-90-90 Service (other, unclassified)
27-04-98-00 Service (power supply), Power supply (maintenance, service)
40-02-98-00 Service (safety system), Occupational safety (maintenance, service)
21-01-98-00 Service (tools, metal rem.), Tools (metal removing, maintenance, service)
27-03-98-00 Service (transformer,), Transformer (maintenance, service)
21-07-98-00 Service (transport, hoist), Transport (maintenance, service)
28-05-98-00 Service (water vehic.), Water vehic. (maintenance, service)
40-01-98-00 Service (work clothing), Work clothing, protective clothing, (maintenance, service)
27-06-21-02 Service cable, Low voltage power cable
24-30-18-02 Service calendar, Calendar book / calendar journal
27-23-98-00 Service control techn.), Control technique (maintenance, service)
36-46-01-04 Service elevator (electrical)
27-23-02-94 Service information (PCS), Documentation (PCS)
21-07-03-01 Service trolley, Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
28-04-05-00 Service vehicle (railborne), Working-, secondary-, special- and staff wagon
27-13-98-00 Service, (prot. inst., dev., el.), Protection installation, device(el.,maintenance,service)
25-25-18-00 Service, trade (training, further training)
25-25-18-90 Service, trade (training, further training, unclassified)
19-04-01-30 Services software, Industry software (workstation)
19-04-02-12 Services software, Industry software (server)
29-13-01-01 Serviette, Table linen
29-06-98-00 Serving equip. (maintenance, service)
29-06-98-01 Serving equip. (maintenance, service)
29-06-07-00 Serving equipment
27-02-26-03 Servo DC motor
27-02-26-01 Servo asynchronous motor
27-02-32-01 Servo controller
27-30-02-05 Servo cylinder (hydraulics)
27-02-26-00 Servo motor
27-29-10-01 Servo pneumatic position drive
27-30-10-90 Servo valve (servo, hydraulics, unclassified)
21-10-01-01 Set of computertools, Tool box, tool bag (workshop)
24-34-03-06 Set of decorative cards, Congradulations card (neutral)
34-30-32-01 Set of dental instruments
24-25-22-02 Set of drawing instruments, Pair of compasses (office)
24-27-01-05 Set of parcel notes, Dispatch-, delivery form
27-21-07-02 Set point presetter, Controller (signal processing)
24-30-16-09 Set with brochure holders, Leaflet holder
25-06-02-01 Set-aside, Real estate, building closure
23-11-03-02 Setscrew, Headless pin
25-24-06-05 Setup (customizing), Customizing
21-02-05-01 Setup block, Clamping tools
25-05-06-62 Sewage (disposal)
26-03-08-03 Sewage (secondary raw materials)
25-02-04-05 Sewage disposal (engineering structures, planning), Engineering construction (planning)
22-10-44-03 Sewage line installation
33-05-02-00 Sewage plant (compl.), Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
22-10-09-01 Sewer (canal work), Canal construction work
22-10-43-01 Sewer (canal work), Laying high pressure pipe lines
23-13-01-02 Shackle
27-02-23-01 Shaded pole motor
22-10-09-00 Shaft, Canal work
23-02-92-00 Shaft (accessories)
23-05-07-04 Shaft (linear unit)
22-15-04-00 Shaft component
23-10-05-00 Shaft coupling, hub coupling, Feather key, wedge, woodruff key
22-15-04-02 Shaft cover
36-16-03-07 Shaft drier
27-27-05-00 Shaft encoder
23-09-03-02 Shaft lock washer, Locking plate (shaft, screw)
23-07-08-00 Shaft packing
23-07-08-01 Shaft seal, Radial shaft pack. ring
23-07-08-90 Shaft seal (unclassified)
36-63-07-04 Shaft straightening press (machine tool)
23-05-07-03 Shaft support (linear unit)
23-03-91-02 Shaft, joint (parts)
36-08-15-00 Shaker hearth furnace
36-08-15-90 Shaker hearth furnace (unclassified)
32-01-26-00 Shaking (lab)
32-01-26-07 Shaking water bath (lab)
24-24-21-01 Sharpener, Pencil sharpener
24-24-21-00 Sharpener
24-24-21-03 Sharpener (lead sharpener), Lead sharpener
21-01-13-20 Sharpening pen with diamond or boron-nitride
21-01-13-19 Sharpening tool with diamond or boron-nitride with bore
24-24-21-02 Sharping machine
29-02-14-06 Shaver (elec.)
36-60-06-44 Shaving cutter grinding machine (machine tool)
36-62-01-00 Shear for sheet metal working (machine tool)
36-62-01-90 Shear for sheet metal working (machine tool, unclassified)
21-05-09-00 Shears (electr.)
21-05-09-01 Shears (electr.) (discontinued)
22-22-01-02 Sheep's wool insulating material, Insulating material
35-01-03-11 Sheet bars (alloyed steel), Flat stock (steel, alloyed)
35-01-03-01 Sheet bars (plain carbon steel), Flat material (steel, unalloyed)
24-29-02-01 Sheet clamp (file), Pressure bar
17-11-12-00 Sheet feed / sheet aligner (printing maschine)
22-24-90-00 Sheet metal (building material, other)
35-01-05-11 Sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
35-01-05-01 Sheet metal (steel, unalloyed)
36-63-13-03 Sheet metal bending machine for pipes a. rings (machine tool)
36-62-01-14 Sheet metal cutting centre (machine tool)
36-62-03-09 Sheet metal machining centre (machine tool)
36-62-03-05 Sheet metal punching, nibbling a. forming machine (machine tool)
23-11-01-12 Sheet metal screw
21-06-16-01 Sheet nibbler (comp. air)
20-29-02-00 Sheet of paper (packaging material)
41-09-10-01 Sheet of stationary (marketing)
20-29-02-01 Sheet of strong paper (packaging material)
41-09-08-01 Sheet offset (advertising prints, block)
41-09-05-02 Sheet offset (advertising prints, brochure, leaflet)
41-09-04-03 Sheet offset (advertising prints, card, box)
41-09-02-01 Sheet offset (advertising prints, image brochure, marketing)
41-09-03-03 Sheet offset (advertising prints, poster, affiche)
41-09-07-03 Sheet offset (advertising prints, stickers, transparency)
35-01-05-00 Sheet semifinished products (iron, steel)
17-11-01-90 Sheetfed offset printing press (unclassified)
41-07-04-01 Shelf (marketing, wall, ceiling display, wood)
22-36-03-02 Shelf (sanitary)
24-31-16-02 Shelf (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
21-10-91-02 Shelf (workshop equip., parts)
21-10-04-01 Shelf (workshop)
24-31-07-09 Shelf cabinet
41-05-06-00 Shelf display electronic effects (marketing)
41-05-01-00 Shelf display paper, cardboard (marketing)
41-05-03-00 Shelf display, metal (marketing)
41-05-02-00 Shelf display, plastic
41-05-05-00 Shelf display, wood (marketing)
24-31-08-03 Shelf insert for cabinet, shelf (office equipment)
41-05-03-05 Shelf organizer (marketing)
41-05-02-08 Shelf stoppers (marketing)
23-25-03-14 Shelf support
24-31-07-10 Shelf, shelving system (office equipment)
41-04-04-02 Shelf, wood (marketing)
20-18-03-00 Shell (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
20-18-02-01 Shell (metal, packing material)
20-18-01-01 Shell (plastic, packing material)
36-04-01-10 Shell a. Plate-heat exchanger
21-04-01-04 Shell end mill (with boring, removable blades), Double open-jaw wrench
29-04-12-00 Shell food, Fish, seafood, crustacean
22-12-01-01 Shell work activity (skill category)
23-01-05-02 Shift lever
23-10-05-01 Shim ring, Feather, retainer, Woodruff key
22-25-04-01 Shingle
22-10-20-01 Shingle (roofing work), Roofing work
22-25-04-00 Shingle, corrugated board
22-21-02-02 Shingling, Ceiling system (construction system component)
27-37-12-10 Shining push button switch, Front element for push-button actuators
24-34-02-01 Shiny wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, gift wrapping foil roll
28-05-01-00 Ship, Water vehicle
28-05-91-00 Ship (parts), Water vehicle (parts)
27-06-19-01 Ship cable, Communication ship-cable
25-12-10-00 Ship travel (travel management)
36-15-01-07 Ship unloader (for bulk materials)
25-25-09-09 Shipping (training, further training)
20-35-02-00 Shipping label (metal, packing material), Label (product, shipping, metal)
20-35-03-00 Shipping label (paper, packing material), Label (product, shipping, paper)
20-35-01-00 Shipping label (plastic, packing material), Label (product, shipping, plastic)
40-01-03-02 Shirt, jumper
27-29-12-01 Shock absober (pneumatics)
23-18-01-00 Shock absorber (vibration abs.), Vibration damper
40-01-13-01 Shoe (safety,low), Low safety shoe
29-11-02-13 Shoe brush
21-02-06-03 Shop vice, Parallel vice
41-14-09-04 Shop window artwork/decoration (marketing)
41-04-02-08 Shop-in-shop (marketing)
41-01-09-00 Shopping checks, voucher
41-01-09-04 Shopping voucher (promotional article)
24-27-01-01 Short letter, Notice, correspondence, information
34-19-03-01 Short stretch bandage (non-cohesive)
24-22-11-03 Short text plate for stamp, Textplate for stamps (office)
35-01-11-01 Short turning parts (iron)
27-40-02-01 Short-circuit-proof connector sleeve, Core end conn.
