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35-01-01-05 Z-beam (steel, unalloyed)
27-26-08-00 Z-diode (semicond. comp.), Semiconductor comp.
24-26-01-03 Z-notes, Removable self stic note
19-03-02-01 ZIP drive (PC), Disk drive (PC)
21-16-05-92 Zenith ocular, Surveying instrument (accessories)
27-14-11-39 Zero rail, Neutral busbar
24-33-09-02 Zigzag shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
38-15-04-01 Zinc
22-24-01-01 Zinc band (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
32-14-15-04 Zinc compound (lab)
38-15-04-19 Zinc cyanide
22-17-01-02 Zinc dust paint, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
22-27-03-01 Zinc guttering, Gutter
22-15-01-01 Zinc outlet, Drain
38-15-04-02 Zinc oxide
22-24-01-02 Zinc profile sheet (construction material), Fitted sheet metal (building material)
22-27-03-02 Zinc rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
22-27-92-01 Zinc roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
22-23-01-04 Zinc sheet outer wall panelling, External metal facing
22-25-04-01 Zinc shingle, Shingle
38-15-04-13 Zinc sulfate
36-57-05-05 Zink-plating installation
24-32-14-05 Zipper for binding back, Other binding system accessory
19-10-02-04 Zoom lens, Lens
24-34-08-01 Zwicker (playing cards), Playing-card

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