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27-40-01-01 Y branch, Junction box
27-06-20-01 Y wire, Single core cord
37-02-05-21 Y-branch (steel)
27-06-20-07 YR, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-10 YSLCY, Control cable
27-06-18-05 YV jumper wire, Telecomminucations cable
20-42-01-04 Yarn (natural fiber, packaging aid)
20-42-01-02 Yarn (plastic, packaging aid)
24-30-18-08 Year overview
24-30-21-01 Year overview for time planning systems, Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
24-30-17-04 Yo-yo holder for card holder, Name badge fastening
25-12-14-01 Youth hostel (travel management)

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