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27-40-01-01 T branch, Junction box
27-26-07-00 T piece (plug-in sock.), Connector
24-25-26-07 T square (T square), Drawing runner
40-01-03-02 T-Shirt, Shirt, jumper
27-11-06-15 T-bulb, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
22-36-06-02 T-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
41-01-05-05 T-shirt (promotional article)
24-33-11-01 T-shirt marker
30-25-02-02 TBBPA carbonate oligomer (flame retardant), Brominated organic flame retardant
19-02-01-02 TFT monitor
21-08-07-01 TIG welding mach., Welding machine
21-08-10-02 TIG wire, Welding stick
19-07-01-01 TV antenna, Indoor antenna
19-08-05-01 TV device
19-08-07-01 TV stand, Hi-fi/TV furniture
19-08-07-02 TV support fixture
24-31-17-02 TV trolley, Media device furniture
19-08-01-03 TV tuner, Car video
41-14-06-06 TV-spots (coverage costs, marketing)
19-08-05-06 TV/DVD combination
41-14-04-09 TV/radio (concept and shooting, TV/radio broadcast/commercial
41-14-07-06 TV/radio concept and shooting (PR)
19-08-05-05 TV/video combination
19-08-05-00 TV/video/DVD device
24-31-01-00 Table (office equipment)
24-31-02-00 Table (office equipment, accessories)
21-10-13-00 Table (plant equipment)
24-31-03-01 Table add-on wall, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
24-31-15-01 Table add-on wall, Wall unit, partition (space pattern)
24-31-05-01 Table base (base container), Container for under desk
24-20-08-01 Table calculator accessories (ink ribbon), Ink ribbon for desk calculator
41-10-02-01 Table calendars (marketing)
24-34-01-09 Table candle stand, Candle holder
32-01-22-03 Table centrifuge (acc., lab)
41-01-04-02 Table clock (promotional article)
29-10-03-02 Table cloth paper
24-31-16-01 Table coupling (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-31-10-02 Table device for file floor, Filing column (accessories)
32-02-01-02 Table extractor (lab), Extractor (lab)
23-25-03-18 Table fitting
24-29-18-03 Table flipchart
27-11-03-00 Table lamp, Interior light
29-13-01-01 Table linen
24-30-16-07 Table place holder
24-30-18-03 Table reference scheduler, Horizontal diary
24-30-16-10 Table stand with brochure holders, Literature display, presentation stand
41-06-02-03 Table stands (marketing)
24-32-25-02 Table top computer cover (office), Dust protection
24-34-01-08 Table torch, garden torch
29-02-90-01 Table ventilator, Fan (household appliance)
41-10-02-00 Table, office calendars (marketing)
41-04-04-07 Table, wood (marketing)
19-01-01-08 Tablet PC
21-05-14-01 Tacker (electr.) (discontinued)
24-29-08-03 Tacking-sleeve
21-07-06-01 Tackle line, Ratchet hook tackle
24-22-01-18 Tag dispenser, Page markers dispenser
36-15-01-06 Tail boom (for bulk materials)
36-15-02-02 Tail boom (for gases)
21-04-15-00 Take-off device
21-04-15-01 Take-off device
23-05-17-03 Take-up housing
26-02-05-09 Tall resin 95% resinic acid (industrial use)
36-65-01-08 Tampon printer (for non-permanent marking)
36-03-01-04 Tank (closed)
20-24-01-02 Tank (coex, box pallet)
36-03-04-02 Tank (open)
20-24-01-01 Tank (plastic, Box pallet)
28-10-01-00 Tank (vehicle)
28-10-01-01 Tank (vehicle)
40-02-04-04 Tank Shower (Emergency shower)
25-15-02-28 Tank and barrel leakage insurance, Mixed insurance (unclassified)
35-01-08-00 Tank bottom (steel, iron)
28-04-03-19 Tank car
28-04-91-01 Tank car (parts)
36-48-02-04 Tank cleaning nozzle
37-11-03-03 Tank truck coupling (hose)
21-10-04-01 Tank-base shelf, Shelf (workshop)
28-01-02-00 Tanker, Motor truck
36-15-03-03 Tanker filling device (for liquids)
29-02-91-10 Tanning device (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
29-02-14-02 Tanning unit
38-18-06-01 Tantalum
38-18-06-00 Tantalum compound
19-07-04-02 Tap, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
37-01-04-16 Tap cock, Plug valve
21-01-05-04 Tap cutter (w. shank, non-removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
36-60-06-37 Tap grinding machine (machine tool)
22-17-03-01 Tape, Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
20-36-02-00 Tape (metal, packing material)
20-36-90-90 Tape (packing material, other, unclassified)
20-36-01-00 Tape (plastic, packing material)
20-36-01-04 Tape (polyester, packing material)
20-36-01-07 Tape (polypropylene, packing material)
21-16-01-92 Tape accessories, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
19-08-06-01 Tape cassette, Analog storage medium
19-03-02-08 Tape drive (PC)
24-26-01-05 Tape flag
20-42-02-04 Tape tension roll (auxiliary packaging media), Lashing strap (packaging aid)
22-17-03-03 Tape, adhesive (building material)
24-21-01-09 Tape-cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
21-16-01-03 Tapeline
37-03-05-14 Taper (non-ferrous), Reducing piece (NF metal)
37-07-05-14 Taper (oth.mat.), Reducer (other metal)
37-02-05-14 Taper (plain carbon steel), Reducer (steel)
37-06-05-14 Taper (plast.), Reducer (thermoplastic)
23-17-91-03 Taper lock bearing bush, Strap disc (parts)
23-06-10-13 Taper lubrication nipple, Lubricating arrangement (oil)
23-01-01-00 Tapered machine handle, Handle (control elem.)