27-29-03-02 Short-stroke cylinder (pneumatics)
25-15-02-20 Short-term animal insurance, Animal insurance
27-14-23-17 Short-term timer, Clock relay (electrical)
24-24-01-02 Shorthand pencil
22-10-81-01 Shotcrete (concrete repair work), Concrete repair work
36-12-90-01 Shotcrete machine
21-04-91-13 Shovel handle
41-06-04-03 Show card, wood (counter display, marketing)
25-02-10-02 Showcars (development performance), Design, conception and styling (development activity)
24-31-07-07 Showcase
22-36-91-04 Shower (parts)
22-36-03-15 Shower base
34-43-91-02 Shower chair (parts)
22-36-03-16 Shower screen
22-36-05-02 Shower unit
24-32-07-00 Shredder
24-32-08-05 Shredder (accessory, other)
24-32-07-91 Shredder (parts)
24-32-08-03 Shredder cutting head, Cutting head for shredders
27-40-01-03 Shrink collar, Repair seal
24-26-23-09 Shrink film (office packaging), Wrapping foil (office)
29-02-91-09 Shrink wrapping (Shrink wrapper), Kitchen appliance (other, electrical, parts, household
27-40-01-04 Shrinking cap
36-52-10-05 Shrinking equipment
20-19-01-01 Shrinkwrap (plastic)
22-10-03-07 Shrubs (planting), Planting work
22-55-01-02 Shunt (railway track)
37-01-02-01 Shut-off valve
25-06-90-00 Shutdown (other)
27-29-33-01 Shutt-off-/air bleed valve (pneumatics)
37-18-03-01 Shutter (ventilation technology, air duct)
27-14-92-00 Shutter control, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-14-40-27 Shutter control
27-14-41-04 Shutter drive, Tube motor
27-14-41-07 Shutter drive, Belt take-up reel
27-14-42-02 Shutter drive accessories, Radio receiver (radio control, home automation)
27-14-40-25 Shutter switch
22-10-30-01 Shutter work
22-10-30-00 Shutter work, sun protection work
22-32-02-00 Shutter, awning, roller shutter
22-32-02-90 Shutter, awning, roller shutter (unclassified)
22-51-02-01 Shuttering
24-31-91-01 Shutters, Cabinet, shelves (office furnishings, parts)
25-12-09-02 Shuttle service, Taxi (travel management)
37-01-02-13 Shuttle valve, Multiport Globe Valve
37-02-05-21 Siamese joint (plain carbon steel), Y-branch (steel)
24-30-08-02 Side arm for board system, Folding-, revolving board accessories
24-31-11-02 Side chair (reception chair), Visitor chair, conference chair
36-43-04-03 Side channel compressor
24-31-08-90 Side doubling for cabinet (office equipment), Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
36-12-03-14 Side fork-lift truck
21-04-03-02 Side nippers, Cutter
27-18-21-01 Side panel (switchgear cabinet)
27-18-21-00 Side panel for enclosure, Panel (switchgear cabinet)
24-31-01-03 Side table
24-31-07-01 Sideboard (double-doors), Wing door cabinet
23-17-04-11 Sidebow chain
36-19-10-00 Sifter (for solid matter)
36-19-10-90 Sifter (for solid matter, unclassified)
37-01-13-01 Sight flow indicator
40-20-01-00 Sign
41-12-02-03 Sign (event decoration-material), Event decoration-material
41-12-03-08 Sign (fair decoration-material), Fair decoration-material
40-20-01-01 Sign (mandatory), Mandatory sign
40-20-01-04 Sign (prohibition), Prohibition sign
40-20-01-02 Sign (rescue, information)
40-20-01-03 Sign (warning), Warning sign
23-14-02-01 Sign holder (other), Label holder
40-02-02-06 Sign posts
22-53-90-00 Sign-posting (building material, other)
19-07-04-10 Signal amplifier, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
27-23-02-18 Signal appliance, Command-, control-, signal appliance
40-02-02-00 Signal band, Barrier (Occupational safety)
40-01-08-01 Signal clothing
27-11-05-09 Signal light (expl. proof)
19-07-04-14 Signal meter, Antenna measuring device (receiver technology)
27-14-32-03 Signal post
27-21-06-01 Signal process. Instr. optical
27-14-35-02 Signal switch, Help contact / signal contact
27-21-09-03 Signal transformer (pressure, electr.), PI/IP transformer
27-37-12-07 Signalling device, Installation plate for command devices
27-06-20-10 Signalling line, Control cable
24-29-15-04 Signature file
24-25-17-01 Signing chalk holder, Chalk holder
22-53-01-01 Signs (building material), Masts, signs, board (building material)
24-33-05-10 Sihouette paper
24-33-09-01 Silhouette holes, Motive punch
24-33-09-02 Silhouette shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
22-17-04-02 Silica plaster, Plaster, plaster system
22-17-02-01 Silicate binding agent, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
38-13-03-01 Silicon carbide
30-14-01-02 Silicon rubber (sealant)
31-39-09-05 Silicone, Polydimethylsiloxane trimethylsiloxy-terminated
34-25-03-02 Silicone 3 way catheter
30-24-01-00 Silicone defoaming agent
34-25-02-01 Silicone indwelling transurethral catheter
24-20-08-01 Silk calculator ink ribbon, Ink ribbon for desk calculator
24-33-11-06 Silk colour, Textile colour
24-34-07-03 Silk-screen printing balloon, Balloon
36-03-01-05 Silo, bunker (closed)
31-39-06-11 Siloxanes and Silicones, cetyl Me, di-Me, Me stearyl, Methylhydrosiloxane-octylmethylsiloxane copolymer
32-03-25-00 Silver (lab), Noble metal (lab)
26-01-06-02 Silver (mineral)
24-34-03-07 Silver Wedding card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
29-11-01-01 Silver cleaning cloth, Polishing cloth for metal
24-28-01-02 Silver foil label, PC film label
21-08-10-04 Silver solder, Hard solder
24-26-17-02 Silver transparency for inkjet printers, Inkjet film
35-02-02-01 Silver wire, Wire (NF metal)
24-33-12-08 Silver wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
21-10-07-01 Simple ladder, Ladder (workshop)
34-17-31-02 Simulation
27-38-07-00 Simulation (robotics)
27-38-07-01 Simulation (robotics)
25-26-03-02 Simulation of business processes (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
41-14-09-06 Singer/choir (music realisation), Music-realisation (marketing)
27-06-20-01 Single core cord
27-14-91-00 Single cover frame, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
22-21-02-04 Single element wall, Mobile partition (construction system component)
37-02-05-19 Single ended flanged nipple (plain carbon steel), Branch, nozzle (steel)
22-39-03-01 Single heating device (building material)
36-43-03-01 Single shaft compressor (axial), Turbocompressor (axial flow)
36-13-01-00 Single shaft extruder, Extruder
36-60-01-11 Single spindle bar automatic (machine tool)
36-60-07-11 Single wheel lapping machine (machine tool)
32-03-31-03 Single-channel pipettors, manual, multivarible(laboratory)
24-26-10-01 Single-colour design card for printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
21-04-01-01 Single-end open-jawed wrench
40-05-01-02 Single-gas detector (explosive gases)
40-05-01-01 Single-gas detector (toxic gases)
24-32-21-01 Single-hand dictation machine, Dictaphone
19-10-01-01 Single-lens reflex camera, Photo camera
27-02-23-00 Single-phase alternating current motor
19-01-01-04 Single-processor, Workstation (information technology)
27-37-14-04 Single-tuned change-over contact, Control switch, joystick
27-06-18-03 Singlemode cable, Fibre optic cable
22-36-03-10 Sink basin
35-01-14-01 Sinter Parts (iron)
35-02-14-01 Sinter Parts (non-ferrous metal)
33-14-01-08 Sinter plant (complete)
21-17-03-01 Sinus ruler, Ruler (tool)
22-36-03-04 Siphon (sanitary)
22-46-05-01 Sisal covering, Carpet
24-31-01-01 Sit-stand workstation (desk), Desk
24-31-01-02 Sit-stand workstation (desk), Workbench (technical)
22-33-04-05 Site container, Module, container
17-07-16-00 Sizing a. edge banding machine
17-07-16-90 Sizing a. edge banding machine (unclassified)
25-26-12-02 Sizing study, Infrastructure consulting (IT)
22-33-05-03 Skeleton construction, Room framework
24-35-01-05 Ski region guide, Guide book
25-25-15-02 Skill (training, further training), Art (training, further training)
24-34-08-03 Skill dice, Game of skill
25-25-04-02 Skills (training, further training), General technology (training, further training)
36-10-01-02 Skimmer centrifuge (for liquids)
40-03-01-02 Skin care preparation
40-03-01-03 Skin cleansing
34-33-90-04 Skin glue or adhesive
24-24-16-08 Skin marker, Marker for special purposes
34-40-07-00 Skin or bodycare products (patient care)
