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35-01-01-02 U-beam (steel, unalloyed)
24-30-09-05 U-profile label, Magnetic lable
24-25-20-03 U-steel stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
27-20-06-12 U-tube manometer
19-07-04-08 UHF amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-01-02 UHF antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-01-03 UMTS antenna, Car antenna
27-04-06-01 UPS On-Line (double conversion)
19-03-04-01 UPS system (PC)
27-04-92-01 UPS system (accessories)
27-02-21-03 US motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (NEMA)
27-02-21-08 US motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (pole-switchable, NEMA)
19-02-04-01 USB Mouse, Mouse
19-03-05-01 USB adapter
24-21-01-13 USB-memory
34-08-01-00 UV absorber (cosmetics)
34-08-01-01 UV absorber (cosmetics)
24-24-16-08 UV marker, Marker for special purposes
27-11-06-29 UV metal halogen vapor lamp, Halogen metal mercury vapor lamp
24-29-30-01 UV note tester, Banknote tester
36-16-05-02 UV radiation drier
24-34-07-11 UV soap bubble concentrate, Soap bubbles
36-07-05-01 UV sterilizer
24-25-27-07 UV varnish (protection for drawings)
30-22-02-00 UV-absorber for polymer
27-11-06-01 UVA fluorescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp
24-26-06-05 Ultra photo paper for printer, Photo paper
34-44-05-01 Ultrasonic apparatus for therapeutical use
32-01-21-05 Ultrasonic homogenizer
27-20-05-06 Ultrasonic level indic.
27-27-28-00 Ultrasonic sensor, switch
25-14-11-08 Ultrasonic testing (nondestructive material testing), Non-destructive examination (material and component)
34-17-20-00 Ultrasound
36-53-01-02 Ultrasound air humidifier (air technique)
32-01-21-01 Ultrasound bath (lab)
24-21-01-09 Ultrium cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
24-21-01-14 Ultrium cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
19-03-02-08 Ultruim drive, Tape drive (PC)
34-30-05-12 Umbilical scissors
41-01-03-04 Umbrella (promotional article)
24-33-01-09 Umbrella for children
24-30-18-02 Undated diary, Calendar book / calendar journal
19-07-92-01 Under-roof Mast, Radio mast
40-01-03-00 Underclothes, shirt, jumper
40-01-03-01 Underclothes, socks
23-15-22-03 Undercut anchor (plastic)
24-32-24-03 Underframe for drafting machine, Drafting machine stand
40-21-04-90 Underglove (medicine, unclassified)
27-06-18-05 Underground cable, Telecomminucations cable
27-06-21-02 Underground cable, Low voltage power cable
22-12-02-03 Underground construction (service group)
22-12-03-02 Underground engineering and installation
22-10-07-03 Underground mine closing work
22-10-07-01 Underground mining breakthrough work
22-10-07-00 Underground mining work
27-37-04-17 Undervoltage trip
19-03-04-00 Uninterrupted power supply (PC)
19-03-90-04 Uninterrupted power supply (PC, other)
19-03-91-04 Uninterrupted power supply (PC, parts)
23-11-07-00 Union nut, Nut (round, n-edged)
23-11-07-06 Union nut (threaded joint)
27-18-09-00 Uniset subrack, Sub-rack
33-03-08-00 Unit load conveyor (complete)
33-03-08-90 Unit load conveyor (complete, unclassified)
19-07-04-07 Universal LNC single, Feeder system (receiver technology)
34-17-20-01 Universal Systems
24-25-23-01 Universal adapter (compass socket), Compasses adjustable joint, -extension bar
24-23-03-01 Universal adhesive tape, Transparent tape
27-29-15-01 Universal application valve (pneumatics)
21-04-11-02 Universal brush, Paintbrush
27-14-40-25 Universal button, Shutter switch
27-21-01-11 Universal calibrator, Calibrator (Signal processing)
27-18-08-01 Universal case, Case for 19"-technology
24-31-04-02 Universal clamp for swivel arm, Mounting accessories for swivel arm
27-21-07-02 Universal controller, Controller (signal processing)
21-04-06-02 Universal cutter, Knife
24-30-16-06 Universal desk plate, Place name holder, place card
27-14-31-23 Universal dimmer actuator, Bus system dimming actuator
24-26-12-09 Universal drawing cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
24-24-22-01 Universal eraser, Eraser
24-31-09-00 Universal filing, sorting equipment
27-14-91-00 Universal frame, Electrical installation system, device (parts)
36-60-06-18 Universal grinding machine f. external, internal a.contour grinding work (mt.)
27-14-21-07 Universal holder, Miniature fuse holder
27-14-21-08 Universal holder, L.v.h.b.c. load disconnect switch
27-14-21-09 Universal holder, L.v.h.b.c. fuse switch-disconnector
21-04-02-12 Universal joint (insert)
36-60-03-03 Universal knee-type milling machine (machine tool)
36-60-01-09 Universal lathe > 800 mm diameter (machine tool)
36-60-01-08 Universal lathe up to 800 mm diameter (machine tool)
21-17-05-11 Universal meter, Measuring instrument for inspection equipment monitoring
36-60-03-09 Universal milling a. boring machine (machine tool)
27-02-23-04 Universal motor
24-26-06-04 Universal paper, Multiprint paper
36-60-03-06 Universal plano milling machine (machine tool)
27-14-11-33 Universal plate, End and partition plate for terminal block
40-02-02-01 Universal post, Chain barrier post, barrier post
19-08-92-05 Universal remote control device, Remote control
19-07-04-01 Universal socket, Antenna connection outlet
27-14-40-47 Universal switch, Toggle switch
27-14-23-17 Universal timer, Clock relay (electrical)
27-37-17-01 Universal timer relay, Standard timed relay
36-60-06-35 Universal tool grinding machine (machine tool)
22-36-01-22 Universal valve (sanitation), Drain and overflow valve (sanitation)
25-11-07-01 Universities
25-07-27-02 Unload (logistics)
19-03-01-17 Unmanaged switch, Network switch
22-28-02-01 Up and over door, Gate
25-24-06-08 Upgrade, Enhancement (IT)
24-31-11-01 Upholstered chair, Swivel office chair, swivel office armchair
23-12-03-02 Upholstering nail, Nail for nailing machines
24-32-01-01 Upright copier, Desk copier, office copier
27-14-34-01 Upright distributor, CEE plug socket combination
29-06-01-03 Upright freezer (commercial kitchen), Freezer (commercial kitchen, catering)
29-02-01-03 Upright freezer (household), Freezer (household)
24-29-18-03 Upright ring folder, Table flipchart
21-04-03-01 Upstands pliers, Pliers
34-25-05-90 Ureteral catheter (unclassified)
24-28-08-01 Urgent label, Reference, text label
22-36-03-09 Urinal
22-36-91-05 Urinal supplies, Sanitary material (parts)
34-38-92-01 Urinary bag holder
34-40-04-02 Urine beaker
34-40-03-04 Urine bottle
34-38-04-04 Urine leg bag
34-27-01-11 Urodynamic measuring station
34-27-03-07 Urodynamic software
34-25-04-01 Urodynamics
34-05-77-00 Urologic, urological drug (active substance)
34-17-14-00 Urology
34-37-03-01 Urostomy care (one-piece, adult)
39-21-01-10 Urotropin, Hexamethylenetetramine
25-24-06-04 User interface programming, Surface design (IT)
25-24-05-02 User training (IT)
24-22-01-07 Utensil box, Paraphernalia
19-04-02-08 Utilities and tools (server)
19-04-01-24 Utilities and tools (workstation)

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