23-01-01-90 Tapered machine handle, Handle (unclassified)
23-10-01-00 Tapered pin, Pin, peg
21-17-03-10 Tapered probe, Interior measuring instrument
23-07-91-21 Tapered ring (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
23-05-09-10 Tapered roller bearing
23-05-11-04 Tapered roller thrust bearing
24-34-08-01 Tapp-Jass (playing cards), Playing-card
23-10-06-02 Tapped bush
36-42-01-03 Tapped turbine
21-01-02-09 Tapping drill set
36-60-02-13 Tapping machine (machine tool)
23-11-01-10 Tapping screw, Special screw
36-60-92-08 Tapping unit (machine tool)
22-17-01-01 Tar coating, Coating material
25-26-06-01 Target costing, Controlling (consulting)
25-26-02-03 Target group strategy (consultancy), Strategic marketing (consulting)
35-03-05-01 Tarpaulin (plastic)
25-26-01-08 Task analyses (office organization), Office organization (consulting)
24-33-11-02 Tatoo marker
24-33-08-05 Tattoo foil for inkjet printer, Inkjet foil tattoo
24-28-10-08 Tattoo label
25-15-21-00 Tax (financial service)
25-15-21-01 Tax (financial service)
24-35-01-03 Tax guide, Companion
25-10-09-06 Tax law (service)
25-12-09-02 Taxi (travel management)
29-02-91-04 Tea filter, Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
29-10-03-05 Tea filter (paper), Coffee-, tee filter paper
29-02-06-01 Tea machine (household appliance), Coffee, tea machine (household appliance)
41-01-07-05 Tea, coffee (promotional article)
29-04-30-00 Tea, instant drink
29-04-30-01 Tea, instant drink
25-26-10-01 Teaching programs (human resources development), Consultation for personnel development
25-26-03-04 Teaching workshop (consultancy), General operational organization (consulting)
19-04-01-08 Team software, Groupware (workstation)
19-04-02-02 Team software, Groupware (server)
25-25-10-04 Technical development, air condition technology (training, further training)
25-04-14-07 Technical documentation (facility)
24-25-23-01 Technical drawing (compass socket), Compasses adjustable joint, -extension bar
24-25-25-01 Technical drawing (drawing board), Drawing plate
24-25-25-02 Technical drawing (drawing board), Drawing board
24-25-08-01 Technical drawing (drawing cone), Drawing cone
24-25-22-02 Technical drawing (drawing instruments), Pair of compasses (office)
24-25-08-02 Technical drawing (ink cartridge), Indian ink cartridge
24-25-07-01 Technical drawing (ink pen), Indian ink fountain pen
24-25-02-01 Technical drawing (propelling pencil lead), Drop pen lead
24-25-01-01 Technical drawing (propelling pencil), Drop lead pen
24-26-11-02 Technical drawing paper, Drawing paper
25-02-04-08 Technical equipment (building planning)
23-33-04-90 Technical filling compound and surfacer (unclassified)
25-14-04-07 Technical inspection (finished goods)
25-14-03-06 Technical inspection (production)
25-26-03-05 Technical material flow planning (consultancy), Factory and plant planning (consulting)
26-04-11-00 Technical oil, Industrial oils
25-22-02-00 Technical plant admin., Plant support
25-24-06-03 Technical specifications (program creation IT), Program creation (IT)
24-35-04-02 Technical tour map, Map
25-16-15-02 Technical translator (service)
27-24-25-01 Technological function, SPS programming software
25-26-03-00 Technology (consulting)
25-26-03-90 Technology (consulting, unclassified)
27-25-05-06 Technology (industrial ethernet)
24-31-05-03 Technology container, Stable container
25-25-07-09 Technology of measurement (training, further training)
25-26-03-01 Technology planning, Development and production (consulting)
32-01-08-08 Teclu burner (lab)
27-14-40-28 Teddy automatic socket protection, Child protection device insert
37-20-01-06 Tee bolted joint (metal)
31-02-07-01 Teflon, Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
27-06-18-05 Telecomminucations cable
19-06-01-00 Telecommunication device
19-06-98-01 Telecommunication device (maintenance, inspection)
19-06-91-01 Telecommunication device (parts)
19-06-92-90 Telecommunication devices (accessories, unclassified)
19-06-92-05 Telecommunication enhancement component
22-10-52-06 Telecommunication line installation (electrical installation)
27-06-19-01 Telecommunication marine cable, Communication ship-cable
33-07-04-00 Telecommunication network (complete)
33-07-04-90 Telecommunication network (complete, unclassified)
25-24-07-01 Telecommunications
27-18-03-00 Telecommunications cabinet
19-06-90-92 Telecommunications device (accessories, other)
25-10-09-07 Telecommunications law, Law of communication media, telecommunications law (service)
19-06-01-03 Telefax, Fax
24-26-04-01 Telefax accessory (paper roll), Faxpaper roll
24-27-01-01 Telefax form, Notice, correspondence, information
41-14-11-01 Telemarketing (call center)
19-06-01-02 Telephone, System telephone
19-06-01-01 Telephone
41-12-01-06 Telephone (conference-technics), Conference-technics
41-12-02-08 Telephone (event-technics), Event-technics
25-04-09-03 Telephone (facility), Information management (facility)
41-12-03-04 Telephone (fair technics), Fair technics
41-14-08-04 Telephone (press conference technics), Press conference technics
19-06-01-04 Telephone answer machine, Answering machine
24-31-01-03 Telephone desk, Side table
24-22-02-05 Telephone directory stand, Rotary file
21-04-06-01 Telephone scissors, Scissors
24-31-03-04 Telephone swivel arm
19-06-92-04 Telephone system module
19-06-01-05 Telephony system
24-20-09-00 Teleprinter supplies
19-07-01-03 Telescope antenna, Car antenna
19-07-92-02 Telescope base, Antenna support fixture
20-17-02-07 Telescope box (cardboard)
27-30-02-08 Telescope cylinder (hydraulics)
27-29-07-02 Telescope cylinder (pneumatics)
21-16-01-05 Telescope dipstick, Length measuring instrument (surveying)
29-11-92-01 Telescope handle (cleaning agent, accessories)
25-13-03-01 Telescope line (assembly), Assembly (long-distance line)
19-07-92-01 Telescope mast, Radio mast
34-32-19-05 Telescope nail (osteosynthesis)
22-28-02-01 Telescopic door, Gate
21-16-02-02 Telescopic laser bar, Grade stake
24-30-15-09 Telescopic pointer, Pointer
23-30-06-01 Telescopic rail guide
21-16-02-01 Telescopic range pole, Ranging pole
27-18-92-45 Telescopic slide (switchgear cabinet)
21-16-05-92 Telescopic stand (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
22-21-02-04 Telescopic wall, Mobile partition (construction system component)
19-08-92-04 Television headphones, Headphones
27-21-07-02 Temp. controller, Controller (signal processing)
27-21-02-03 Temp. recorder, Point recorder (electr.)
24-25-15-02 Tempera paintbrush set, Brush set
32-03-07-37 Temperating beaker
27-20-02-90 Temperature measur. appl. (unclassified)
27-20-02-00 Temperature measuring appl., Measuring appliance, temp.