34-40-07-90 Skin or bodycare products (patient care, unclassified)
36-52-10-04 Skin packing machine
40-03-01-01 Skin protection preparation
40-03-01-00 Skin protection, body care articles
24-27-01-12 Skittles book, Form for catering trade
22-27-02-01 Skylight, Roof light and other house windows
22-27-01-15 Skylight (roof)
23-24-01-09 Skylight opener
22-27-02-00 Skylight, window strip
22-27-02-90 Skylight, window strip (unclassified)
22-16-01-02 Slab, Natural stone
35-03-04-01 Slab (plastic), Plate material (plastic)
36-12-04-02 Slab conveyor (general cargo), Conveying belt
22-13-01-06 Slag (building material)
28-04-03-12 Slag ladle car, Ladle bogie
22-18-02-02 Slag sand block, Building stone, brick
37-01-14-01 Slanted bed dust trap, Protective strainer (fitting)
37-01-08-01 Slanted bed reflux valve, Non return valve
24-25-25-02 Slanting drawing board, Drawing board
22-25-02-01 Slate assortment, Roof slate (assortment)
24-30-03-03 Slate board (wall board), Chalk board
22-23-01-03 Slatted board outer wall panelling, External ceramic facing
22-21-02-01 Slatted floor (agriculture), Flooring system (construction system component)
22-18-01-02 Slatted roller blind housing, Roller shutter cover plate and cabinet
29-08-10-01 Slaughter-house knife, Cutting tool (commercial kitchen)
28-04-04-10 Sleeper
23-10-06-00 Sleeve
27-40-01-01 Sleeve (cable), Junction box
22-36-07-04 Sleeve (fitting, NF metal, installation)
22-36-06-05 Sleeve (fitting, steel, installation)
37-01-04-01 Sleeve ball valve, Ball valve
37-01-01-01 Sleeve slide valve, Gate valve
23-05-14-00 Slewing bearing
36-12-01-02 Slewing crane
29-03-03-00 Slicer, grater (household, manual)
27-14-40-31 Slide, Cable entry
21-13-17-23 Slide (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-09-00 Slide element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-24-01-10 Slide fitting
19-10-02-06 Slide frame
24-28-06-03 Slide label
19-09-04-06 Slide magazine (discontinued)
24-28-08-02 Slide numbers, Letter-, number label
24-29-20-17 Slide pocket
24-32-19-04 Slide projector
24-31-17-01 Slide projector trolley, Projection furniture
19-02-03-02 Slide scanner
36-60-92-19 Slide unit (machine tool)
36-43-22-01 Slide vane rotary vacuum pump
37-01-10-32 Slider (incl. drive, parts)
21-16-03-01 Slider rod (measurement), Prismatic member
23-25-03-08 Sliding and folding door fitting
22-28-01-02 Sliding door, Door (interior/exterior)
24-31-15-03 Sliding door (nested-room system), Room-in-room system
24-31-07-03 Sliding door cabinet
21-10-04-14 Sliding door cupb. (shop), Workshop cupb.
22-28-01-01 Sliding door system, Door system
27-14-41-03 Sliding gate drive, Push gate motor
23-30-01-00 Sliding guide
36-43-01-12 Sliding vane compressor
36-43-01-07 Sliding vane rotary compressor
20-37-02-03 Slip Sheet (plastic, packing material)
20-14-04-01 Slip lid crate (cardboard)
24-26-01-03 Slip of paper, removable self sticking, Removable self stic note
24-29-16-07 Slit binder, Insertion flat file
24-29-01-02 Slit double file, Double file folder
17-12-01-00 Slitting and die-cutting technology, post press
33-14-15-01 Slitting line (complete)
21-04-91-14 Slitting wheel (cutter, tool), Pliers, cutter (tool, parts)
22-16-01-01 Sloped brick, Building stone
21-01-05-03 Slot cutter (w. shank, removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-05-23-03 Slot shears (rechargeable)
27-24-22-15 Slot-PC, PC based automation (discontinued)
23-11-01-03 Slotted screw (Countersunk head screw), Countersunk screw
21-01-05-04 Slotting mill (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
21-01-05-08 Slotting mill (with shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
24-34-01-05 Slow burning flame (grave light), Grave candle
25-14-06-03 Sludge and sediment analytics (waste disposal and environment)
36-14-08-02 Sludge device
21-04-01-03 Slugging wrench, Ring-type slugging wrench
36-17-01-04 Sluice (blow through), Rotary vane feeder
20-17-02-00 Small box (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
20-17-03-00 Small box (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
20-17-01-00 Small box (plastic, packing material)
20-17-01-01 Small box (plastic, packing material)
28-01-04-00 Small bus, Bus
29-04-05-00 Small cigar, Tobacco goods
26-04-03-04 Small coke
27-14-24-00 Small distribution board
27-14-34-01 Small distribution unit, CEE plug socket combination
27-14-20-01 Small fuse, Miniature fuse
41-01-02-08 Small leather goods (promotional article)
25-15-02-06 Small life insurance, Life insurance
34-34-03-00 Small medical device (medical equipment)
28-07-01-00 Small moped, Bicycle (motor)
24-29-05-10 Small organizer appointment set, Follow-up file set
21-16-03-02 Small reflector (measurement), Mini prism
22-41-09-05 Small space fan
24-34-13-01 Small toys
27-24-22-16 Smallest PC, Logic module
27-11-06-01 Smallest fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp
19-03-04-01 Smart power supply unit, UPS system (PC)
19-03-05-10 Smart switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
40-01-02-01 Smock, Coat, smock
27-20-11-10 Smog meter
23-24-07-00 Smoke and heat exhaust system, rwa (window)
40-04-01-00 Smoke detector, Fire alarm and evacuation system
23-24-07-03 Smoke outlet (window)
40-04-01-01 Smoke-heat ventilation system, Fire alarm and evacuation system
22-11-02-02 Smokestack construction
22-24-01-01 Smooth sheet metal (building material)
22-24-01-00 Smooth sheet metal, fitted sheet metal (building material)
32-03-07-05 Snap on cap (parts,lab)
25-04-11-04 Snow clearing, Winter maintenance service
22-10-22-01 Snow fence (plumbing work), Plumbing work
21-04-15-02 Snow shovel, Nut Splitter
24-34-07-11 Soap bubbles
29-12-01-01 Soap dispenser, Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
30-02-14-04 Soaps and hand cleaning agent
24-30-18-14 Soccer league planner, Celebration planner
25-10-08-04 Social law (service)
25-25-14-00 Social science, humanities (training, further training)
25-25-14-90 Social science, humanities (training, further training, unclassified)
25-18-02-00 Social services
25-18-02-01 Social services
25-26-02-01 Social studies market analyses (consultancy), Market study and market analysis (consulting)
25-26-09-05 Social welfare matters (consulting)
25-11-02-00 Social- and service benefits /
40-01-03-01 Sock, Underclothes, socks
27-14-34-02 Socket (500 V), CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
35-03-01-06 Socket (plastic), Hollow profile (plastic)
27-26-07-00 Socket (plug-in sock.), Connector
21-04-02-07 Socket box, Box wrench set (metal case)
27-14-40-28 Socket protection, Child protection device insert
21-08-02-01 Socket welding mach., Welding machine (plastic)
21-04-02-06 Socket wrench (hexagon), Box wrench
30-01-07-04 Sodium (drying agent), Alkali metal and alloy
38-08-02-12 Sodium antimonate(V)
38-05-02-04 Sodium chloride
26-01-03-01 Sodium chloride (exploration product), Rock salt (extraction product )
38-18-07-17 Sodium chromate
39-02-19-01 Sodium formate
38-07-03-06 Sodium hexametaphosphate
38-10-02-02 Sodium hydroxide
22-48-02-06 Soft foam wallpaper, Velour and soft foam wallpaper
21-08-10-05 Soft solder
27-02-40-02 Soft starter, Engine starter
27-37-08-01 Soft starter, Electronic motor control and protection
27-02-41-00 Soft starter
27-02-41-01 Soft starter
34-29-06-01 Soft tissue biopsy cannula
34-29-04-03 Soft tissue biopsy system
24-30-03-08 Soft wood board, Corkboard
24-23-03-10 Soft-PVC-tape (office), Cloth tape (office)
33-05-01-00 Softening (water treat.plant, compl.), Water treatment plant (complete)
27-41-90-00 Software (autom./e/circuit/net/PL technology, other)
27-24-25-00 Software (control)
27-24-25-90 Software (control), unclassified
27-24-25-89 Software (control, other)
27-30-22-03 Software (hydraulics)
27-31-02-06 Software (image analysis)
19-04-99-00 Software (maintenance, inspection)
19-04-90-00 Software (other)
19-04-90-90 Software (other, unclassified)
27-29-44-03 Software (pneumatics)
19-04-02-00 Software (server sys.)
