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19-04-02-10 WAN software solution
22-36-03-06 WC
22-36-91-02 WC (parts)
22-41-09-05 WC fan, Small space fan
22-36-03-08 WC paper holder
19-03-01-06 WLAN Access-Point, Network card (LAN)
24-21-01-02 WORM (DVD), DVD-R, DVD-RW
22-49-01-01 Waffle ceiling profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
29-02-02-12 Waffler (household appliance)
25-26-06-02 Wage accounting, Operational accounting (consulting)
24-27-02-10 Wage and salary book, Salary book
24-27-01-03 Wage document, Salary, accounting form
25-26-09-03 Wage policies (consultancy), Remuneration systems (consulting)
24-29-24-03 Wage record card, File card for special application
24-26-23-02 Wages bag, Dispatch envelope
28-04-03-04 Waggon for animal transports (railborne), Covered high capacity freight car with sliding sides
36-12-04-90 Wagon (bunker reclamining), Continuous handling equipment (mechanical, unclassified)
40-01-05-03 Waistcoat (cold weather), Cold weather waistcoat
24-31-11-04 Waiting zone chair, Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
19-06-01-07 Walkie-talkie, Radio unit
36-08-18-00 Walking-beam-furnace
19-08-03-01 Walkman, Portable cassette player/recorder
22-10-22-01 Walkway (plumbing work), Plumbing work
22-52-01-02 Walkway barrier, Turnstile, rotating barrier, gate
41-07-03-00 Wall + ceiling displays, metal (marketing)
24-23-03-10 Wall and ceiling pint tape, Cloth tape (office)
22-33-01-01 Wall assembly unit (concrete), Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
22-21-01-01 Wall board (dry lining), Plasterboard material
23-12-03-07 Wall board bolt
21-16-05-92 Wall bolt (measurement), Surveying instrument (accessories)
19-07-92-02 Wall bracket, Antenna support fixture
19-08-07-02 Wall bracket, TV support fixture
19-08-07-03 Wall bracket, Projector support fixture
24-30-13-01 Wall bracket for projection screen, Suspension for projection screen
24-31-04-02 Wall bracket for swivel arm, Mounting accessories for swivel arm
24-30-16-09 Wall brochure holder set, Leaflet holder
24-30-18-09 Wall calendar (monthly calendar), Monthly wall calendar
24-30-18-12 Wall calendar (monthly stripe calendar), Monthly stripe calendar
41-10-01-00 Wall calendars (marketing)
27-14-34-01 Wall combination, CEE plug socket combination
24-31-16-02 Wall connection panel (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
24-30-08-02 Wall console pair for revolving board system, Folding-, revolving board accessories
19-08-07-01 Wall control panel, Hi-fi/TV furniture
22-48-02-00 Wall covering, wallpaper
22-48-02-90 Wall covering, wallpaper (unclassified)
22-48-90-00 Wall covering, wallpaper, paper, pasteboard (other)
22-48-90-90 Wall covering, wallpaper, paper, pasteboard (other, unclassified)
34-45-07-03 Wall desk (medicine)
22-28-02-01 Wall door, Gate
27-14-91-20 Wall duct (electr. inst., parts)
22-10-38-00 Wall facing work, Facade construction work
22-41-09-04 Wall fan for ventilation system, Ceiling and wall fan for ventilation system
24-30-01-02 Wall flipchart with dry erasable surface, Flipchart board
27-18-21-00 Wall for enclosure, Panel (switchgear cabinet)
27-14-34-02 Wall jack, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
19-08-92-03 Wall microphone, Microphone
24-29-28-91 Wall mount, Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
24-30-17-07 Wall mount for literature display, Literature display accessories
19-03-01-11 Wall mounted case, Fiber optics patch panel