27-20-02-08 Temperature measuring electr. complete
27-37-18-10 Temperature monitoring equipment
22-39-04-08 Temperature regulator (heating)
22-36-01-18 Temperature regulator (sanitation)
27-27-30-01 Temperature switch
27-06-20-01 Temperature-resistant line, Single core cord
22-35-01-01 Tempered safety glass, Glass (building material)
32-01-10-00 Tempering (lab,parts)
24-25-20-03 Template for steel building, engine building
24-25-20-04 Template for survey, house automation
22-10-86-01 Temporary bridges (construction site equipment), Construction site equipment
25-26-01-06 Temporary management (consulting)
25-11-06-02 Temporary manpower
24-30-18-08 Ten-year planner, Year overview
41-01-03-02 Tennis goods (promotional article), Sporting goods (promotional article)
22-13-01-04 Tennis sand, Gravel, sand (building material)
21-02-91-07 Tenon block, Clamping element, quick change (parts)
17-07-13-00 Tenoning machine
17-07-13-90 Tenoning machine (unclassified)
25-14-11-02 Tensile test, Destructive examination (material and component)
23-33-02-00 Tensiled strapping tape, Scotch tape, one-sided (technical)
27-20-03-05 Tensiometer, Voltmeter
27-15-17-00 Tensiometer (PAT)
27-15-17-90 Tensiometer (PAT, unclassified)
21-02-07-02 Tension device
23-08-02-01 Tension spring (helical), Screw tension spring
35-01-02-01 Tension wire (plain carbon steel), Wire products (steel, unalloyed)
21-02-05-01 Tensioning block, Clamping tools
35-01-02-11 Tensioning wire (iron, steel), Wire (steel, alloyed)
35-02-02-01 Tensioning wire (non-fer.metal), Wire (NF metal)
27-14-11-34 Terminal, Panel feed-through terminal block
27-14-11-04 Terminal (conn. box)
19-01-01-06 Terminal (information technology)
27-14-11-03 Terminal (light)
19-03-01-04 Terminal adapter, Long-distance data transmitter
27-14-11-16 Terminal block, Fuse terminal block
27-14-11-25 Terminal block, Multi level installation terminal block
27-14-11-27 Terminal block, Component terminal block
27-14-11-33 Terminal block, End and partition plate for terminal block
27-14-11-37 Terminal designation, Labelling for terminal block
27-18-01-02 Terminal enclosure, Compact enclosure
27-14-91-03 Terminal marker, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
19-07-04-03 Terminal resistor, Load resistor (receiver technology)
19-07-04-01 Terminal socket, Antenna connection outlet
19-04-01-11 Terminal software
27-23-02-06 Terminator (PCS), Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
24-24-16-07 Terracotta marker, Paint marker
19-07-04-08 Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-01-02 Terrestrial antenna
41-01-05-01 Terrycloth goods (promotional article)
40-20-02-02 Test badge (work safety), Information sign (sticker)
21-17-03-08 Test cylinder, Dial gauge
32-03-06-00 Test glass (lab)
32-03-06-01 Test glass (lab)
32-16-10-01 Test kits (diagnostics,med.,lab)
32-16-10-02 Test kits (environm. Analytics,lab)
36-64-92-00 Test machine, test system (accessories, additional equipment)
36-64-97-00 Test machine, test system (assembly)
36-64-98-00 Test machine, test system (maintenance, service)
36-64-90-00 Test machine, test system (other)
36-64-90-90 Test machine, test system (other, unclassified)
36-64-91-90 Test machine, test system (parts, unclassified)
36-64-99-00 Test machine, test system (repair)
25-15-02-04 Test person insurance, General accident insurance
27-20-11-12 Test pin
36-64-09-00 Test system for functional a. durability testing
36-64-09-90 Test system for functional a. durability testing (unclassified)
36-64-04-00 Test system for motor vehicles (full-vehicle)
36-64-05-90 Test system for rail vehicles (unclassified)
32-01-26-08 Test tube shaker (lab)
32-01-29-04 Test weight (accessories,balances,lab)
19-07-04-14 Testing device, Antenna measuring device (receiver technology)
27-20-03-08 Testing device for batteries, Voltage tester
35-01-05-11 Testing sheet (alloyed special steel), Sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
35-01-05-01 Testing sheet (plain carbon steel), Sheet metal (steel, unalloyed)
39-15-24-06 Tetrahydrothiophene
30-25-03-01 Tetraphenyl-m-phenylenebis(phosphate) (flame retardant), Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
41-14-07-08 Text (PR)
41-14-04-11 Text (advertisement)
19-04-01-10 Text editor, Office program
24-28-08-01 Text label, Reference, text label
24-24-09-01 Text marker (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
24-24-13-01 Text marker in writing set, Writing set
24-24-18-01 Text marker ink, Marker ink
24-24-17-02 Text marker pen (dry text marker), Dry highlighter
27-24-23-04 Text panel (display and control component)
24-22-10-01 Text stamp, Stamp (office)
24-22-10-04 Text stamp (stamping machine), Automatic numberer
24-22-10-02 Text stamp self-colouring, Selfinking stamp
30-08-02-00 Textile auxiliary material
24-30-17-04 Textile badge necklace, Name badge fastening
24-24-20-01 Textile ball point pen, Lead for textil pen
24-30-03-09 Textile board, Felt board
24-30-14-02 Textile board for presentation, Presentation movable wall
25-16-18-00 Textile cleaning
25-16-18-01 Textile cleaning
24-33-11-06 Textile colour
24-28-09-04 Textile label
17-02-92-00 Textile machine (accessories, additional equipment)
17-02-92-90 Textile machine (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
17-02-97-90 Textile machine (assembly, unclassified)
17-02-90-00 Textile machine (other)
17-02-90-90 Textile machine (other, unclassified)
17-02-91-90 Textile machine (parts, unclassified)
24-24-19-04 Textile marker
22-48-02-09 Textile wall covering
22-48-02-05 Textile wallpaper
25-05-06-23 Textile waste (disposal)
22-10-36-01 Textiles (flooring work), Floor covering work
24-22-11-03 Textplate for stamps (office)
24-26-06-07 Textured paper for inkjet printers
24-26-10-04 Textured structure card for printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
22-48-02-01 Textured vinyl wallpaper, Plastic wallpaper
24-34-03-07 Thank you card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
22-10-20-01 Thatch, straw (roofing work), Roofing work
25-25-19-12 The art of speaking (training, further training), Rhetoric, arguing, discussing (training, further training)
25-15-02-13 Theft and robbery insurance
27-11-90-04 Theratherm
24-32-13-02 Thermal binder
24-32-14-03 Thermal binding cover
25-02-04-09 Thermal building physics
27-15-15-00 Thermal conductivity (PAT)
27-15-15-90 Thermal conductivity (PAT, unclassified)
27-15-15-01 Thermal conductivity measurement (PAT)
27-14-31-25 Thermal drive actuator, Bus system electronic actuator
21-13-15-00 Thermal insulating sheet (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-13-15-01 Thermal insulating sheet (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
22-35-01-00 Thermal insulation glass, Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
24-32-12-03 Thermal label for label printers
27-20-04-03 Thermal mass flowmeter, Flowmeter (mass, thermal)
23-06-12-02 Thermal oil
19-02-02-04 Thermal sublimation printer
24-30-05-01 Thermal transfer flipchart, Copyboard
19-02-02-05 Thermal transfer printer
27-37-15-03 Thermistor protective relay for motor
27-14-09-04 Thermo glass fabric hose (electr. inst.), Glass fabric hose (electr. installation)
40-01-05-01 Thermo jacket, Cold weather jacket
40-01-05-03 Thermo waistcoat, Cold weather waistcoat
