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19-03-03-08 V-RAM, Memory (PC)
23-17-02-01 V-belt
28-01-91-00 V-belt (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
23-17-02-00 V-belt drive, Beltdrive
23-17-02-08 V-belts pulley
37-02-02-01 V-flange (alloyed steel), Weld-neck flange (steel)
23-07-08-90 V-ring, Shaft seal (unclassified)
19-04-01-29 VAT programs, Business software (workstation)
19-04-02-11 VAT programs, Business software (server)
27-20-11-03 VDE-testing unit
27-26-01-00 VDR resistance, Resistance
19-07-04-08 VHF amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-01-01 VHF antenna, Indoor antenna
19-07-01-02 VHF antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-02-01 VHF radio system, Antenna system
19-08-06-01 VHS video cassette, Analog storage medium
27-02-21-01 VIK motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
19-03-03-09 VLB graphics board, Graphic card
19-04-01-09 VPN network software, Communications sofware (workstation)
27-24-22-16 VPS, Logic module
24-21-01-09 VXA cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
24-29-24-03 Vacation record card, File card for special application
21-05-06-00 Vacuum cleaner (electr.)
21-05-06-01 Vacuum cleaner (electr., workshop)
29-02-90-04 Vacuum cleaner (household appliance)
32-01-01-10 Vacuum controller
27-29-38-05 Vacuum cylinder
36-16-08-00 Vacuum drier
32-01-08-28 Vacuum drier (lab)
36-16-08-90 Vacuum drier (unclassified)
27-29-38-01 Vacuum ejector (pneumatics)
32-03-16-15 Vacuum filter app.(lab)
37-17-05-90 Vacuum flange (unclassified)
29-02-91-04 Vacuum flask, Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
37-17-02-90 Vacuum line (unclassified)
27-20-06-00 Vacuum meter, Pressure measuring gauge
33-07-02-00 Vacuum network (compl.), Gas distribution plant (complete)
32-01-23-03 Vacuum pump (acc., lab)
36-43-97-03 Vacuum pump (assembly)
36-43-98-04 Vacuum pump (maintenance, service)
36-43-23-00 Vacuum pump (oscillating)
36-43-23-90 Vacuum pump (oscillating, unclassified)
36-43-22-00 Vacuum pump (rotating)
36-43-91-08 Vacuum pump (rotating, parts)
36-43-22-90 Vacuum pump (rotating, unclassified)
36-43-25-00 Vacuum pump (special execution)
32-01-19-34 Vacuum pump for laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (accessories, laboratory)
36-43-21-90 Vacuum pump stand (unclassified)
27-29-38-10 Vacuum switch
34-21-07-92 Vacuum therapy (accessories)
27-29-38-03 Vacuum valve (pneumatics)
36-10-20-18 Vakuum drum cell filter (for liquids)
25-15-02-25 Valuable insurance (private), Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
25-26-01-03 Value Based Management, Strategic business planning
25-24-07-01 Value added service, Telecommunications
25-26-03-01 Value analysis, Development and production (consulting)
25-26-01-04 Value management (management consultancy), Company organization (consulting)
25-01-02-00 Value transport
20-07-91-01 Valve (bottle)
37-01-98-01 Valve (maintenance, inspection)
37-01-02-01 Valve (oblique pattern globe sleeve), Shut-off valve
37-01-08-01 Valve (reflux), Non return valve
37-01-99-01 Valve (repair)
37-01-09-05 Valve (safety), Safety valve (safety fitting)
28-09-91-00 Valve (tires), Tires (parts)
37-01-02-69 Valve block
20-16-02-26 Valve bottom sack (textile)
27-25-01-07 Valve cable A form, Sensor-actuator connection cable
27-14-02-01 Valve discharger (lightning), Discharger (lightning)
37-01-20-00 Valve for suction system
37-01-20-01 Valve for suction system
27-29-19-01 Valve manifold (pneumatics)
32-01-31-01 Valve stopcock (laboratory)
25-02-10-07 Valve train (development), Component development
27-29-18-01 Valve, manuell operates (pneumatics)
27-29-17-01 Valve, mechanically operates (pneumatics)
38-18-04-01 Vanadium
36-41-03-04 Vane-cell pump
29-04-34-01 Vanilla sauce, Gravy
36-04-05-03 Vaporizer (refrigeration technology)
22-10-21-01 Vapour pressure equalizing layers/separating layer (roof sealing work), Roof sealing work
23-32-01-10 Variable speed belt drive
27-22-01-00 Variable speed drive (electr.), Actuating drive (electr., fitting)
27-22-03-00 Variable speed drive (hydraulic), Actuating drive (hydraulic, fitting)
37-92-01-02 Variable spring hanger and variable sprping support
27-20-04-11 Variable-head meter, Flowmeter (head)
27-37-10-13 Varistor fuse, Overvoltage limiter
22-17-01-02 Varnish (PVC-based), Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
21-04-11-02 Varnish brush, Paintbrush
21-04-11-03 Varnish roller, Paint roller
22-10-34-02 Varnishing work, Painting and varnishing work
27-20-03-03 Varometer measuring device, Measuring system (power supply)
30-19-59-00 Vat dye
30-19-59-03 Vat red 13