19-04-01-00 Software (workstation)
25-26-12-03 Software consulting
25-24-06-00 Software creation, Development, advancement, customizing (IT)
25-25-03-09 Software development (training, further training)
27-41-01-00 Software for e-manufacturing (autom./e/circuit/net/PL technology)
19-04-01-31 Software for logistical data, Purchasing software (workstation)
19-04-02-14 Software for logistical data, ERP, goods management software (server)
27-33-05-98 Software for visualization (maintenance, service, diagnosis)
25-24-03-03 Software installation (IT)
19-06-92-05 Software package, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-06-92-06 Software package, Handset for cordless telephone
25-24-06-03 Software programming, Program creation (IT)
25-24-05-02 Software supervision, User training (IT)
22-13-01-01 Soil (building material)
25-14-06-05 Soil and waste analytics (waste disposal and environment)
25-25-17-01 Soil culture (training, further training), Agriculture (training, further training)
25-02-04-11 Soil mechanics, earth and foundation engineering (building planning)
32-01-11-13 Soil mill (lab)
19-10-02-02 Soil stand, Tripod
25-05-09-01 Soil treatment (waste and cycle economy)
22-27-01-21 Solar carrier element (roof)
33-04-01-00 Solar energy plant, Photovoltaic plant (complete)
24-22-12-02 Solar letter scale (office), Electronic scale
25-25-04-12 Solar technology (training, further training)
21-08-99-01 Sold. tech., weld. tech. (repair)
21-08-91-00 Sold. tech.,weld. tech., (parts)
21-08-98-01, (maintenance, service)
21-08-91-90 Soldering technology, welding technology (parts, unclassified)
21-08-01-00 Soldering tools
21-08-01-01 Soldering tools
21-08-92-00 Soldering, welding (accessories)
21-08-92-90 Soldering, welding (accessories, unclassified)
21-08-90-00 Soldering, welding (other)
21-08-90-90 Soldering, welding (other, unclassified)
21-08-98-00 Soldering/welding technology (maintenance, service)
21-08-99-00 Soldering/welding technology (repair)
27-22-06-01 Solenoid valve
21-01-01-01 Solid drill (non-removable blades), Twist drill
21-01-01-03 Solid drill (removable blades), Drill (removable blades)
24-26-23-02 Solid fibre board mailing envelope, Dispatch envelope
19-02-02-03 Solid ink-jet printer
36-08-24-03 Solid matter burner
36-13-20-00 Solid matter compressing equipment
22-46-01-01 Solid wood board, Wood flooring
36-15-91-90 Solids filling inst. (parts), Filling, loading, unloading device (parts, unclassified)
36-15-01-00 Solids filling plant, Filling, loading, unloading device (for bulk materials)
22-10-24-01 Solnhofen natural stone tile (tile work), Tile and slab work
38-05-02-09 Solution of chlorinated lime, Calcium chloride
24-25-18-03 Solvents for artist's paint, Brush cleaner
25-25-15-03 Songs (training, further training), Music (training, further training)
36-19-09-00 Sorter (solid matter)
24-31-09-04 Sorting basket wagon, Cart with drawers
24-31-09-02 Sorting basket wagon (office equipment), Cart with filing attachments (office equipment)
24-31-16-01 Sorting box (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-29-15-03 Sorting case
27-20-14-00 Sound and vibration measurement
22-41-10-00 Sound insulation for ventilation system
23-24-06-02 Sound insulation vent (window)
25-02-04-12 Sound insulation, acoustics (building planning)
27-20-14-07 Sound level meter (sound pressure)
19-08-04-02 Sound machine, Radio recorder
19-08-05-07 Sound processing device, Video editing device
22-10-23-01 Sound-control plaster (plastering work), Plaster work
24-32-25-01 Sound-insulation cabinet (office equipment), Noise protection
29-04-33-01 Soup, broth
27-14-40-37 Southern Europe plug, Travel plug device
29-04-34-01 Soy sauce, Gravy
26-02-03-01 Soybean oil (industrial use)
27-14-05-05 Space heating (electrical)
25-02-04-14 Space-making extensions (building planning)
23-09-01-01 Spacer, Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
37-14-08-09 Spacer (Duroplast, GFK)
35-03-01-10 Spacer (plastic)
23-10-06-01 Spacer sleeve
22-54-02-01 Spade, Garden tools
29-04-18-01 Spam, Canned meat
24-32-18-01 Spare cutting head for trimmer, Cutting head for rotary trimmer
24-32-18-02 Spare knife, Knife bar for trimmers, knife bar for guillotine
25-26-03-06 Spare parts management (consultancy), Maintenance (consulting)
19-03-04-00 Spare power supply, Uninterrupted power supply (PC)
21-04-01-90 Spark plug spanner, Wrench (unclassified)
29-04-02-00 Sparkling, dessert wine
29-04-02-01 Sparkling, dessert wine
34-01-42-01 Spasmolytic
24-25-18-08 Spatula
34-30-11-90 Spatula (medical instrument, unclassified)
32-03-13-00 Spatula, spoon (lab)
19-08-01-04 Speaker, Car speakers
19-08-92-02 Speaker box
19-08-92-01 Speaker set
19-02-05-01 Speakers (PC)
32-01-29-01 Special accuracy weighing machine, Analytical balance (laboratory)
22-33-01-04 Special assembly unit (concrete)
24-25-15-08 Special brush
24-34-01-07 Special candle
28-04-05-12 Special car (railborne)
24-26-09-01 Special card (multiprint), Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
24-26-10-02 Special card colour gradation (multiprint), Fold-, letter-, business-card gradated
24-26-10-05 Special card motif (multi-print), Design card preprinted (motive)
24-26-10-04 Special card textured structure (multiprint), Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-09-06 Special card with protective laminate (multiprint), Business card with protective laminate
24-26-09-05 Special card, magnetic backing (inkjet), Business card magnetic
24-26-10-03 Special card, marbled (multiprint), Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
23-17-04-20 Special chain
30-02-16-00 Special cleaning, maintenance agent
30-02-16-90 Special cleaning, maintenance agent (unclassified)
40-01-10-00 Special clothing
40-01-10-01 Special clothing (jacket)
40-01-10-02 Special clothing (pants)
40-01-10-04 Special clothing (shirt)
40-01-10-03 Special clothing (suit)
37-92-02-05 Special compensator
37-07-91-04 Special component (other materials, piping)
37-03-91-04 Special component (piping, NF metal)
22-11-90-00 Special construction work (other)
22-11-90-90 Special construction work (other, unclassified)
24-28-07-03 Special delivery label, Post note label
30-02-12-04 Special detergent
27-37-01-06 Special distr. (meter, terminal)
24-24-23-01 Special eraser for charcoal, Disperse eraser
21-12-02-00 Special facility
21-12-02-01 Special facility
25-15-17-09 Special financing (service)
23-21-08-00 Special fitting
23-21-06-08 Special fitting (fire protection fittings)
23-21-05-04 Special fitting (push handle)
27-11-03-11 Special lamp
27-02-27-01 Special machine, Elevator motor
24-24-16-04 Special marker (board marker), Boardmarker
21-17-05-18 Special measuring and testing set
27-20-11-00 Special measuring appl.
27-20-03-02 Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
27-20-11-90 Special measuring appl. (unclassified)
24-31-15-01 Special movable wall, Wall unit, partition (space pattern)
24-32-08-02 Special oil for shredders
24-26-06-02 Special paper (inkjet), Inkjet paper
24-26-06-04 Special paper (multiprint), Multiprint paper
24-26-08-03 Special paper marbled (multiprint), Gradated paper marbled
24-26-08-05 Special paper motif (multiprint), PC motive paper
24-26-06-05 Special paper photo (inkjet), Photo paper
24-26-06-07 Special paper structured pattern (inkjet), Textured paper for inkjet printers
24-26-06-06 Special paper transparency (inkjet), Transparency paper
24-26-06-12 Special paper, banner (inkjet), Inkjet banner paper
24-26-06-08 Special paper, waterproof (inkjet), Waterproof paper
27-14-34-23 Special plug, Connector (special)
22-10-14-01 Special precast unit (nat., concr. block work), Natural stone and concrete work
21-02-12-00 Special purpose clamping fixture
21-04-32-00 Special purpose clamping fixture (hand tool)
21-02-12-90 Special purpose clamping fixture (unclassified)
21-13-16-03 Special purpose flat ejector pin (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-17-02-07 Special purpose gauge
36-63-16-90 Special purpose mach. f. separating a. metal forming operations (mt., uncl.)
36-63-16-00 Special purpose machine f. separating a. metal forming operations (machine tool)
36-60-08-03 Special purpose transfer machine (machine tool)
23-11-01-10 Special screw
25-04-14-00 Special service (facility)
21-04-11-05 Special shaft brush (hand), Brush (technical)
24-35-04-02 Special street map, Map
25-07-01-01 Special transport, Heavy transport, road
37-01-19-00 Special valve
28-06-98-00 Special vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-06-90-00 Special vehicle (other)
28-06-90-90 Special vehicle (other, unclassified)
28-06-91-00 Special vehicle (parts)
28-06-91-90 Special vehicle (parts, unclassified)
28-06-99-00 Special vehicle (repair)
28-06-99-01 Special vehicle (repair)
28-06-01-00 Special vehicle, fire, ambulance
22-29-31-00 Specialised Chipboard
25-25-18-01 Specialist shop (training, further training), Retail trade (training, further training)
25-25-16-07 Specialized language training for advanced students
25-25-16-06 Specialized language training for beginners
24-31-01-08 Specially shaped table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
29-04-32-00 Specialty, deli.