27-18-01-02 Wall mounted case, Compact enclosure
22-41-05-03 Wall opening (airconditioner), Room climate control device
29-10-03-01 Wall papier (lining paper), Linigpaper
22-36-91-03 Wall pipe (sanitary)
24-30-07-01 Wall rail system for boards
21-10-04-01 Wall shelf, Shelf (workshop)
22-10-39-02 Wall system (dry construction work)
19-06-01-01 Wall telephone, Telephone
27-20-03-02 Wall thickness meas., instr., Special measuring appl. (electr. variables)
22-47-01-09 Wall tile, wall panel (ceramic)
27-14-40-39 Wall transmitter, Transmitter for cordless switch system
36-43-09-02 Wall type ventilator
24-31-15-01 Wall unit, partition (space pattern)
24-31-16-01 Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
41-07-02-00 Wall, ceiling displays, plastics (marketing)
24-30-12-01 Wall-, ceiling projection screen
29-02-91-10 Wall-mounted hair drier (parts), Personal hygiene equipment (electrical, parts)
27-14-25-02 Wall-type distributor
41-01-02-08 Wallet (promotional article), Small leather goods (promotional article)
22-10-34-00 Wallpapering, Painting, wallpapering and varnishing work
22-10-34-03 Wallpapering work
24-31-07-02 Wardrobe cabinet (folding, swing doors), Folding door cabinet, swinging door cabinet
24-31-07-03 Wardrobe cabinet (sliding door), Sliding door cabinet
24-31-20-02 Wardrobe hanger, Clothes hanger
24-31-20-01 Wardrobe hook, Clothes hook
24-31-08-04 Wardrobe installation for cabinet (office equipment), Clothes hanging equipment for cabinet (office equipment)
25-15-02-25 Wardrobe insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
24-31-19-02 Wardrobe strip, Coat tree, coat rack
24-30-16-11 Warehouse inscription, Door plate
33-03-17-00 Warehouse installation (complete)
33-03-17-90 Warehouse installation (complete, unclassified)
25-25-09-03 Warehouse logistics (training, further training)
25-26-05-04 Warehouse planning and organization
22-37-01-01 Warm bath (swimming pool system), Steam bath, solarium
27-40-01-04 Warm shrink cap, Shrinking cap
27-40-01-03 Warm shrink collar, Repair seal
27-40-01-02 Warm shrink sealing end, End closure
34-24-90-02 Warming system (blanket)
27-20-04-10 Warmwater meter, Meter (water)
40-01-08-00 Warning clothing
24-30-09-03 Warning finger magnet, Symbol magnet
24-28-07-03 Warning label on contents, Post note label
27-11-90-07 Warning lamp
27-14-11-37 Warning sign, Labelling for terminal block
40-20-02-00 Warning sign, Sticker (Occupational safety)
40-20-01-03 Warning sign
40-20-02-02 Warning sign (sticker), Information sign (sticker)
25-15-17-05 Warranty and endorsement (financing, service)
40-03-02-02 Wash glove (disposable)
22-17-01-04 Wash primer coating, Process material for ground preparation
24-36-02-09 Washbag, Bag for clothes, beauty bag
36-20-91-03 Washer (for gases, parts)
23-09-03-02 Washer (shaft lock.), Locking plate (shaft, screw)
23-09-01-00 Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
23-09-01-01 Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
23-09-90-00 Washer, ring (other)
23-09-03-00 Washer, ring (shaft lock.), Disc, ring (screw locking)
29-02-91-08 Washer/dier (parts)(household appliance), Laundry care device (parts, household device)
30-02-12-06 Washing additive
30-02-12-00 Washing agent
33-12-01-00 Washing benches (complete)
33-12-01-90 Washing benches (complete, unclassified)
29-02-09-00 Washing facility, dishwash, dry.(kitch.)
29-02-11-01 Washing machine, drier (household appliance)
17-02-13-00 Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing...