24-26-17-05 Thermo-transfer printer transparency, Foil for thermotransfer printer
25-02-10-07 Thermodynamics (development), Component development
27-20-04-92 Thermoelectric couple (accessories), Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-04-91 Thermoelement (parts), Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
25-14-11-08 Thermography (material examination), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
32-01-24-00 Thermom.,hygrometer (acc., lab)
27-14-40-18 Thermometer, Electronics insert
27-20-02-03 Thermometer (bimetal)
27-20-02-05 Thermometer (digital)
29-09-03-02 Thermos jug
22-39-04-09 Thermostat (temperature regulator, heating)
22-36-01-19 Thermostat (temperature regulator, sanitation)
27-14-23-17 Thermostat timer, Clock relay (electrical)
24-20-03-01 Thermosublimation print head
34-44-06-01 Thermotherapeutic healing pack
34-44-06-90 Thermotherapeutic supplies (unclassified)
24-20-03-02 Thermotransfer roll
27-20-02-13 Thermowell (thermoelement)
36-41-91-90 Thick matter pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
21-17-03-14 Thickness measuring instrument
22-29-27-00 Thin Cipboard
19-01-01-05 Thin Client, Personal computer
22-29-29-08 Thin MDF laminated
22-29-27-01 Thin chipboard raw
23-05-08-07 Thin section bearing
22-29-29-00 Thin-MDF
36-16-04-03 Thin-film drier
32-01-01-15 Thin-film evaporator (laboratory)
27-20-13-03 Thin-film strain gauge (relative pressure)
22-17-02-01 Thinner (constr.), Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-17-01-04 Thinner (paint), Process material for ground preparation
39-09-04-03 Thioglycolic acid
38-02-04-02 Thiophosgene
25-24-07-02 Third-Level-Support, Repair (communication service)
25-07-13-00 Third-party access (logistics)
25-15-02-01 Third-party insurance, General liability insurance
34-29-01-01 Thorax drainage system, High vacuum drainage system (medicine)
23-15-25-01 Thread bolt for concrete (direct fixing)
21-06-13-00 Thread cutter (pneumatic)
21-13-10-01 Thread former (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-01-02-11 Thread milling cutter (discontinued)
21-01-05-03 Thread milling cutter (w. shank, removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
21-01-05-08 Thread milling cutter (with boring, removable blades), Milling cutter (with bore, removable blades)
36-60-03-17 Thread milling machine (machine tool)
37-02-04-01 Thread pipe (alloyed special steel), Pipe (steel)
36-63-12-04 Thread rolling mill with cylindrical dies (machine tool)
36-63-12-03 Thread rolling mill, flat die type (machine tool)
21-01-02-12 Thread rolling tool (discontinued)
23-11-03-02 Threaded bolt, Headless pin
22-36-06-01 Threaded fitting (angle, malleable iron) (installation), Angled, curved fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-04 Threaded fitting (arc-T, malleable iron) (installation), Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-08-07 Threaded fitting (cap, synthetic material) (installation), Cap (fitting, plastic, installation)
22-36-06-03 Threaded fitting (cross piece, malleable iron) (installation), Cross piece (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-06 Threaded fitting (double nipple, malleable iron) (installation), Nipple (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-06-05 Threaded fitting (reducing sleeve, malleable iron) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, steel, installation)
22-36-07-04 Threaded fitting (reducing sleeve, non-ferrous metal) (installation), Sleeve (fitting, NF metal, installation)
22-36-06-00 Threaded fitting (stainless steel) (installation), Fitting (steel, installation)
22-36-06-08 Threaded fitting (stopper, malleable iron) (installation), Plug (fitting, steel, installation)
27-14-91-14 Threaded hose coupling (electr. inst., parts)
22-36-91-05 Threaded hose coupling (sanitation), Sanitary material (parts)
23-11-09-01 Threaded insert
23-11-09-00 Threaded insert, rivet/weld nut
23-11-03-01 Threaded rod
23-11-03-00 Threaded rod, threaded pin
21-01-23-02 Threaded tool
32-03-10-05 Threaded tube (glass, lab)
23-06-01-03 Threading means, Metal working oil (fluid)
27-14-40-16 Three step switch
37-01-02-13 Three way valve, Multiport Globe Valve
27-14-34-01 Three-fold coupling, CEE plug socket combination
27-14-91-00 Three-fold frame, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
27-14-34-04 Three-phase alternating current plug connector, CEE flush mounting socket-outlet
27-14-34-06 Three-phase alternating current plug connector, CEE coupling
27-14-34-09 Three-phase alternating current plug connector, CEE plug
26-04-07-03 Three-phase current, Low-voltage current
27-02-21-01 Three-phase current A163motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-42-00 Three-phase current actuator, AC regulator
27-02-42-01 Three-phase current actuator, AC regulator
27-02-29-01 Three-phase current commutator machine
27-02-22-01 Three-phase current high-voltage motor (> 6 kV), High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
27-02-22-02 Three-phase current high-voltage motor (> 6 kV), High voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC, e
27-02-21-07 Three-phase current motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, IEC,Ex)
27-02-21-08 Three-phase current motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, NEMA)
27-37-08-01 Three-phase current motor - soft starting device, Electronic motor control and protection
27-02-21-03 Three-phase current motor NEMA, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
27-37-10-03 Three-phase current protection, Power contactor
24-31-01-07 Three-sided element (office equipment), Chaining element
27-40-01-02 Three-wire sealing end, End closure
22-49-01-01 Threshold profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
21-06-12-01 Throttle screwdriver (compressed air), Drill driver (pneumatic)
27-30-05-01 Throttle valve (standard, hydraulics)
19-07-04-05 Through-line switching matrix, Multiple switches (receiver technology)
23-05-10-00 Thrust ball bearing
23-05-10-01 Thrust ball bearing
23-05-11-00 Thrust roller bearing
27-26-08-00 Thyristor (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
19-12-02-90 Ticker, electronic, POS display (electronic, hardware, unclassified)
17-14-02-90 Ticket machine (unclassified)
24-29-20-09 Ticket pouch, Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
41-01-05-06 Tie (promotional article)
35-01-04-03 Tie bar (alloyed steel), Hoop steel (steel, alloyed)
35-01-04-01 Tie bar (plain carbon steel), Steel band (steel, unalloyed)
22-55-01-02 Tie plate (track material), Shunt (railway track)
20-06-01-02 Tight-head drum (plastic)
20-36-02-01 Tightening strap (metal, packing material)
20-36-01-01 Tightening strap (plastic, packing material)
22-10-80-01 Tile (streets, road building), Road construction work
22-10-24-00 Tile and slab work
22-10-24-01 Tile and slab work
22-33-01-01 Tile ceiling, Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
21-04-03-05 Tile cutter
21-04-91-14 Tile cutter (parts), Pliers, cutter (tool, parts)
22-47-01-01 Tile for fireplace
21-04-03-01 Tile hole pliers, Pliers
24-31-08-90 Tile locking device for cabinet (office equipment), Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
24-24-16-08 Tile marker, Marker for special purposes
22-47-01-00 Tile, panel (ceramic, natural stone)
22-47-01-90 Tile, panel (ceramic, natural stone, unclassified)