29-04-10-00 Veal, Meat
29-04-24-00 Veg. (fresh, frozen), Fruit, veg. (fresh, frozen)
29-04-26-00 Vegetable (dried), Dried fruit, dried vegetable
29-04-31-00 Vegetarian semi-instant product, Semi-instant product (vegetarian)
28-10-02-00 Vehicle (container), Container (vehicle)
28-01-98-00 Vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-01-98-01 Vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-01-99-00 Vehicle (repair)
28-01-99-01 Vehicle (repair) (discontinued)
28-01-02-00 Vehicle (truck), Motor truck
25-15-02-27 Vehicle breakdown traffic service insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
25-16-20-00 Vehicle cleaning
25-16-20-90 Vehicle cleaning (other, unclassified)
25-15-02-09 Vehicle full insurance, Car insurance
27-11-06-32 Vehicle lamp
25-15-02-11 Vehicle legal protection, Legal expenses insurance
23-06-01-01 Vehicle oil, Lubrication (fluid)
25-27-02-03 Vehicle rent
25-01-06-03 Vehicle transportation (security agency)
28-01-01-00 Vehicle, passenger, Private car
28-04-05-02 Vehicle, work (railborne), Working wagon (railborne)
34-01-44-01 Vein therapeutic
24-26-13-03 Velinpaper for plotters
22-48-02-06 Velour and soft foam wallpaper
34-30-24-02 Venae sectio set
22-29-01-09 Veneer
22-29-02-01 Veneer plywood
17-07-08-00 Veneer processing
34-22-03-11 Venipuncture needle according to Strauss
29-04-14-00 Venison, poultry
29-04-14-01 Venison, poultry
29-02-11-02 Ventilated dryer (household appliance), Tumble drier (household appliance)
34-17-22-00 Ventilation & Anesthesia (discontinued)
34-17-22-01 Ventilation (discontinued)
23-24-06-90 Ventilation (window, unclassified)
22-41-01-02 Ventilation equipment with/without heat recovery
22-41-09-04 Ventilation flap for ventilation system, Ceiling and wall fan for ventilation system
22-41-08-90 Ventilation flap for ventilation system (unclassified)
24-31-16-02 Ventilation grille (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
37-18-01-02 Ventilation pipe (ventilation technology)
22-41-06-02 Ventilation pipe for ventilation system
22-49-01-01 Ventilation profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
22-41-01-00 Ventilation system
22-41-98-00 Ventilation system (maintenance, service)
22-41-01-01 Ventilation system without heat recovery
37-18-92-00 Ventilation technology (air duct, accessories)
25-02-04-08 Ventilation technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
22-10-75-01 Ventilation, climate (RLT installation), HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems installation
36-43-09-00 Ventilator
27-23-02-10 Ventilator (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
40-03-01-07 Ventilator (parts), Manicure articles
36-43-91-06 Ventilator (parts)
29-02-90-01 Ventilator (table), Fan (household appliance)
36-43-09-90 Ventilator (unclassified)
33-06-05-00 Ventilator cooling tower (compl.), Recooling plant (complete)
33-06-05-06 Ventilator cooling tower (complete)
36-43-09-03 Ventilator for channel- inline use
37-01-19-01 Venting valve
25-26-06-05 Venture Capital financing (consultancy), Financing concept (consulting)
25-15-18-05 Venture capital (financial service)
36-41-90-90 Venturi washer, Pump (other, unclassified)
36-22-04-01 Venturi washer
25-04-10-05 Vermin destruction
36-60-05-05 Vertical band sawing machine (machine tool)
23-14-02-00 Vertical clamp, Pipe clamp
27-14-40-38 Vertical combination, Switch/plug socket combination
22-18-02-02 Vertical coring brick, Building stone, brick
22-18-02-03 Vertical coring engineering brick, Facing, exterior stone, exterior brick
36-13-01-00 Vertical extruder, Extruder
21-06-01-01 Vertical grinder (compressed air), Grinder (comp. air)
36-60-03-02 Vertical knee-type milling machine (machine tool)
36-09-02-02 Vertical mixer
36-60-03-05 Vertical plano milling machine (machine tool)
36-60-04-06 Vertical slotting machine (machine tool)
36-60-01-19 Vertical turning machine (machine tool)
36-60-01-21 Vertical turning machine, open gap a. straight-sided (machine tool)
25-04-11-02 Verticulation, Gardener service
36-03-91-90 Vessel - Tank Liner, Container (parts, unclassified)
27-32-02-05 Vessel control, Blending system
36-20-17-04 Vessel separator (for gases)
32-03-07-00 Vessel, container (lab)
34-35-01-11 Veterinary drape or set (disposable)
25-16-16-00 Veterinary service
25-16-16-01 Veterinary service
23-18-99-01 Vibr. damper (repair)
36-64-04-02 Vibration (motor vehicles, full-vehicle), Acoustic test system (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
23-18-01-00 Vibration damper
23-18-01-01 Vibration damper
23-18-91-01 Vibration damper (parts)
27-02-27-02 Vibration engine, Off-balance rotary motor