17-02-13-90 Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing... (unclassified)
29-06-04-91 Washing, dishwashing, drying fac. (commercial kitchen, parts)
22-36-03-01 Washstand
25-14-06-05 Waste analysis, Soil and waste analytics (waste disposal and environment)
29-12-01-02 Waste bin
25-05-06-00 Waste disposal
25-02-04-05 Waste disposal (engineering structures, planning), Engineering construction (planning)
25-05-06-90 Waste disposal(unclassified)
29-12-01-91 Waste employment for waste-paper basket, Dispenser, waste bin (parts)
36-06-02-01 Waste heat boiler
25-26-08-11 Waste industry (consulting)
25-05-08-00 Waste management
26-03-07-01 Waste paper (secondary raw materials)
24-20-02-05 Waste toner bag (laser printer)
24-20-06-03 Waste toner unit (copier), Toner waste bag (copier)
25-05-07-00 Waste transport
25-05-07-90 Waste transport(unclassified)
26-03-08-01 Waste water (not contaminated), Effluent water (non-polluted, secondary raw materials)
25-05-06-06 Waste wood (disposal)
22-10-09-01 Waste, drain pipe (canal work), Canal construction work
22-10-43-01 Waste, drain pipe (canal work), Laying high pressure pipe lines
22-10-09-00 Wastewater culvert, Canal work
33-05-02-00 Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
33-05-02-90 Wastewater treatment plant (complete, unclassified)
41-01-04-01 Watch (promotional article)
26-04-09-00 Water
26-04-09-05 Water (canal)
41-12-01-06 Water (conference-technics), Conference-technics
26-04-09-12 Water (deacarbonized)
26-04-09-11 Water (drinking), Drinking water
41-12-02-08 Water (event-technics), Event-technics
41-12-03-04 Water (fair technics), Fair technics
41-14-08-04 Water (press conference technics), Press conference technics
26-04-09-17 Water (re-cooled), Cooling water
26-04-09-13 Water (softened)
25-02-04-06 Water (traffic systems, planning), Traffic systems (planning)
24-34-07-03 Water air balloon, Balloon
22-41-12-01 Water air heater for ventilation system
25-14-06-02 Water analytics (waste disposal and environment)
34-44-07-02 Water ankle or wrist weight
32-01-08-31 Water bath (lab)
22-36-01-01 Water cock (sanitation), Fitting (sink)
36-14-06-90 Water cooling unit (unclassified)
25-15-02-01 Water damage liability insurance, General liability insurance
22-10-05-00 Water drilling (well construction work), Fountain construction work
29-02-91-04 Water filter (coffee machine), Coffee, tea machine, hot-water boiler (parts, household appliance)
25-07-18-00 Water freight (inland navig.), Inland waterway transport
25-07-19-08 Water freight (navig.,cont.,compl. Lad.), Sea transport, packaged
29-02-90-03 Water heater, Install. water heater
22-36-03-12 Water heater
22-39-03-08 Water heater (building material)
36-14-04-00 Water heating unit
36-14-04-90 Water heating unit (unclassified)
36-61-90-01 Water jet cutting system (machine tool)
36-61-90-02 Water jet cutting system with abrasive media (machine tool)
36-61-90-03 Water jet deburring system (machine tool)
36-22-01-90 Water jet pump, Gas jet pump (unclassified)
36-22-01-03 Water jet vacuum pump, Fluid entrainment pump
32-01-23-10 Water jet-operated pump (lab)
22-10-44-02 Water line installation
34-39-04-03 Water mattress (patient positioning)
27-20-04-92 Water meter (accessories), Measuring instrument, flow-through, quantity (acc.)
27-20-04-91 Water meter (parts), Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
33-07-03-00 Water network (compl.), Liquid network (complete)
34-44-07-03 Water noodle
25-25-08-04 Water purification technology (training, further training)
25-04-10-07 Water service, Supply energy, water (facility)
30-02-12-08 Water softener, Machine maintenance agent
36-06-01-03 Water space boiler (with firing)
25-15-02-03 Water sport third-party insurance, Transport insurance
36-41-91-90 Water standard pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
22-10-40-01 Water storage (installation heat generating device), Heat generator installation
22-36-03-07 Water tank
25-02-04-08 Water technology (technical equipment, structural planning), Technical equipment (building planning)
30-01-02-00 Water treatment agent
33-05-01-00 Water treatment plant (complete)
33-05-01-90 Water treatment plant (complete, unclassified)
28-05-98-00 Water vehic. (maintenance, service)
28-05-98-01 Water vehic. (maintenance, service)
28-05-01-00 Water vehicle
28-05-01-01 Water vehicle
28-05-90-00 Water vehicle (other)
28-05-90-90 Water vehicle (other, unclassified)
28-05-91-00 Water vehicle (parts)
28-05-91-90 Water vehicle (parts, unclassified)
28-05-99-00 Water vehicle (repair)
28-05-99-01 Water vehicle (repair)
26-04-09-16 Water, feed water, Industrial feed-water
26-04-09-03 Water, river water, River water
26-04-09-02 Water, spring water, Spring water
19-08-92-02 Water-resistant loudspeaker, Speaker box
24-25-15-03 Watercolour brush
24-25-03-03 Watercolour pencil
24-25-18-05 Watercolour sponge
24-25-14-05 Watercolour transparent white, Chinese white
24-26-06-08 Waterproof paper
22-17-03-01 Waterstop (construction material), Joint sealing tape, joint sealing profile (building material)
27-20-03-03 Watthour counter, Measuring system (power supply)
27-20-03-07 Wattmeter (electr., handheld meas. appl.)