22-47-01-13 Tile, panel (natural stone)
22-16-01-01 Tiling work, Building stone
23-15-21-08 Tilting anchor
36-08-07-00 Tilting furnace
27-14-41-02 Tilting gate drive, Garage door motor
22-29-90-00 Timber material (other)
22-29-90-90 Timber material (other, unclassified)
22-10-16-01 Timbering, Carpenter work
25-26-03-02 Time catalogs (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
27-37-17-01 Time component, Standard timed relay
25-15-14-01 Time deposit, Money market (financial service)
25-25-19-07 Time management (self management, training, further training)
19-04-01-14 Time planning software, Project management software
24-30-20-00 Time planning system, ringbinder diary
24-30-21-01 Time planning systems accessory (calendar), Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
27-14-23-07 Time relay, Staircase lighting timer
27-37-13-02 Time-delayed auxiliary switch, Auxiliary switch block
27-14-40-90 Timer, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
27-14-92-00 Timer, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-24-22-16 Timer, Logic module
27-14-40-48 Timer
24-26-03-03 Timer note slip, Loose leaf sheet
24-22-04-04 Timer punch, Diary punch
25-26-09-04 Times of absence analysis, Personnel management (consulting)
23-17-02-10 Timing belts pulley
22-24-01-01 Tin foil (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
41-07-03-04 Tin-plate display (marketing)
24-33-05-03 Tinted paper
23-06-10-05 Tipping oiler, Oiler
23-06-91-05 Tipping oiler (parts), Lubricating arrangement (oil, parts)
28-09-02-00 Tire equip. (compl. incl. fitting)
28-09-01-00 Tire equip. (supply only)
28-09-98-01 Tires (maintenance, service)
28-09-90-00 Tires (other)
28-09-90-90 Tires (other, unclassified)
28-09-91-00 Tires (parts)
28-09-91-90 Tires (parts, unclassified)
28-09-99-00 Tires (repair)
28-09-99-01 Tires (repair)
28-09-01-02 Tires (rubber, supply only)
34-32-06-03 Tissue implant
24-33-05-05 Tissue paper
38-18-01-01 Titanium
30-19-22-01 Titanium dioxide (inorg. Pigment), Pigment white 6
38-18-01-34 Titanium nitride
22-15-03-01 Titanium zinc drain, Drainage channel
19-08-05-07 Title generator, Video editing device
32-03-45-90 Titration systems (laboratory, unclassified)
25-04-13-01 To appoint a carrier, Logistics service (facility)
29-02-02-13 Toaster (household appliance)
29-04-05-00 Tobacco goods
29-04-05-01 Tobacco goods
36-63-03-00 Toggle lever press (machine tool)
36-63-03-90 Toggle lever press (machine tool, unclassified)
27-14-40-47 Toggle switch
30-02-15-02 Toilet cleaning agent
40-03-02-12 Toilet paper
40-03-01-06 Toilet paper (discontinued), Sanitary paper (discontinued)
29-12-01-01 Toilet paper dispenser, Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
24-27-01-12 Token, Form for catering trade
19-03-01-06 Token Ring Adapter, Network card (LAN)
24-33-06-01 Tone cardboard, Board for handicrafts
19-09-03-01 Toner (developer and offset consumables), Repro-chemical
24-20-06-01 Toner cartridge (copier), Copier toner
24-20-02-05 Toner collector unit (laser printer), Waste toner bag (laser printer)
21-05-06-01 Toner deaf Auger, Vacuum cleaner (electr., workshop)
24-20-02-06 Toner filter (laser printer)
24-20-02-01 Toner for laser printers
24-20-06-03 Toner waste bag (copier)
27-20-03-12 Tong tester
21-04-01-90 Tongs spanner, Wrench (unclassified)
22-17-01-02 Toning paint (disp.-synth.-resin bsd.), Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
21-05-90-00 Tool (electrical, other)
21-05-90-90 Tool (electrical, other, unclassified)
21-04-30-90 Tool (hand, various, unclassified)
21-01-90-00 Tool (other)
21-01-90-90 Tool (other, unclassified)
27-06-20-06 Tool access cable, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
25-02-10-08 Tool and mold and die production (prototype construction), Prototyping, prototype construction (development activity)
21-10-01-00 Tool box, tool bag (workshop)
21-10-01-01 Tool box, tool bag (workshop)
21-04-11-05 Tool brush (hand), Brush (technical)
25-13-08-01 Tool construction (dismounting), Disassembly equipment, machine, system
21-10-04-09 Tool cupb. (chamber), Chamber cupb. (workshop)
21-10-04-13 Tool cupb. (drawers), Cupb. with drawers (storage equip., workshop)
21-10-04-16 Tool cupb. (workshop)
21-13-03-00 Tool design (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
21-01-13-22 Tool for sharpening and polishing grinding tools
21-01-09-03 Tool holder
21-02-11-00 Tool holder (module)
21-17-05-16 Tool pre-setting equipment
29-08-10-00 Tools (commercial kitchen)
29-08-19-00 Tools (commercial kitchen, unclassified)
21-04-30-00 Tools (hand, various)
29-03-90-00 Tools (household, food processing), Household appliance (other, manual )
21-11-01-01 Tools (hydraulic), Hydraulic tools
21-01-11-01 Tools (knurling), Knurling tools
21-04-13-01 Tools (labelling), Labeling tools
21-01-99-00 Tools (metal rem., repair)
21-01-98-00 Tools (metal removing, maintenance, service)
21-01-91-00 Tools (metal removing, parts)
21-04-12-01 Tools (packing), Packing tools
23-09-03-01 Tooth lock, flat, conical spring washer
36-43-01-13 Tooth type rotary compressor
23-17-02-05 Toothed belt
23-30-11-00 Toothed belt drive
23-30-11-01 Toothed belt drive
23-32-01-00 Toothed gear, Gears for industrial applications
23-17-90-00 Toothed parts and drive (other)
23-17-01-09 Toothed segment
23-17-91-01 Toothed wheel, pinion (parts)
23-15-91-00 Top hat rail, Fastening aids (parts)
25-15-02-11 Top manager legal protection insurance, Legal expenses insurance
22-13-01-01 Top soil, Soil (building material)
24-30-18-14 Topical calendar, Celebration planner
21-08-03-01 Torch (weld., cutting), Welding torch, cutting torch
24-34-01-10 Torch holder
35-01-08-02 Torispherical boiler end (steel, unalloyed)
23-05-09-13 Toroidal roller bearing
23-07-06-01 Toroidal sealing, O-ring
28-04-03-12 Torpedo ladle car, Ladle bogie
23-03-17-90 Torque limiter (unclassified)
21-04-02-22 Torque wrench, Dynamometric key
23-08-03-00 Torsion spring
23-08-91-03 Torsion spring (parts)
23-08-03-01 Torsional spring
23-03-11-07 Torsionally flexible coupling
21-04-02-07 Torx modular spanner insert, Box wrench set (metal case)
25-02-10-06 Total product development
41-11-02-01 Touchline (sport location advertising)
19-02-04-05 Touchpad
24-24-10-01 Touchscreen lead for multifunctional writing instrument, Multifunction pen lead
28-01-04-00 Tour bus, Bus
25-12-09-04 Touring bus (road vehicle journey, travel management)
22-36-03-05 Towel hook
29-13-90-02 Towel, bath towel (re-usable)
29-13-01-02 Towel, dish towel
19-03-03-01 Tower, Housing (PC)
27-36-01-03 Tower PC (industry PC) (discontinued)
28-04-05-02 Tower car, non-geared, Working wagon (railborne)
36-08-21-00 Tower furnace
27-24-24-01 Tower-PC, Industrial PC
41-01-03-09 Toys (promotional article)
41-01-10-06 Toys (promotional article)
24-34-08-06 Toys, other
27-41-01-06 Trace & Tracking (software)
27-37-12-10 Tracer head, Front element for push-button actuators
34-24-04-01 Tracheostomy cannula
24-25-10-01 Tracing nib, Drawing nip
24-26-13-04 Tracing paper for plotters
22-55-90-00 Track construction material (other)
22-55-90-90 Track construction material (other, unclassified)
22-11-04-01 Track construction work
22-11-04-90 Track construction work (unclassified)
27-11-05-09 Track light, Signal light (expl. proof)
27-11-04-12 Track light (ext.)
