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40-02-01-04 Fall damper
27-37-18-13 Fill level/level monitoring equipment
27-29-29-00 Filter regulator (pneumatics)
22-36-07-00 Fitting (NF metal, installation)
34-38-02-02 Fixation pant (re-usable)
40-01-07-01 Flame proof jacket
24-29-16-01 Flat file
36-63-10-00 Flexible automatic press line a. press system (machine tool)
27-29-22-00 Flow control valve (pneumatics)
27-30-08-00 Flow valve (proportional, hydraulics)
27-15-02-00 Fluid analysis appliance
36-63-04-90 Fly press (machine tool, unclassified)
27-26-07-09 FO connector
33-03-12-12 Freight elevator (hydaulic., complete)

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