24-34-09-07 Wax candle Christmas motif, Christmas candle
24-34-11-04 Wax candle Halloween motif, Halloween candle
24-33-16-01 Wax candle pen, Candle pen
24-25-04-05 Wax crayon
24-22-14-06 Wax for coat of arms, Sealing wax
24-34-01-08 Wax torch, Table torch, garden torch
24-27-01-05 Waybill, Dispatch-, delivery form
26-04-07-04 Weak current
37-18-02-01 Weather protection grating (ventilation technology)
41-01-04-04 Weather station (promotional article)
17-02-11-90 Weaving preparatory a. weaving machine (unclassified)
20-17-02-91 Web (folding box, cardboard), Folding box (cardboard, parts)
17-11-13-90 Web / sheet drying systems (printing machine, unclassified)
17-11-02-90 Web offset printing press (unclassified)
35-03-01-05 Web plate (plastic)
19-04-01-26 Web publishing software
25-24-04-04 Webhosting, Hardware supply (IT)
24-34-04-01 Wedding album, Photo-album
24-34-01-06 Wedding candle, Candle for festive occasions
24-34-03-07 Wedding card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-34-07-10 Wedding confetti, Confetti
23-10-05-01 Wedge, Feather, retainer, Woodruff key
36-63-02-05 Wedge press (machine tool)
37-01-01-01 Wedge-type flat slide valve, Gate valve
24-30-21-01 Week diary for time planning systems, Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
27-14-23-17 Week time switch, Clock relay (electrical)
27-14-92-00 Weekly timer, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-32-02-05 Weighing facility, Blending system
27-32-03-00 Weighing modul
27-32-05-00 Weighing technology for public selling offices
27-32-05-90 Weighing technology for public selling offices (other, unclassified)
27-32-99-00 Weighing technology industry (repair)
27-32-01-11 Weight grading scale
22-10-01-04 Weight-bearing scaffolding (scaffolding work)
23-11-09-04 Weld nut
37-02-02-01 Weld-neck flange (steel)
37-02-02-32 Weld-on collar plate (steel)
21-08-10-01 Weld. electrode (stick), Stick electrode
21-08-10-00 Weld. electrode, weld. wire
21-08-91-02 Weld. mach. (plastic, parts)
21-08-98-00 Weld. tech. (maint., serv.), Soldering/welding technology (maintenance, service)
21-08-91-00 Weld. tech. (parts), Sold. tech.,weld. tech., (parts)
21-08-99-00 Weld. tech. (repair), Soldering/welding technology (repair)
21-08-91-04 Weld.mach. (TIG parts)
22-26-01-01 Welded bitumen sheeting, Bitumen strip
35-01-07-02 Welded wire fabric
24-25-20-03 Welding and solder connection stencil, Template for steel building, engine building
40-01-09-01 Welding apron
27-06-20-08 Welding cable
21-08-06-01 Welding device (weld. rectif.), Rectifier welding set
21-08-91-07 Welding facility (MIG, MAG, parts)
40-01-09-03 Welding jacket
21-08-07-00 Welding machine
21-08-07-01 Welding machine
21-08-04-00 Welding machine (discontinued)
21-08-04-01 Welding machine (discontinued)
21-08-02-00 Welding machine (plastic)
21-08-02-01 Welding machine (plastic)
37-07-02-04 Welding neck (other metal), Collar, rim (other material, for flange with holes)
37-03-05-19 Welding outlet (non-ferrous), Branch, nozzle (NF metal)
37-02-05-19 Welding outlet (plain carbon steel), Branch, nozzle (steel)
21-08-09-00 Welding protection
21-08-09-01 Welding protection
40-01-09-00 Welding protection clothing
21-08-10-02 Welding stick
21-08-08-00 Welding table
21-08-08-01 Welding table
21-08-03-00 Welding torch, cutting torch
21-08-03-01 Welding torch, cutting torch
21-08-05-00 Welding transformer
40-01-09-04 Welding trousers
21-08-10-03 Welding wire
21-08-91-03 Welding/cutting torch (parts)
25-25-02-04 Welfare (training, further training), Care (training, further training)
21-16-01-92 Well pipe, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
26-04-09-01 Well water
20-36-03-01 Wet adhesive tape (paper, packing material)
22-17-04-01 Wet cement
22-17-04-00 Wet cement, plaster, concrete
33-06-05-00 Wet cooling tower (compl.), Recooling plant (complete)
33-06-05-03 Wet cooling tower (complete)
27-20-04-06 Wet gas meter, Meter (gas)
21-05-13-11 Wet grinder (electric)
22-13-01-05 Wet-mix macadam, Mineral blend (building material)
23-01-03-00 Wheel (hand), Handwheel (control elem.)