29-04-32-01 Specialty, deli.
25-14-13-00 Specific measuring sevice
25-14-13-01 Specific measuring sevice
32-01-16-07 Specimen slide (lab)
40-01-91-21 Spectacle glas
37-02-91-02 Spectacle-type blank (steel)
32-01-82-00 Spectrometer (laboratory)
32-01-82-01 Spectrometer (laboratory) (discontinued)
19-02-04-05 Speed Pad, Touchpad
23-32-01-08 Speed change gear units
27-14-40-16 Speed controller, Three step switch
27-29-22-02 Speed controller (pneumatics)
27-29-22-03 Speed controller with check valve (pneumatics)
23-32-02-00 Speed variators
23-32-02-90 Speed variators (unclassified)
21-16-01-04 Speedo (measurement wheel), Odometer
29-14-90-04 Spelt cushion
36-03-01-03 Spherical gas holder
23-05-01-06 Spherical plain bearing
23-05-09-11 Spherical roller bearing
23-05-11-03 Spherical roller thrust bearing
29-04-22-00 Spice, Herbs, spices, salt
24-22-01-15 Spike file
29-02-11-03 Spin drier (household appliance)
29-02-91-08 Spin drier (parts)(household appliance), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
23-05-08-04 Spindle bearing
23-32-01-09 Spindle gear units
24-29-14-04 Spine bar, Clamping rail
24-29-04-03 Spine strip, Paper spine labels (self-adhesive)
24-29-04-01 Spine strip for file pouch, Cardboard spine label
36-63-12-08 Spinning a. flow forming machine with 3 rollers a. more (machine tool)
17-02-07-90 Spinning preparatory a. spinning (unclassified)
24-33-12-05 Spinning yarn (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
24-32-13-01 Spiral binder, Punching and binding system
17-12-03-06 Spiral binding device
27-06-23-08 Spiral cable
24-33-04-01 Spiral folder cover, Book-, booklet envelope
24-22-09-04 Spiral paper clip (office), Letter clip (office)
23-17-06-01 Spiral rope, Cable
23-08-90-01 Spiral spring
27-14-07-04 Spiral strip
36-16-03-02 Spiral strip drier, Belt drier
36-16-04-06 Spiral-tube drier
32-01-08-07 Spirit burner (lab)
38-06-01-02 Spirit of ammonia, Ammonia (gas, chemical)
39-02-01-02 Spirits, Ethanol
29-04-04-00 Spirits, beer
29-04-04-01 Spirits, beer
41-01-07-02 Spirits, wine (promotional article)
40-02-09-00 Splash guard
40-02-09-01 Splash guard for flanges
19-03-01-11 Splice box, Fiber optics patch panel
36-60-06-27 Spline shaft grinding machine (machine tool)
36-60-10-06 Spline shaft hobbing machine (machine tool)
23-02-03-00 Splineshaft
23-02-03-01 Splineshaft
27-20-04-06 Split system gas meter, Meter (gas)
25-15-02-27 Spoilage damage insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
29-11-01-00 Sponge, Cloth, sponge, rag, fleece
25-15-02-25 Sponge / domestic longicom insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
29-11-01-10 Sponge, steel wool (cleaning)
25-15-05-00 Sponsorship (financial services)
25-15-05-01 Sponsorship (financial services)
27-30-06-02 Spool valve (standard, hydraulics)
34-30-20-90 Spoon, scoop, curette (medical instrument, unclassified)
25-18-07-00 Sport (service)
25-18-07-01 Sport (service)
25-15-02-04 Sport accident insurance, General accident insurance
41-11-02-00 Sport location advertising
41-01-03-02 Sporting goods (promotional article)
24-33-01-04 Sports bag for school
22-10-03-02 Sports field, playground construction
27-11-04-00 Spotlight, Exterior lamp
27-11-05-10 Spotlight (expl. proof)
19-10-02-03 Spotlights, Lighting
20-39-03-09 Spout (spout, packing material), Pourer (packing material)
23-33-01-01 Spray adhesive
32-03-05-06 Spray bottle (lab)
36-16-03-01 Spray drier
36-16-03-03 Spray fluidized bed drier, Fluidized bed drier
21-06-08-10 Spray gun (comp. air)
22-17-01-03 Sprayed metal coating (corrosion preventive), Corrosion protection material
25-09-01-00 Spraying (subcontracting)
36-57-15-00 Spraying equipment
36-57-15-90 Spraying equipment (unclassified)
33-15-12-00 Spraying equipment f. coating (complete)
33-15-12-90 Spraying equipment f. coating (complete, unclassified)
36-57-01-00 Spraying facility/painting facility
33-15-01-00 Spraying installation/painting installation (complete)
33-15-01-90 Spraying installation/painting installation (complete, unclassified)
36-57-14-02 Spraying wall a. stand
27-11-90-05 Spread beam light
19-04-01-10 Spreadsheets, Office program
23-08-05-00 Spring (coach), Coach spring
23-08-01-00 Spring (compression), Compression spring
23-08-04-00 Spring (cup), Cup spring
23-08-02-00 Spring (draw), Draw spring
23-08-90-00 Spring (other)
23-08-91-05 Spring (other, parts)
23-08-90-90 Spring (other, unclassified)
23-08-91-00 Spring (parts)
23-08-91-90 Spring (parts, unclassified)
23-08-03-00 Spring (torsion), Torsion spring
21-16-01-10 Spring balance
35-01-04-02 Spring band steel (unalloyed)
24-29-14-03 Spring binder, Clipfile
23-11-01-19 Spring bolt, Cap screw (no wrenching configuration specified)
21-02-11-01 Spring chuck, Collet chuck (for tools)
23-10-04-02 Spring connector
23-06-10-05 Spring cover oiler, Oiler
23-10-01-02 Spring dowel, adapter sleeve
21-13-06-00 Spring element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-06-92 Spring element accessories (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-22-12-01 Spring scale (office), Mechanic scale
26-04-09-02 Spring water
36-63-13-06 Spring winding machine (machine tool)
35-02-02-02 Spring wire (NF metal)
35-01-02-02 Spring wire (steel, unalloyed)
22-54-01-01 Sprinkler system (gardening and landscaping material)
22-10-03-03 Sprinkler system (landscaping construction work)
22-54-01-00 Sprinkler, irrigation system
36-48-03-00 Sprinkling device
36-48-03-90 Sprinkling device (unclassified)
21-13-18-00 Sprue element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-18-92 Sprue element accessories (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-07-04-02 Spur gear hoist
23-32-01-01 Spur gear units
21-17-01-06 Square
21-01-19-01 Square cutting tip, Cutting tip (cramped)
24-31-01-07 Square element (linking element), Chaining element
24-30-11-01 Square marker pin, Marker pin, -flag
23-11-07-01 Square nut, Hex-nut
22-29-01-05 Squared timber
29-03-04-02 Squeezer, juicer (household, manual)
25-14-11-03 Stability examination (material and component)
24-31-05-03 Stable container
24-32-18-05 Stacking angle, Cutting machine (accessory, other)
41-14-05-05 Staff (advertisement, other services)
25-13-06-01 Staffs (pole, overhead line), Transmission tower (overhead line assembly)
41-12-01-07 Stage decoration (conference)
41-12-02-09 Stage decoration (event)
27-11-06-25 Stage studio lamp, High voltage halogen lamp
30-02-09-03 Stain remover (Clothing care agent)
32-01-10-16 Stainless steel bath (temp. control,lab)
23-17-04-05 Stainless steel chain
37-11-01-02 Stainless steel corrugated hose
37-11-02-02 Stainless steel corrugated hose piping
22-27-03-01 Stainless steel drainage, Gutter
22-46-04-01 Stainless steel fabric floor covering, Metal flooring
22-15-03-01 Stainless steel gutter, Drainage channel
22-15-01-01 Stainless steel outlet, Drain
22-24-01-02 Stainless steel profile sheet (construction material), Fitted sheet metal (building material)
22-27-03-02 Stainless steel rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
22-27-92-01 Stainless steel roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
22-15-04-01 Stainless steel shaft, Finished shaft, prefabricated shaft component
22-23-01-04 Stainless steel sheet outer wall panelling, External metal facing
22-30-90-00 Stair construction (building element, other)
22-30-90-90 Stair construction (building element, other, unclassified)
36-46-90-03 Stair glider
35-01-04-03 Stair nosing (alloyed steel), Hoop steel (steel, alloyed)
22-30-01-02 Stair step, stair landing
27-14-23-07 Staircase lighting timer
22-30-01-01 Stairs
22-10-31-04 Stairs (metal construction work)
22-10-27-03 Stairs, railing (joiner work)
22-30-01-00 Stairs, stair step
24-22-10-01 Stamp (office)
24-22-10-03 Stamp for paginating
24-22-11-06 Stamp porter
24-22-10-06 Stamp writer
35-01-15-00 Stamping Parts (iron)
35-01-15-01 Stamping Parts (iron)
35-02-12-01 Stamping Parts (non-ferrous metal)
24-32-09-02 Stamping machine
24-32-10-01 Stamping machine balance, Postal scale for stamping machines
24-22-11-07 Stamping mat
35-04-12-00 Stamping part (other material)