23-05-15-00 Track roller
23-05-15-90 Track roller (unclassified)
23-05-15-02 Track roller - Stud type
23-05-15-01 Track roller - Yoke type
19-02-04-07 Trackball
27-23-02-26 Trackball (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
25-26-03-03 Tracking of deadlines (production control), Progressing, production planning (consulting)
27-05-91-00 Traction batter (parts), Accumulator (parts)
27-05-02-01 Traction battery
27-05-06-02 Traction battery charger
27-05-02-00 Traction battery, starter battery
27-05-02-90 Traction battery, starter battery (unclassified)
27-02-23-04 Traction motor, Universal motor
34-20-04-90 Traction supplies (unclassified)
28-11-01-00 Tractor, Automotive vehicle (farming)
36-12-03-20 Tractor (floor conveyor)
24-36-02-02 Trade fair folder, Conference portfolio
25-26-02-05 Trade fair management (consultancy), Operative marketing (consulting)
25-26-02-06 Trade fairs (foreign trade consultancy), External trade consultation
25-10-10-06 Trademark (legal protection, service)
41-14-06-10 Traffic advertising (coverage costs)
25-01-06-00 Traffic service (security agency)
40-02-02-06 Traffic sign post, Sign posts
27-11-06-31 Traffic signal lamp, Indication- and signal lamp
27-11-06-34 Traffic signalling lamp
25-02-04-06 Traffic systems (planning)
25-25-09-00 Traffic, logistics (training, further training)
28-08-01-00 Trailer (auto)
28-08-01-01 Trailer (auto)
28-08-91-02 Trailer (auto, parts)
28-08-03-01 Trailer (camping)
28-08-98-01 Trailer (maintenance, service)
28-08-90-00 Trailer (other)
28-08-91-00 Trailer (parts)
28-08-99-00 Trailer (repair)
28-08-91-03 Trailer (truck, parts)
28-08-02-00 Trailer (truck,>7.5t)
28-08-02-01 Trailer (truck,>7.5t)
27-24-22-95 Training (PLC)
27-25-05-95 Training (industrial ethernet)
24-27-01-03 Training certificate, Salary, accounting form
24-31-11-03 Training room chair, General-purpose chair
25-25-90-00 Training, further training (other)
25-25-90-90 Training, further training (other, unclassified)
25-07-27-00 Trans-ship (logistics)
25-07-27-90 Trans-ship (logistics, unclassified)
25-07-20-01 Trans. (groupage freight, air f.), Air transport (collective consignment)
21-07-03-00 Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
21-07-03-01 Trans. trolley, roll. trolley
24-27-01-08 Transaction form
24-32-21-03 Transcriber
27-21-01-00 Transducer, Measuring transducer
27-20-06-14 Transducer (absol. pressure), Measuring system (absolute pressure)
27-21-09-04 Transducer (river, frequency), Frequency transformer
34-27-92-13 Transducer (urodynamic)
27-20-03-03 Transducer (utility), Measuring system (power supply)
27-03-13-01 Transf. (3-ph., air core), 3-phase air-core transformer
24-23-03-04 Transfer film, Double-sided tape
24-20-02-08 Transfer kit (laser printer)
36-60-08-00 Transfer mach., machining centre, flex. Manufac. cell/production system (mt.)
36-60-08-90 Transfer mach., machining centre, flex. manufacturing cell (mt., uncl.)
