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27-26-07-05 Cable connector
24-34-01-12 Candle switch off
24-26-05-03 Carbon paper
34-16-04-01 Casein
27-14-40-49 Central plate communication technology
37-11-02-01 Chemical hose pipeline
33-10-97-00 Chemical process plant unit (complete, assembly)
33-01-98-00 Chemical, biochemical, pharamceutical plant (complete, maintenance, service)
27-26-07-10 Chipcard connector
27-15-06-00 Chromatograph, separation technique (GC,LC,PAT)
27-26-07-02 Circular connector
34-40-07-01 Cleansing foam (body washing)
36-52-02-00 Closing machine
40-01-05-02 Cold weather pants
36-57-14-00 Combined spraying and drying booth
27-29-09-00 Component for handling system (pneumatics)
36-43-90-90 Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (other, unclassified)
41-12-01-01 Conference conception/planning
27-26-12-90 Connector component (unclassified)
27-26-12-02 Connector contact
27-26-12-05 Connector insulation body
27-26-12-03 Connector shell
27-24-90-00 Controller (other)
27-24-91-00 Controller (parts)
22-11-03-00 Core drilling work and cutting work
27-14-40-01 Cover frame
27-33-03-01 CRT monitor (hardware for visualization) (discontinued)
23-31-01-03 Cylindrical Tool Holding (Driven Spindles)

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