21-07-91-00 Wheel (transport, hoist), Transport device, hoist (parts)
28-02-01-00 Wheel loader, Excavator, loader
21-16-01-02 Wheel map measure, Map measurer
28-09-91-00 Wheel rim, Tires (parts)
36-12-03-10 Wheel supported stracker
21-07-01-01 Wheelbarrow, Hand cart (workshop)
34-43-01-05 Wheelchair
34-43-92-04 Wheelchair (accessories)
34-43-91-04 Wheelchair (parts)
27-11-06-32 Wheellamp, Vehicle lamp
28-04-91-09 Wheelset
36-60-01-23 Whirling a. thread whirling machine (machine tool)
21-02-11-01 Whistle notch, Collet chuck (for tools)
24-24-16-04 White board marker, Boardmarker
25-26-01-07 White collar crime assessment, Organization (management consultation)
24-30-03-02 Whiteboard
24-30-16-02 Whiteboard showcase, Display case
25-25-18-02 Wholesale (training, further training)
23-06-10-05 Wick oiler, Oiler
23-17-02-01 Wide v-belt, V-belt
19-10-02-04 Wide-angle lens, Lens
36-60-06-01 Wide-belt grinding machine (machine tool)
35-01-01-04 Wide-flanged I-beam (plain carbon steel), Girder (steel, unalloyed)
32-03-05-22 Wide-mouth bottle (lab)
36-12-02-03 Winch
33-04-04-00 Wind power plant (complete)
33-04-04-90 Wind power plant (complete, unclassified)
22-33-06-05 Wind protection wall
21-17-02-01 Winding external roll calliper gauge, Pitch gauge
21-01-13-14 Winding spindle, Dresser (grinding disk) (discontinued)
36-60-92-29 Winding spindle, Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
22-30-01-01 Winding stairs, Stairs
27-14-91-03 Winding tape, Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
24-33-12-08 Winding wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
22-28-03-01 Window
22-10-27-01 Window (joiner work)
22-10-31-01 Window (metal construction work)
22-10-33-01 Window (plastic work)
27-18-23-01 Window (switchgear cabinet)
19-07-01-03 Window antenna, Car antenna
29-11-01-07 Window cleaning cloth, Cloth (cleansing)
22-41-05-04 Window climate control device
24-33-17-04 Window color transparent film
24-33-07-04 Window foil (for handicrafts)
22-32-01-00 Window folding shutter, sliding shutter
23-24-03-01 Window handle
23-24-92-01 Window handle safety device
24-30-09-05 Window magnet, Magnetic lable
22-35-01-00 Window pane, Glass, plastic panel (transparent, building material)
22-35-01-01 Window pane, Glass (building material)
22-28-91-03 Window section, window pane
23-24-05-00 Window shutter fittings
23-24-05-03 Window shutter latch
22-28-03-02 Window sill
22-10-14-01 Window sills (nat., concr. block work), Natural stone and concrete work
41-07-02-03 Window sticker (marketing)
22-27-02-02 Window strip, light dome
22-28-91-04 Window trim
28-01-91-00 Window washer (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
29-11-02-06 Window wiper
22-28-03-00 Window, window sill
22-28-03-90 Window, window sill (unclassified)
29-04-01-00 Wine
29-04-01-01 Wine
41-01-07-06 Wine/ champaigne cooler, decanter (promotional article), Gourmet goods (promotional article)
24-31-07-01 Wing door cabinet
22-10-87-00 Winter construction protection measure
22-10-87-01 Winter construction protection measure
22-33-08-02 Winter garden
25-04-11-04 Winter maintenance service
23-07-08-90 Wiper, Shaft seal (unclassified)
27-06-20-03 Wire, Illumination cable
27-06-20-07 Wire, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
35-02-02-01 Wire (NF metal)
35-04-02-01 Wire (other materials)
35-01-02-11 Wire (steel, alloyed)
36-63-90-10 Wire a. strip working machine (machine tool)
34-30-14-01 Wire bending pliers (medical instrument)