36-18-02-06 Vibration grinding mill
27-20-07-00 Vibration sensor (transducer), Meas. instruments, vibration (discontinued)
25-14-11-02 Vibration test, Destructive examination (material and component)
25-02-10-01 Vibration, comfort (calculation, simulation), Computation, simulation
27-02-23-01 Vibrator, Shaded pole motor
27-02-23-02 Vibrator, Condenser engine
27-02-27-01 Vibrator, Elevator motor
21-02-06-01 Vice (machine), Machine vice
21-02-06-03 Vice (parallel), Parallel vice
24-29-28-91 Vice for view board mount, Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
19-08-05-09 Video camera
19-10-01-02 Video camera
19-08-05-07 Video editing device
27-23-02-03 Video interface (PCS), Oper., modeling components (PCS)
27-23-02-26 Video interface (proc. comp.), PC , process computer
24-28-02-09 Video label
24-26-23-02 Video mailing box, Dispatch envelope
27-39-02-90 Video monitoring device, Intrusion protection technology (unclassified)
41-08-05-02 Video presentation (marketing)
19-02-02-09 Video printer
24-32-19-02 Video projector, Data projector, video projector
19-08-05-03 Video recorder
19-08-05-05 Video recorder with television, TV/video combination
24-31-17-02 Video-conferencing equipment, Media device furniture
24-29-08-10 View bar for hanging file, See-throug bar
24-29-08-11 View bar strips, Strip for organization
24-29-14-06 View folder (book), Display book
24-29-20-09 View pouch for cards, ID cards, Identity card pocket, card pocket, collector pocket
24-29-20-07 View pouch with printer tape, Pouch with pression bar closure
24-29-08-04 Viewing rider for adjustable folder, Clear view tab
29-04-27-00 Vinegar, mustard, pickles
29-04-27-01 Vinegar, mustard, pickles
22-48-02-01 Vinyl wallpaper, Plastic wallpaper
24-23-03-10 Vinyl-Duct-Tape (office), Cloth tape (office)
30-25-02-02 Vinylbenzene, homopolymer brominated (flame retardant), Brominated organic flame retardant
19-04-01-24 Virtual machine, Utilities and tools (workstation)
19-04-02-09 Virus protection (server)
19-04-01-25 Virus protection (workstation)
25-12-15-02 Visa service (travel management)
27-15-14-00 Viscosimeter (PAT)
32-01-17-10 Viscosimeter (acc., lab)
22-33-06-03 Visibility barrier
23-25-04-00 Visible furniture fitting
23-25-04-90 Visible furniture fitting (unclassified)
34-45-08-01 Visit, document trolley
41-09-11-01 Visiting card (marketing)
24-32-16-03 Visiting card foil jacket for cold lamination, Pouch for cold laminators
24-32-16-02 Visiting card foil jacket for hot laminator, Pouch for hot laminators
24-31-11-02 Visitor chair, conference chair
40-01-20-02 Visitor coat (disposable)
24-27-01-12 Visitor directory, Form for catering trade
24-30-16-04 Visitors badge, Name badge
24-31-11-04 Visitors' bench, Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
40-01-15-03 Visor (eye, face protect.), Face protective mask
21-16-02-92 Visor cross (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
34-45-90-01 Visual cover (hospital furniture)
19-04-01-07 Visualisation software, Graphics software (workstation)
27-24-25-02 Visualization software
34-01-45-01 Vitamin
34-05-80-00 Vitamin (active substance)
34-05-80-10 Vitamin C Sodium salt (active substance)
22-47-01-05 Vitrified clay composite element, Stoneware tile and panel
22-47-01-06 Vitrified clay, large-surface slab (surface format), Large surface stoneware panel
24-33-03-01 Vocabulary book, Booklet for school
24-33-03-07 Vocabulary card, Learners file
25-11-01-00 Vocational education (personnelmanagement)
25-11-01-02 Vocational further training (personnelmanagement)
19-01-01-09 Voice computer, Handheld
19-04-01-21 Voice recognition software
27-26-08-00 Voltage control. (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
19-03-03-02 Voltage stabiliser, Power cable (PC)
27-04-90-03 Voltage stabilizer
27-24-22-09 Voltage supply, SPS power pack
27-24-22-13 Voltage supply, SPS power supply (discontinued)
27-20-03-02 Voltage tester, Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
27-20-03-08 Voltage tester
27-23-02-31 Voltage transf. (proc. comp.), Pow., curr. supp. (proc. comp.)
27-20-03-05 Voltmeter
21-01-13-18 Volume loop, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
19-04-02-06 Volume manager, Storage management software (server)
27-20-04-07 Volume meter, Meter (oval disc)
27-20-04-04 Vortex flowmeter, Flowmeter (eddy)
36-20-04-01 Vortex scrubber (for gases)
24-27-01-07 Voucher, Accounting-, cash report form
24-34-03-07 Voucher card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-34-02-08 Voucher paper, Certificate, voucher, voucher roll

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