35-04-12-01 Stamping part (other material)
19-07-92-02 Stand, Antenna support fixture
32-03-22-06 Stand clamp (lab)
24-30-19-02 Stand for flip-over calendar, Calendar stand
24-22-01-13 Stand for mobile phone, Mobile phone holder
19-08-07-01 Stand for television, Hi-fi/TV furniture
27-11-04-06 Stand light
32-03-22-09 Stand plate (lab)
24-30-12-02 Stand projection screen, Tripod projection screen
27-04-05-01 Stand-by unit
24-29-09-04 Stand-up binder (archive), Archiv magazin file
24-29-07-01 Stand-up organizer (binder), Add-in binder
24-32-22-01 Standard cassette for dictation machine, Dictation casette
27-29-02-00 Standard cylinder (pneumatics)
27-29-02-01 Standard cylinder (pneumatics)
32-03-08-02 Standard grinding (parts,lab)
27-29-32-01 Standard lubricator (pneumatics)
23-17-04-03 Standard rollerchain
19-06-01-01 Standard telephone, Telephone
27-37-17-01 Standard timed relay
24-25-20-08 Standard type stencil, Font template
27-11-06-15 Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
25-26-03-01 Standardization (development and production consultancy), Development and production (consulting)
21-13-99-00 Standardized tool parts (tool and die, repair)
21-13-90-00 Standardized tool parts (tool, die and mold making, other)
19-07-92-01 Standpipe, Radio mast
29-10-03-09 Staniu paper, Alufoil (other consumable material, kitchen)
27-14-09-00 Stapa pipe, Installation pipe (electr. installation)
27-14-09-13 Stapa pipe (electr. inst.), Metal tube (electronic installation)
21-04-91-17 Staple (hand, parts)
24-22-07-01 Staple for office stapler
24-22-06-01 Staple plier (office), Plier (office)
24-22-08-01 Staple remover (office)
24-22-06-02 Stapler
24-22-06-04 Stapler (electronic staple, office), Electric stapler (office)
21-05-25-90 Stapler (rechargeable, non-classified)
27-23-02-06 Star coupler (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
23-01-01-02 Star handle, Palm grip
23-12-03-01 Star nail, Wire nail
27-37-14-06 Star triangle switch
24-33-07-01 Starlet foil (handicraft foil), Alu foil, metal foil (for handicrafts)
24-33-05-03 Starlet tone paper, Tinted paper
27-11-91-03 Starter (lighting installation, parts)
27-05-02-02 Starter battery
27-05-06-03 Starter battery charger
24-30-04-07 Starter kit for magnetic board, Magnetic board accessories
19-09-02-03 Statement ledger paper
27-02-31-00 Static frequency converter
27-02-31-01 Static frequency converter = < 1 kv
27-02-31-02 Static frequency converter > 1 kv
36-09-07-01 Static mixer
19-03-01-12 Station adaptor, Access point
28-01-01-00 Station wagon (passenger car), Private car
27-05-01-00 Station. batt., accum.
27-28-01-02 Stationary bar-code reader
27-05-06-01 Stationary battery charger
25-26-06-01 Statistics (controlling), Controlling (consulting)
32-01-27-03 Stator (dispersing, lab)
23-06-10-13 Stauffer grease cup, Lubricating arrangement (oil)
26-04-08-03 Steam (low-pressure, <5bar)
22-37-01-01 Steam bath, solarium
36-06-01-00 Steam boiler (with firing)
36-06-01-90 Steam boiler (with firing, unclassified)
36-06-03-00 Steam generator
36-08-92-90 Steam generator (parts), Industrial furnace, industrial heater (accessories, add. equip., uncl.)
36-06-03-90 Steam generator (unclassified)
36-06-92-90 Steam generator, boiler (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
36-06-97-90 Steam generator, boiler (assembly, unclassified)
36-06-90-00 Steam generator, boiler (other)
36-06-90-90 Steam generator, boiler (other, unclassified)
36-06-91-00 Steam generator, boiler (parts)
36-06-99-00 Steam generator, boiler (repair)
21-06-08-02 Steam gun, Gun (steam)
37-11-01-06 Steam hose
37-11-02-05 Steam hose pipeline
29-02-11-04 Steam iron (household appliance), Ironer (household appliance)
36-41-90-90 Steam jet preheater, Pump (other, unclassified)
36-22-05-01 Steam jet preheater
36-22-01-90 Steam jet pump, Gas jet pump (unclassified)
36-22-01-03 Steam jet vacuum plant, Fluid entrainment pump
29-02-90-05 Steam pressure cleaner
33-07-02-00 Steam supply (compl.), Gas distribution plant (complete)
37-01-07-91 Steam trap (parts)
36-42-01-00 Steam turbine
36-42-01-90 Steam turbine (unclassified)
35-01-04-01 Steel band (steel, unalloyed)
22-21-01-02 Steel ceiling board, Floor slab
22-49-02-02 Steel chips (reinforcement), Armoring
30-02-16-02 Steel cleaning agent, Other metal care agent
22-10-17-07 Steel construction assembly (light)
22-10-17-06 Steel construction assembly (medium)
22-10-17-02 Steel construction manufacturing (heavy)
22-10-17-04 Steel construction manufacturing (light)
22-10-17-03 Steel construction manufacturing (medium)
22-49-02-01 Steel construction profile
22-49-02-00 Steel construction profile, armoring
22-10-17-00 Steel construction work
22-10-17-01 Steel construction work
22-10-17-90 Steel construction work (unclassified)
27-05-01-03 Steel container (accum., battery), Acid bath (accum. , battery)
20-06-03-02 Steel covered drum, Covered drum (metal)
27-06-14-01 Steel drum (heavy duty power cable)
37-12-08-08 Steel elbow (w. inliner), Flanged elbow (steel with lining)
22-36-06-02 Steel fitting (T-piece) (installation), T-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-01 Steel fitting (angle) (installation), Angled, curved fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-04 Steel fitting (arc-T) (installation), Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-03 Steel fitting (cross piece) (installation), Cross piece (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-06 Steel fitting (double nipple) (installation), Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-08 Steel fitting (stopper) (installation), Plug (fitting, steel, installation)
22-19-02-02 Steel grating step, Grate, base pan
21-02-01-01 Steel holder, Quick change holder, steel holder
23-10-04-01 Steel lynch pin, Linch pin
21-04-07-05 Steel number stamp, Number stamp (set)
22-14-01-07 Steel pipe and pipe fitting product (construction material), Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
21-16-02-01 Steel range pole, Ranging pole
35-01-03-00 Steel rods (alloyed special steel), Rod material (iron, steel)
24-25-19-02 Steel ruler, Cuting ruler (office, school)
27-16-01-01 Steel screen tower (aerial)
21-10-04-08 Steel sheet cupb., Material cupb. (workshop)
21-04-07-04 Steel stamping letter, Letter stamp (set)
35-01-04-00 Steel strip semifinished products (iron, steel)
21-16-01-03 Steel tape measure (measurement), Tapeline
37-02-05-01 Steel tube bend (plain carbon steel), Elbow (steel)
21-07-07-00 Steel winch
21-16-03-03 Steep sight double pentagon, Right angle prism (surveying)
25-02-10-07 Steering (development), Component development
19-02-04-08 Steering wheel (PC)
24-25-21-01 Stencil feed rail, Runner for template
22-49-01-01 Step profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
24-31-13-03 Step stool, Mobile Step-Stool (office)
27-02-26-04 Stepper motor
19-08-03-01 Stereo earphones cassette recorder, Portable cassette player/recorder
19-08-92-04 Stereo headphones, Headphones
19-08-92-03 Stereo microphone, Microphone
19-08-02-01 Stereo system, Complete hi-fi system
19-08-05-01 Stereo television set, TV device
36-52-04-02 Sterilising machine (packaging machine)
34-41-02-03 Sterilization paper (roll)
34-41-02-01 Sterilization pouch
32-01-40-01 Sterilization, disinfection (lab)
36-07-92-00 Sterilizer (accessories, additional equipment)
36-07-97-90 Sterilizer (assembly, unclassified)
36-07-02-90 Sterilizer (chemical, unclassified)
36-07-98-90 Sterilizer (maintenance, service, unclassified)
36-07-91-90 Sterilizer (parts, unclassified)
36-07-03-90 Sterilizer (radiological, unclassified)
36-07-01-00 Sterilizer (thermal)
34-41-09-04 Sterilizing drum
34-34-01-91 Stethoscope (medicine) (parts)
24-23-01-01 Stick, All-purpose glue (office)
21-08-10-01 Stick electrode
24-28-10-07 Sticker
40-20-02-00 Sticker (Occupational safety)
40-20-02-02 Sticker (information sign), Information sign (sticker)
40-20-02-01 Sticker (mand. sign), Mandatory sign (sticker)
25-02-10-01 Stiffness, firmness (calculation, simulation), Computation, simulation
21-01-16-05 Stihl saw chain, Chainsaw chain