24-32-14-01 Wire binding back, Plastic comb for punching and binding systems
21-04-11-05 Wire brush (hand), Brush (technical)
23-17-06-01 Wire cable, Cable
22-22-02-02 Wire cloth, Fabric (building material)
36-63-90-14 Wire coiling a. winding machine (machine tool)
24-29-19-01 Wire compressor
19-03-01-04 Wire control, Long-distance data transmitter
36-61-01-02 Wire cutting spark erosion machine tool (machine tool)
36-63-14-01 Wire drawing machine (machine tool)
22-49-02-02 Wire fibre (reinforcement), Armoring
36-20-92-07 Wire gauze (filter for gases)
36-10-92-08 Wire gauze (filter for liquids)
32-01-08-10 Wire mesh (lab, parts)
35-04-02-02 Wire mesh (other materials)
35-01-02-03 Wire mesh (steel, unalloyed)
23-12-03-01 Wire nail
36-63-90-11 Wire netting a. weaving machine (machine tool)
35-01-02-01 Wire products (steel, unalloyed)
21-04-03-01 Wire twisting pliers, Pliers
35-02-02-03 Wire web (NF metal)
35-01-02-00 Wire, Wire products (iron, steel)
35-02-02-00 Wire, wire products (NF metal)
24-20-04-01 Wire-pin printer accessories (ink ribbon), Ink ribbon for matrix printer
19-03-01-12 Wireless Client, Access point
19-08-92-01 Wireless active loudspeaker system, Speaker set
27-14-31-09 Wireless bus, Analogue actuator for bus system
27-14-31-23 Wireless bus, Bus system dimming actuator
27-14-31-25 Wireless bus, Bus system electronic actuator
27-14-42-01 Wireless button, Radio transmitter (radio control, home automation)
19-08-92-04 Wireless headphones, Headphones
27-14-40-08 Wireless motion detector, Movement alarm unit sensor
27-14-42-02 Wireless remote control, Radio receiver (radio control, home automation)
27-14-40-90 Wireless wind control, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
27-06-20-01 Wiring line, Single core cord
23-05-92-01 Withdrawal sleeve (roll. bear.), Adapter sleeve (rolling bearing accessories)
23-05-92-02 Withdrawal sleeve (rolling bearing accessories)
36-63-90-38 Wobble type riveting machine (machine tool)
29-02-02-15 Wok (electric)(household appliance), Fondue, wok (household appliance, electrical)
26-04-13-02 Wood (fuel)
22-29-05-00 Wood (part)
22-29-05-90 Wood (part, unclassified)
30-01-03-02 Wood cellulose-cotton fibre, interlinked with Mirabilite (absorbent), Organic absorbent
22-23-01-08 Wood cement panel (external facing)
20-20-01-01 Wood coil (packing material)
22-22-01-02 Wood fibre insulating material, Insulating material
22-17-01-02 Wood filler (2-component basis), Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-46-01-00 Wood flooring
22-46-01-01 Wood flooring
30-17-02-01 Wood flour (filler)
30-01-01-02 Wood flour (filter aids), Organic filter aids
22-27-03-01 Wood guttering, Gutter
22-23-01-02 Wood outer wall panelling, External wood facing
22-17-02-01 Wood putty, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
22-27-03-02 Wood rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
21-16-02-01 Wood range rod, Ranging pole
23-11-01-11 Wood screw
22-25-04-01 Wood shingle, Shingle
22-48-02-03 Wood wallpaper, Natural wallpaper
17-07-92-00 Wood working machine (accessories, additional equipment)
17-07-92-90 Wood working machine (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
17-07-97-00 Wood working machine (assembly)
17-07-90-00 Wood working machine (other)
17-07-90-90 Wood working machine (other, unclassified)
17-07-91-00 Wood working machine (parts)
17-07-91-90 Wood working machine (parts, unclassified)
17-07-99-90 Wood working machine (repair, unclassified)