24-29-10-02 Transfer mechanism
36-63-01-11 Transfer press (2 -4 columns, machine tool)
24-20-02-10 Transfer roll (laser printer)
25-09-05-00 Transform (subcontracting)
25-09-05-01 Transform (subcontracting)
27-24-22-13 Transformer, SPS power supply (discontinued)
27-21-09-00 Transformer
27-03-98-00 Transformer (maintenance, service)
27-03-98-01 Transformer (maintenance, service)
27-03-12-02 Transformer (oil cooled, 10-100 MVA)
27-03-12-03 Transformer (oil cooled, <10 MVA)
27-04-01-01 Transformer (rotating)
27-03-07-00 Transformer Station
27-03-07-01 Transformer Station
27-03-90-00 Transformer, converter (other)
27-03-90-90 Transformer, converter (other, unclassified)
27-03-92-00 Transformer, transducer (accessories)
27-37-91-02 Transitory current limiter
41-14-09-07 Translation (marketing)
19-04-01-23 Translation software
41-14-01-91 Translation, language (advertisement)
25-16-15-00 Translation, language services
25-16-15-90 Translation, language services(unclassified)
41-01-06-03 Translator (promotional article)
35-03-04-01 Translucent plates (plastic), Plate material (plastic)
23-17-02-04 Transmission belt, Flat belt
25-14-01-05 Transmission electron microscopy (R&D), Surface analysis (research and development)
23-17-91-00 Transmission element (parts)
23-06-12-00 Transmission fluid
27-16-90-90 Transmission tower (other, unclassified)
25-13-06-01 Transmission tower (overhead line assembly)
24-32-19-01 Transmitted light projector, Overhead projector
27-14-40-39 Transmitter for cordless switch system
24-26-17-01 Transparencies for colour copiers, Copy film
24-24-23-01 Transparency cleaner (soft rubber), Disperse eraser
24-24-22-01 Transparency eraser, Eraser
24-26-17-03 Transparency film (laser printer), Film for laser printers
24-26-17-02 Transparency film for inkjet printers, Inkjet film
24-26-17-06 Transparency for laser printers, self-adhesive, Film self-adhesive
24-26-06-06 Transparency paper
24-26-11-03 Transparency paper
24-26-13-02 Transparency paper for plotters
24-29-16-04 Transparent binder for job application, Job application file
24-34-03-02 Transparent envelope, Design envelope
24-29-14-01 Transparent file (for presentation), Quotation folder
24-29-14-02 Transparent file for job application, Job application folder
24-26-23-02 Transparent foil mailing envelope, Dispatch envelope
24-29-13-02 Transparent folder (circulation), Circulating folder
24-33-04-01 Transparent folder protector, Book-, booklet envelope
24-28-01-02 Transparent label, PC film label
24-34-03-03 Transparent notepaper, Writing paper
24-26-16-04 Transparent paper for semi-damp photo print development, Diazocopy transparency paper for dampish processing
24-29-20-04 Transparent pocket with inner pocket, Document pocket
24-23-07-06 Transparent protection buffers (office), Protection buffers (office)
24-26-14-02 Transparent reproduction copier paper, Large format transparency copy paper
24-23-03-01 Transparent tape
24-30-04-08 Transparent tape for planner, Planning accessories
25-07-12-01 Transport (LCL, rail), Rail transport, packaged
25-07-01-01 Transport (heavy goods), Heavy transport, road
25-07-18-00 Transport (inland navig., water f.), Inland waterway transport
21-07-98-00 Transport (maintenance, service)
25-07-03-01 Transport (removal), Relocation (logistics services)
24-31-12-03 Transport aid for seating furniture, Chair transport
28-07-02-00 Transport bicycle, Bike
24-29-09-02 Transport box, Storage box, storage magazine file
21-07-01-01 Transport cart, Hand cart (workshop)
24-36-03-01 Transport case (travel), Suitcase
27-18-92-51 Transport castor (switchgear cabinet)
22-17-04-03 Transport concrete, Concrete
25-07-04-00 Transport coordination
25-07-04-01 Transport coordination
19-04-01-18 Transport cost determination, Route planning software
21-07-91-00 Transport device, hoist (parts)
21-07-91-90 Transport device, hoist (parts, unclassified)
21-07-90-00 Transport devices (workshop, other)
21-07-90-90 Transport devices (workshop, other, unclassified)
21-07-99-00 Transport equipment, cranes and elevators (repair)
20-17-03-01 Transport folding box (corrugated paperboard), Folding bottom box (corrugated paperboard)
24-27-01-05 Transport form, Dispatch-, delivery form
25-15-02-03 Transport insurance
21-07-91-05 Transport roll (parts)
24-36-02-10 Transport roll for drawings, Drawing quiver
20-38-01-13 Transport seal (plastic)
25-26-05-03 Transport type and means(goods flow consultancy), Goods flow (consulting)
21-07-99-01 Transport, hoist (repair)
40-02-02-01 Transportable chain holder, Chain barrier post, barrier post
24-31-06-03 Transverse divider for drawer, Drawer divider
24-31-15-03 Transverse element (nested-room system), Room-in-room system
24-31-01-08 Trapezium table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
21-01-09-02 Trapezoid (cuttter bit), Cutter bit
21-02-91-04 Trapezoid (cuttter bit), Chuck (parts)
24-21-01-14 Travan cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
41-14-09-08 Travel (marketing)
25-12-15-01 Travel agency, service, Planning and organization (travel management)
24-35-04-01 Travel atlas, Atlas
25-15-02-27 Travel cancellation costs insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
29-02-01-01 Travel cold bag, Refrigerator (household)
24-30-18-02 Travel diary, Calendar book / calendar journal
24-35-01-05 Travel guide, Guide book
25-12-90-00 Travel management (other)
25-12-90-90 Travel management (other, unclassified)
19-08-01-05 Travel pilot, Car navigation
27-14-40-37 Travel plug device
21-07-91-02 Traveller (parts), Block/pulley, traveller (parts)
24-36-02-07 Travelling bag, backpack
36-60-06-08 Travelling head surface grinding machine, horizontal grinding spindle (mt.)
27-02-28-00 Travelling-field motor, Linear motor
27-02-28-01 Travelling-field motor, Linear motor
20-21-03-01 Tray (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
20-21-04-01 Tray (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
34-45-10-03 Tray (cupboard, shelves, functional trolley), Arrangement system container
20-21-90-00 Tray (packing material, other)
20-21-01-00 Tray (plastic, packing material)
35-01-16-03 Tray (steel, applied)
24-22-02-01 Tray for business cards, Business card file
25-25-02-04 Treatment (training, further training), Care (training, further training)
33-10-11-00 Treatment plant (complete)
33-10-11-90 Treatment plant (complete, unclassified)
33-05-01-00 Treatment plant (water, compl.), Water treatment plant (complete)
22-54-03-01 Tree, Plant
24-34-09-05 Tree decorations (Christmas tree decorations), Christmas tree decoration
22-10-03-08 Tree maintenance, Maintenance of completion, development and upkeep
22-52-02-01 Tree protection
22-52-02-00 Tree protection, fence
22-52-02-90 Tree protection, fence (unclassified)
27-14-40-40 Tretschalter, Cord switch/dimmer