34-44-01-03 Stimulator (physiotherapy)
32-01-07-07 Stirrer seal ( lab)
32-01-07-00 Stirrer, mixer (parts, lab)
36-09-91-03 Stirring device (parts)
36-09-92-03 Stirring device (with agitator)
32-01-07-09 Stirring rod (lab, parts)
32-01-07-10 Stirring rod, small (lab, parts)
36-09-05-00 Stirring system
36-09-05-90 Stirring system (unclassified)
36-09-05-01 Stirring vessel (closed, with agitator/stirring device)
36-09-05-02 Stirring vessel (open, with agitator/stirring device)
24-29-08-02 Stitching strips for hanging folder, Insert binding strip
21-10-04-21 Stock box, Clear stock box (workshop)
25-15-02-09 Stock ground insurance, Car insurance
25-26-05-01 Stock management (logistics consultancy), Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
25-15-18-06 Stock placing (financial services)
34-19-08-01 Stockinet (sold per metre), Tubular gauze bandage (sold per metre)
25-15-14-03 Stocks (financial service)
34-01-30-01 Stomach remedy, bowel remedy
22-13-01-07 Stone chips, Chippings
22-13-01-08 Stone mastic asphalt, Asphalt
22-48-02-03 Stone wallpaper, Natural wallpaper
22-10-14-00 Stone work (nat., cast), Natural stone and concrete work
22-47-01-05 Stoneware tile and panel
21-10-05-02 Stool (office), Office stool (workshop)
37-01-02-10 Stop valve (high-pressure), High pressure valve
22-36-01-06 Stop valve (sanitary)
32-01-31-03 Stopcock key (stopcock, parts, lab)
21-07-91-04 Stopping material (parts)
29-10-03-12 Storage bag for deep-frozen food, Freezer bag
29-10-03-11 Storage bag for food, Film bag
34-45-10-03 Storage basket (cupboard, shelves, functional trolley), Arrangement system container
27-05-04-01 Storage battery (device), Portable battery
27-05-92-01 Storage box for equipment batteries, Battery box
24-29-09-02 Storage box, storage magazine file
27-26-09-01 Storage chip
21-10-04-22 Storage closet (hydrant), Cupb. (hydrant, workshop)
21-10-04-06 Storage cupb. (comp. gas bottl., workshop)
21-10-04-07 Storage cupb. (hazard. mat., workshop)
21-10-04-00 Storage equip. (workshop)
21-10-04-90 Storage equip. (workshop, unclassified)
24-21-08-01 Storage for inkjet printhead, Container for print- and scanhead
25-07-22-01 Storage logistics (external), External storage (logistics)
19-04-01-04 Storage management, Backup (workstation)
19-04-02-01 Storage management, Backup (server)
25-26-12-05 Storage management, Data protection (consulting)
19-04-02-06 Storage management software (server)
21-16-01-92 Storage module for digital length measurement device, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
34-41-08-92 Storage rack (sterilization), Basket (sterilization, accessories)
24-29-10-03 Storage rod
20-16-01-05 Storage sack for safety (paper valve)
25-04-13-00 Storage service (facility)
25-04-13-90 Storage service (facility, unclassified)
21-10-04-20 Storage tank (storage equip., workshop)
41-14-05-02 Storage, logistics (marketing)
29-06-02-01 Stove (commercial kitchen equipment, electrical)
29-06-02-02 Stove (gas)(commercial kitchen equipment)
29-02-02-03 Stove (household appliance, coal)
29-02-02-01 Stove (household appliance, electrical)
29-02-02-02 Stove (household appliance, gas)
27-14-40-21 Stove and device connection jack, Device connection box
21-04-22-01 Straight back hand saw with open handle (handheld), Hand saw (with handle)
32-01-24-08 Straight enclosed-scale therm. (lab)
21-06-01-01 Straight grinder (compressed air), Grinder (comp. air)
21-06-12-01 Straight screwdriver (compressed air), Drill driver (pneumatic)
37-01-02-00 Straight way valve, Globe valve
36-63-13-11 Straightening machine for bars a. pipes (machine tool)
37-01-14-91 Strainer, Dirt pan (parts)
27-06-23-04 Stranded conductor, Loudspeaker cable
20-42-02-04 Strap (packaging aid), Lashing strap (packaging aid)
23-17-91-03 Strap disc (parts)
22-32-02-91 Strap for blinds, Blinds, awning, roller shutter (parts)
21-04-33-00 Strapping device
21-04-33-90 Strapping device (unclassified)
25-26-01-03 Strategic business planning
25-26-02-03 Strategic marketing (consulting)
24-33-05-05 Straw silk, Tissue paper
32-01-01-04 Stream inlet nipple (lab)
19-03-02-08 Streamer, Tape drive (PC)
24-34-07-09 Streamer
27-23-02-04 Streamer (PCS), Mass storage component (PCS)
27-23-02-27 Streamer (proc. comp.), Mass storage comp. (proc. comp.)
24-33-11-11 Street chalk
25-04-11-03 Street cleaning
27-11-04-04 Street lighting
19-04-01-18 Street map, Route planning software
41-07-03-03 Strengthening (marketing)
25-25-19-08 Stress management (self management, training, further training)
20-27-01-04 Stretch film (packing material)
33-14-13-02 Stretch rollers (complete)
34-45-91-08 Stretcher or patient trolley or examination table (parts)
20-42-01-03 String (natural fiber, packaging aid)
20-42-01-00 String, yarn (packaging aid)
20-42-01-90 String, yarn (packaging aid, unclassified)
24-29-08-11 Strip for organization
33-14-10-00 Strip processing plant (complete)
33-14-10-90 Strip processing plant, (complete, unclassified)
36-63-90-03 Strip profiling machine (machine tool)
24-30-18-12 Stripe planner (calendar), Monthly stripe calendar
25-07-27-02 Stripping (in cargo handling), Unload (logistics)
17-13-01-01 Stripping and crimping machine
27-14-40-32 Stroboscope light signal, Light signal for switch set
24-26-23-08 Strong paper packaging (office), Wrapping paper (office)
25-02-04-07 Structural design (static equilibrium)
25-14-11-06 Structure test, Metallographic investigation (material and component)
24-30-16-06 Structured desk plate, Place name holder, place card
22-10-23-02 Stucco work
21-08-91-10 Stud feed system (parts)
21-08-91-12 Stud welding chuck (parts)
21-08-07-02 Stud welding device
21-08-91-08 Stud welding device (parts)
24-25-14-07 Study oil paint, Oil colour, Oil colour box
41-01-10-02 Stuffed animal (promotional article)
22-22-04-03 Stuffing material (fire protection)
25-25-04-06 Style of the period (training, further training), Fashion, design (training, further training)
19-01-01-07 Sub-Notebook, Notebook PC
27-37-01-02 Sub-distribution (LV)
27-18-05-00 Sub-rack
27-18-09-00 Sub-rack
27-25-03-01 Sub-rack (decentralized peripherals)
23-15-91-00 Subbase (profile carrier), Fastening aids (parts)
25-09-90-00 Subcontracting (other)
25-09-90-90 Subcontracting (other, unclassified)
24-20-03-00 Sublimation printer-, sublimation fax-supplies
36-41-01-02 Submersible motor pump
25-16-19-01 Subscription magazines/journals (service)
25-16-19-00 Subscription service
25-16-19-90 Subscription service(unclassified)
35-01-16-03 Substrate (steel, applied), Tray (steel, applied)
25-26-09-04 Successor planning (human resources management consultancy), Personnel management (consulting)
21-08-09-01 Suction arm (weld. protec.), Welding protection
32-03-05-04 Suction bottle (lab)
36-43-09-90 Suction draft (axial flow), Ventilator (unclassified)
27-30-18-04 Suction filter (hydraulics)
21-05-06-01 Suction implement (electr.), Vacuum cleaner (electr., workshop)
36-23-90-01 Suction plant
34-24-91-19 Suction set (patient suction system)
40-01-01-03 Suit
40-01-09-00 Suit (welding prot.), Welding protection clothing
24-36-03-01 Suitcase
41-08-02-01 Suitcase (advertising, display, plastics)
24-33-01-10 Suitcase for children, trolly for children
39-16-25-25 Sulfathiazole
38-03-01-01 Sulfur
27-20-04-14 Summation counter, Counter (pulse)
36-64-04-09 Sun light, ultra-violet (motor vehicles, full-vehicle), Environmental simulation (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
22-32-90-00 Sun protection (building element, other)
22-32-90-90 Sun protection (building element, other, unclassified)
24-25-27-07 Sunlight protection for drawing, UV varnish (protection for drawings)
36-60-07-07 Superfinishing machine f. centreless plunge-cut (machine tool)
36-60-07-06 Superfinishing machine f. centreless throughfeed (machine tool)
24-23-09-02 Superglue remover (office), Glue cleaner (office)
36-06-02-02 Superheater
25-24-05-00 Supervision, Application support (IT)
25-25-02-04 Supervision (training, further training), Care (training, further training)
27-23-02-31 Supply (proc. comp.), Pow., curr. supp. (proc. comp.)