22-48-02-04 Wood-chip wall paper, Paper wallpaper
24-33-14-02 Wood-type modelling compound, Modelling material
22-28-01-02 Wooden accordion door, Door (interior/exterior)
24-33-12-04 Wooden beads (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts form
21-10-05-01 Wooden chair (workshop)
24-25-03-01 Wooden coloured pencil, Coloured pencil
22-10-27-02 Wooden door (carpentry work), Door, gate (joiner work)
24-34-06-01 Wooden frame, Picture frame
30-02-08-01 Wooden furniture care agent, Furniture care agent for wood
21-16-02-02 Wooden levelling bar, Grade stake
24-24-16-07 Wooden marker, Paint marker
24-34-08-02 Wooden puzzle, Puzzle
40-01-13-90 Wooden shoe, Foot protection (unclassified)
20-41-02-01 Wooden spatula (package insert)
21-10-05-02 Wooden stool (office equip.), Office stool (workshop)
24-31-15-03 Wooden wall system, Room-in-room system
22-10-16-02 Woodwork
22-46-05-01 Wool carpeting, Carpet
30-02-12-04 Wool detergent, Special detergent
40-01-21-04 Woolen stocking (re-usable)
24-34-08-04 Word dice game, Dice game
24-22-10-01 Word tape rotary stamp, Stamp (office)
24-22-10-02 Word tape rotary stamp, self-colouring, Selfinking stamp
40-01-02-02 Work apron, Apron
25-26-03-02 Work assessment (production technology), Industrial engineering, production technology (consulting)
40-01-92-00 Work clothing, protective clothing (accessories)
40-01-92-90 Work clothing, protective clothing (accessories, unclassified)
40-01-90-00 Work clothing, protective clothing (other)
40-01-90-90 Work clothing, protective clothing (other, unclassified)
40-01-91-00 Work clothing, protective clothing (parts)
40-01-99-00 Work clothing, protective clothing (repair)
40-01-99-01 Work clothing, protective clothing (repair)
40-01-98-00 Work clothing, protective clothing, (maintenance, service)
40-01-02-01 Work coat, Coat, smock
24-36-02-02 Work folder, Conference portfolio
40-01-12-00 Work gloves, Hand protection
25-20-03-02 Work place (catering), Caterer (service)
25-26-03-03 Work preparation, Progressing, production planning (consulting)
22-10-01-02 Work scaffolding (scaffolding work)
40-01-03-02 Work shirt, Shirt, jumper
25-26-12-00 Work statement for IT system, Information and communication technologies (consulting)
25-26-01-08 Work studies in the office (consultancy), Office organization (consulting)
21-10-02-00 Workbench (system workpl., workshop)
21-10-02-01 Workbench (system workpl., workshop)
24-31-01-02 Workbench (technical)
19-04-01-08 Workflow, Groupware (workstation)
19-04-02-02 Workflow, Groupware (server)
25-26-09-04 Working atmosphere analysis, Personnel management (consulting)
40-01-01-01 Working jacket, Jacket
21-04-06-02 Working knife, Knife
25-26-03-06 Working methods of maintenance, Maintenance (consulting)
40-01-01-02 Working pants, Pants
27-11-90-02 Working place light
21-10-08-00 Working platform (trans., workshop)
21-10-08-01 Working platform (trans., workshop)
40-01-01-03 Working suit, Suit
28-04-05-02 Working wagon (railborne)
28-04-05-00 Working-, secondary-, special- and staff wagon
24-31-21-01 Workplace configuration
24-32-07-02 Workplace shredder, Deskside shredder
25-26-01-01 Works council, Management consultant
25-09-08-00 Workshop activity (subcontracting)
25-09-08-01 Workshop activity (subcontracting)
24-30-14-02 Workshop board (mobile display board), Presentation movable wall
27-14-40-38 Workshop combination, Switch/plug socket combination
21-10-04-14 Workshop cupb.