27-37-12-18 Tretschalter, Foot switch
23-11-07-01 Triangle nut, Hex-nut
24-25-03-01 Triangular coloured pencil, Coloured pencil
21-01-19-01 Triangular cutting tip, Cutting tip (cramped)
24-25-19-09 Triangular measure, Reduction measuring rod (office, school)
24-29-20-15 Triangular pouch, Self-adhesive pocket
19-08-01-04 Triaxial loudspeaker, Car speakers
30-25-04-01 Trichloroethylphosphate (flame retardant), Organic chlorinated phosphorus compound (flame retardant)
36-16-03-90 Trickling tower drier, Convection drier (unclassified)
27-26-01-00 Trimmer, Resistance
24-32-17-02 Trimmer (Cutting machine)
24-32-18-02 Trimmer knife bar, Knife bar for trimmers, knife bar for guillotine
36-62-01-08 Trimming machine (machine tool)
21-02-04-01 Triple jaw chuck
19-10-02-02 Tripod
24-30-01-02 Tripod flipchart with dry erasable surface, Flipchart board
24-30-12-02 Tripod projection screen
26-01-03-05 Trisodium hexafluoroaluminate, Cryolite (extraction product )
27-18-06-03 Trolley (lab)
41-04-03-04 Trolley (marketing)
24-31-05-02 Trolley (mobile container), Roller container
24-32-23-01 Trolley for drafting machine, Drafting machine
24-36-02-04 Trolley for notebook, Notebook bag, notebook suitcase
21-07-04-05 Trolley running on bottom flange
40-01-06-01 Trousers (acid proof), Acid proof overall
28-10-02-00 Truck (container), Container (vehicle)
28-01-98-00 Truck (maint., serv.), Vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-01-91-00 Truck (parts), Automobile (parts)
28-01-91-24 Truck (parts)
28-01-99-00 Truck (repair), Vehicle (repair)
28-01-99-03 Truck (repair)
25-07-06-00 Truck transport
25-07-06-90 Truck transport(unclassified)
25-07-06-01 Truck transport, packaged
27-14-91-13 Trumpet plug (expl .proof, electr. inst., parts)
22-25-05-03 Truss (prefabricated roofing part)
27-03-99-00 Ttransformer (repair)
27-03-99-01 Ttransformer (repair)
20-23-02-01 Tube (aluminum)
32-03-10-04 Tube (glass, lab)
20-15-90-90 Tube (packing material, other, unclassified)
20-15-02-01 Tube (plastic, packing material)
20-23-01-90 Tube (plastic, packing material, unclassified)
21-16-02-92 Tube air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
34-42-08-00 Tube and sip feed (disease specific)
37-02-05-01 Tube bend (airduct)(plain carbon steel), Elbow (steel)
22-41-09-04 Tube flap for ventilation system, Ceiling and wall fan for ventilation system
32-01-08-25 Tube furnace
22-41-09-05 Tube insert fan, Small space fan
36-18-02-08 Tube mill
33-14-05-20 Tube mill (steel, complete)
19-02-01-01 Tube monitor
27-14-41-04 Tube motor
27-20-06-20 Tube pressure gauge, Membrane pressure gauge
27-30-21-02 Tube screw connector (hydraulics)
27-20-06-01 Tube spring manometer, Pressure gauge (indication, elastic)
21-10-06-01 Tube stand, Material stand (workshop)
27-30-21-00 Tube-/piping connection (hydraulics)
33-14-09-02 Tubes/pipes drawing plant (complete)
33-14-09-01 Tubes/pipes welding plant (complete)
27-30-20-01 Tubing (hydraulics)
27-30-20-90 Tubing (hydraulics, unclassified)
27-29-41-01 Tubing (pneumatics)
34-30-07-13 Tubing clamp (medical instrument)
27-14-40-31 Tubing introduction, Cable entry
34-41-02-02 Tubular film for sterilization
34-19-08-01 Tubular gauze bandage (sold per metre)
36-04-01-01 Tubular heat exchanger
21-13-19-08 Tubular heating element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
27-11-06-29 Tubular lamp, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
27-14-05-06 Tubular radioator (electric), Appliance heating (electrical)
29-02-11-02 Tumble drier (household appliance)
29-02-91-08 Tumble drier (parts)(household appliance), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
34-40-06-01 Tumbler, Feeder beaker
19-08-02-07 Tuner, Hi-fi tuner
19-08-05-08 Tuner, Satellite receiver
38-18-09-01 Tungsten
21-08-10-06 Tungsten electrode
34-34-04-10 Tuning fork (medical equipment)
36-08-17-90 Tunnel furnace (unclassified)
36-42-03-90 Turbine (air), Flash turbine (unclassified)
36-42-02-01 Turbine (gas), Gas turbine (stationary)
36-42-90-00 Turbine (other)
36-42-99-90 Turbine (repair, unclassified)
27-20-04-08 Turbine flow meter
27-20-04-06 Turbine gas meter, Meter (gas)
36-43-03-01 Turbocompressor (axial flow)
36-43-03-90 Turbocompressor (unclassified)
36-43-24-02 Turbomolecular pump (axial flow)
36-43-24-01 Turbomolecular pump (radial flow)
21-16-03-01 Turn rod (measurement), Prismatic member
36-60-01-24 Turn-broaching machine (machine tool)
36-60-01-25 Turn-peeling machine (machine tool)
36-60-92-26 Turn-round unit (machine tool)
23-13-01-01 Turnbuckle
36-60-01-10 Turning automatic f. bars with counter-spindle (machine tool)
17-07-21-00 Turning machine (wood working)
17-07-21-90 Turning machine (wood working, unclassified)
36-60-01-00 Turning machine a. turning automatic (machine tool)
36-60-01-90 Turning machinea. turning automatic (machine tool, unclassified)
35-04-11-00 Turning part (other material)
35-04-11-11 Turning part assembled (other material)
35-01-11-00 Turning parts (iron)
35-02-11-00 Turning parts (non-ferrous metal)
35-03-11-00 Turning parts (plastic)
35-01-11-11 Turning parts assembled (iron)
35-03-11-11 Turning parts assembled (plastic)
36-60-92-01 Turning spindle (machine tool)
36-60-92-05 Turning spindle unit (machine tool)
22-12-01-03 Turnkey, partially turnkey construction activity (skill category)
22-52-01-02 Turnstile, rotating barrier, gate
41-14-08-12 Tv-recording (Media service), Media service
21-04-05-00 Tweezers, pincette tongs
27-14-40-11 Twilight switch
19-07-04-07 Twin LNB, Feeder system (receiver technology)
27-40-02-01 Twin conductor end sleeve, Core end conn.
27-06-20-02 Twin-coax, Flat cable
40-01-91-09 Twine, yarn, string (clothing)
21-01-01-01 Twist drill
36-60-06-43 Twist drill grinding machine (machine tool)
27-06-18-01 Twisted Pair Cable, Data cable
24-23-01-08 Two component glue (contact glue, office, handicrafts), Contact glue
27-37-12-19 Two hand control panel
21-13-02-01 Two-column die set (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
36-48-02-10 Two-component (fan jet)
24-23-01-10 Two-component glue (office, handicrafts)
19-03-05-10 Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
27-11-06-32 Two-wheeler lamp, Vehicle lamp
25-04-11-02 Tying up plants, Gardener service
25-25-15-01 Type of construction (training, further training), Architecture (training, further training)
24-22-10-05 Type set self inking kit, Alpahnumeric stamp
24-32-04-01 Typewheel for typewriter
24-32-03-00 Typewriter
24-32-03-91 Typewriter (parts)
24-20-07-01 Typewriter accessories (ink ribbon), Ink ribbon for type writer
24-24-22-02 Typewriter eraser (pen), Eraser pen
24-26-03-01 Typewriter paper
24-32-03-01 Typewriter with type wheel
25-16-15-04 Typing department (service)
24-25-19-03 Typograph (office, school)

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