36-14-90-00 Supply device (other)
36-14-90-90 Supply device (other, unclassified)
36-14-99-90 Supply device (repair, unclassified)
36-14-95-90 Supply device (training, orientation, unclassified)
25-04-10-07 Supply energy, water (facility)
25-04-09-02 Supplying copiers and printers, Copy and printer service (facility)
34-20-02-01 Support (medicine)
21-13-14-00 Support element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
24-22-01-12 Support for books, Bookend
34-39-03-04 Supporting roll (medicine)
22-33-90-00 Supporting structure (element, other)
27-37-10-13 Suppressor circuit, Overvoltage limiter
36-60-06-02 Surface a. profile grinding machine, horizontal grinding spindle (machine tool)
25-14-01-05 Surface analysis (research and development)
36-60-04-08 Surface broaching machine (machine tool)
25-14-11-08 Surface crack testing (nondestructive material testing), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
25-24-06-04 Surface design (IT)
27-14-24-03 Surface distributor
27-20-02-08 Surface feeler, Temperature measuring electr. complete
36-60-06-06 Surface grinding machine with long table, horizontal grinding spindle (mt.)
21-17-06-03 Surface plate
23-06-05-00 Surface prot. (not paint), Means of preservation, surface protection
36-57-92-00 Surface technology (accessories, auxiliary equipment)
36-57-97-00 Surface technology (assembly)
33-15-97-00 Surface technology (complete, complete, assembly)
33-15-98-00 Surface technology (complete, maintenance, service)
33-15-90-00 Surface technology (complete, other)
33-15-90-90 Surface technology (complete, other, unclassified)
33-15-99-00 Surface technology (complete, repair)
33-15-99-90 Surface technology (complete, repair, unclassified)
36-57-98-00 Surface technology (maintenance, service)
36-57-90-00 Surface technology (other)
36-57-90-90 Surface technology (other, unclassified)
36-57-99-90 Surface technology (repair, unclassified)
27-14-40-90 Surface-mounted assembly frame, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
30-10-01-00 Surfacing agent (metal)
30-10-01-01 Surfacing agent (metal)
30-10-03-00 Surfacing agent (plastic)
30-10-03-01 Surfacing agent (plastic)
30-10-04-00 Surfacing agent (wood)
30-10-04-01 Surfacing agent (wood)
34-17-13-00 Surgery
34-35-05-90 Surgical covers and drapes (re-usable, unclassified)
34-35-02-90 Surgical drape or set (disposable, special design, unclassified)
34-35-03-03 Surgical drape with slit (disposable)
34-31-92-00 Surgical equipment (apparatus, accessories)
34-31-98-90 Surgical equipment (apparatus, maintenance, service, unclassified)
40-01-18-00 Surgical garment (disposable)
40-01-18-90 Surgical garment (disposable, other, unclassified)
40-01-19-00 Surgical garment (re-usable)
40-01-19-90 Surgical garment (re-usable, unclassified)
34-33-06-01 Surgical needle (sterile)
40-01-18-03 Surgical shoe cover, surgical sock (disposable)
34-18-01-04 Surgical tape (non-woven or paper)
26-04-13-00 Surrogate fuel biomass
25-02-17-00 Surveying
21-16-90-00 Surveying equipment (other)
21-16-90-90 Surveying equipment (other, unclassified)
21-16-99-01 Surveying equipment (repair)
21-16-05-00 Surveying instrument
21-16-05-92 Surveying instrument (accessories)
25-02-04-10 Surveying technology (building planning)
21-16-01-00 Surveying tool (surveying)
24-31-07-06 Suspended drawings cabinet, Drawing cabinet
24-31-07-05 Suspended filing cabinet (drawers), Drawer cabinet
24-31-07-02 Suspended filing cabinet (folding, swing doors), Folding door cabinet, swinging door cabinet
24-31-09-03 Suspended filing wagon, Cart with hanging attachments
27-11-04-11 Suspended light (ext.)
27-37-12-21 Suspended switch, Complete unit hanging switch
24-29-05-01 Suspension binder
24-29-06-01 Suspension binder (oscilating)
24-29-05-04 Suspension collector
24-29-06-05 Suspension collector (oscilating)
36-16-03-90 Suspension drier, Convection drier (unclassified)
24-29-05-05 Suspension file
24-29-06-06 Suspension file (oscilating)
24-29-05-03 Suspension folder
24-29-06-04 Suspension folder (oscilating)
24-30-13-01 Suspension for projection screen
24-29-08-01 Suspension rail
24-29-06-08 Suspension signalization card (oscilating)
34-33-92-06 Suture clip applying forceps (wound closure)
34-33-04-04 Suture large pack
34-33-05-03 Suture material set (gynaecology)
36-63-11-05 Swaging machine (machine tool)
36-41-05-01 Swash plate pump, Axial piston pump
40-01-91-04 Sweat band (hard hat), Hard hat (parts)
41-01-05-04 Sweatshirt (promotional article)
29-11-90-90 Sweeping arranging shovel, Cleaning agent (manual, other, unclassified)
29-11-02-04 Sweeping set, Hand brush with dustpan
29-04-39-00 Sweetener
29-04-38-00 Sweets
29-04-38-01 Sweets
41-01-07-01 Sweets (promotional article)
24-34-01-02 Swimming candle
22-37-01-03 Swimming pool
22-37-90-00 Swimming pool facility, sauna (other)
22-37-90-90 Swimming pool facility, sauna (other, unclassified)
22-37-01-00 Swimming pool, sauna, steam bath
27-18-92-39 Swing frame (switchgear cabinet)
37-01-08-02 Swing-type check valve
36-12-01-06 Swinging crane
27-23-02-10 Switch (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
25-02-10-04 Switch (development), Electrical development, electronics
22-55-01-01 Switch (track construction)
40-02-06-04 Switch mat (safety technology)
27-08-01-01 Switch system (high volt.)
22-55-01-00 Switch, rail (track construction)
22-55-01-90 Switch, rail (track construction, unclassified)
27-14-40-38 Switch/plug socket combination
27-37-01-00 Switchboard plant (LV)
27-08-91-01 Switchgear (HV, parts)
27-18-07-01 Switchgear cabinet air conditioning, Climate controlled switchgear cabinet
27-08-04-01 Switching device (high volt., other).
19-03-01-17 Switching hub, Network switch
19-08-02-11 Switching suite, Audio/mixer/control panel
37-11-03-04 Swivel arm coupling
24-31-03-02 Swivel arm for monitor, Monitor swivel arm
24-31-03-04 Swivel arm for telephone, Telephone swivel arm
27-14-41-01 Swivel gate motor
24-31-11-01 Swivel office chair, swivel office armchair
37-20-01-04 Swivel screw fitting (metal)
29-10-03-01 Swrapping paper roll (lining paper), Linigpaper
24-26-01-05 Symbol index, Tape flag
24-30-09-03 Symbol magnet
27-10-04-01 Synchronizing equipment
27-02-24-00 Synchronous motor
27-02-24-01 Synchronous motor (IEC)
19-08-02-07 Synthesizer tuner, Hi-fi tuner
34-20-02-09 Synthetic casting material (bandage)
22-22-02-02 Synthetic fibre cloth, Fabric (building material)
22-22-02-01 Synthetic fibre fleece, Felt, fleeces (building material)
22-48-02-05 Synthetic fibre textile wallpaper, Textile wallpaper
22-10-25-01 Synthetic resin screed (screed work), Composition floor work
22-29-02-05 Synthetic-resin-compressed wood
19-01-01-00 System (information technology)
25-25-04-07 System (training, further training), Garden, landscape gardening (training, further training)
19-01-92-00 System IT (accessories)
27-18-11-06 System Other
27-18-92-00 System accessories (enclosure), General accessories (accessories)
25-24-06-02 System concept (IT)
24-30-07-01 System frame for boards, Wall rail system for boards
19-01-98-00 System information technology (maintenance, service)
19-01-90-00 System information technology (other)
19-01-90-90 System information technology (other, unclassified)
19-01-91-00 System information technology (parts)
19-01-99-00 System information technology (repair)
19-01-99-90 System information technology (repair, unclassified)
25-26-12-00 System introduction support, Information and communication technologies (consulting)
19-04-01-22 System management software
19-04-02-07 System management software (server)
19-04-01-25 System protection, Virus protection (workstation)
19-04-02-09 System protection, Virus protection (server)
19-06-01-02 System telephone
25-24-06-07 System test (IT)
21-10-02-01 System workplace, Workbench (system workpl., workshop)
25-26-12-01 Systems analysis (IT consulting)
27-33-01-00 Systems, integrated solutions, Complete system (display and operating control)

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