25-11-01-01 Workshop for education (personnelmanagement)
21-10-91-01 Workshop mat, Floor mat (workshop equip., parts)
21-07-11-00 Workshop trolley
21-07-11-01 Workshop trolley
34-17-30-05 Workstation (Nuclear Medicine / PET)
24-31-01-01 Workstation (desk), Desk
19-01-01-04 Workstation (information technology)
24-22-90-00 Workstation accessories (office, other)
24-22-90-90 Workstation accessories (office, other, unclassified)
25-26-09-02 Workstation assessment, Personnel organization (consulting)
19-04-01-22 Workstation management, System management software
19-04-02-07 Workstation management, System management software (server)
19-04-01-00 Workstation software, Software (workstation)
24-30-18-14 World Championship planner, Celebration planner
24-35-04-01 World atlas, Atlas
24-35-04-02 World map, Map
36-60-10-07 Worm a. thread milling machine (machine tool)
23-32-01-04 Worm gear units
23-17-01-05 Worm shaft
23-17-01-06 Worm wheel
34-21-04-11 Wound dressing (coated)
34-30-10-90 Wound retractor (medical instrument, unclassified)
34-30-12-02 Wound spreader (with blade)
34-01-46-01 Wound treatment
35-01-02-13 Woven wire (steel, alloyed)
23-07-01-01 Wrapped flat gasket (round, profiled), Seal (top view circular)
24-26-23-09 Wrapping foil (office)
36-52-10-00 Wrapping machine
36-52-10-90 Wrapping machine (unclassified)
24-26-23-08 Wrapping paper (office)
20-29-01-01 Wrapping paper roll (packing material), Kraft paper roll (packing material)
21-04-01-90 Wrench (unclassified)
21-04-01-00 Wrenches
40-01-91-15 Wrist protection
24-21-04-02 Wrist rest, wrist pad
24-26-17-10 Write-on transparency for OHP, OHP write-on film
24-26-17-11 Write-on transparency for OHP (roll), OHP film roll
24-22-01-04 Writing board (clipboard), Clipboard (office)
24-33-03-01 Writing book, Booklet for school
24-31-03-01 Writing desk board, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
24-31-03-00 Writing desk releaser, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
24-24-16-02 Writing instrument (CD marker), CD marker
24-24-05-01 Writing instrument (ballpoint pen), Ballpoint pen
24-24-19-02 Writing instrument (carpenter pencil), Carpenter pen
24-25-01-01 Writing instrument (drop lead pen), Drop lead pen
24-24-14-01 Writing instrument (fineliner), Fineliner pen
24-24-16-03 Writing instrument (flipchart marker), Flipchartmarker
24-24-11-01 Writing instrument (fountain pen), Fountain pen
24-24-05-02 Writing instrument (four-coloured ballpoint pen), Multicolour ballpoint pen
24-24-07-02 Writing instrument (gel pen), Gel-ink-roller
24-24-19-04 Writing instrument (laundry marker), Textile marker
24-24-07-03 Writing instrument (liquid gel pen), Liquid gel roller
24-24-09-01 Writing instrument (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
24-22-01-07 Writing instrument box, Paraphernalia
24-33-02-01 Writing learning pen, Fountain pen for learners
41-01-01-01 Writing materials (promotional article)
24-25-10-01 Writing nip, Drawing nip
24-26-02-01 Writing pad, Notepad
24-26-02-00 Writing pad
24-34-03-01 Writing pad
24-34-03-03 Writing paper
24-34-03-00 Writing paper, grettings card
24-34-03-90 Writing paper, grettings card (unclassified)
24-24-13-00 Writing series
24-24-13-01 Writing set
24-24-03-01 Writing utensil (mechanical pencil), Retractable-, propelling pencil
24-24-01-02 Writing utensil (shorthand pencil), Shorthand pencil
24-36-01-06 Writing utensil case
34-07-13-01 Wuxal

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